Dancehall Reggae Show News The latest headlines from Dancehall Reggae Show. Copyright 2017 Dancehall Reggae Showen-usMon, 29 May 2017 07:20:13 -0400Mon, 29 May 2017 07:20:13 -0400 Show-July 31, 2010Mon, 09 Aug 2010 00:00:00 -04008:58 PM teairra mari/mavado coins
8:52 PM popcaan dream
8:51 PM flexx/wayne marshall time to party
8:48 PM patexx/liquid party mi say
8:46 PM andrew and wada blood/stein party every night
8:44 PM ciara/aidonia ride
8:43 PM esco stick and move
8:40 PM taranchyla wifey anthem
8:38 PM shabba ranks nuh follow cosa nostra
8:36 PM spragga benz see it yah cosa nostra
8:34 PM million stylez so di ting set cosa nostra riddim
8:33 PM vybrant have it fi dem m1
8:31 PM new kidz have it fi dem m1
8:28 PM don skillarchy rich inna life m1
8:28 PM ishack massacre m1
8:25 PM l.a. lewis protect me m1
8:23 PM harry toddler nuh trust dem m1 riddim
8:21 PM empress roberta music a my life crank it up
8:20 PM jimmy j/majesty stinking rich crank it up
8:19 PM lt. brooksie dance crank it up
8:18 PM khool don't fall in love crank it up
8:16 PM ras bogle she a bawl crank it up riddim
8:14 PM jah malo/minto something tall overload
8:14 PM yutbulence me owedem overload
8:09 PM black rhyno hustle my own oveload riddim
8:07 PM fats i'm high
8:03 PM turbulence it's so hard
7:59 PM shifta billionaire remix
7:56 PM vybez cartel love yuh suh network
7:55 PM jahvinci brace network
7:53 PM elephant man wild wild west network
7:52 PM kiprich greet network
7:50 PM delly ranx float network
7:49 PM beenieman property network riddim
7:45 PM sean paul all night long
7:42 PM chevaughn/wawa come my way
7:38 PM natural blacks come my way
7:38 PM lutan fyah the blessings
7:31 PM jah cure every corner i turn
7:24 PM duane stephenson/gramps morgan rescue me
7:22 PM duane stephenson sufferer's eyes
7:15 PM busy signal sweet love(night shift) reggae gold 2010 vp
7:11 PM gyptian leave us alone hold yuh vp
7:08 PM ken boothe everything i own definitive collection of federal records 17 north parade
7:03 PM gappy ranks put the stereo on
Dancehall/Reggae Show-april 3, 2010Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:44 -04008:59 PM major lazer w/nina sky/ricky blaze keep it going' louder gdkpld
8:52 PM david guetta w/busy signal/red rat da remix deh
8:49 PM chi ching ching/colo colo bengeleng
8:47 PM major lazer w/ ms. thing when you hear the bassline guns dn't kill people lazers do
8:42 PM redd man uk loadsa cash
8:40 PM busy signal bigger heads bad people
8:38 PM beenie man run mi down bad people
8:37 PM busy signal gyal a whine bad people
8:35 PM t.o.k. good like gold bad people
8:33 PM mavado gyal mad ova bad people
8:31 PM laden can u manage it bad people
8:30 PM frisco kid not yet bad people
8:29 PM elephant man run dem weh bad peeople
8:28 PM aidonia bad people bad people
8:25 PM cham cause bad people
8:24 PM bramma ghetto man dream bad people riddim
8:18 PM g whizz tomorrow
8:15 PM zamunda caan program me
8:13 PM hitmaker hate hate remix
8:11 PM bounty killer sermon/social responsibility ragga ragga ragga 2010 greensleeves
8:08 PM gabriel aka levardes reflection
8:05 PM kali blaxx slavery
8:00 PM glen washington set me free ruler
7:59 PM morgan heritage new time new sign ruler
7:56 PM alpheus it's you alone ruler riddim
7:52 PM sanchez fed up
7:48 PM tarrus riley intimate reservation
7:44 PM stevie face tell it like it is
7:39 PM leroy sibbles harry hippie
7:35 PM richie stephens let's drink
7:32 PM mr. g thanks & praise
7:27 PM grace thrillers holy holy holy caribbean gospel book 3
7:25 PM frankie paul foreign mind jammys from the roots 17 north parade
7:06 PM nerstone all stars spanish bombs shatter the hotel - tribute to joe strummer
Dancehall/Reggae Show-March 20, 2010Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:44 -04009:01 PM da professor flow & melody
8:57 PM tony matterhorn dem nuh bad
8:55 PM ovamars dutty badmind
8:53 PM tami chynn/tifa certified diva
8:50 PM wayne marshall/ding dong so superfly
8:46 PM zj liquid/cutty nukanaka
8:43 PM vybez cartel/popcaan clarks
8:40 PM vybez cartel walking atm hot grabber
8:38 PM rdx riches hot grabber
8:35 PM macka diamond shout out loud hot grabber
8:34 PM kyy-minal/holow way my girl yuh hot hot grabber
8:31 PM jah thunda/chip i girl where yu from hot grabber
8:31 PM capleton knock it hot grabber
8:28 PM beenie man from i was born hot grabber
8:26 PM chase cross when i'm hungry hot grabber
8:25 PM erup gal text mi ohone hot grabber
8:25 PM tornado money this year hot grabber riddim
8:22 PM tornado/champagne wanna luv u
8:17 PM stacious just do it
8:16 PM ding dong/ricky blaze so fly
8:13 PM busy signal irresistible
8:10 PM aksess stress me out
8:00 PM various artists count on me
7:56 PM elephant man mansions mansions
7:54 PM fresh money one in a million mansions
7:52 PM gyptian share my lovin mansions
7:51 PM jah cure love you anyway mansions
7:49 PM wayne marshall everywhere i go mansions
7:48 PM esco the shocker blessing mansions
7:47 PM etana true love mansions
7:44 PM alaine bring it back mansions riddim
7:40 PM mikeylous hott girls only
7:36 PM bling dawg acting right
7:32 PM serani/ding dong drive out
7:30 PM chris martin come where you ging
7:22 PM sanchez i'm missing you
7:20 PM etana heartbroken
7:13 PM courtney john good life
7:09 PM courtney john have you seen her
7:02 PM gregory isaacs soon forward
Dancehall/Reggae Show-March 6, 2010Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:45 -04008:58 PM blaqk sheep/milk alien technology
8:49 PM busy signal da style deh (douster dagga remix)
8:48 PM doctor bird/camar/delly ranx move dem up
8:46 PM charley black/cha ching/ding dong cleanliness
8:42 PM vybez cartel no wild grain
8:40 PM lisa hype call addi
8:38 PM vanessa bling aka gaza slim one man
8:34 PM opal/dani o rock & come in
8:30 PM ward 21/tifa high come down
8:27 PM mr. vegas/brown sugar addicted gala
8:26 PM jahvinci rumour gala
8:25 PM stein higher dan di stars gala
8:23 PM vybez cartel oy deh gal gala
8:21 PM elephant man another round gala
8:20 PM sheba warm up gala
8:18 PM liquid party hard gala
8:17 PM natel pan mi gala
8:15 PM professor roll with the gal dem gala
8:12 PM ce'cile baby go gala riddim
8:05 PM machel montano/pitbull alright (ramajay)- mr. 305 remix
8:01 PM mujava mugwanti remix
7:57 PM busy signal dem call the police jump drive
7:55 PM karl morrison i miss u jump drive
7:54 PM timeka marshall whine & go down jump drive
7:53 PM natel one foot jump drive
7:52 PM elephant man request jump drive
7:50 PM degree wey yu come from jump drive
7:48 PM konshens tek yu time jump drive
7:47 PM mr. vegas badmind people jump drive
7:46 PM busy signal from nuh wey jump drive
7:44 PM busy signal overall jump drive riddim
7:41 PM busy signal one more night taxi remix
7:37 PM gyptian hold you
7:31 PM richie stephens/mutabaruka hammer
7:27 PM matisyahu w/akon one day (mike d remix)
7:24 PM tifa guided & protected
7:20 PM aidonia jehovah (watch over me)
7:16 PM twiggi everybody needs god the sun shines through
7:12 PM byron lee & the dragonaires holly holy the man & his music 17 north parade
7:10 PM toyan spar with me hjl-vx
7:10 PM linval thompson look how me sexy henry junjo lawes-volcano explosion 17 north parade
7:02 PM ini kamoze girl e songs for reggae lovers 3 greensleeves
Dancehall/Reggae Show-May 15, 2010Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:45 -04008:59 PM jah cure never say never techno remix
8:52 PM mr. vegas/new kingston/fatta diamond look who's dancing
8:49 PM busy signal hair dresser shop
8:48 PM nymron mi know billboard
8:47 PM iyara easy fi get billboard
8:43 PM mavado gyal dem love mi daily billboard riddim
8:41 PM bramma different style
8:38 PM vybez cartel/popcaan clarks mad collab
8:37 PM bounty killer/elephant man how we do it mad collab
8:35 PM tony matterhorn/fire links/jigsy/richie feelings dem alone mad collab
8:34 PM charley black/chi ching/ding dong clenaliness mad collab
8:32 PM ricky blaze/chino/di genius money around mad collab
8:29 PM mavado/chase cross/flexx/kibaki straight (night time jamaica radio) mad collab
8:27 PM bugle/agent sasco/bounty killer poor people classical anthem mad collab riddim
8:26 PM maxwell born fi dis
8:24 PM capleton some day
8:09 PM lefside simon says
8:04 PM lefside dm gyal deh
8:04 PM mavado u know what it's worth
8:01 PM bounty killer cancel visa
7:56 PM busy signal high grade stagalag
7:55 PM elephant man yuh nah deal wid love stagalag
7:53 PM timeka marshall i say you stagalag
7:52 PM kiprich suppose stagalag
7:50 PM nymron cann tek it no langa stagalag
7:48 PM tarrus riley mi homeland stagalag
7:47 PM romain memories stagalag
7:46 PM romain ghetto stagalag
7:45 PM g whizz nuh wah si dem stagalag
7:43 PM bugle criminal lawyer stagalag
7:42 PM bugle dun wid dem stagalag
7:41 PM demarco skull inna belly stagalag
7:40 PM assassin bam bam stagalag
7:38 PM chuck fenda cease fire stagalag
7:36 PM octane nuh let them kill me stagalag
7:34 PM chino soundexecution stagalag
7:34 PM busy signal call the hearse stalagag riddim
7:28 PM laden cyaa sleep a night
7:26 PM chino bad mind
7:22 PM i thunder everyday poverty
7:20 PM junior kelly how better ah go come red pond vp
7:15 PM richie spice yap yap
7:11 PM luciano hunger for your wprd
7:03 PM ruddy thomas/welton irie shake your body down to the ground joe gibbs discomix showcase vol. 4 17 north parade
Dancehall/Reggae Show-March 27, 2010Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:45 -04008:59 PM lefside ping!
8:52 PM erup how we ride
8:49 PM bada bada gang(ward 21/tifa/timberlee/natalie storm) hello badmind
8:47 PM bounty killer tired
8:44 PM mavado war is in the air ragga ragga ragga 2010 greensleeves
8:42 PM wayne marshall survive the times cosa nostra
8:41 PM professoe too rich cosa nostra
8:37 PM point o everyday cosa nostra
8:35 PM agent sasco me a go fi mine cosa nostra
8:33 PM motion/ward 21 mek it knock cosa nostra
8:31 PM natalie storm nuh teki back cosa nostra
8:29 PM timberlee the general cosa nostra
8:27 PM ward 21 pretty gal cosa nostra
8:25 PM mr. lexx dem a pree cosa nostra riddim
8:22 PM elephant man shot will bark 2010 computer
8:19 PM burro banton step up in dem face 2010 computer
8:17 PM khari kill heavy weed 2010 computer
8:16 PM future fambo do it yute 2010 computer
8:16 PM junior cat bap bap 2010 computer
8:13 PM vybez cartel say she want 2010 computer
8:13 PM macka diamond pay down 2010 copmputer riddim
8:13 PM ms. kitty point dem out
8:13 PM vybez cartel clarks again
8:13 PM trevor off key bun & cheese forever
8:12 PM gentleman gopod old days water pumpee
8:12 PM sanchez trust in me water pumpee riddim
8:11 PM alborosie rudie don't fear zion gate
8:11 PM sizzla music in my soul zion gate
7:58 PM sanchez mad love for youy zion gate
7:43 PM tarrus riley sweet jamaica zion gate riddim
7:37 PM abassi meets dubmatix eko
7:33 PM shaka pow/c. mondesir life
7:30 PM munga one little spliff
7:30 PM massicker mek dem gwan
7:30 PM konshens survivor
7:30 PM aidonia life ova death
7:30 PM nitty kutchie/i octane can't suffer
7:09 PM revelation believers hold on to your victory caribbean gospel book 3 vp
7:05 PM junior reid higgler move jftr
7:00 PM sugar minott give the people what they want jammys from the roots greensleeves
Dancehall/Reggae Show-February 20, 2010Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:45 -04008:59 PM kiprich mash mi up
8:51 PM vybez cartel yuh love smoke machine
8:49 PM ms. thing/psycho bonify smoke machine riddim
8:46 PM timberlee push back fyah wire
8:45 PM tifa rock me so fyah wire
8:43 PM natalie storm mr. piano man fyah wire
8:42 PM ward 21 never sell out fyah wire riddim
8:41 PM teflon under feet shaolin temple
8:39 PM mr. murphy why shaolin temple
8:38 PM delly ranx/focus ryte wine it & climb shaolin temple
8:36 PM camar do that thing shaolin temple
8:35 PM liquid dweet girl shaolin temple
8:34 PM macka diamond dem too lie shaolin temple
8:32 PM captain barkey care your pickney shaolin temple
8:31 PM sizzla money we a make shaolin temple
8:29 PM buju banton can't count shaolin temple riddim
8:28 PM busy signal food fi the pot duck
8:25 PM elephant man gal yuh have yuh own duck
8:23 PM mr.g guilty mouth duck
8:20 PM camille davis another sad love song duck riddim
8:18 PM laden my love
8:15 PM sanchez love we had stays on my mind covers for reggae lovers
8:04 PM andrew/wada blood find a way
7:57 PM turbulence this is insane
7:55 PM demarco/aidonia/elephant man real recognize real
7:51 PM serani oh yeah
7:44 PM tifa if i could fly
7:41 PM sherieta lies
7:39 PM voicemail/craig baby you're mine eternity
7:37 PM torch one more chance eternity
7:35 PM timeka marshall one more day eternity
7:32 PM morgan heritage here to stay eternity
7:29 PM beres hammond still waiting for you eternity riddim
7:27 PM lefside/lloyd parks welcome to ja official
7:23 PM makeida informer official
7:21 PM syon lonely the official riddim
7:17 PM jazzwad your place or mine
7:13 PM sugar minott good thing going songs for reggae lovers 3 greensleeves
7:10 PM leroy smart i am the don henry junjo lawes-volcano eruption 17 north parade
7:07 PM alborosie america escape from babylon greensleeves
7:01 PM protoje j.a.
Dancehall/Reggae Show-April 10, 2010Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:46 -04009:02 PM razz & biggy/major lazer inna di air
8:52 PM junior reid/cassidy crazy remix
8:48 PM vybez cartel/indu know about me
8:46 PM vybez cartel/sheba gaza man mi name teasa
8:44 PM tommy lee gypsy teasa
8:42 PM gaza slim mean man teasa
8:40 PM bookie man weh she say teasa
8:39 PM avalanche nah back down teasa
8:37 PM chancela waap'n teasa
8:35 PM escobar love when u wine it teasa
8:33 PM popcaan whine up slow teasa
8:31 PM vybez cartel whine fi me teasa riddim
8:29 PM voicemail baheba baheba
8:25 PM vybez cartel party night baheba
8:24 PM stein man a pro baheba
8:22 PM da professor wine deh from baheba
8:20 PM kris kelli loving my flow baheba
8:18 PM svage watch dem gal baheba
8:17 PM sustain feel like do baheba
8:15 PM liquid money ova war baheba
8:12 PM mr. vegas guide me baheba riddim
8:09 PM chan dizzy go hard & run
8:06 PM twins of twins hit this again
8:03 PM black rhyno/kym last night
7:58 PM camran sorry
7:54 PM collie buddz come down
7:50 PM assassin/i wayne fire song
7:47 PM popcaan gangster city gangster city
7:45 PM shawn storm my life gangster city
7:42 PM tommy lee holding out the pressure gangster city
7:40 PM vybez cartel thank you jah gangster city
7:38 PM merital family pray gangster city riddim
7:33 PM mr. g/angel doolas how me sound
7:30 PM chino/alaine me & you (secret) hold yuh remix
7:27 PM maxi priest feat/ gappy ranks ruff diamond
7:25 PM peetah morgan only you
7:20 PM peter lloyd searching
7:13 PM sade feat. tarrus riley/duane stephenson soldier of love
7:11 PM pam hall hear oh lord caribbean gospel book 3 vp
7:08 PM dennis brown africa we want to go jammysfrom the roots 17 north parade
7:02 PM major lazer w/mr. lexx/santigold i'll make ya guns don't kill people, lazers do mad decent
Dancehall/Reggae Show-May 29, 2010Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:46 -04008:57 PM fambo my swag soprano
8:56 PM chi ching/samboni platinum soprano
8:55 PM determine under influence soprano
8:54 PM tnez 83 girls soprano
8:52 PM black diamon we want soprano
8:51 PM munga win the war soprano
8:49 PM ice cold bad people soprano
8:48 PM tony matterhorn/einstein dem bwoy deh nuh bad soprano
8:46 PM ginjah baddest soprano
8:45 PM harry toddler/chi ching bruk stand up soprano
8:45 PM bunji garlin guide i soprano riddim
8:41 PM bunji garlin me no in deh
8:39 PM delly ranx lock down rock & rave
8:39 PM fearless money mek me smile rock & rave
8:37 PM mercenary do suh rock & rave
8:36 PM shane o stop talk rock & rave
8:34 PM brilliant gi mi that thing gal rock & rave
8:33 PM camar/suku wine pon it rock & rave
8:31 PM patexx wine on it rock & rave
8:30 PM munga/sassy d show me rock & rave
8:29 PM tifa no way rock & rave
8:27 PM sizzla hey gal rock & rave riddim
8:24 PM vybez cartel grab up
8:21 PM don yute so much love
8:17 PM cutty ranks/wayne wonder lambada limb by limb 17 north parade
8:13 PM devon matthews hold me now
8:09 PM danielle veira come close to me
8:06 PM donae'o party hard
8:03 PM seanizzke women lie men lie
8:00 PM sean paul/tedsmooth wine it hold yuh riddim
7:55 PM demarco wine me nuh gal hold yuh riddim
7:52 PM dionne blaze i'm in love with you baby
7:48 PM majah hype hey pretty girl
7:46 PM lutan fyah come over major & minor
7:44 PM j boog let's do it again major & minor
7:43 PM kris kelli sunshine major & minor
7:40 PM zj liquid fraid fi go home major & minor
7:39 PM jahvinci gawn home major & minor
7:37 PM professor fi r type major & minor
7:35 PM wayne marshall work hard major & minor
7:33 PM tarrus riley windfire major & minor riddim
7:29 PM luciano moving on
7:25 PM fantan mojah slavery
7:20 PM capleton nuh kill out no artist
7:17 PM voicemail one life to live
7:12 PM annette brisset lift your head up
7:11 PM juss ice kingston
7:08 PM fats/g mafia state of emergency
7:00 PM abijah state of emergency
Dancehall/Reggae Show-May 22, 2010Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:46 -04008:52 PM pied peper/fay ann lyons alvarez/busy signal start wining-fingazz & solly remix
8:49 PM tiana/s. bless/sekret party animal
8:49 PM vybez cartel/jesterdamus tek buddy remix
8:43 PM mr. vegas wine like african summer rave
8:43 PM rdx lastic money summer rave
8:40 PM sunshine/unicorn/chi ching i doh care anymore summer rave
8:39 PM voicemail move dem up summer rave
8:37 PM bunji garlin me no in deh summer rave
8:35 PM terro 3000 gal inna bundle summer rave
8:34 PM spice no worry about dem summer rave
8:32 PM natel turn me on summer rave
8:30 PM assassin mix up again summer rave riddim
8:27 PM bounty killer/busy signal summin a go gwaan damage control
8:25 PM elephant man don't trust dem damage control
8:23 PM romain virgo watch over me damage control
8:22 PM wayne marshall so clean damage control
8:20 PM spragga benz don't damage control
8:19 PM bunji garlin all who nuh know damage control
8:18 PM buju banton let dem know damage control riddim
8:12 PM supa hype high grade
8:09 PM mavado still stand up (mike d remix)
8:06 PM konshens gal dem a talk
8:03 PM busy signal hairdresser shop
7:56 PM sizzla reggae music gunpowder
7:54 PM droop lion gunpowder gunpowder
7:52 PM powerman fight back gunpowder
7:51 PM anthony que hustle gunpowder
7:50 PM khago requesting gunpowder
7:48 PM tyrical want mi bread gunpowder
7:46 PM ginjah desperate in need gunpowder riddim
7:46 PM professor she calls me suddne change
7:44 PM kimmie at dem baby your love sudden change
7:43 PM pressure love & no pain sudden change
7:41 PM lutan fyah the uniform sudden change
7:39 PM emmanuel stain it nuh fair sudden change
7:36 PM moeish them system sudden change riddim
7:32 PM taddy p/bunny rugs monday night blues
7:28 PM lefside enemies
7:25 PM kenyatta fire keep off my enemies
7:21 PM niyorah feel your presence
7:17 PM ce'cile home tonight
7:13 PM hezron a special dedication
7:06 PM nas/damian marley dispear distant relatives
7:03 PM nas/damian marley tribal war distant relative
Dancehall/Reggae Show-May 1, 2010Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:46 -04009:00 PM t swagg haters
8:54 PM madd anju simple maths
8:51 PM olivia/serani rub me up
8:46 PM trina/nicky minaj/lady dang a lang
8:43 PM mystic/blaqk sheep wine up
8:41 PM vybez cartel clarks (champion squad remix)
8:39 PM flippa mafia naah lef him again rose gold
8:38 PM charley blacks turn me on rose gold
8:36 PM beenie man under curfew rose gold
8:34 PM d'angel come over rose gold
8:32 PM mavado house top rose gold riddim
8:32 PM bugle love me a deal wid first born
8:29 PM kibaki i'll be there first born
8:28 PM razz & biggy how we stay first born
8:27 PM raine seville i do my thing first born
8:26 PM tony matterhorn party people first born
8:25 PM serani stay far first born
8:23 PM laden come nuh first born
8:21 PM flippa mafia talk dema talk first born
8:20 PM charley black wine so first born riddim
8:19 PM charley black going to the party
8:15 PM problem child doh run
8:12 PM binji garlin/busy signal that's how we party
8:10 PM pitbull/machel montano alright
8:01 PM maxi priest like an angel classic
8:00 PM wayne wonder in your eyes classic
7:58 PM gramps morgan darling it's you classic
7:57 PM khago love stomach classic
7:56 PM tony curtis golden eyes classic
7:54 PM kashief lindo searching classic
7:52 PM fiona which side are you on classic
7:50 PM duane stephenson/ras shiloh soon as we rise classic
7:48 PM singing melody special love classic
7:47 PM lukie d girl i surrender classic
7:45 PM pressure thinking about you classic
7:44 PM gyptian all i wish is love classic
7:42 PM nikesha lindo love on the replay classic
7:39 PM etana i know you love me classic
7:35 PM beres hammond no apology classic riddim vp
7:29 PM richie stephens a change is gonna come
7:26 PM fire star / i wayne motherly & fatherly love
7:21 PM junior kelly murderer red pond vp
7:18 PM jah cure save yourself
7:14 PM damian marley/nas/dennis brown land of promise
7:07 PM carl brown/prince mohammed let the power fall/give i power joe gibbs discomix showcase vol. 5 17 north parade
7:00 PM george nooks/trinity working my way back to you joe gibbs discomix showcase vol. 4 17 north parade
Dancehall/Reggae Show-April 17, 2010Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:46 -04008:59 PM tony matterhorn/gappy ranks just tell dem
8:54 PM natalie storm/rage action me want
8:53 PM sean paul down the line
8:52 PM timberlee i wanna be on top
8:46 PM lefside simon says
8:44 PM mr. vegas/chi ching/natel/foota hype party time
8:42 PM beenie man temper drive
8:40 PM qq/machel montano/ding dong drive drive riddim
8:38 PM chino gallis fe real cosa nostra
8:37 PM gala p like a million cosa nostra
8:35 PM d1 talk about dat cosa nostra riddim
8:32 PM capleton whine mek yu wiggle night vision
8:29 PM d'angel touch a button night vision
8:28 PM mr. vegas you me want night vision
8:27 PM tnez tek time night vision
8:25 PM stein tender touch night vision
8:24 PM sizzla something girl night vision
8:22 PM ghandi/spice twenty ten nightvision
8:21 PM teflon pretty dread night vision
8:19 PM twins of twins friend ting night vision
8:18 PM general b mi believe night vision
8:16 PM mr. easy peace time night vision
8:15 PM beenie man fight we night vision riddim
8:11 PM beenie man dat a gwan
8:08 PM beenie man v.i.s.a.
8:06 PM iyara free up the general
8:00 PM bramma defend mi own
7:56 PM homegrown/lutan fyah behind babylon back
7:52 PM mavado/bob marley gal a mad ova (zj ruch remix)
7:48 PM mary j blige/jah cure each tear (black chiney remix)
7:48 PM machel montano wine on me hold yuh riddim
7:41 PM gyptian/nicky minaj hold yuh
7:38 PM pressure touch u dream
7:37 PM jah cure my hands dream
7:34 PM j soul heaven dream riddim
7:29 PM kali blaxx nah trust them clearly
7:28 PM pressure be what you want to be clearly riddim
7:22 PM junior kelly nuthin wrong with the world
7:17 PM chukki star forever shall praise
7:14 PM jah cure save yourself
7:11 PM citizen sound feat. blessed her name is reggae
7:07 PM noiseshaper universal satellite city
7:01 PM tommy t oromo dub (cushitic dub) prester john chronicles easy star
Dancehall/Reggae Show-July 3, 2010Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:47 -04008:57 PM ricardo drue/patrice roberts/deadmau5 leavin with some chords
8:53 PM demarco/ce'cile push it
8:50 PM d'ville wine you a wine
8:47 PM serani feels like music
8:46 PM macka diamond mi hate you macruby
8:45 PM monster twins we naah mcaruby
8:44 PM flexx no other way macruby
8:43 PM sizzla can you manage it macruby
8:40 PM alozade surround you macruby
8:40 PM bushman same gun macruby riddim
8:36 PM gyptian more life the pleasure
8:35 PM konshens no retreat the pleasure
8:34 PM dario ungrateful the pleasure
8:33 PM chris martin my ex girl the pleasure
8:32 PM delus another gal the pleasure
8:30 PM khago do it herself the pleasure
8:29 PM sophia brown let it be me the pleasure
8:28 PM nellie roxx tonight the pelasure
8:27 PM denyque summer love the pleasure
8:24 PM ce'cile look for me the pleasure riddim
8:21 PM kari jess negril
8:18 PM gappy ranks world cup
8:14 PM twins of twins crime minister
8:10 PM deablo/navino pick di world up
8:08 PM wayne marshall the future
8:05 PM vybez cartel peoples cry
8:03 PM i wayne mother love blessing
8:02 PM jah dore prayer blessing
8:00 PM lutan fyah cherish the earth blessing
7:57 PM etana war blessing riddim
7:52 PM king jazzy plain clothes
7:51 PM junior reid/gyptian mash up you thing
7:47 PM mighty mystic revolution
7:44 PM spragga benz shotta culture
7:41 PM konshens jah have a plan
7:38 PM anthony q more guns than food
7:35 PM mr. vegas sweet jamaica
7:29 PM jolly boys rehab
7:24 PM annette brissett rude mood
7:21 PM mavado when you feel lonely
7:19 PM nicki minaj/vybez cartel your love champion squad remix
7:16 PM nicki minaj/gyptian your love remix
7:13 PM lutan fyah black rose
7:10 PM trevor off key miss my cooking
7:06 PM barrington levy don't throw it all away
7:02 PM busy signal one more night
Dancehall/Reggae Show-June 26, 2010Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:47 -04009:01 PM barrington levy/jigsy king work
8:57 PM j diggz/farenheit/supa hype/chedda dun di dance
8:54 PM vybez cartel/popcaan hot grabba
8:52 PM vybez cartel touch a button
8:52 PM ryno di stinger come a mi yard
8:49 PM lefside want yuh body
8:44 PM damage been so long ghetto life
8:43 PM iq work ghetto life
8:41 PM tiana ghetto youths ghetto life
8:40 PM krissy ghetto ghetto life
8:39 PM trapyklal life of the ghetto ghetto life
8:37 PM hyah slice too much killing ghetto life
8:35 PM wasp too much war ghetto life riddim
8:33 PM queen ifrica times like these city life
8:31 PM sean paul beat of my heart city life
8:30 PM assassin something's gotta give city life
8:29 PM elephant man let me be the man city life
8:27 PM denyque supergirl city liferiddim
8:27 PM spice jim squeechy jim squeechy
8:23 PM t.o.k. everybody clap jim squeechy
8:22 PM rdx for the girls jim squeechy
8:21 PM shanz closer jim squeechy
8:19 PM j.o.e. you shoulda know jim squeechy
8:17 PM kemikal la la la jim squeechie
8:16 PM versatile hard fi find jim squeechie
8:14 PM aidonia jackhammer jim squeechy
8:13 PM beenie man beat dem bad jim squeechy
8:11 PM akane/tmberlee move! jim squeechy riddim
8:08 PM zj liquid some gyal
8:04 PM barrington levy/bounty killer living dangerously
7:59 PM b.levy too experienced
7:59 PM b.levy prison oval rock
7:50 PM b.levy under me sensi
7:50 PM b.levy here i come
7:46 PM b.levy black roses
7:45 PM b.levy wife & sweetheart a friend
7:45 PM barrington levy shine eye
7:31 PM gyptian righteous one
7:27 PM busy signal who's to blame
7:24 PM busy signal peace reign
7:19 PM junior reid love your brothers
7:18 PM rocker t queen of the ghetto
7:12 PM khago/copper cat leave my baby alone
7:08 PM michael franti/spearhead w/cherine anderson say hey ( i love you) reggae gold 2010
7:02 PM barrington levy/cutty ranks dancehall rock
Dancehall/Reggae Show-June 12, 2010Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:48 -04009:02 PM tifa/tami chynn/stacious/timberlee/natalie storm fresh 2 death
8:58 PM vybez cartel/russian jeans & fitted
8:54 PM vybez cartel/indu know bout me
8:52 PM vybez cartel you a history
8:50 PM vybez cartel neva get a gyal weh mi love so much
8:48 PM vybez cartel one woman watercycle
8:48 PM vybez cartel need u so bad watercycle
8:44 PM jahvinci don't skylark watercycle
8:43 PM popcaan no fear when we walk watercycle riddim
8:42 PM chedda nah stay poor infantry
8:40 PM j.o.e. howd countrty a run infantry
8:38 PM navino put it on infantry
8:36 PM shanz tell u bout me infantry
8:34 PM massicka anno sometime infantry
8:33 PM kemikal hear mi nuh infantry
8:30 PM tnez normal day infantry riddim
8:29 PM delly ranx futuristic runway swag
8:28 PM tnez mek sure yuh nuh run runway swag
8:26 PM rdx girls fiesta runway swag
8:24 PM terro 3000 seduction runway swag
8:21 PM voicemail runway swag runway swag riddim
8:16 PM tony materhorn dutty browning
8:16 PM omari ferrari dangerous whiners
8:11 PM peter ram tattoo farm soca gold 2010
8:09 PM fadda fox staggerah soca gold 2010
8:06 PM lefside dem gyal deh
8:04 PM macka diamond/mystik/mad michelle/queen latisha/zj sparks too much bull
8:01 PM nosliw nazis raus kokoo
7:57 PM cali p tek de beam kokoo
7:56 PM 3gga & emiliano it a ring kokoo
7:55 PM hi kee stress free kokoo
7:53 PM jaqee kokoo girl kokoo
7:52 PM maxim eure gute laune kokoo
7:52 PM rojah phad full hin und weg kokoo
7:50 PM slonesta kokoo junge kokoo
7:49 PM smiley lively road kokoo
7:48 PM dynamq boogie rock kokoo
7:47 PM anthony b praise the king kokoo
7:45 PM louie culture do something kokoo
7:44 PM natural black joy & happiness kokoo
7:43 PM lloyd brown she nah easy kokoo riddim
7:37 PM busy signal comfort zone
7:31 PM lovindeer imf
7:28 PM elly ess face down
7:27 PM junior reid/gyptian mash up you thing
7:24 PM wayne marshall/mavado my heart remix
7:21 PM mavado change right now
7:17 PM niyorah/jah mason bruk down barrier
7:13 PM romain virgo mi caan sleep romain virgo vp
7:10 PM ce'cile take my heart
7:06 PM cedella marley can you feel the love tonight
7:01 PM ziggy marley/stephen marley/angelique kidjo africa land
Dancehall/Reggae Show-June 5, 2010Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:49 -04009:00 PM ricardo drue get wild
8:55 PM drake/shaggy find you love remix
8:53 PM dj sunshine run some money
8:50 PM bugle/chevaughn/razz & biggy summer break
8:49 PM camar/lady saw muscle control
8:49 PM mavado hold me sex appeal
8:48 PM stein sex appeal sex appeal
8:47 PM elephant man steady wine sex appeal
8:44 PM delly ranx life is what you make it sex appeal
8:43 PM chase cross my money sex appeal
8:42 PM flexx man a gyallis sex appeal
8:41 PM serani what you need sex appeal
8:39 PM terro 3000 shake your booty sex appeal
8:38 PM j.o.p. in deh sex appeal
8:37 PM aidonia cyaan done sex appeal
8:36 PM bramma she's going sex appeal
8:34 PM black rhyno wine & dip sex appeal riddim
8:34 PM busy signal nah go dung deh merengue rock
8:30 PM lisa hype clear out merengue rock
8:29 PM dj sunshine nuh yard merengue rock
8:28 PM karl morrison money wine merengue rock
8:27 PM unicorn hol me merengue rock riddim
8:25 PM peter ram diseases kick back
8:24 PM problem child i busy kick back
8:22 PM skinny fabulous bumper in trouble kickback riddim
8:21 PM ms. paige d panty droppa panty droppa
8:19 PM nadia batson silent freak panty droppa
8:18 PM ricardo drue like glue panty droppa
8:16 PM crossovah plenty girls panty droppa riddim
8:15 PM sean paul come & get it
8:11 PM busy signal how yuh bad so
8:10 PM t'nez/3 star no more tears
8:08 PM bounty killer sufferer diwali
8:07 PM tanya stephens can't touch me no more diwali riddim greensleeves
8:01 PM craig (voicemail) in this life cardiac bass
7:57 PM vybez cartel not a love song cardiac bass
7:56 PM ce'cile when you're gone cardiac bass
7:55 PM raine seville listen cardiac bass
7:53 PM keida 75 cardiac bass
7:52 PM chris martin paper loving cardiac bass
7:51 PM i octane hold her in my arms cardiac bass
7:49 PM lutan fyah ungrateful cardiac bass
7:48 PM jah cure before i leave cardiac bass
7:46 PM bugle always there cardiac bass riddim
7:43 PM bugle friend indeed set it off
7:41 PM raine seville what to do set it off
7:39 PM ryan mark nah give up set it off riddim
7:35 PM anthony b sweet jamaica
7:31 PM busy signal who's to blame
7:27 PM 3 kingz what's going on
7:23 PM nas/damian marley land of promise (feat. dennis brown) distant relatives
7:20 PM karl morrison/mia j closer i get to you
7:15 PM romain virgo dark skin girl romain virgo vp
7:11 PM beres hammond music is a positive vibration just a man 17 north parade
7:02 PM ruddy thomas w/joe tex & u black being with you joe gibbs discomix showcase vol. 5 17 north parade
Dancehall/Reggae Show-June 19, 2010Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:49 -0400mavado the messiah
indrani fyah water hunny bunny
rupee get crazy hunny bunny
skinny fabulous duracell hunny bunny
uncle sam madd outa road hunny bunny
peter ram iron man hunny bunny
ricardo drue get wild hunny bunny riddim
predator without yuh gun blue gem
lisa hype lyrical attack blue gem
kym emotions blue gem
iyara mi know mi bad blue gem
gaza slim/sheba too rude blue gem
elephant man shake it blue gem
deva bratt bounce blue gem riddim
versatile buss a blank raw soul hits
sugarcane waistline raw soul hits
touch of class wifey raw soul hits
cee gee nuh markngs raw soul hits
di doctor/mario c dancehall nuh dead raw soul hits
beenie man/kamar/mario c jamaican party raw soul hits riddim
beenie man fly out and fly in get fresh
ce'cile like a virgin get fresh
voicemail good good get fresh
nicky b you r the one get fresh
elephant man everfresh get fresh
assass in girls dem get fresh riddim
vybez cartel wine fi mi nuh bankrobber
merital style & pattern bankrobber
kantana mad & mean bankrobber
savage neatest bankrobber
sheba caan do me nutten bankrobber
da professor low we bankrobber
ce'cile/liquid motion bankrobber
8:03 PM gaza slim lite the weed bankrobber riddim
8:00 PM stein raindrops
7:56 PM calado pray fi me
7:52 PM andrew & wada blood beggy beggy
7:49 PM konshens love money
7:47 PM travis mccoy/gucci man/bruno mars billionaire
7:46 PM elephant man let me be the man
7:41 PM sean paul beat of my heart
7:35 PM cecile take my heart
7:32 PM tanesha do u
7:25 PM lloyd parks loverman
7:21 PM konshens pone the dancefloor
7:18 PM konshens stink ah road remix
7:15 PM bunji garlin credit card
7:12 PM skinny fabulous strong rum sumthing
7:09 PM king bubba we don't watch face
7:07 PM k'naan wavin flag (world cup anthem)
7:01 PM barrington levy 21 girls salute junjo lawes-volcano eruption 17 north parade
Dancehall/Reggae Show-July10, 2010Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:50 -04009:04 PM gucci mane/vybez cartel/camron stupid wild
8:57 PM spragga benz/shabba ranks/swizzbeats/kardinal ratatatah
8:55 PM vybez cartel yuh love chat (jail)
8:51 PM aloe blacc/konshens i need a remix
8:49 PM dario me own gun
8:48 PM ryno di stinga watch ova me
8:48 PM craig (voicemail) spend time sotry time
8:45 PM raine seville leave me alone story time
8:44 PM bugle nah trust dem story time
8:43 PM kibaki reminisce story time
8:40 PM agent sasco story time story time riddim
8:38 PM vybez cartel/popcaan clarks remix melting pot
8:36 PM vybez cartel bicycle melting pot
8:35 PM mr. g cost melting pot
8:33 PM keon vibes big up melting pot
8:31 PM bitta blood corna melting pot
8:30 PM einstein mek she please melting pot
8:28 PM bumpa green make moves melting pot
8:26 PM fat lock off melting pot riddim
8:23 PM skinny fabulous/machel montano duracell remix
8:21 PM devon matthews from today
8:20 PM tian winter it's your wine body movers
8:19 PM mr. dale created for carnial body movers
8:18 PM ricardo drue no boring gyal body movers
8:16 PM patrice roberts give him body movers riddim
8:14 PM alison hinds/shaggy can't let my luv go
8:11 PM munga cologne
8:05 PM bugle/demarco just bring it
8:00 PM versatile sneakers
7:57 PM stainless mob gimme di wine 2
7:53 PM gyptian true love is hard 2 find
7:50 PM agent sasco island lover set it off
7:49 PM ryan mark nah give up set it off
7:47 PM raine seville what to do set it of
7:46 PM jay mckay aka dreama fire inside set it off
7:43 PM omari nuh talk set it off
7:41 PM konshens simple song set it off
7:39 PM bugle friend indeed set it off riddim
7:35 PM munga gone too soon (west kingston tribute)
7:32 PM chase cross age of 25
7:26 PM shawn storm dun a garden
7:24 PM charley blacks traitor dem
7:17 PM majah hype summer day
7:13 PM demarco/coldplay hustling forever
7:09 PM marcus i/sean paul lil urb
7:05 PM abassi all stars meets ital noize ital dub
7:02 PM capleton acres iternal fire vp
Special Sugar Minott TributeMon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:50 -0400As a tribute to the late Sugar Minot, I have uploaded a show I did on December 17, 1983 before one of his appearances in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Show-July 24, 2010Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:50 -04009:03 PM busy signal/m.i.a./major lazer sound of siren
8:57 PM kari jess voom voom
8:52 PM elephant man step ova
8:49 PM r.d.x. movement
8:47 PM ice cold summr summr summr summr
8:46 PM doc bird/harry toddler dancing style summr summr
8:45 PM d.i. jamaican gyal summr summr
8:43 PM d'angel hot girls (roll out) summr summr
8:42 PM chi ching/tiny t/samboni/tullo t just dance summr summr
8:40 PM tony matterhorn cyaan touch wi summr summr riddim
8:39 PM tony matterhorn pressure gyal phone street swagg
8:38 PM ding dong follow through street swagg
8:36 PM laden roll up street swagg
8:34 PM singing sweet look good street swagg
8:33 PM tnez cyaa mad me street swagg
8:32 PM suhverto shale up her body street swagg
8:32 PM ninja kid a mussi dat street swagg
8:31 PM frisco kid whine up pan me street swagg
8:29 PM elephant man haffi ge touch street swagg
8:28 PM elephant man nah stand up street swagg
8:27 PM di genius don't cry street swagg
8:25 PM volcanik ship load (gyallis code) street swagg
8:25 PM mavado when the eden rise street swagg
8:22 PM agent sasco lord have mercy street swagg riddim
8:22 PM dario own gun trailer reloaded
8:18 PM kutchie real bad man trailer reloaded
8:16 PM tiana can't talk trailer reloaded
8:14 PM konshens dem ah talk trailer reloaded
8:13 PM darrio virtual gallis trailer reloaded riddim
8:07 PM shabba ranks drive dem crazy
8:04 PM buju banton innocent
7:57 PM sophia squire naw fight ova man
7:56 PM konshens/brusco she wants me
7:54 PM vybez ceartel/notnice how watercycle
7:52 PM merital dem evil watercycle
7:49 PM shawn storm ghetto lifestyle watercycleriddim
7:48 PM dhosa medicine try
7:44 PM busy signal/cobra cry out nyabinghi
7:42 PM shane o keep trying nyabinghi
7:41 PM chris martin journey of love nyabinghi
7:39 PM sleepy hallowtiops hurt u nyabinghi
7:38 PM anaonimus/bay c fire we a burn nyabinghi
7:36 PM t.o.k. the chosen nyabinghi
7:34 PM sizzla terrible stranger nyabinghi riddim
7:31 PM jah cure respect
7:24 PM toussaint roots in a modern time
7:20 PM protoje j.a.
7:16 PM ding dong/chevaughn clayton holiday reggae gold 2010 vp
7:14 PM busy signal busy latino d.o.b. vp
7:10 PM luciano another terrorist attack (w/lutan fyah) united states of africa vp
7:06 PM gyptian call gyptian hold yuh vp
7:06 PM gyptian to be held hold yuh vp
7:00 PM barrington levy/wyclef jean/shaggy/snoop dogg murderer
Dancehall/Reggae Show-August 15, 2009, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:51 -04009:01 PM versatile/laden caan hold wi back
8:54 PM shaggy long time
8:50 PM barrington levy only you
8:48 PM stein mek she please
8:45 PM anthony b tight spark plug
8:43 PM mr. peppa journey spark plug
8:42 PM zebra camera trick spark plug
8:40 PM dick tracy camera trick spark plug
8:39 PM terminal kinda wicked spark plug
8:37 PM new kidz wa dat sparlk plug
8:35 PM varsatile seh dem a don spark plug
8:32 PM deva bratt trackle spark plug riddim
8:29 PM lefside nuh waah
8:26 PM machel montano/umi marcano block to block
8:22 PM ricardo drue pelt it back
8:19 PM t.o.k. couple up our world vp
8:15 PM vybez kartel brooklyn anthem / street paharmacist most wanted greensleeves
8:10 PM lady saw find good man extra raw-the best of vp
8:07 PM tanya stephens big heavy gal tanya-collection of hits
8:00 PM sister carol international style
7:55 PM lady saw woman
7:52 PM tracie marie same ol' song
7:49 PM gaza kim w/vybez cartel teenage pregnancy
7:43 PM delly ranx w/johnny osbourne ice cream love
7:41 PM ziggy love me more dubwise
7:38 PM beenie man love is lovely dubwise
7:36 PM busy signal spliff tail dubwise
7:34 PM assassin priority dubwise
7:31 PM peetah morgan war zone dubwise
7:29 PM lutan fyah informa dubwise riddim
7:24 PM anthony cruz/capleton burn them
7:19 PM natasja uuuh wee shooting star makasound
7:16 PM 10 ft. ganja plant got to be a soldier bush rock ROIR
7:12 PM bushman fire pon a deadas most wanted greensleeves
7:09 PM anthony cruz only the father
7:06 PM tarrus riley love's contagious contagious
7:01 PM tarrus riley youhg heart contagious vp
Dancehall/Reggae Show-July 17, 2010Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:51 -04009:56 PM deva bratt lyrical architect
9:54 PM bounty killer real gyallis
9:51 PM bad gal bambi money talk
9:48 PM deva bratt get the cash
9:45 PM erup/dadi p get out the way
9:42 PM flexx dem nuh like
9:39 PM iyara mi love di gal dem
9:36 PM mavado nuh beg gal friend
9:36 PM tonhy matterhorn save u soul
9:30 PM chedda/qq cleanest
9:27 PM patexx/zj liquid party mi say
9:27 PM bounty killer/patexx summertime
9:22 PM new breed/sean kingston let's get away
9:19 PM canardo/gappy ranks super heroes
9:15 PM assailant facebook war
9:13 PM g whizz let me see you bubble down
9:12 PM alphonso splendid steady wine
9:08 PM zan own way
9:03 PM kings of daytona jam with you
9:00 PM edley shine/akshan/noe war 2010
8:57 PM bounty killer sieze fire rail up
8:54 PM bounty killer/angel doolas not scared enough rail up
8:51 PM beenie man/lisa hype nuh stress mi out rail up
8:51 PM sizzla cash flow rail up
8:47 PM mavado/flexx wine up yuh body rail up riddim
8:44 PM peter ram fax machine fax machine
8:44 PM troy special de truck fax machine
8:43 PM skinny fabulous on d road fax machine
8:41 PM lil rick show me yuh rags fax machine
8:40 PM diva turn it around fax machine
8:39 PM mr. dale shut yu mouth & wine fax machine
8:37 PM dr. evil splash fax machine riddim
8:35 PM zj liquid some gyal badda don
8:32 PM gyptian watch gal badda don
8:30 PM careless wayne marshall badda don
8:29 PM iyara bad dem wish fi mi badda don
8:26 PM chase cross hate me if you want badda don
8:26 PM bling dawg next level badda don
8:23 PM i octane weed we say badda don riddim
8:22 PM chi ching i want a place to stay shuffle
8:19 PM gyptian/face drive out shuffle
8:18 PM perfect i nah drop shuffle
8:16 PM stein mi have your gal shuffle
8:15 PM new kidz girls dema wine shuffle
8:13 PM dns hot steppa shuffle riddim
8:11 PM mr. vegas boy shorts
8:08 PM vybez cartel/russian straight jeans & fitted
8:08 PM trevor off key fake jeans admit it
8:01 PM i octane why mankind a gwan so rock di drop
8:00 PM munga concrete jungle rock di drop
7:58 PM qq where is the love rock di drop
7:57 PM stringz i don't understand rock di drop
7:55 PM vybrant everyday rock di drop
7:54 PM ras penco true love rock di drop
7:52 PM nesbeth love you forever rock di drop
7:50 PM charley black you are my lady rock di drop
7:48 PM bob andy games people play rock di drop riddim
7:47 PM stein give me your love diamond touch
7:45 PM calibe you know i care diamond touch
7:43 PM ataru you're so sexy diamond touch riddim
7:41 PM naya marie my heart
7:40 PM lincoln ward come back
7:31 PM s.minott hang on natty
7:30 PM s.minott ghetto girl
7:25 PM s.minott my love is true
7:24 PM s.minott harbor shark
7:22 PM s.minott mr. fisherman
7:20 PM s.minott no vacancy
7:18 PM s.minott babylon
7:17 PM s.minott just can't win my soul
7:14 PM s.minott never give jah up
7:12 PM s.minott run things
7:10 PM s.minott lick shot
7:09 PM s.minott strictly sensi
7:06 PM sugar minott dancehall style
7:00 PM sugar minott ain't nobody move me
Dancehall/Reggae Show-July 18, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:51 -04009:00 PM busy signal da style deh-bad riddim remix
8:54 PM lefside nuh waah
8:52 PM stein mek she please
8:48 PM tony matterhorn twitter me
8:44 PM tiana i won't
8:40 PM lady saw/shabba ranks want it tonight extra raw-best of.. vp
8:38 PM vybez cartel slow motion street bullies
8:36 PM ce'cile nah stress over man street bullies
8:35 PM lord kossity like me street bullies
8:32 PM red fox bounce street bullies
8:31 PM christopher martin vibe is right street bullies
8:29 PM elephant man poverty street bullies
8:27 PM beenie man humility street bullies
8:21 PM shaggy long time street bullies
8:21 PM michael jackson they don't care about us street bullies riddim
8:17 PM natasja mysterious shooting star mackasound
8:12 PM tarrus riley start anew reggae gold 2009
8:03 PM glen washington no one else but you sweet
8:01 PM richie stephens hey joe sweet
7:59 PM d'ville soldier girl sweet
7:57 PM prophecy life with you sweet
7:55 PM duane stephenson 24 hours sweet
7:53 PM chuck fenda oh lord forgive them sweet
7:50 PM ginjah prayer sweet
7:48 PM stevie face proverbs sweet
7:45 PM gramps morgan one in a million sweet
7:43 PM bridgez/lukie d come on home sweet
7:40 PM freddie mcgergor keeps on coming back sweet
7:38 PM marcia griffiths when you giving your heart sweet
7:35 PM peetah morgan still the same sweet
7:33 PM etana happy heart sweet
7:31 PM beres hammond see you again sweet riddim vp
7:25 PM tarrus riley loves contagious
7:19 PM sanchez ben
7:16 PM garnet silk girls in the mirror
7:14 PM jackson 5 i want you back-natty dread remix
7:09 PM estelle/sean paul come over reggae gold 2009 vp
7:05 PM alpheus nothing can stop you
7:00 PM richie spice soothing sound dubwise/indiscretions greensleeves
Dancehall/Reggae Show-June 6, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:51 -04008:59 PM bling dawg rotate remix
8:54 PM busy signal like a shaker (shake shake)
8:50 PM wayne marshall smokin on some
8:48 PM zumjay/christopher the world is yours
8:45 PM wayne marshall lumbah
8:43 PM voicemail/busy signal dance the night away
8:40 PM vybez cartel love at first sight
8:37 PM mr. perfect no body substance
8:35 PM fyakin better way substance
8:34 PM abby waiting substance
8:32 PM maverick days like this substance
8:30 PM shawn storm dear mama substance
8:28 PM gyptian diffrent strokes substance riddim
8:26 PM elephant man deep down (hurt me) recession
8:24 PM bugle how feels it (recession) recession
8:22 PM vybez cartel money why you never stay (money love song) recession riddim
8:18 PM vybez cartel dumpa truck crazy mind
8:17 PM vybez cartel dem cyaa hold wi down crazy mind
8:15 PM lazastepz every gyal grab a man crazy mind
8:13 PM elephant man couple up crazy mind riddim
8:06 PM wayne marshall mama hurt new chapter
8:04 PM phillip 7 looking for new chapter
8:01 PM chris martin no second dance new chapter
7:59 PM singing sweet missing you new chapter
7:58 PM timeka marshall all night new chapter
7:55 PM peetah morgan don't walk away new chapter
7:52 PM assassin give thanks new chapter riddim
7:50 PM capleton babylon go down getover
7:48 PM everton blender false king pharaoh getover
7:46 PM chuck fender gun bank getover
7:44 PM lutan fyah head hot getover
7:43 PM half pint time to win getover
7:41 PM pinchers stop investing in crime getover
7:38 PM anthony cruz nutten nah gwan getover riddim
7:32 PM natural black rise a riddim
7:30 PM earl bonnick joy of my life a riddim
7:27 PM lukie d since you've been gone a riddim
7:24 PM t.o.k. i wanna love you (now & forever)
7:20 PM sizzla tender touch
7:17 PM gappy ranks happiest day
7:12 PM buju banton i love you girl
7:04 PM beres hammond no goodbye
Dancehall/Reggae Show-July 11, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:51 -04008:52 PM lefside in deh
8:50 PM busy signal picantie
8:49 PM terro 3000 tip up tip up mash up
8:46 PM mr. vegas di train mash up
8:44 PM tifa new man mash up
8:40 PM elephant man nah fren no enemy mash up
8:39 PM damari yengae mash up
8:36 PM rdx wine up mash up
8:32 PM maqueda can't get enough mash up riddim
8:30 PM vybez cartel genie wine fitness
8:28 PM beenie man bubble gyal a bubble fitness
8:26 PM elephant man one more time fitness
8:24 PM mavado sweetest time fitness
8:22 PM singing sweet mek up your face fitness
8:21 PM chino waah fi keep yuh fitness
8:19 PM bramma do as i say fitness
8:17 PM livvi franc trick or treat fitness
8:15 PM voicemail when they need it fitness
8:13 PM black rhyno don't stop whine gyal fitness
8:12 PM kari jess don't stop fitness
8:09 PM laden time fi warm up fitness
8:07 PM aidonia oh oh oh oooh fitness riddim
8:04 PM major danger w/t.o.k./ms. thing bruk out guns don't kill people-lazers do
7:59 PM delus true love
7:52 PM richie spice find jah 18 & ova
7:50 PM sizzla whisper 18 & ova
7:48 PM pressure waiting 18 & ova
7:45 PM alaine slippin gaway 18 & ova
7:43 PM tami chynn/wayne marshall nothing else 18 & ova
7:40 PM peetah morgan hurting 18 & ova
7:37 PM maxi priest perfect love 18 & ova
7:34 PM buju banton never love again 18 & ova riddim
7:28 PM natasja mr. x shooting star makasound
7:24 PM c sharp nurse
7:22 PM natal/cherine anderson you turn me on
7:17 PM conrad solange come back tomorrow
7:14 PM richie d/lefside/raine seville what's your pin?
7:10 PM major lazer w/mr. vegas & jovi rockwell can't stop now guns don't kill people-lazers do downtown
7:07 PM prodigal son head cyaan hot so reggae gold 2009 vp
7:01 PM bushman call the hearse most wanted greensleeves
Dancehall/Reggae Show-July 4, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:51 -04008:54 PM elephant man dance & sweep
8:52 PM elephant man you caan spark plug
8:51 PM mr. vegas life alright spark plug
8:49 PM sizzla more riches spark plug
8:48 PM anthony b tight spark plug
8:46 PM deva bratt trackle spark plug
8:44 PM terminal dg kinda wicked spark plug
8:43 PM dick tracy camera trick spark plug
8:41 PM zebra right away spark plug
8:39 PM versatile see dem a don spark plug
8:38 PM mr. peppa journey spark plug
8:36 PM new kidz wa dat spark plug
8:34 PM sharp deh deh spark plug
8:32 PM shaq the mc my time now spark plug
8:30 PM beenie man draw me out spark plug
8:28 PM erup fight spark plug
8:28 PM spice swear spark plug riddim
8:27 PM timberlee bubble like soup
8:20 PM beenie man wine gal
8:18 PM elephant man/david banner shake that booty (krumpa remix)
8:13 PM mr. lexx booty clap
8:10 PM major lazer feat. t.o.k. & ms. thing bruk out gunz don't kill people-lazers do mad desert
8:07 PM natasja calabria 2008 shooting star mackasound
8:03 PM brick & lace love is wicked rg09
7:59 PM teflon jah has been there
7:55 PM romain virgo who feels it knows it serve & protect
7:51 PM peetah morgan i'm so lost serve & protect
7:47 PM domaino want to be with you serve & protect
7:44 PM sanchez longing to come home serve & protect riddim penthouse
7:41 PM barrington levy shine eye gal
7:36 PM i wayne leave if you want to leave rg09
7:33 PM tarrus riley young hearts
7:30 PM bushman my day most wanted greensleeves
7:23 PM 10 foot ganja plant bush rock bushrock ROIR
7:19 PM queen ifrica coconut shell
7:16 PM natasja jamaica too nice shooting star mackafresh
7:12 PM cherine anderson shine on jamaica
7:08 PM beres hammond see you again rg09
7:01 PM etana/alborosie blessings reggae gold 2009 vp
Dancehall/Reggae Show-September 26, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:52 -04009:00 PM cha ching beez pitch
8:54 PM kartaral nah play dare
8:51 PM pretty kitty mi man
8:48 PM vybez cartel wine wine wine
8:46 PM vybez cartel mi a talk collie monster
8:44 PM turbulence overcome collie monster
8:42 PM sizzla world leader in problem collie monster
8:40 PM nicky silk worlk hard for this collie monster
8:38 PM macka diamond we flossing collie monster
8:35 PM michael rose/collie buddz/cali p mr. collie collie monster
8:31 PM mitch the boom draw collie monster
8:31 PM choppa dan ? collie monster riddim
8:26 PM voicemail money pull up coke zero
8:22 PM serani hustler coke zero
8:21 PM mr. vegas wine for me coke zero
8:17 PM chino nothing at all coke zero riddim
8:14 PM mr. vegas heads high the hits greensleeves
8:11 PM tanya stephens goggle tanya-collection of hits vp
8:07 PM lady saw sycamore tree extra raw-best of vp
8:00 PM buju banton love you girl
7:55 PM sanchez longing to come home serve & protect
7:51 PM timeka marshall the way you love me serve & protect
7:48 PM domaino wanna be with you serve & protect
7:45 PM kelvin dixon never serve & protect
7:43 PM peetah morgan i'm so lost serve & protect
7:39 PM cameal davis / assassin we can serve & protect
7:36 PM romain virgo who feels it knows it serve & protect
7:33 PM lutan fyah not a dollah serve & protect
7:29 PM queen ifrica serve & protect serve & protect riddim
7:24 PM lutan fyah don't cry to me
7:21 PM nicky b dance like we're making love
7:18 PM general degree i can't stop loving you
7:14 PM trevor off key my blackberry
7:11 PM mr. diamond buss me
7:06 PM macka b homeland africa more knowledge humal
7:02 PM gyptian/supa sass old time vibes
Dancehall/Reggae Show-May 23, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:52 -04008:58 PM sean paul so fine
8:55 PM vybez cartel wine to the ground
8:53 PM vybez cartel when yu wine it
8:49 PM voicemail/busy signal dance the night away
8:46 PM rhymez unlimited ladies everywhere
8:43 PM t.o.k. all night raving
8:41 PM lady saw dem a fi later
8:38 PM esco yo amore
8:33 PM vybez cartel anything goes pleasure time
8:32 PM sniper gal u murda pleasure time
8:29 PM beenie man wine pleasure time
8:25 PM mavado dem alone clearance
8:23 PM mr. vegas we will never clearance
8:21 PM chase cross better dayz clearance
8:19 PM flexx go getter clearance
8:17 PM stein work me a look clearance
8:14 PM munga need money clearance riddim
8:10 PM elephant man bless we more
8:07 PM cham recession
8:02 PM busy signal pocket nuh fi empty
7:56 PM anthony b jah light
7:54 PM singer j bad mind a major
7:51 PM lutan fuyah good over evil a major
7:48 PM mr. perfect jah love a major riddim
7:45 PM charley black in love with you river walk lazeme
7:43 PM warrior king yesterday is gone river walk riddim lazeme
7:37 PM george nooks consider yourself lucky cold world
7:35 PM marcia griffiths cold world cold world
7:28 PM mr. perfect strong black woman
7:25 PM gyptian pretty darling
7:22 PM alaine/buju banton luv a dub
7:17 PM akon/kardinal offishal beautiful remix
7:13 PM lovindeer/mamma mia dumpling shop
7:10 PM vybez cartel/spice ramping shop
7:00 PM dubblestandart feat. david lynch chrome optimism oxygen part 4 return from the planet dub rooftop
Dancehall/Reggae Show-June 27, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:52 -0400Today's show is an abbreviated salute to the music of Michael Jackson, Jamaican style.

7:59 PM wayne wonder heal the world
7:56 PM derrick lara/trinity don't stop till you get enough
7:53 PM little carlos shake your body down
7:49 PM tarrus riley human nature
7:47 PM yankee b want to be sexin somethin
7:44 PM mikey general do you want to be starting something
7:41 PM ghost want you back
7:38 PM ghost & roundhead she's out of my life
7:35 PM little john roots & culture
7:32 PM junior reid junior nature
7:29 PM ricky grant/horace andy the girl is mine
7:26 PM wayne jarrett billy jean
7:22 PM candy man black or white
7:18 PM desi young i don't know why i love you
7:15 PM sassafras abc
7:11 PM coco tea jah made them that way
7:07 PM yellowman & peter metro the girl is mine
7:02 PM shinehead billy jean
Dancehall/Reggae Show-June 13, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:52 -04009:01 PM vybez cartel realest thing most wanted greensleeves
8:55 PM kid currupt no secret
8:52 PM r.d.x. out & bad so bad
8:50 PM bugle nuh worry we so bad
8:47 PM natural black cut out di beggin so bad
8:44 PM macka diamond dash it pan a gal so bad
8:42 PM tanto metro/devonte can't buy so bad riddim
8:39 PM jeremih/pitbull birthday sex remix
8:38 PM sanchez i'm never gonna fall in love all fruits ripe
8:34 PM terror fabulous delighted how she look all fruits ripe
8:32 PM little lenny bum flick classic rhythms 3(all fruits ripe) vp
8:29 PM tanya stephens goggle cloak & dagger
8:27 PM lady saw hice it up cloak & dagger
8:24 PM beenie man oysters & conch classic rhythms 3(cloak & dagger) vp
8:21 PM fats n kiskohype highest grade
8:19 PM ratigan war i ground
8:16 PM anthony b money ova trouble i ground riddim
8:15 PM bounty killer rodney intention
8:12 PM tiki tiki wine hindu
8:09 PM sanjay boom chicky boom hindu
8:07 PM range like a hindu hindu
8:06 PM elephant man roll yuh belly hindu riddim
7:57 PM elephant man ska ska pound a sugar
7:54 PM busy signal time to party pound a sugar
7:52 PM beenie man 2 man 1 time pound a sugar
7:49 PM versatile flossing out pound a sugar
7:48 PM delly ranx perform pound a sugar
7:46 PM kiprich bad mind pound a sugar
7:43 PM l.u.s.t. i know pound a sugar
7:41 PM voicemail gal wine pound a sugar
7:38 PM ce'cile if you really want it pound a sugar
7:37 PM richie stephens take me to heaven pound a sugar
7:34 PM mr. vegas/mystic u zeet pound a sugar
7:32 PM peeta morgan party pound a sugar riddim
7:26 PM peter hunningale your lucky day
7:23 PM christopher ma cherie amour
7:18 PM delroy wilson mother nature (aka that's the way nature planned it) channel one story ch. 2 17 north parade
7:16 PM cornell campbell rope in joe gibbs scorchers from the mighty two 17 north parade
7:12 PM bushman bloody city
7:08 PM queen ifrica daddy montego bay
7:00 PM queen ifrica far away montego bay vp
Dancehall/Reggae Show-June 20, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:52 -04008:58 PM farmer nappy wine & rock it
8:54 PM demarco secret fi dem
8:51 PM hitmaker pray for me
8:47 PM laden badmind
8:43 PM versatile hustle every day
8:41 PM beenie man wine summer bounce
8:39 PM mr. vegas brand summer bounce
8:37 PM vybez cartel gwaan suh summer bounce
8:34 PM papa pimp pimping is so easy summer bounce
8:34 PM lady saw beg u summer bounce
8:29 PM lady saw bills summer bounce riddim
8:27 PM cobra more dem talk corduroy
8:25 PM silver cat fowl affair corduroy
8:23 PM beenie man world dance corduroy
8:19 PM delly ranx show off
8:18 PM new kidz system
8:14 PM buju banton regular ting
8:09 PM luciano/queen ifrica love affair darker shade
8:05 PM george nooks no compromise darker shade
8:04 PM izzezi gun not nice darker shade
8:02 PM ras myrdhak feel the pain darker shade
8:00 PM anthony malvo/insane need more love darker shade
7:59 PM ghost soul provider darker shade
7:56 PM singing melody love is what i need darker shade
7:55 PM aj brown real rock darker shade
7:53 PM stacious story straight darker shade
7:50 PM tanya stephens just one darker shade
7:49 PM dreadson order of the day darker shade
7:47 PM ginja realest dealest darker shade
7:46 PM natty king nine month darker shade
7:44 PM josey wales fi wi island darker shade
7:42 PM flourgon ras form the woodlands darker shade
7:40 PM cutty ranks pressure darker shade
7:37 PM terror fabulous keep it real darker shade
7:35 PM a.j. brown classical darker shade
7:32 PM anju kumba fools should never know darker shade
7:25 PM pinchers glock 40
7:23 PM vybez cartel babylon city
7:19 PM one blow / mina love it or live it
7:16 PM romain virgo who feels it knows it
7:13 PM damian marley holiday
7:09 PM queen ifrica yad to the east montego bay vp
7:06 PM g star let me be free
7:01 PM tyrone taylor heavy waist line joe gibbs scorchers from the mighty two 17 north parade
Dancehall/Reggae Show-October 4, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:53 -04008:59 PM p square/waje do me
8:53 PM don jazzy/di banj booty call
8:50 PM aidonia look pan di gal dem
8:48 PM ding dong w/bogle don't tek press
8:46 PM karim hype badmind energy
8:44 PM esco good up dinkimini
8:41 PM supahype excitement dinkimini
8:40 PM nymron distracting dinkimini
8:39 PM mega b gal pree dinkimini
8:37 PM style x gimmi di gyal dem dinkimini
8:36 PM beenie man sometimes dinkimini
8:35 PM d'angel hurray hurray dinkimini
8:33 PM rdx any gal can't wine dinkimini riddim
8:31 PM lefside (granpa) mi tyad go go club
8:30 PM black rhyno bike back go go club
8:28 PM merital my money (ha ha) go go club
8:27 PM gaza kim/lisa hype bill go go club
8:25 PM konshens/dario do d ting go go club
8:24 PM demarco a nuh whore go go club
8:22 PM vybez cartel go go club go go club riddim
8:15 PM d.y.c.r. chanting feel like
8:14 PM andrew coombs cannabis feel like
8:11 PM lukie d not easy feel like
8:09 PM leeba two can play feel like
8:07 PM d'ville innocent feel like
8:05 PM tanya stephens you don't get it feel like
8:02 PM fiona home tonight feel like
8:00 PM singing melody life feel like
7:59 PM ultimate shines loving feel like
7:56 PM ghost rose garden feel like
7:55 PM anthony b rub a dub girl feel like
7:53 PM red rose ghetto youths feel like
7:50 PM luciano take a sip feel like
7:46 PM beres hammond feel like feel like riddim
7:42 PM beres hammond can't say i never tried biggest reggae one drop anthems 2009 greensleeves
7:38 PM lukie d missing you
7:34 PM dennis brown never can say goodbye jackson lovers vp
7:31 PM rebelution outta control
7:24 PM rebelution bright side of life
7:20 PM chuck fender i am for the poor
7:15 PM alborosie humbleness biggest reggae one drop anthems 2009 greensleeves
7:12 PM gramps morgan wash the tears 2 sides of my heart vol. 1 dadason
7:07 PM macka b walk tall more knowledge humal
7:00 PM buju banton shiloh/untold stories till shiloh
Dancehall/Reggae Show-September 19, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:53 -04008:59 PM meryl carter/vybez cartel your loving
8:57 PM konshens the realest song
8:53 PM splash the truth
8:51 PM bugle mirror
8:48 PM elephant man skip to my luu
8:46 PM vybez cartel gaza ting a ling
8:42 PM wyld money/junior reid we run the night
8:40 PM jahvinci wipe those tears
8:31 PM mr. easy pot a bubble cheez trix
8:30 PM charlie blacks no way cheez trix
8:28 PM bugle do whatever cheez trix
8:24 PM alex frass nuh jail cheez trix
8:22 PM xcitement tiki cheez trix
8:19 PM rage hot inna you clothes cheez trix
8:16 PM natalie storm god bless me cheez trix
8:14 PM macka diamond no man problem cheez trix riddim
8:10 PM lady saw good wuk extra raw-the best of vp
8:07 PM tanya stephens party tonight
8:03 PM tanya stephens draw fi mi finger tanya-collection of hits vp
8:00 PM marlon asher jah forgive me proverbs
7:56 PM khari kill levitate proverbs
7:53 PM al pancho anything you want proverbs
7:51 PM chezidek right time proverbs
7:49 PM lutan fyah slow to anger proverbs
7:47 PM chrisinti same hands proverbs
7:45 PM norris man/ras attitude we try proverbs
7:42 PM messenjah selah she ask me seh proverbs riddim
7:39 PM yellowman mad over me
7:35 PM dennis brown love has found its way
7:30 PM alborosie/dennis brown can't stand it
7:25 PM chappa john arms around you
7:21 PM mikey spice roller coaster
7:17 PM gyptian come from far
7:13 PM nereus joseph one love tonight
7:10 PM jah mason jah protect
7:05 PM macka b rasta more knowledge
7:01 PM vybez cartel slow motion
Dancehall/Reggae Show-September 12, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:53 -04008:59 PM flippa mafia style ova hype
8:56 PM busy signal da style deh (thriller)
8:54 PM busy signal da style deh (i'm bad)
8:53 PM busy signal another gal (i'm bad)
8:49 PM sean paul tender touch
8:47 PM laden she like it
8:46 PM chino pon your head
8:43 PM elephant man bedroom killer
8:41 PM charlie blacks nuh tell nuh lie
8:36 PM assassin world domination world domination
8:34 PM choppa ganja me smoking world domination
8:32 PM burro banton energy banton world domination
8:30 PM g mac rich again world domination
8:28 PM assailant new gal world domination
8:26 PM red fox show dem boyz world domination
8:24 PM beenie man fraid of nobody world domination
8:22 PM gentleman no time to play world domination
8:19 PM majah hype rest in peace world domination riddim
8:16 PM dj obsession w/vybez cartel/lyrical bubble n take
8:14 PM bugle bubble like soup
8:11 PM assassin hand ina di air
8:02 PM beres hammond/u roy ain't that loving you
7:57 PM general degree when i hold you tonight
7:53 PM sean paul/sasha i'm still in love with you
7:49 PM daddy screw/donovan steele goodas girls
7:45 PM culture/anthony b two sevens clash
7:41 PM turbulence it's not true star 9
7:38 PM guidance life is a journey star 9
7:36 PM iceman deliver us star 9
7:34 PM lutan fyah dem a fake star 9
7:30 PM kiprich changes star 9 riddim
7:25 PM tanya stephens these streets tanya-collection of hits vp
7:21 PM gyptian life
7:17 PM vybez cartel babylon city
7:13 PM pinchers glock 40
7:11 PM one blow/mina live it or leave it
7:08 PM macka b murderer more knowledge humal
7:01 PM inner circle w/ mutabaruka intro/dis life state of the world shanachie
Dancehall/Reggae Show-September 5, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:53 -04009:00 PM vybez cartel last man standing
8:56 PM shaggy w/gary nesta pine fly high
8:50 PM mavado house cleaning
8:46 PM baby cham beware
8:44 PM ce'cile burning up perfect 10
8:41 PM elephant man go easy perfect 10
8:40 PM tonmy matterhorn in the rain perfect 10 riddim
8:36 PM cutty corn life nuh easy mama
8:34 PM as frazer be strong mama
8:32 PM cobra one day mama riddim
8:29 PM vybez cartel life we living better life
8:27 PM black rhyno take control better life
8:26 PM g whizz on & on better life
8:22 PM konshens the realest song better life riddim
8:19 PM ding dong man a gallis
8:12 PM richie feelings where da wife
8:09 PM richie feelings low yuh name
8:06 PM richie feelings genki deska
8:00 PM richie feelings dancing class
7:47 PM angela latti empress & queen
7:43 PM macka b empress divine more knowledge humal
7:40 PM freddy mcgregor pretty looks
7:36 PM conrad solange car park
7:32 PM tanya stephens cherry brandy tanya-collection of hits vp
7:26 PM peetah morgan/bling dawg feelings
7:22 PM romain virgo who feels it knows it
7:19 PM mystique w/willie williams vanity
7:14 PM damian jr. gong marley holiday
7:11 PM boom steppa life is good
7:08 PM busy signal one more night
Dancehall/Reggae Show-August 29, 2009, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:53 -04008:55 PM bounty killer ungrateful hellbwoy
8:52 PM esco a nuh mi rmx
8:50 PM anthony b done wit war
8:48 PM dotta coppa life or death life or death
8:46 PM vybez cartel mi dem want fi dead life or death
8:44 PM popcaan roll out life or death
8:42 PM dosa medicine buss my gun life or death
8:41 PM jahvinci kill boy from 95 life or death
8:39 PM lisa hype click click boom life or death riddim
8:36 PM elephant man you a di wife school bell
8:34 PM bugle naah accept it school bell
8:31 PM serani when it's cold school bell
8:28 PM lefside & syon nuh other gyal school bell
8:26 PM lisa hype more pon more school bell
8:24 PM voicemail throwback butterfly school bell
8:22 PM vybez cartel/gaza kim twice my age school bell riddim
8:18 PM ce'cile tek care of yuh man
8:15 PM lady saw hice it up extra raw-the best of vp
8:12 PM tanya stephens intro/big ninja bike tanya-collection of hits vp
8:05 PM vybez cartel hustle in the streetz morning hustler
8:01 PM black rhyno born & raise morning hustler
7:58 PM perfect she love how mi dress morning hustler
7:56 PM viper without a gal morning hustler
7:53 PM don b gaza strip morning hustler
7:51 PM stryve keep out of trouble morning hustler
7:49 PM mr. lee heights up the culture morning hustler
7:47 PM mama son early this morning morning hustler
7:45 PM pz ease morning hustler
7:42 PM hero none at all morning hustler
7:40 PM teflon what they hate for morning hustler
7:38 PM faithfull too evil (deal with people) morning hustler
7:35 PM long spoon chizedek morning hustler
7:32 PM lutan fyah blessed morning hustler riddim
7:27 PM anthony cruz you'll think of me
7:24 PM rascal i promise
7:19 PM tarrus riley let peace reign (w/etana & duane stephenson) contagious vp
7:15 PM bushman fire burn a weak heart mostwanted greensleeves
7:11 PM jamesy p/queen ifrica we will survive
7:04 PM macka b black christ more knowledge humal
Dancehall/Reggae Show-August 22, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:53 -04009:01 PM vybez cartel sunrise (w/mavado) most wanted greensleeves
8:56 PM vybez cartel usain bolt tribute
8:51 PM zulu superman bolt
8:49 PM elephant man usain bolt nuh linga
8:47 PM elephant man people unstoppable
8:44 PM flippa mafia who me? unstoppable
8:42 PM beenie man/ikaya body good unstoppable
8:40 PM bugle find out unstoppable
8:39 PM kanambo dem nuh rate unstoppable
8:37 PM lefside dem gone unstoppable
8:36 PM mr. vegas keep your friendship unstoppable
8:33 PM pattex & suku for the money unstoppable
8:32 PM twins of twins leggo mi head unstoppable
8:30 PM spice inna mi closet unstoppable
8:28 PM lady saw wife unstoppable
8:25 PM ce'cile tek care of yuh man unstoppable
8:23 PM assassin gyal till me dead unstoppable
8:23 PM flippa mafia talk the truth unstoppable
8:18 PM elephant man informa unstoppable
8:18 PM vybez cartel bounty's killa
8:14 PM bounty killer mi enemies
8:13 PM major lazer w/turbulence anything goes gunz don't kill people-lazers do
8:06 PM wy-re uprising relationship
8:02 PM munehiro secret lover relationship
8:00 PM karl morrison when u smile relationship
7:58 PM charley blacks mind so free relationship
7:56 PM duane stephenson forever yours relationship
7:53 PM j status/shontelle pieces relationship
7:51 PM collie buddz now she's gone relationship
7:49 PM sanjay slipping away relationship
7:45 PM t.o.k. single moms (keep your head up) relationship riddim
7:42 PM maxi priest/ub40/maximus dan morning light
7:39 PM seeed psychedelic kingdom new dubby conquerors downbeat/wba
7:34 PM john brown's body sky juice amplify easy star
7:30 PM 10 ft. ganja plant bush rock bush rock roir
7:23 PM t.o.k. gimme little (if you want me) our world vp
7:20 PM natasja mr. x shooting star makasound
7:17 PM queen ifrica far away montego bay vp
7:12 PM tarrus riley soul mate contagious vp
7:09 PM glen washington one fine day destiny vp
7:02 PM bushman worries & problems most wanted greensleeves
Dancehall/Reggae Show-October 17, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:53 -04009:00 PM konshens straight forward biggest ragga dencehall anthems
8:55 PM drake feat. di genius/mavado/vybez cartel forever remix
8:52 PM demarco close casket
8:49 PM junior killer/scotchy born killers
8:48 PM zumjay ready fi defend it splinta
8:47 PM twins of twins dem a try bait me up splinta
8:45 PM t.o.t. which dudus splinta
8:44 PM flippa mafia/ricky frass really & truly splinta
8:42 PM d'angel my life splinta
8:41 PM assassin gal dem we say splinta
8:38 PM assassin/voicemail skip to my lou splinta riddim
8:35 PM wayne wonder no letting go diwali
8:33 PM sean paul get busy diwali
8:31 PM t.o.k. galang gal diwali
8:30 PM beenie man that's right diwali
8:29 PM assassin ruffest & tuffest diwali
8:28 PM bounty killer sufferer diwali
8:27 PM elephant man elephant message diwali
8:26 PM madd anju hard diwali
8:25 PM general degree inna diwali
8:23 PM hawkeye bubble & wine diwali
8:22 PM wayne marshall overcome diwali
8:21 PM junior reid man a nuh taliban diwali
8:20 PM bling dawg alright for you diwali
8:19 PM spragga benz gonna fight diwali
8:18 PM danny english/egg nog party time diwali riddim
8:14 PM nardo ranks brrrupp dancehall 101 vol. 6 vp
8:10 PM patra romantic call dancehall 101 vol. 5 vp
8:06 PM m'lonie you rock my world jackson lovers vp
7:58 PM sizzla stronger than before stronga
7:55 PM jah cure head on my shoulder stronga
7:52 PM crisopolis step up inna life stronga
7:48 PM i wayne the beast stronga riddim
7:44 PM duane stephenson august town from august town
7:39 PM etana august town
7:36 PM lucky dube house of exile serious reggae business
7:32 PM gramps morgan always & forever 2sides of my heart pt. 1
7:25 PM chuck fenda bad boy (w/sammy dread) fulfillment vp
7:21 PM mystic eyes perilous time jah shaka present the positive message greensleeves
7:15 PM black uhuru / u black sorry for that man / love you girl love crisis(black sounds of freedom)
7:11 PM black uhuru satan army band black sounds of freedom greensleeves
7:07 PM luciano be aware broda 09
7:01 PM lutan fyah genesis biggest reggae one drop anthems 2009 greensleeves
Dancehall/Reggae Show-December 26, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:54 -04009:02 PM wasp unfair officer stb41
8:56 PM mavado just to how you move strictly the best 41 vp
8:54 PM busy signal must come a light
8:52 PM assassin warning transformers
8:51 PM gappy ranks nothing from dem transformers
8:48 PM demarco transformers medley transformers riddim
8:45 PM shaggy / tessanne never let me go jolly rancher
8:42 PM christopher martin here for you always jolly rancher
8:40 PM ce'cile mek dem know jolly rancher
8:39 PM elephant man call out yu man name jolly rancher riddim
8:36 PM beenie man new gal money haffi
8:34 PM mabbino new money money haffi
8:34 PM future fambo gal you living the life money haffi
8:31 PM fantan mojah can't live without girls money haffi riddim
8:28 PM fyakin wanting you give thanks
8:27 PM hyah slice love me up give thanks
8:26 PM cush hunter ready fi buss give thanks
8:23 PM bugle look out give thanks
8:21 PM i octane thank you father give thanks
8:18 PM lutan fyah mighty mouth give thanks riddim
8:09 PM pam hall dear boopsie
8:08 PM sugar minott john boops
8:05 PM peter metro boopsy
8:03 PM king kong no call me no boops
8:02 PM king kong don't touch my boops boops
8:00 PM lovindeer my boopsie boops
7:58 PM michael prophet no call me john boops boops
7:56 PM junie ranks cry fi mi boops boops
7:56 PM super cat boops original boops riddim
7:52 PM assassin nowadays boopsie boops
7:50 PM konshens fashion attack boops
7:47 PM lutan fyah yu lookin hot boops
7:46 PM elephant man whine boops
7:44 PM busy signal dat me love boops
7:42 PM busy signal government gone luuuu boops
7:40 PM assassin history book boops
7:38 PM busy signal dem nuh care boops
7:36 PM romain virgo live my life boops
7:34 PM tarrus riley children a pree we boops riddim
7:27 PM chris ellis/stephen marley/jah cure end of time
7:24 PM gappy ranks ghetto gyal
7:21 PM ce'cile let her go
7:17 PM junior reid never let you go
7:11 PM buju banton relive my life
7:06 PM michael prophet upside down gunman greensleeves
7:01 PM black uhuru satan army band / firehouse special black sounds of freedom greensleeves
Dancehall/Reggae Show-October 31, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:54 -04008:58 PM bugle do whatever
8:54 PM vybez cartel mi dem want fi dead life or death
8:52 PM lisa hype click click boom life or death
8:51 PM dhosa medicine buss my gun life or death
8:50 PM jahvinci kill boy from 95 life or death
8:48 PM dotta coppa life or death life or death
8:46 PM popcaan roll out life or death riddim
8:43 PM busy signal whine up whine up
8:42 PM elephant man dancing ring
8:39 PM mr. vegas/maestro round of applause
8:39 PM sizzla hide tight p
8:35 PM delly ranx to the extreme tight p
8:34 PM new kidz party nice tight p
8:32 PM mitch can't fight tight p
8:31 PM beetle bailey fashion tight p
8:29 PM wickerman no way to go tight p
8:28 PM mr. lexx/tony curtis some money tight p
8:26 PM ghost through the fire tight p
8:24 PM buju banton text message tight p
8:23 PM big rounds no yap yap tight p
8:22 PM macka diamond can't dung tight p
8:20 PM general b/pamputae talk to mi tight p riddim
8:17 PM pamputae man luv u
8:14 PM twins of twins bizness need
8:10 PM vybez cartel trailer load a money
8:09 PM singer j i need money
8:04 PM perfect meditation
7:59 PM sizzla gone too far
7:56 PM mavado davids psalm
7:52 PM konshens young black & powerful
7:50 PM jamesy p/queen ifrica survive
7:48 PM t.o.k. single moms (keep your head up)
7:43 PM morgan heritage don't haffi dread the journey thus far vp
7:34 PM michael prophet here comes the bride (12" mix) gunman greensleeves
7:30 PM anthony malvo/tiger come back to me wrqt
7:28 PM general echo arleen winston riley quintessential techniques 17 north parade
7:21 PM j.c. lodge/shorty the president more than i can say/lover man style joe gibbs reggae discomix showcase 2 17 north parade
7:13 PM junior murvin/welton irie & prince weedy cool out son/nice up the party joe gibbs reggae discomix showcase 1 17 north parade
7:07 PM eek-a-mouse/lui lepkie virgin girl/lovers take over joe gibbs bionic disco 17 north parade
7:01 PM clint eastwood & general saint talk about run
Dancehall/Reggae Show-November 7, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:54 -04009:00 PM honorebel rent a dread
8:57 PM demarco/konshens paper chasing
8:52 PM mavado squeeze breast
8:51 PM mavado neva believe u
8:48 PM vybez cartel seductive & sexy 7-11
8:47 PM voicemail money she want 7-11
8:45 PM flexx see u blind 7-11
8:43 PM spragga benz beautiful girl 7-11
8:41 PM stacious sexy wine 7-11
8:40 PM cincinnati lonely girl 7-11
8:38 PM na-sha it's burning 7-11
8:35 PM assassin bun song seven eleven riddim
8:35 PM johnny p ugly dj mento
8:31 PM major mackerel bad ras mento
8:29 PM red dragon inna di bush mento
8:27 PM admiral bailey fire inna har hole mento
8:24 PM sizzla my kinda gal mento
8:23 PM cutty ranks hot girls mento riddim
8:22 PM elephant man couple up crazy mind
8:20 PM lazastepz every gyal grab a man crazy mind
8:19 PM vybez cartel dumpa truck crazy mind riddim
8:16 PM umi marcano do it badplace
8:13 PM live man under meh roots bad place
8:11 PM squeezy rankin back it up bad place
8:10 PM ms. alysha crazy love bad place
8:08 PM bunji garlin chill bad place riddim
8:04 PM philip 7 beautiful surprise
8:01 PM philip 7 looking for
7:57 PM morgan heritage down by the river the journey thus far vp
7:51 PM luciano jah never fail i yet boxing
7:49 PM chezidek 10 miles away boxing
7:48 PM yami bolo mek sure yu heart is clean boxing
7:46 PM junior reid slip yu fool boxing
7:44 PM philip myaz stop what you are doing boxing
7:43 PM jimmy riley in the springtime boxing
7:41 PM glen washington holding on to love boxing
7:38 PM george nooks eye on the sparrow boxing
7:38 PM barry brown them a fight boxing
7:36 PM danny mangaroo a thousand things boxing
7:34 PM kojak & liza bam bam boxing
7:33 PM johnny clarke don't feel like talking boxing riddim
7:24 PM cornell campbell/lee van cleef boxing around/look how she fat joe gibbs discomix showcase vol. 3 17 north parade
7:17 PM george nooks/welton irie riding for a fall/gi mi one a fi yuh girlfriend joe gibbs discomix showcase vol. 1 17 north parade
7:11 PM joe tex/u black/welton irie friday evening joe gibbs discomix showcase vol. 2 17 north parade
7:08 PM red dragon hol a fresh winston riley-quintessential techniques 17 north parade
7:00 PM michael prophet gunman (12 gunman greensleeves
Christmas With Uncle FunkMon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:54 -0400A special treat for the good little boys & girls. On Christmas day Uncle Funk came to town with his bag of funky Christmas tunes. Enjoy.
9:54 PM freddy mcgregor irie christmas
9:53 PM leadbelly christmas is coming
9:52 PM fleshtones christmas with bazooka joe
9:49 PM unknown frosty the snowman
9:47 PM the three weissman schlep the halls with loaves of challah
9:45 PM youngsters christmas in jail
9:37 PM sonora matancera nochebuena
9:35 PM el vez santa claus is sometimes brown
9:33 PM edd kookie burns yulesville
9:32 PM c3po star wars christmas
9:29 PM coctails first snowfall
9:27 PM herb alpert & the tijuana brass my favorite things
9:25 PM joseph spence santa claus is coming to town
9:24 PM flatulina jingle bells
9:21 PM fat daddy fat daddy
9:20 PM sloppy seconds hooray for santa claus
9:17 PM ddt captain morgan's christmas
9:14 PM tvtvs daddy's drinking up our christmas money
9:12 PM commander cody daddy's drinkin up our christmas
9:09 PM martels rockin' santa claus
9:07 PM clyde lasley & the cadillac baby specials santa came home drunk
9:06 PM huey piano smith & the clowns silent night
9:02 PM ron holden & the thunderbirds who said there ain't no santa claus
9:00 PM rudy ray moore santa joke
8:55 PM albert king christmas comes but once a year
8:51 PM andre williams christmas wish
8:49 PM harvey averne band let's get it together this christmas
8:46 PM joe tex i'll make everyday christmas (for my woman)
8:42 PM marvin gaye i want to come home for christmas
8:41 PM otis redding merry christmas baby
8:35 PM fishbone slick nick (you devil you)
8:31 PM j.d. mcdonald boogaloo santa claus
8:28 PM james brown soulful christmas
8:24 PM graham parker/nona hendryx soul christmas
8:20 PM soul saints orchestra santa's got a bag of soul
8:15 PM herbie hancock deck the halls
8:12 PM milly & silly gettin' down for christmas
8:09 PM funk machine soul santa
8:05 PM electric jungle funky funky christmas
8:02 PM rufus thomas i'll be your santa baby
8:00 PM clarence carter back door santa
7:56 PM albert king santa claus wants some loving
7:53 PM binky griptite stoned soul christmas
7:49 PM desmond dekker christmas day
7:46 PM john lee hooker blues for christmas
7:43 PM private charles bowen & the gentlemen from tigerland christmas in vietnam
7:40 PM soul searchers christmas in vietnam
7:37 PM johnny & jon christmas in vietnam
7:34 PM rev. cris mays christmas without my son
7:29 PM shurfine singers silent night & the 11 o'clock news
7:25 PM emotions what do the lonely do at christmas
7:21 PM soul duo just a sad christmas day
7:13 PM carlene davis/trinity santa claus (do you ever come to the ghetto)
7:10 PM james brown santa claus (go straight to the ghetto)
7:08 PM harlem children's choir black christmas
7:04 PM AKIM & the teddy van horn production company santa claus is a black man
7:01 PM mikey jarrett & mikey general santa claus is black
Dancehall/Reggae Show-December 12, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:54 -04008:59 PM beenie man/slanted eyes committed
8:54 PM baby cham celebrate
8:52 PM razz & bigy how we stay
8:50 PM assassin warning
8:48 PM vybez cartel mr. officer tripple bounce
8:46 PM vybez cartel bicycle tripple bounce
8:44 PM beenie man whatever mi like tripple bounce
8:43 PM elephant man represent tripple bounce
8:41 PM voicemail nuh behaviour tripple bounce
8:39 PM storm & lisa independent tripple bounce
8:37 PM laden running the place tripple bounce
8:36 PM esco waggonist tripple bounce
8:34 PM bramma anything goes tripple bounce
8:33 PM bugle anything goes tripple bounce
8:31 PM d'angel don't really care tripple bounce
8:28 PM mr. vegas gallis tripple bounce
8:26 PM tony matterhorn/cutty/qq roll out tripple bounce
8:24 PM lefside time to party tripple obunce
8:21 PM kari jess bounce & bounce triple bounce
8:20 PM chino & di genius clap it & drop it tripple bounce
8:18 PM aidonia bruk out tripple bounce
8:16 PM mavado hope & pray tripple bounce riddim vp
8:13 PM elly ess/supa shane money money
8:10 PM merital my money (ha ha)
8:08 PM vybez cartel dollar sign strictly the best 41 vp
8:05 PM busy signal money for christmas
8:00 PM tony curtis/mitch/ghost love songs shoulder move
7:58 PM buju banton not goin crazy shoulder move
7:54 PM buju banton hard times shoulder move riddim
7:47 PM chalice/puddy roots good to be there/jah a the magician joe gibbs discomix showcase vol. 2 17 north parade
7:44 PM junior x the pill
7:40 PM bunny wailer don't touch the president
7:36 PM unknown landlord christmas
7:33 PM macka b christmas cancelled
7:25 PM stevie face in the living years
7:21 PM gappy ranks real ghetto gyal
7:18 PM sean paul/keri hilson hold my hand
7:14 PM sanchez & tiger woods i wonder surrender
7:10 PM mikeyman year in review
7:05 PM red rose under my skin stb40
7:00 PM chuckeberry good life strictly the best 40 vp
Dancehall/Reggae Show-December 19, 2009 (Christmas Spectacular)Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:54 -04009:00 PM beenie man christmas gift
8:57 PM vybez cartel christmas carol
8:54 PM tony matterhorn christmas in ja.
8:53 PM kiprich too much dead
8:50 PM elephant man bad man christmas
8:49 PM mavado/flexx/savage gully christmas
8:45 PM vybez cartel/black rhyno gaza christmas
8:41 PM delly ranx this christmas
8:40 PM bounty killer jiggle
8:36 PM t.o.k./alozade/ms. thing/monster twins christmas time again
8:34 PM assassin christmas is here
8:30 PM ini kamoze all i want for christmas
8:25 PM busy signal money for christmas
8:24 PM busy signal tell santa dis
8:21 PM ruffi bantan christmas bounce
8:18 PM unknown landlord christmas
8:14 PM lady g money christmas
8:11 PM lady saw christmas with saw
8:07 PM singer j dancing christmas
8:04 PM shocking vibes crew christmas time
7:58 PM mutabaruka postpone christmas
7:54 PM macka b christmas cancelled
7:50 PM junior reid rappa pam pam
7:48 PM ginger collie tree
7:45 PM marlon asher/deijamental bring back the love
7:43 PM rizon miss you
7:40 PM rebel b christmas joy
7:38 PM mr. king scrooge
7:36 PM fireball all i really want
7:33 PM khari kill don't trust in santa
7:29 PM lyrical santa promise
7:25 PM barrington levy christmas day
7:20 PM home t4/trinity dub it for christmas
7:12 PM lui lepke christmas season
7:08 PM michael palmer happy merry christmas
7:05 PM sugar minott christmas time
7:01 PM count floyd reggae christmas in transylvania
Dancehall/Reggae Show-November 14, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:55 -04008:59 PM mr. vegas papeeto (spanish)
8:57 PM maurice/surprize/wayne wonder all of a sudden
8:52 PM sophia brown jerome
8:47 PM tony matterhorn when it rains
8:45 PM vybez cartel/shawn storm mi eye mi eye
8:43 PM vybez cartel addi teacher
8:42 PM vybez cartel say what i feel fi say remix
8:39 PM mavado mockingbird
8:38 PM mavado dem alone clearance
8:36 PM mr. vegas fe get rich ckearance
8:34 PM munga me want money clearance
8:32 PM flexx go getta clearance
8:30 PM einstein work me a look clearance
8:29 PM ding dong my own clearance
8:28 PM chase cross better dayz clearance
8:28 PM demarco secret fe dem clearance
8:25 PM chase cross better dayz clearance
8:23 PM bounty killer rodney intention clearance riddim
8:23 PM vybez cartel dem want fi dead life or death
8:20 PM popcaan roll out life or death
8:18 PM lisa hype click click boom life or death
8:17 PM jahvinci kill boy from 95 life or death
8:15 PM dhosa medicine buss my gun life or death
8:14 PM dotta coppa life or death life or death riddim
8:11 PM busy signal nah guh down
8:08 PM collie buddz now she's gone
8:04 PM bug sensi
7:59 PM a.j. brown real rock darker shade
7:58 PM izzezi gun not nice darker shade
7:57 PM josey wales fi wi island darker shade
7:56 PM ras myrdak feel the pain darker shade
7:54 PM natty king nine month darker shade
7:53 PM anthony malvo/insane need more love darker shade
7:51 PM luciano/queen ifrica love affair darker shade
7:50 PM ginja realest dealest darker shade
7:49 PM ghost soul provider darker shade
7:47 PM flourgon ras form the woodland darker shade
7:46 PM dreadson order of the day darker shade
7:45 PM cuty ranks pressure darker shade
7:43 PM stacious story straight darker shade
7:41 PM tanya stephens just one darker shade
7:39 PM terror fabulous keep it real darker shade
7:38 PM andrew coombs foold should never know darker shade
7:33 PM a.j. brown classical darker shade riddim
7:28 PM michael prophet upside down gunman greensleeves
7:23 PM beres hammond see you again
7:15 PM freddie mcgregor/shorty the president first sight loving/hugging & kissing joe gibbs 12' discomix showcase 3 17 north parade
7:13 PM johnny osbourne come back darling winston riley-quintessential techniques 17 north parade
7:10 PM bunny wailer ballroom floor cross culture
7:07 PM morgan heritage nothing to smile about the journey thus far vp
7:00 PM chuck fenda tough time feat. bushman fulfillment vp
Dancehall/Reggae Show-December 5, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:55 -04009:01 PM vybez cartel/black rhyno gaza christmas 2009
8:55 PM mavado/flexx/savage gully christmas 2009
8:47 PM beenie man gimme gimme strictly the best 41 vp
8:46 PM charlie blacks wining liad
8:40 PM vybez cartel too fast
8:38 PM busy signal pum pum pum
8:38 PM sticky/natalie storm look pon me
8:31 PM mavado feat. serani dying the symphony of david brooks
8:28 PM serani/bugle doh
8:28 PM serani playing games
8:28 PM serani interview
8:28 PM serani she loves me
8:12 PM mavado feat. fats/alicia keys new york's gully (champion squad remix)
8:08 PM michael jackson/serani want you back mixx kydd remix
8:03 PM duane stephenson that love holiday inn
8:01 PM earl sixteen love that is real holiday inn
7:59 PM l.u.s.t. touch me holiday inn
7:57 PM terry linen holiday inn holiday inn
7:55 PM mikey spice pull up holiday inn
7:52 PM george nooks pull it up selector holiday inn
7:49 PM news man the news holiday inn riddim
7:39 PM lutan fyah/i wayne give thanks
7:32 PM matisyahu close my eyes shake off the dust....arise
7:24 PM tony curtis/abby dall almond tree
7:20 PM collie buddz now she's gone
7:17 PM sanchez longing to come home
7:13 PM beres hammond/richie stephens/saba tooth cool it down
7:11 PM courtney john lucky man stb40
7:07 PM bitty mclean fall in love (rub a dub mix) strictly the best 40 vp
7:01 PM morgan heritage new time new sign the journey thus far vp
Dancehall/Reggae Show-October 24, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:55 -04008:58 PM nadine sutherland/buju banton wicked dickie dancehall 101 vol. 6 vp
8:56 PM aidonia/chris martin summer girl
8:51 PM mavado gyal bend ova
8:49 PM meryl carter/vybez carter your loving
8:46 PM laden inna life biggest ragga dancehall anthems 2009 greensleeves
8:43 PM vybez cartel nah let go england town
8:42 PM vybez cartel/sheeba gal a wha me do mek u do me dat england town
8:40 PM flippa mafia the gal dem england town
8:39 PM caan nuh ordinary gorl england town
8:36 PM cindy rella i'm gonna love you england town
8:35 PM lisa hype man short england town
8:33 PM gaza kim amen england town
8:32 PM likkle danja all i need england town
8:31 PM shawn storm what mi really like england town
8:29 PM merciless di letter england town
8:27 PM dhosa medicine finer type england town
8:25 PM lutan fyah nuh fraid england town
8:23 PM flippa mafia extra england town
8:21 PM black rhyno/jahvinci mi feel a way england town riddim
8:17 PM mavado so clear stinkin
8:15 PM mr. lexx weh yu run stinkin
8:13 PM delly ranx me vex stinkin
8:10 PM konshens my town stinkin riddim
8:06 PM bada flex jamaica roll call tropical flavor
8:03 PM delly ranx/lucky charm she's driving me crazy tropical flavor
8:01 PM treason/khago light it up tropical flavor
7:59 PM i octane hypocrite tropical flavor
7:57 PM geoffrey star heat tropical flavor
7:54 PM mr. easy more than a lover tropical flavor
7:52 PM stacious rude gal loving tropical flavor
7:49 PM chico gangster ride tropical flavor riddim
7:47 PM capleton liberation time-hiphop remix
7:43 PM capleton liberation time cognition
7:42 PM ce'cile friend cognition
7:38 PM gentleman moment of truth cognition
7:34 PM morgan heritage rampage cognition riddim
7:28 PM lukie d save me
7:24 PM etana all you have is your soul
7:20 PM chuck fenda herbalist farmer fulfillment vp
7:17 PM mr. williamz no cigarette
7:13 PM junior kelly nuthin wrong with the world biggest reggae one drop anthems 2009 greensleeves
7:06 PM black uhuru sorry for that man + dub black sounds of freedom
7:01 PM wailing souls kingdom rise kingdom fall
Dancehall/Reggae Show-February 13, 2010Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:56 -04008:59 PM honorebel/blackeyed pease i'm a be remix
8:55 PM tony matterhorn run out ya
8:52 PM tornado gyallis from start
8:50 PM unicorn/ikaya my name
8:48 PM mavado house top rooftop
8:46 PM charley black turn me on rooftop
8:45 PM flippa mafia naah lef him again rooftop
8:43 PM d'angel come over rooftoop
8:41 PM beenie man under curfew rooftop riddim
8:39 PM rdx high definition almshouse
8:38 PM ce'cile love him fi u almshouse
8:36 PM macka diamond rush mi nuh gyal almshouse
8:34 PM lady saw too licky kicky almshouse
8:32 PM ajrenalin meet veronica almshouse
8:31 PM focus ryte dem everyting badmind almshouse
8:31 PM assassin wha dem a run dung almshouse
8:28 PM terro 3000 gyal gimmi di wine deh almshouse riddim
8:25 PM busy signal bare gal jafrican
8:24 PM tony matterhorn make it rain jafrican
8:23 PM star sniper jacket jafrican
8:23 PM chip chip she nuh know jafrican
8:20 PM qq/small voice steady jafrican
8:19 PM rp tek it to them jafrican
8:18 PM chedda hill & gully jafrican
8:16 PM voicemail/cutty follow thru jafrican
8:15 PM que bruk out & gwan jafrican
8:13 PM pattex wheel & tun jafrican
8:12 PM charley black so me like it jafrican
8:10 PM ding dong/flippa mafia/cutty knock off jafrican
8:08 PM busy signal jafrican ting jafrican riddim
7:58 PM lil jon/pitbull/machel montano fire on the floor
7:55 PM machel montano bumper to fender
7:53 PM patrice roberts j'ouvert jam
7:50 PM enur/nataliestorm dip & fall back
7:47 PM machel montano not going home
7:44 PM charley black wet up wet up
7:40 PM umi marcano sunshine
7:38 PM mad dawg curry chicken
7:34 PM machel montano no behaviour
7:29 PM farmer nappy/kerwin dubois pavement
7:22 PM gyptian cool youths tranquilizer
7:20 PM camille davis hurt me no more tranquilizer
7:17 PM beres hammond love stories tranquilizer riddim
7:12 PM sanchez who am i without you now & forever vp
7:08 PM janet kay take a bow covers for reggae lovers vp
7:05 PM johnny osbourne ice cream love henry junjo lawes-volcano eruption 17 north parade
7:00 PM john holt ghetto queen songs for reggae lovers 3 greensleeves
Dancehall/Reggae Show-Best Of 2009-In OrderMon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:56 -04001. Ramping Shop-Vybez Cartel
2. Busy Signal-Da Style Deh
3. Dollar Sign-Vybez Cartel
4. Bend Over-R.D.X.
5. I Am Blessed-Mr. Vegas
6. Time To Shine-Laden
7. My Money-Merital
8. Supím Ago Happen-Vybez Cartel
9. How Me Look-Ricky Blaze/Fresh Prince/Jr. Vibes
10. Hope & Pray-Mavado
11. Hold My Hand-Sean Paul
12. Expensive-Chi Ching
13. Dope-Mr. Vegas
14. Never Change-Chino
15. Rodney Intention-Bounty Killer
16. See You Again-Beres Hammond
17. Canít Be My Lover-John Legend/Buju Banton
18. One More Night-Busy Signal
19. Life Sweet-Vybez Cartel
20. Dem Alone-Mavado
21. She Canít Wait-Demarco
22. Protected-Chino/Di Genius
23. Mocking Bird-Mavado
24. Teen Pregnancy-Vybez Cartel/Gaza Kim
25. Lioness On The Rise-Queen Ifrica
26. Praise & Worship-Busy Signal
27. House Cleaning-Mavado
28. Bad Man Donít Cry-Shaggy
29. Wash The Tears-Gramps Morgan
30. Blame It On The Weed-Wayne Marshall
31. Belly Dancer-Farmer Nappy
32. All About You-Wayne Wonder
33. Longing To Come Home-Sanchez
34. Inna Life-Laden
35. Survive-Jamesy P/Queen Ifrica
36. Jah Never Fail I-Luciano
37. Bubble Like Soup-Timberlee
38. Gallis-Mr. Vegas
39. Flying Dagger (100 Stab)-Aidonia
40. Man A Gallis-Ding Dong
41. Twice My Age-Vybez Cartel/Gaza Kim
42. Anywhere Gal Deh-Buju Banton
43. Bike Back-Black Rhyno
44. Fall In Love-Bitty McLean
45. Watch Yuh Friends-Jahvinci
46. Gangsta Gully-Gabrille/Mavado
47. No Goodbye-Beres Hammond
48. The OL Chair-Busy Signal
49. Realest Song-Konshens
50. Life-G Whizz
51. Two Way Street-Jah Cure
52. Love Is Wicked-Brick & Lace
53. Neva Believe You-Mavado
54. Slow Motion-Vybez Cartel
55. I Love You-Alaine/Busy Signal
56. Fima-Blackxican
57. Love You Girl-Buju Banton
58. Ice Cream Love-Delly Ranx/Johnny Osbourne
59. Lucky Man-Courtney John
60. Acres-Capleton
61. Me Want Money-Munga
62. Dumpling Shop-Lovindeer
63. Who Feels It Knows It-Romain Virgo
64. Speak Mi Mind-Lexxus
65. Let Us Be Friends-Wayne Wonder/DíAngel
66. Unfair Officer-Wasp
67. Blessings-Etana/Alborosie
68. Heaven In Her Eyes-Gappy Ranks
69. Stay With You-Tarrus Riley
70. Ball Out-Black Rhyno
71. Couple Up-T.O.K.
72. Mi Tyad-Lefside
73. Start Anew-Tarrus Riley
74. Cool N Deadly-Tosh
75. In The Rain-Tony Matterhorn
Dancehall/Reggae Show-February 6, 2010Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:56 -04008:55 PM twins of twins mixup zero tolerance
8:54 PM mr. g healthy body zero tolerance
8:53 PM tuff enuff nah left out di girl zero tolerance riddim
8:50 PM vybez cartel yuh love smoke machine
8:47 PM ms. thing/psycho tan bad bonify smoke machine riddim
8:45 PM tony curtis baddest sound steel frog
8:43 PM richie feelings crocus bag a tings steel frog
8:42 PM elephant man control him steel frog
8:40 PM new kidz watch man steel frog
8:38 PM wickerman gimme de gal dem steel frog
8:37 PM general b style dem steel frog
8:35 PM deh deh ocean steel frog
8:34 PM captain barkey nah lef joe steel frog
8:32 PM blacka don under my roof steel frog
8:30 PM famous face/gangster wasp rod of correction steel frog
8:29 PM macka diamond baby fadda a call steel frog
8:27 PM mr. lexx/kev lloyd look good lady steel frog
8:25 PM mr. vegas dance steel frog
8:23 PM capleton lip lip lip steel frog riddim
8:18 PM r.d.x. let us dance
8:15 PM flexx & stein look her
8:13 PM aidonia love it
8:10 PM shema/ms. kitty independent (ladies anthem)
8:04 PM pinchers bandolero come down
8:02 PM papa levi speed rappin come down
8:00 PM tippa irie tippa pon da mc come down
7:58 PM million stylez/joey fever young gunz come down
7:55 PM mr. williamz real general come down riddim
7:52 PM sizzla bounce
7:47 PM j.o.e. (jah.ova.evil) sometimes
7:44 PM i thunder tired fi hungry
7:40 PM wyclef/mavado hold on haiti (cross roads)
7:33 PM alborosie kingston town escape from babylon greensleeves
7:29 PM sanchez won't surrender now & forever vp
7:26 PM sanchez love we had stays on my mind covers for reggae lovers vp
7:22 PM dennis brown where is the love songs for reggae lovers 3 greensleeves
7:19 PM byron lee & the dragonaires nice time the man & his music 17 north parade
7:16 PM frankie paul worries in the dance junjo lawes-volcano eruption 17 north parade
7:12 PM bob marley/wailers duppy conqueror african herbsman
7:08 PM bob marley/wailers small axe roots rock remixed
7:02 PM bob marley waiting in vain-alternative version
Dancehall/Reggae Show-January 9, 2010Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:56 -0400Best of 2009 - In No Particular Order

9:58 PM brick & lace love is wicked
9:56 PM g whizz life
9:53 PM konshens the realest song
9:51 PM bitty mclean fall in love
9:48 PM beres hammond no goodbye
9:46 PM jah cure two way street
9:44 PM busy signal the OL chair
9:43 PM gabrille/mavado gangsta gully
9:40 PM black rhyno bike back
9:38 PM buju banton anywhere gal deh
9:38 PM vybez cartel/gaza kim twice my age
9:31 PM vybez cartel/spice ramping shop
9:28 PM busy signal da style deh
9:25 PM vybez cartel dollar sign
9:21 PM rdx bend over
9:18 PM mr. vegas i am bless
9:13 PM laden time to shine
9:11 PM merital my money (ha ha)
9:08 PM vybez cartel supm ago happen
9:05 PM ricky blaze w/fresh prince & junior vibes how me look
9:02 PM mavado hope & pray
8:56 PM sean paul hold my hand
8:53 PM chi ching expensive
8:50 PM mr. vegas dope
8:46 PM chino neva change (from mawning)
8:44 PM bounty killer rodney intention
8:38 PM beres hammond see you again
8:34 PM john legend/buju banton can't be my lover
8:30 PM busy signal one more night
8:27 PM vybez cartel life sweet
8:23 PM mavado dem alone
8:18 PM demarco/machel montano she can't wait/love come down
8:14 PM chino/stephen mcgregor protected
8:10 PM mavado mockingbird
8:07 PM vybez cartel/gaza kim teenage pregnancy
8:03 PM queen ifrica lioness on the rise
7:57 PM busy signal praise & worship
7:54 PM mavado house cleaning
7:50 PM shaggy bad man don't cry
7:45 PM gramps morgan wash the tears
7:42 PM wayne marshall blame it on the weed
7:37 PM farmer nappy belly dancer
7:33 PM wayne wonder all about you
7:30 PM sanchez longing to come home
7:29 PM laden inna life
7:27 PM jamesy p/queen ifrica survive
7:19 PM aidonia flying dagger (100 stab)
7:15 PM luciano jah never fail i
7:12 PM timberlee bubble like soup
7:09 PM mr. vegas gallis
7:05 PM ding dong man a gallis
Dancehall/Reggae Show-January 2, 2010Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:56 -04008:58 PM elephant man nah guh make it (sleeping with a broken heart)
8:51 PM general b gullaza
8:51 PM esco wha nuh kill yuh (still alive)
8:48 PM munga baddest team
8:47 PM suhverto expensive style transformers riddim
8:43 PM general degree fatty boom boom
8:40 PM future fambo 430 430
8:38 PM wayne marshall only love 430
8:37 PM chino oily 430
8:35 PM cheeda because a likes 430
8:33 PM supahype cash check (money haffi mek) 430
8:32 PM sleepy give it 430
8:31 PM iyara you 430
8:30 PM esco proper 430
8:28 PM t.o.k. when u rise 430
8:27 PM timeka marshall girlz gone wild 430
8:25 PM pamputae bruk out 430
8:24 PM alaine nobody 430
8:23 PM anthony b hotter 430
8:20 PM laden sell out 430 riddim supahype
8:19 PM elephant man haffi survive 12 furlong
8:17 PM versatile caan bad wi up 12 furlong
8:15 PM flexx oh why 12 furlong riddim
8:11 PM busy signal pon me
8:08 PM major lazer feat. vybez cartel pon de floor guns don't kill people lazers do
8:04 PM charlie black wet up wet up
8:00 PM enur/natalie storm dip & fall back
7:56 PM iyaz replay (mike d reggae remix)
7:51 PM young money feat. lloyd bedrock (mike d reggae mix)
7:49 PM vybez cartel marie bomb drop
7:47 PM ras penco hey baby bomb drop
7:45 PM nicky b we'll be rockin bomb drop
7:43 PM mia j reason i'm breathin bomb drop
7:41 PM i octane this is real (pressure) bomb drop
7:39 PM gyptian better day bomb drop
7:38 PM gyptian love to give bomb drop riddim russian
7:31 PM sanchez longing to come home
7:28 PM christopher ellis/stephen marley/jah cure end of time
7:24 PM protoje dread
7:18 PM spragga benz/stephen marley/sizzla/jah cure/queen ifrica more life-salaam remix
7:14 PM jah 9 keep holding on
7:11 PM mikeyman year in review 2009
7:00 PM danny mangaroo/lui lepkie dancehall stylee/step mother joe gibbs reggae discomix showcase vol. 3 17 north parade
Dancehall/Reggae Show-January 30, 2010Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:56 -04008:59 PM ricky blaze just you & i
8:55 PM kiprich phone a informer transformers riddim
8:51 PM fayann/macka diamond still spend
8:46 PM mr. vegas feat. sonu nigaam man a gallis-punjabi remix
8:43 PM beenie man swagga (mi flow)
8:42 PM q.q. hopscotch hopscotch
8:38 PM que w/r.p. don't waste time hopscotch riddim
8:37 PM strent protect me jah enterprise
8:35 PM eklkypse never believe enterprise
8:33 PM zhand prosperity enterprise
8:31 PM tornado ok emterprise
8:28 PM ding dong my money enterprise riddim
8:26 PM t.o.k. we try clock
8:24 PM g whizz make money clock
8:22 PM konshens food clock
8:21 PM trapykal bad mind clock
8:19 PM lutan fire one life clock
8:17 PM damage wi c dem clock
8:14 PM trapykal powerful clock riddim
8:12 PM elephant man no one like god
8:09 PM andrew & wada blood irie
8:05 PM vybrant cease fire
8:02 PM damian marley/nas as we enter
7:57 PM t.o.k. say a prayer feelings
7:55 PM jah cure 2010 feelings
7:53 PM pressure be careful feelings
7:51 PM pressure coming back feelings
7:49 PM gentleman lonely days feelings
7:47 PM wayne marshall i need to know feelings
7:45 PM tifa i wish feelings
7:43 PM denyque that place feelings
7:40 PM kris kelli/don corleon movin on feelings
7:38 PM ce'cile home tonight feelings riddim
7:32 PM capleton haitians
7:27 PM chino w/dean frasier find it hard
7:21 PM shagy/sean paul/sean kingston/etana/tesanne/allison hinds/destra rise again
7:17 PM silver cat/hero haiti cry
7:13 PM wasp cry fi haiti
7:10 PM chomsky all stars know your rights shatter the hotel
7:04 PM dubmatix w/don letts & dan donovan london calling shatter the hotel-a tribute to joe strummer
Dancehall/Reggae Show October 18, 2008 PlaylistMon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:57 -04008:58 PM dj felli fel/t pain/sean paul/pitbull/flo rida feel it
8:52 PM ricky blaze/fresh prince how mi look
8:51 PM fire links hold mi acre
8:49 PM busy signal/assassin line fi line
8:45 PM vybez cartel life sweet
8:42 PM esco floss it
8:40 PM mavado on the go ruff thing
8:39 PM lil wayne/t pain got money ruff thing
8:36 PM busy signal step to we ruff thing
8:34 PM alozade jamaican ruff thing
8:33 PM faze dagga fi di gal ruff thing
8:31 PM monster empire low wi ruff thing
8:29 PM mr. pepper money ruff thing
8:29 PM vybez cartel any man whe a snack ruff thing
8:25 PM munga pretty girls & Gangsters ruff thing
8:24 PM busy signal/demarco noh fraid a no bwoy ruff thing
8:22 PM bun b/sean kingston gangsta ruff thing
8:19 PM bounty killer/aidonia sen fi di guns ruff thing riddim
8:18 PM wasp/don corleon deh deh wid godfather
8:14 PM sustain without a cause godfather
8:12 PM munga fi free godfather
8:10 PM vybez cartel dem a no gangster godfather
8:08 PM elephant man real godfather godfather riddim
8:03 PM de la ghetto/mavado come out & see
7:56 PM jamelody mission complete k.salaam&beatnick-whose world is it vp
7:53 PM jacob miller i'm a natty 7:51 PM barry brown stand firm channel one story ch. 2 vp
7:47 PM sizzla goodness
7:43 PM richie spice the world is a cycle
7:40 PM gyptian black sun rising evening breeze
7:38 PM powerman life over death evening breeze
7:37 PM droop dawg stand firm evening breeze
7:35 PM sandy smith you're cheating evening breeze
7:33 PM duane stephenson dance with me evening breeze
7:31 PM ginjah picture evening breeze
7:29 PM anthony que heart breaker evening breeze
7:26 PM konshenz take me with you evening breeze riddim
7:20 PM estelle/sean paul come over
7:16 PM jazmine sullivan/tundra need you bad rmx
7:13 PM empress nekia low wi name
7:10 PM jimmy london make the night a little longer reggae lasting love songs 6 vp
7:08 PM tarrus riley young hearts
7:05 PM frankie paul kisses in the moonlight
7:01 PM john holt if i were a carpenter
Dancehall/Reggae Show Playlist September 27, 2008Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:57 -04008:58 PM elephant man come fast remix
8:54 PM chukki starr party with me remix
8:51 PM charley black wet up wet up
8:47 PM mr. evil tings dem
8:45 PM mavado don't mess around
8:42 PM vybez cartel million by morning
8:41 PM deva bratt no quiz mi
8:37 PM sizzla we nuh join dem
8:35 PM mavado real killa day rave
8:33 PM black rhyno thug anthem day rave
8:31 PM mr. easy screw pan face day rave
8:29 PM voicemail tell dem fi gweh day rave
8:28 PM matterhorn neva stop day rave
8:26 PM vybez cartel/javinhi weh dem a go day rave
8:24 PM busy signal mek she stamma day rave
8:22 PM bramma whatever day rave
8:20 PM laden neva dash weh day rave
8:19 PM chino wine & touch ur toe day rave
8:17 PM aidonia gal say wooii day rave
8:14 PM elephant man/ding dong dip again day rave riddim
8:12 PM vybez cartel tek it likkle amazon
8:10 PM macka diamond let's party amazon
8:07 PM stacious get it started amazon
8:05 PM benzly hype revive me amazon riddim
7:57 PM busy signal w/alborosie murderer loaded vp
7:55 PM young buck & sizzla babylon(you must be mad) k-salaam & beatnik-whose world is this vp
7:51 PM tyrone taylor hurt me reggae lasting love songs v. 6 vp
7:47 PM dhaima ina jah children joe gibbs scorchers from the mighty two vp
7:43 PM johnny osbourne so sound like we
7:37 PM barrington levy too poor
7:34 PM little john all over me channel one story ch. 2 vp
7:16 PM various 17 n. parade mix
7:12 PM blakk rasta barack obama
7:07 PM coco tea yes we can
7:02 PM coco tea barack obama
Dancehall/Reggae Show-January 16, 2010Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:57 -04009:02 PM erup can't stray mi
8:56 PM busy signal pon me
8:53 PM busy signal little piece
8:52 PM busy signal bed
8:47 PM shazelle/beenie man i need love
8:43 PM timberlee fashionista
8:40 PM tony matterhorn so beautiful
8:38 PM gaza kim/sheba call call call bus park
8:36 PM popcaan tongue ring bus park
8:36 PM vybez cartel never bus park riddim
8:33 PM vybez cartel 2010 2010
8:31 PM popcaan new year 2010
8:27 PM black rhyno informa 2010 riddim
8:24 PM gappy ranks stinkin rich
8:16 PM mr. g/stacious system
8:13 PM ward 21 suspicious
8:09 PM stephen 'di genius' mcgregor cyaa friend again
8:05 PM tifa nuh friend dem
7:59 PM home grown/konshens green green weed
7:56 PM elephant man so high
7:52 PM beres hammond warriors don't cry
7:49 PM bryan art/queen ifrica murder dem a play
7:45 PM tarrus riley children a pree we boops
7:43 PM konshens fashion attack boops
7:41 PM timeka marshall sweet vibes boops
7:39 PM chino phone gallis boops riddim
7:35 PM alborosie blue movie boo
7:32 PM gappy ranks butterfilies
7:27 PM courtney john win some
7:24 PM jah 9 keep holding on
7:19 PM buju banton optimistic soul
7:15 PM coco tea buju
7:11 PM anthony b free the general
7:00 PM ruddy thomas/trinity every day is a holiday/natty dread on the go joe gibbs 12' discomix showcase vol. 3 17 north parade
Dancehall/Reggae Show October 4, 2008 PlaylistMon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:57 -04008:59 PM fanny pack seven one eight
8:52 PM don corleon/sean paul sweat
8:50 PM vybez cartel/jahvinci fling some...
8:47 PM rdx wining so
8:45 PM lefside i love you benny hill
8:43 PM sample 6 kotch benny hill
8:42 PM shane o u lele benny hill
8:40 PM timberlee heels benny hill
8:38 PM lady saw jealous benny hill
8:36 PM elephant man no tikkle benny hill
8:35 PM lefside cowboy benny hill riddim
8:32 PM screechy dan she neva know body a shake
8:30 PM d'ville worka man body a shake
8:28 PM red fox wiggle it body a shake
8:25 PM shaggy body a shake body a shake riddim
8:23 PM sean paul moaning infrared
8:21 PM voicemail you don't infrared
8:19 PM t.o.k. braveheart infrared
8:17 PM munga gangstas nuh falla infrared
8:16 PM elephant man infrared infrared
8:14 PM mavado japanese infrared
8:11 PM khalil money mi seh infrared
8:09 PM beenie man boiling day (run out) infrared riddim
8:06 PM nicky b/fefe typical baybgirl
8:00 PM sizzla sail on whose world is this(k salaam & beatnick) vp
7:57 PM d'ville will you be mine
7:53 PM pressure special someone
7:49 PM robbie cat on a journey promise
7:47 PM peter ranks badness out of style promise
7:44 PM be i don't want you promise
7:41 PM lady saw where he is promise
7:39 PM ce'cile nobody promise riddim
7:34 PM queen ifrica/junior kelly too late
7:31 PM jah cure/mikey pelpa ganja ting
7:25 PM tiger boombastic who she love
7:22 PM coco tea/home t/shabba ranks who she love who she love
7:19 PM brian & tony gold bullseye who she love riddim
7:16 PM little john all over me channel one story ch. 2 vp
7:13 PM dennis brown ghetto girl joe gibbs scorchers from the mighty two vp
7:08 PM shabba ranks/coco tea/rebel princess just be good to me
7:02 PM shabba ranks.j.c. lodge telephone love deh pon mi mind
Dancehall/Reggae Show-March 13, 2010Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:57 -04009:00 PM lady saw me hold yuh-dirty version
8:59 PM vybez cartel better can wuk
8:53 PM laden haffi ask shub out
8:51 PM cee ge bare things shub out
8:49 PM versatile/d'angel me yuh need shub out
8:47 PM beenie man lift up & shift shub out riddim
8:43 PM munga mi like it gala
8:41 PM tifa never love like this gala
8:39 PM sean paul fire brigade gala
8:39 PM vybez cartel ohy gal deh gala riddim
8:33 PM busy signal cool baby (poirier remix)
8:32 PM lefside/syon gallist from birth
8:24 PM stein gal wine
8:24 PM lady saw let me hold you
8:12 PM rihanna/agent sasco rude boy remix
8:08 PM junior kelly nuthin wrong with the world
8:02 PM konshens/bounty killer the realest remix
7:56 PM lutan fyah i'll be there stonehenge
7:53 PM jah cure never say never stonehenge
7:51 PM hezron angel stonehenge
7:50 PM fyakin do you stonehenge
7:46 PM bryan art the best of my love stonehenge
7:44 PM courtney john magical stonehenge
7:41 PM gyptian magical healing stonehenge
7:39 PM d major smooth sailing stonehenge
7:38 PM anthony b/george nooks money worries stonehenge riddim
7:30 PM ken bob tracks of my tears
7:21 PM i octane it feels good
7:17 PM courtney john good life
7:14 PM serani/diddy/notorious BIG dirty money
7:07 PM ken bob got to give it up
7:01 PM lee francis i don't want to miss a thing covers for reggae lovers vp
Dancehall/Reggae Show October 11, 2008 PlaylistMon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:58 -04009:00 PM 9:00 PM kardinal offishal/solitair as we continue k.salaam/beatnick-whose world is it vp
8:54 PM capleton gimme gimme
8:52 PM elephant man sweep
8:48 PM voicemail sweep
8:47 PM jahvinci hype pon me
8:43 PM jiggy spuggy calm dem down
8:42 PM konshenz wine & climb
8:41 PM demarco excellent hole
8:37 PM mavado i'm so special unfinished business
8:35 PM monster empire seh dem a badman unfinished business
8:33 PM beenie man him a go dead
8:31 PM bugle what dem doing unfinished business
8:28 PM new kidz dem fail unfinished business
8:27 PM buju banton waterworks unfinished business
8:24 PM flippa mafia no man like me unfinished business
8:22 PM assassin jah nah mek mi suffer unfinished business
8:20 PM erup set the place unfinished business
8:18 PM lady saw grudge me unfinished business
8:16 PM spice best kitty unfinished business
8:12 PM serani play it straight unfinished business riddim
8:09 PM busy signal cool baby loaded vp
8:06 PM capleton never let us down k. salaam/beatnick-whose world is this
8:03 PM instrumental jah have a way jah have a way
8:00 PM isiah mentor still standing jah have a way
7:57 PM muziah give thanks for life jah have a way
7:55 PM john mouse the second round jah have a way
7:54 PM mr. perfect ready for i jah have a way
7:51 PM king david too much killing jah have a way
7:49 PM norris man people of hope jah have a way
7:47 PM jesse jenda rizq jah have a way
7:44 PM luciano disturbing the peace jah have a way
7:42 PM singing sweet jah have a way jah have a way riddim
7:39 PM mashonda/lady saw all or nothing
7:36 PM batch/pressure/ras attitude i need you bad rmx
7:31 PM tinga stewart red red wine reggae lasting love songs 6 vp
7:28 PM dean fraser champagne sax missing you
7:24 PM admiral bailey chatty chatty mouth missing you
7:22 PM hugo barrington lodi lodi missing you
7:19 PM leroy gibbons missing you missing you riddim
7:17 PM dub specialist can't find dub dub specialist dub heartbeat/studio one
7:14 PM prince alla funeral joe gibbs scorchers from the mighty two vp
7:09 PM wailing souls/ranking trevor war channel one story ch.2 vp
7:02 PM mighty diamonds 400 years
Dancehall/Reggae Show Playlist September 20, 2008Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:58 -04008:58 PM opal i said it
8:55 PM vybez cartel/50 cent/munga the dream
8:51 PM charly black going to the party
8:50 PM wasp beat it
8:46 PM aidonia position
8:44 PM aidonia mek mi find out
8:42 PM atep/elephant man put dem up
8:39 PM bounty killer huff and puff
8:37 PM monster empire mr. tek it back
8:35 PM sean paul don't tease me work out
8:33 PM singing sweet what is love work out
8:32 PM wayne marshall so di gangsta ride work out
8:30 PM chino dem gyal yah work out
8:28 PM laden do yuh ting work out
8:27 PM assassin money work out
8:25 PM elephant man we ketch dem work out
8:24 PM aidonia in har belly work out
8:22 PM voicemail give her work out
8:20 PM shema all about me work out
8:18 PM dr. evil she waah work out
8:16 PM esco top up work out
8:13 PM fambo pon di pole work out
8:12 PM vybez cartel work out work out
8:11 PM Bramma whoa work out
8:09 PM black rhyno bend over work out
8:06 PM mavado inna di car back work out riddim
8:03 PM voicemail sweep remix
8:02 PM mavado money changer remix
8:00 PM mavado so special remix
7:57 PM laden shoota after effection
7:52 PM konshens rasta imposta after effection riddim
7:50 PM delly ranx fire a blaze friday
7:47 PM soljah pon di corner friday
7:44 PM chrisinti i know friday
7:41 PM iwan stop reggae music friday
7:38 PM edi fitzroy jail house friday
7:35 PM d'ville love you more friday
7:31 PM rdx friday friday riddim
7:25 PM d'ville will you be mine
7:24 PM mr. vegas/jovi rockwell you're gonna need me
7:18 PM shinehead promises
7:16 PM marcia griffiths/busy signal automatic
7:14 PM cornell campbell no mans land joe gibbs scorchers from the mighty two vp
7:08 PM sammy dread m16 channel one story ch.2 vp
7:05 PM dub speciaist mr. joe dub specialist dub heartbeat/studio one
7:01 PM don angelo bicycle move
Rockers Jamboree-January 31, 1987Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:59 -0400An old show:
Jammin In The Hills-Tyrone Taylor
Pretty Little Girl-Maxi Priest
Time & Season-Mallory Williams
I'm Not The Worst-Burning Spear
Come Out A The Session-Devon Russell
Don't Call Me Cracky-Lone Ranger
Fat A Carry The Shot-Ruff & Reddy
Run Outa Boops-Lone Ranger
No Wanga Gut-Tiger
Ragamuffin Selector-Chicken Chest
Identify Me-King Kong
What The Police Can Do-Andrew Paul
Police Ina Jamaica-Peter Metro
Rambo-Frankie Paul
Ruff Neck-Conrad Crystal
Push Wood-Malibu
It In Deh-Frankie Jones
Bigger Boss-Brother Dee/Shirley McLean
Alesha-Frankie Paul
You Should Be Mine-Jimmy Riley
Your Heart-Barrington Levy
Dancehall/Reggae Show November 8, 2008 PlaylistMon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:59 -04008:57 PM mr. vegas round of applause
8:55 PM machel montano push bumpers
8:50 PM voicemail gangalee
8:48 PM voicemail gangalee (dj soma remix)
8:47 PM vybez cartel / raine seville dangerous
8:43 PM deva bratt judas
8:40 PM aidonia nuh empty
8:38 PM t.o.k. best ever gutter ball
8:34 PM malica mr. dj gutter ball
8:32 PM voicemail mi nuh see nuh gutter ball
8:31 PM unknown push it up gutter ball
8:28 PM mr. evil shi bawl gutter ball
8:27 PM versatile we a party gutter ball
8:25 PM kiprich yuh body work gutter ball
8:23 PM future fambo gully crawler gutter ball
8:21 PM rdx so high gutter ball
8:19 PM delishus so fine gutter ball
8:17 PM demarco excellent hole gutter ball
8:16 PM unicorn/sample 6 crank har gutter ball
8:14 PM beenie man/voicemail move your waist gutter ball riddim
8:11 PM nicky b/fefe typical baby girl
8:08 PM t.o.k. super model
8:05 PM t.o.k./beenie man miss world
7:58 PM tony rebel/andy vernon dennis sea true life
7:57 PM mark wonder i an i true life
7:55 PM dennis ledthoure i stop true life
7:53 PM nature sing good music true life
7:52 PM teacha dee blaming game true life
7:51 PM tammi t you are mine true life
7:51 PM martin x mi locks true life
7:48 PM mr. ice berg live a life of love true life
7:47 PM lutan fyah king emanuel true life
7:45 PM sawada band zion true life
7:44 PM jah mason when my life was lonely true life
7:42 PM sizzla rise up true life
7:41 PM better tomorrow morning dew true life
7:39 PM natural black africa true life
7:37 PM i octane unfortunate true life
7:35 PM richie stephens you saved me true life
7:33 PM anthony b mamma's love true life
7:31 PM luciano love means true life riddim
7:26 PM kris kelli kotch around
7:23 PM chino ruff it up
7:19 PM dougs here we go
7:16 PM bishop chant a song
7:12 PM pressure/beres hammond never understand
7:08 PM tarrus riley human nature
7:00 PM mighty sparrow barack the magnificent
Dancehall/Reggae Show October 25, 2008 PlaylistMon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:59 -04008:58 PM mavado/teflon the sign
8:56 PM malica mr. dj
8:53 PM mr. evil coconuts
8:51 PM rdx daggering
8:48 PM beenie man yuh know how fi wine
8:47 PM aidonia mek mi find out
8:45 PM pressure ganja make the world go rond world go round
8:41 PM danjres & gideon dem nah sit pon no throne world go round
8:39 PM rocker t all di ghetto youths world go round
8:38 PM meru matu truth & order world go round
8:36 PM ras matthew grudge & bad mind world go round
8:35 PM troy anthony seek for love world go round
8:33 PM turbulence on & on world go round
8:32 PM niyorah no pain no gain world go round
8:30 PM jah mason my queen world go round
8:28 PM delly ranx wish good world go round
8:25 PM chizedek the way you live world go round
8:23 PM kali blaxx free up your mind world go round
8:20 PM sizzla goodness world go round riddim
8:17 PM mavado we need barack
8:12 PM blakk rasta barack obama crunk
8:08 PM baby cham hope
8:03 PM grampa morgan always & forever luv a dub
8:00 PM lucky dube ii want to know what love is serious reggae business
7:55 PM terro 3000 in my life
7:52 PM collie buddz come around college xclusives
7:47 PM morgan heritage get on board
7:43 PM lutan fyah worker congregation
7:39 PM pressure/niyorah african chant
7:36 PM i wayne/deva bratt dart to dem
7:30 PM kiprich what u want to be
7:26 PM estelle come over
7:22 PM d'ville missing you
7:18 PM jimmy riley walk away renee 45 love promotion
7:13 PM jerry jones still water 45 studio one
7:10 PM alton ellis lord deliver us i'm still in love with you heartbeat/studio one
7:06 PM lucky dube slave retrospective
7:00 PM lucky dube rasta never die retrospective ryko
Dancehall/Reggae Show November 1, 2008 PlaylistMon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:59 -0400ce'cile do it to me
sasha matie
busy signal slip out
konshens show u wat
elephant man that u fi run
elephant man holy ghost
mavado we need barack
tyrical the obama song
michigan obama
coco tea barack obama
coco tea interview
coco tea informer
coco tea rocking dolly
coco tea i lost my sonia
jazmine sullivan/honorebel i need you bad remix 2
marlon asher that's why
jah nyne in the name of jah
ziggi gonna leave you
fantan mojah stronger
tami chin what do i do now
george nooks rest your love on me
beres hammond i feel good
anthony cruz them block the road
glen washington rockers a nuh crackers
john brown's body amplify
gyptian too bad mind
lucky dube trinity
Dancehall/Reggae Show-December 27, 2008Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:59 -04008:58 PM lil kim/wyclef/mavado caribbean connection
8:53 PM buju fabulous yu goody good
8:50 PM annya li stalker
8:48 PM tosh & timberlee heels
8:45 PM delishus mi love my tings
8:43 PM pamputta ride it bend over
8:40 PM r.d.x. bend over bend over
8:37 PM mr. g wine pon it bend over riddim
8:34 PM black rhyno / shawn storm diggi dagga diggi
8:30 PM lisa hype/vybes cartel gangsta nation
8:27 PM hi light the story part 1
8:25 PM busy signal nah help you
8:22 PM bounty killer silent
8:21 PM vybez cartel never turn a raper
8:18 PM bugle nuh rate yu
8:13 PM isasha heavy burden
8:10 PM mavado so bless
8:02 PM mavado overcome stb39
7:58 PM nikki burt/tony rebel/queen ifrica blackman redemption
7:54 PM estelle/sean paul come over
7:50 PM jasmine sullivan need u bad remix
7:47 PM caramel LSL
7:44 PM yt heat seeking camera police in helicopter
7:41 PM mr. williamz babylon in helicopter police in helicopter riddim
7:38 PM richie spice street life
7:35 PM alpheus ultimate dirty dozen
7:32 PM glen washington in the distance dirty dozen riddim
7:23 PM culture/shorty the president see them a come/natty pass him gce joe gibbs scorchers from the mighty two
7:21 PM earth & stone in time to come channel one story ch. 2
7:18 PM fantan mojah so many problems stronger
7:14 PM bushman/grampa morgan/beres hammond/tony rebel/queen ifrica/louie culture/marcia griffiths/buju banton african penthouse showcase vol. 2
7:09 PM tarrus riley love created i (marcus teaching) strictly the best 39
7:06 PM sizzla crucial time biggest reggae one drop anthems 2008
7:00 PM carl malcolm fattie bum bum randy's 50th anniversary
Dancehall/Reggae Show-December 13, 2008Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:59 -04008:59 PM beenie man christmas gift
8:55 PM demarco dem a fool
8:52 PM munga man a rider
8:48 PM mr. evil tings dem
8:47 PM vybez cartel yu mus dead
8:43 PM bugle nuh rate yuh
8:39 PM laden working hard
8:37 PM munga send fi di ting dem brawling
8:35 PM pamputae hungry belly brawling
8:34 PM powerman any man brawling
8:32 PM d'angel fadah brawling
8:31 PM voicemail female inspector brawling
8:29 PM mr. g good brawling
8:27 PM frisco kid come fah brawling
8:26 PM buju banton preements brawling
8:24 PM zebra show dem brawling riddim
8:22 PM zebra ras miniskirt
8:20 PM spragga benz position miniskirt
8:18 PM unknown push up yu hand miniskirt
8:15 PM tony matterhorn wine pon di double miniskirt
8:13 PM vybez cartel duggu duggu miniskirt
8:11 PM charley blacks don't delay miniskirt
8:08 PM trevor off key/selena serrano dj miniskirt
8:05 PM cutty badmind miniskirt riddim
8:03 PM mr. vegas round of applause
8:00 PM fire torch true herbalist high
7:56 PM a kewa pon a high high
7:52 PM wild life hypocrites
7:48 PM jahvinci/edi fitzroy a million
7:44 PM elephant man dance baddaz
7:42 PM busy signal hustle baddaz
7:39 PM assassin molester baddaz
7:37 PM kiprich who say baddaz
7:34 PM voicemail nah stray baddaz riddim
7:31 PM lefside/tosh/voicemail/chino/hsane o/einstein my love
7:26 PM kris kelli kotch around
7:23 PM etana more than friends
7:19 PM ce'cile ride or die stb39
7:16 PM mikey spice taste & see walk a mile vp
7:11 PM morgan heritage/busy signal run dem whey biggest reggae one drop anthems 2008 greensleeves
7:07 PM tony rebel another bill again strictly the best 39 vp
7:00 PM winston groovy night shift
Dancehall/Reggae Show-December 6, 2008Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:59 -04008:54 PM deva bratt rise & squeeze
8:52 PM deva bratt staggerin daggerin
8:51 PM deva bratt gussie clarke
8:49 PM deva bratt judas
8:46 PM vybez cartel bail 4 me bail 4 me
8:44 PM shawn storm be wise bail 4 me
8:40 PM lisa hype hustle foreverv bail 4 me
8:40 PM jahvinci watch yu frenz bail 4 me
8:37 PM black rhyno real stingers bail 4 me riddim
8:35 PM buju banton regular ting clutch
8:32 PM capleton give mi di ting clutch
8:31 PM junior cat/weekend murj star time clutch
8:29 PM shaka pow/heather cummings nice time clutch
8:28 PM new kidz trash & bruk clutch
8:26 PM monster hemp higher do things clutch
8:25 PM delly ranx don't trust dem clutch
8:23 PM briggadistas law nor order clutch
8:22 PM mr. chumps when it strike clutch
8:21 PM blacka dan a di moment clutch
8:19 PM hollow point don't panic clutch
8:18 PM harry toddler/mr. easy player haters clutch
8:17 PM t.o.k. all night raving clutch
8:15 PM spragga benz inna da club clutch
8:14 PM anarchie bees clutch riddim
8:10 PM ricky blaze/fresh prince how mi look
8:08 PM ding dong clean & out
8:05 PM timberlee bubbling like soup
8:02 PM vybez cartel/spice ramping shop
7:55 PM richie spice jah never let us down automatic
7:52 PM torch treat her like a lady automatic
7:49 PM romain virgo love doctor automatic
7:46 PM morgan heritage bye bye automatic
7:44 PM marcia griffiths/busy signal keeping it real automatic riddim penthouse
7:39 PM glen washington in the distance family
7:36 PM alpheus ultimate family riddim
7:33 PM beres hammond bring it on a moment in time vp
7:28 PM mikey spice happy hour walk a mile vp
7:25 PM collie buddz gimmie love biggest reggae one drop anthems 2008 greensleeves
7:18 PM lloyd parks into the night
7:15 PM frighty & colonel mite life
7:14 PM sanchez/bounty killer searching
7:09 PM wayne wonder i still say yes
7:06 PM pad anthony title
7:01 PM devon russell out a session
Dancehall/Reggae Show-December 20, 2008Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:00:59 -04008:54 PM mr. vegas/alozade gangsta festivity
8:50 PM lady saw christmas with saw
8:48 PM vybez cartel christmas king
8:46 PM busy signal tell santa dis
8:41 PM t.o.k/alozade/ms./ thing/monster twins christmas time again
8:40 PM beenie man pum pum xmas
8:38 PM bounty killer what yuh think
8:36 PM kiprich too much dead
8:32 PM elephant man sorrow to the world
8:27 PM ricky general christmas metal
8:24 PM singer j dancing christmas
8:14 PM Various christmas medley
8:11 PM alley cat christmas & nutten
8:08 PM terry ganzie santa claus
8:06 PM cutty ranking christmas time
8:03 PM john mouse mampy christmas
7:58 PM chris wayne/skullman hark the herald
7:52 PM yellowman/red rose christmas time
7:49 PM hopeton james santa mister
7:46 PM universal expression please me
7:38 PM barrington levy/trinity flash your dreads
7:34 PM johnny osbourne groovy kind of christmas
7:30 PM kiddus i love child
7:27 PM wayne wonder/baby cham warm jamaican christmas
7:22 PM michigan & smilie drummer boy
7:18 PM junior reid rappa pam pam
7:14 PM charlie fresh happy christmas rudeboy
7:10 PM ini kamoze all i want for christmas
7:07 PM collin roach/anthony malvo reggae christmas
7:03 PM mikey jarrett/mikey general santa claus is black
Dancehall/Reggae Show-February 28, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:01:00 -04008:52 PM crazy chris mek mi horny
8:51 PM elephant man sasa step
8:47 PM charley blacks ketchup hot spankin
8:44 PM t.o.k. weekend celebration hot spankin riddim
8:41 PM lil joe hey yo swagger dagger
8:39 PM shane o look like alligator swagger dagger
8:36 PM chico new way swagger dagger
8:35 PM t.o.k. upinayah (call her) swagger dagger
8:33 PM macka diamond come swagger dagger
8:31 PM elephant man tip up swagger dagger
8:28 PM aidonia i like her swagger dagger riddim
8:20 PM einstein is this love
8:17 PM mr. lexx grip me
8:14 PM mavado neva believe you
8:09 PM vybez cartel my music
8:04 PM vybez cartel life sweet
8:00 PM junior reid some say
7:57 PM sugar roy/conrad crystal rock steady alton rocks
7:52 PM serina still in love alton rocks
7:50 PM peter sp[ence all i have alton rocks
7:48 PM betina g faith alton rocks
7:46 PM norris man government alton rocks
7:43 PM fantan mojah rasta chalice alton rocks
7:40 PM sugar roy/conrad crystal/linval thompson youthman get ready alton rocks riddim
7:37 PM sugar minott lovers race niney-roots with quality
7:35 PM junior byles weeping niney-roots with quality
7:30 PM burning spear you were wrong jah is real
7:25 PM spanner banner rolling stone
7:21 PM queen ifrica lioness on the rise
7:17 PM tanya stephens mek dem talk
Dancehall/Reggae Show-February 14, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:01:00 -04009:00 PM gabrille/mavado gangsta gully
8:53 PM busy signal the ol chair
8:50 PM jahmalo gal tell yu fren bout me black dagga
8:46 PM grim reepa/strapdon gal u good black dagga
8:44 PM wescalado gal u good black dagga
8:42 PM lb/mysta melodee roud da clock black dagga
8:40 PM tyrical girls mek ma wrld go round
8:38 PM vybez cartel u av di ukkubit no doubt black dagga
8:36 PM cha ching expensive good year
8:34 PM rhollin x/stratdon xmas carol good year
8:32 PM fresh we nah ramp good year
8:30 PM esco drama mix good year
8:28 PM stacious your man a follow me good year
8:26 PM shane o lock away good year riddim
8:24 PM r.d.x. bend over
8:22 PM pamputae ride it
8:19 PM opal it clean
8:16 PM t.o.k. hard enough
8:13 PM esco overload
8:10 PM crazy chris mek mi horny
8:08 PM collie buddz/machel montano fly away
8:01 PM dennis brown love has found a way joe gibbs scorchers from the mighty two
7:57 PM tamlins sweat for you baby channel one story ch. 2
7:53 PM linval thompson look how me sexy
7:49 PM linval thompson a would a love you
7:47 PM mikey spice alli alli ho
7:42 PM mikey spice showers of blessings
7:39 PM mikey spice walk the streets walk a mile
7:33 PM d'angel/wayne wonder let us be friends
7:30 PM d'ville myspace
7:27 PM kris kelli find another love
7:25 PM t.o.k. wanna love you
7:22 PM courtney john missing you
7:19 PM singing melody lady
7:16 PM vivian jones i'll be waiting why baby
7:13 PM marcia griffiths piece by piece why baby riddim
7:08 PM marcia griffiths everywhere
7:02 PM macka b would you like it more knowledge
Dancehall/Reggae Show-November 22, 2008Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:01:00 -0400mr. vegas pull up
elephant man plan fi march
bugle hypocrite friend
konshens don't leave it
black rhyno shot a buss
demarco no fear
mavado gangsta nuh play
aidonia badman a step
elephant man wine for me baby
mr. vegas deh pon de scene
laden anytime
bramma daggeration
voicemail put it up
wayne marshall dance
wayne wonder stay close
serani we grow
shermaine burning
ishawna ladies nighty
chino style it
anthony b smoke weed everyday
lieutenant stitchie natty dread
admira bailey things me did done
shabba ranks live blanket
buju banton sinsemilla persecution remix
jahvinci/edi fitzroy a million
spragga benz sleep with angels
tarrus riley stop watching
positive never let go
hyah slice dem gone
charley black gone too soon
mighty diamonds africa
sylford walker burn babylon
john brown's body sky juice
gyptian sensi
jah cure forever
beres hammond bring it on
mikey spice walk a mile
bugle supremacy
determine come to pass
luciano trodding
Dancehall/Reggae Show-March 7, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:01:00 -04008:57 PM busy signal up in her belly
8:53 PM machel montano defense anthem
8:53 PM tok hard enough
8:47 PM opal it clean
8:45 PM busy signal the ol chair
8:40 PM farmer nappy belly dancer
8:40 PM mr. vegas dope
8:35 PM timberlee bubble like soup
8:32 PM vybez cartel/spice ramping shop
8:29 PM konshens get you tonight
8:29 PM buju banton anywhere gal deh
8:25 PM vybez cartel mi money pon mi mind
8:20 PM approach prison break
8:17 PM kris garrison funeral suit
8:16 PM aidonia big matic nah laugh
8:13 PM lexxus speak mi mind
8:11 PM burro banton cross the board hard grind
8:09 PM maja hype cyaan do you nutten hard grind
8:08 PM gwalla man a gangsta hard grind
8:07 PM burro banton/collie buddz/choppa bust out hard grind
8:06 PM vybez cartel pon di corner hard grind riddim
8:03 PM elephant man genie dance energy god-best of elephant man
7:54 PM tony rebel good times nylon
7:53 PM chuck fenda getting serious nylon
7:50 PM kris kelli/bay c you promised nylon
7:49 PM sizzla chillin in chile nylon
7:47 PM assassin only god knows nylon
7:46 PM demarco if i could nylon
7:44 PM queen ifrica dem nah learn nylon
7:42 PM peter heritage in love with ya nylon
7:41 PM etana loose talking nylon
7:39 PM konshens looking for me nylon
7:39 PM tarrus riley start a new nylon
7:34 PM busy signal trading places nylon
7:32 PM richie spice serious girl nylon riddim
7:30 PM tarrus riley stay with you
7:30 PM singing melody back for good
7:19 PM frankie paul i know the score songs for reggae lovers 2
7:15 PM gyptian one against the world
7:13 PM anthony b on the spot herb shop rise up
7:08 PM d'angel/wayne wonder let's be friends
7:07 PM ce'cile /beenie man so fly
Dancehall/Reggae Show November 15, 2008 PlaylistMon, 09 Aug 2010 22:01:00 -04008:59 PM kardinal offishal number one tide is high
8:54 PM bramma piece a di bomb
8:52 PM jukie blacks boom pon di cocky
8:50 PM spreddy glory in her gully
8:48 PM killer camp dagga dweet
8:45 PM einstein trod the gal road
8:42 PM lexxus nuh good
8:39 PM patrice roberts looking hot
8:37 PM crazy chris tippy toes
8:32 PM lady saw nastiness madd dogg
8:29 PM stacious f+++y man madd dogg
8:29 PM timberlee wifey roll madd dogg
8:25 PM vybez cartel art a war madd dogg
8:23 PM delly ranx/mitch take it off madd dogg
8:21 PM monster shack destroy you madd dogg
8:18 PM elephant man dawg a bark madd dogg
8:16 PM lexxus independent madd dogg
8:15 PM mr. vegas born celebrity madd dogg riddim
8:11 PM mr. vegas nike air the hits
8:07 PM king jazzy plain clothes
7:56 PM bobby melody jah bring i joy in the morning joe gibbs scorchers form the mighty two
7:52 PM winston mcanuff mixed up moods nostradamus
7:49 PM ken boothe/tsp show me that love tu shung peng sampler
7:45 PM andre 747 encore et encore il et cinq heures 02..kingston s'eveille
7:41 PM lucky dube crazy world retrospective
7:33 PM dennis brown here i come (w/i roy) the best of the niney years
7:28 PM mikey spice sorry baby walk a mile
7:23 PM beres hammond i surrender a moment in time
7:20 PM beres hammond i feel good a moment in time
7:17 PM anthony cruz dem block the road
7:14 PM romain virgo mi caan sleep broda08
7:10 PM morgan heritage nothing to smile about broda08
7:02 PM duane stephenson august town biggest reggae one drop anthems 2008
Dancehall/Reggae Show-February 21, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:01:00 -04009:00 PM lil jon/mr. vegas so dope
8:57 PM vybez cartel mi money pon mi mind
8:53 PM chi ching expensive
8:51 PM mims/red rat warning
8:48 PM collie buddz come around (prophet rise remix)
8:44 PM lady saw bad man going cry bad man dont cry
8:41 PM assassin/josey wales know how fi love dem up bad man dont cry
8:38 PM shaggy bad man don't cry bad man dont cry riddim
8:33 PM farmer nappy go brave
8:30 PM kevin lyttle fyah
8:27 PM trini jacobs/beenie man superstar
8:24 PM mr. vegas soca no linga
8:20 PM farmer nappy belly dancer
8:18 PM tarah love de carnival
8:15 PM tarah push back
8:14 PM machel montano/busy signal push bumpers
8:12 PM machel montano/collie buddz fly away
8:09 PM destra hott
8:04 PM jasmine sullivan/ce'cile bust your windows
7:59 PM ce'cile kill him with it
7:56 PM ce'cile/shaggy waiting remix worth it
7:53 PM ce'cile bun rapist
7:51 PM ce'cile mi nuh matter
7:49 PM ce'cile no disturb sign
7:48 PM ce'cile mi nuh matter
7:46 PM ce'cile lovin it
7:45 PM ce'cile rude boy thug life
7:44 PM ce'cile talking remix
7:41 PM ce'cile worth it worth it
7:36 PM ce'cile changez 7" single
7:30 PM live interview with Ce'cile from Jamaica
7:27 PM ce'cile respect yuh wife diwali
7:18 PM barry biggs wide awake in a dream sfrl2
7:15 PM wayne wonder tell it to her sfrl2
7:11 PM michael prophet here comes the bride sfrl2
7:09 PM cultural roots tell it to her songs for reggae lovers 2
7:01 PM michael rose guess who's coming to dinner/clap the barber niney the observer-roots with quality
Dancehall/Reggae Show-January 3, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:01:01 -04008:57 PM ding dong man a gallis
8:53 PM black rhyno stay away
8:50 PM shenko/senile gun go raw
8:47 PM vybez cartel courtcase
8:44 PM ricky blaze set like rain
8:44 PM persia/shawn storm war
8:40 PM junior reid/bugle living legend
8:38 PM christopher martin doner revolution
8:36 PM vybez cartel money over war revolution
8:33 PM sanjay what are they fighting fore revolution
8:31 PM munga mourning in the morning revolution
8:28 PM assassin war zone revolution riddim
8:23 PM super cat ghetto red hot
8:21 PM super cat nuff man a dead
8:19 PM super cat vineyard party
8:17 PM super cat/nicodemus i & i perogative
8:15 PM super cat dan dadda
8:12 PM super cat boops
8:09 PM super cat sid down pon it
8:06 PM super cat sweet for my sweet
8:04 PM super cat under pressure
7:56 PM beniton the menace recession
7:53 PM bajie that's life
7:50 PM terro 3000 in my life
7:45 PM bescenta calm down your nerves
7:42 PM vybez cartel pon di corner hard grind
7:39 PM gwalla man a gangsta hard grind
7:36 PM majah hype cyaan do u nutten hard grind
7:35 PM burro banton cross the board hard grind
7:33 PM collie buddz/burro banton/choppa chop bust out hard grind riddim
7:29 PM collie buddz come around
7:23 PM sizzla black man in the white house
7:20 PM demarco sort them out strictly the best 39 vp
7:16 PM anthony b/horace andy enter the kingdom of zion biggest reggae one drop anthems 2008 greensleeves
7:13 PM fantan mojah jah time stronger vp
7:09 PM anthony cruz leaders of the world
7:05 PM marcia griffiths land of love
7:00 PM bushman you can't blame the youth penthouse showcase vol. 2 vp
Dancehall/Reggae Show-January 10, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:01:01 -04009:58 PM estelle/sean paul come over
9:57 PM aidonia mek mi find out
9:57 PM mr. evil/sean paul back it up
9:55 PM fire links in di club
9:53 PM vybez cartel life sweet
9:51 PM vybez cartel million by morning
9:50 PM opal i said it
9:49 PM vybez cartel/spice ramping shop
9:49 PM tic toc busy signal
9:42 PM 1-coco tea barack obama
9:40 PM 02-morgan heritage nothing to smile about
9:35 PM 3-jazmine sullivan/tundra need u bad
9:31 PM 4-tarrus riley/jimmy riley pull up selector
9:26 PM 5-richie spice the plane land
9:22 PM 6-mavado overcome
9:18 PM 7-demarco fallen soldiers
9:15 PM 8-beres hammond i feel good
9:13 PM 9-elephant man nuh linga
9:10 PM 10-mavado i'm so special
9:00 PM 11-collie buddz come around
8:56 PM 12-elephant man sweep
8:53 PM 13-anthony cruz dem block the road
8:49 PM 14-damian marley the mission
8:45 PM 15-tarrus riley ease off
8:38 PM 16-queen ifrica me nah rub
8:35 PM 17-serani playing games
8:32 PM 18-mavado money changer
8:29 PM 19-erup click mi finga
8:26 PM 20-beenie man yu know how fi wine
8:21 PM 21-richie spice the world is a cycle
8:17 PM 22-duane stephenson august town
8:12 PM 23-jamelody love crazy
8:09 PM 24-assassin guide & protect
8:04 PM 25-mavado/jay z on the rock
8:00 PM 26-mr. vegas muss come a road
7:56 PM 27-richie spice a no me dat
7:51 PM 28-wayne wonder w/trina for my love
7:46 PM 29-tarrus riley love created i
7:42 PM 30-ce'cile/beenie man so fly
7:37 PM 31-konshens winner
7:33 PM 32-mavado on the go (faster than a bullet)
7:29 PM 33-serani she loves me
7:25 PM 34-etana warrior love
7:22 PM 35-alborosie i am
7:17 PM 36-machel montano defense anthem
7:13 PM 37-jah cure/junior reid hot long time
7:08 PM 38-beres hammond i surrender
7:04 PM 39-demarco sort dem out
7:02 PM 40-stephen marley chase dem
Dancehall/Reggae Show-January 24, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:01:02 -04008:58 PM screechy don brooklyn we go hard rmx
8:53 PM elephant man mandance
8:51 PM tony matterhorn future wine
8:48 PM serani wine my girl
8:46 PM konshens get you 2 night
8:43 PM d east anyweh we dagga
8:40 PM busy signal up in her belly
8:37 PM anthony b position dashboard
8:33 PM bugle fluffy dashboard
8:31 PM christopher martin want di ting dashboard
8:29 PM erup mek noise dashboard riddim
8:25 PM vybez cartel rise di k silent river
8:23 PM bounty killer corrupt silent river
8:19 PM busy signal whine silent river riddim
8:17 PM black rhyno murda mi
8:14 PM mr. vegas dope
8:11 PM farmer nappy go brave
8:08 PM beenie man gimmie likkle stb39
8:00 PM zico & greta dub like rain cuss fix
7:56 PM determine i had a dream(come to pass remix) cuss fix
7:54 PM kyah omega mix up cuss fix
7:53 PM potenkle i injustice cuss fix
7:52 PM ras iba dredda cuss fix
7:49 PM ras q rastafari way cuss fix
7:48 PM zico/greta frost like rain cuss fix
7:47 PM greta frost know better cuss fix
7:43 PM shalli shalli sings cuss fix
7:41 PM universal speakers cool now cuss fix
7:37 PM smoke & aqua dead weight cuss fix
7:36 PM day in jah love song cuss fix
7:32 PM admiral tibbet if me never run cuss fix riddim
7:27 PM anthony b on the spot herb shop
7:23 PM ky-enie lambsbread
7:21 PM terry linen no time to linger
7:16 PM serious woman richie spice
7:13 PM ce'cile/shaggy waiting remix
7:10 PM l.u.s.t. just as i am strictly the best 39 vp
7:08 PM beres hammond just don't know how to say goodbye penthouse showcase vol. 2
7:00 PM mikey spice sorry baby walk a mile vp
Dancehall/Reggae Show-January 31, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:01:02 -04009:00PM sanjay & dazzla bill gates money
8:56 PM busy signal up in her belly
8:50 PM rdx bend over wibble wabble
8:48 PM pamputae ride it wibble wabble riddim
8:43 PM buju banton anywhere gal deh
8:41 PM beenie man look so hot ole geezer
8:38 PM wayne wonder it's life ole geezer
8:35 PM motion title ole geezer
8:33 PM ward 21 respect ole geezer
8:31 PM wasp beat it ole geezer
8:29 PM mr. peppa i'm a hero ole geezer
8:26 PM mr. chicken help me father ole geezer
8:24 PM eskae dem a foe ole geezer
8:24 PM bibi gardener /ataru/pepe goodison mine ole geezer
8:20 PM tifa/natalie storm talk of the town ple geezer
8:18 PM timbertlee backdoor delivery ole geezer
8:15 PM vybez cartel hop off ole geezer riddim
8:12 PM elephant man go easy perfect 10
8:11 PM tony matterhorn when it rains perfect 10
8:08 PM ce'cile burning up perfect 10 riddim
8:06 PM ding dong no man room national pride
8:03 PM kiprich & black-er nuh ugly so national pride
8:03 PM charly blacks wine & turn national pride riddim
7:56 PM d.y.c.r. money
7:52 PM kallie blacks why dem a fight we
7:48 PM serani & dolemite disease heart
7:45 PM tanya stephens heart of stone
7:42 PM althea hewitt if i were a boy
7:38 PM karl morrison everywhere
7:31 PM gyptian love against the wall
7:27 PM tarrus riley stay with you
7:23 PM bob marley is this love (dubmatix remix)
7:17 PM freddie mcgregor lovers rock JA style mr. mcgregor 17 north parade
7:12 PM mad professor the anti-racist dub broadcast
7:06 PM macka b invasion
Dancehall/Reggae Show-January 17, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:01:02 -0400Celebrating the inauguration of Barack Obama with a musical Obamathon.

8:57 PM lil jon/pitbull/machel montano da floor
8:50 PM prince pin alliance no run
8:48 PM vybez cartel last man standing (don't run)
8:45 PM konshens this means money
8:42 PM erup mek noise
8:40 PM black rhyno ball out
8:36 PM kevin lyttle dangerous
8:32 PM ce'cile worth it
8:30 PM demarco can't believe it in jamaica
8:28 PM busy signal smoke some high grade
8:21 PM nikki burt/tony rebel/queen ifrica blackman redemption
8:17 PM determine come to pass
8:14 PM beniton the menace recession
8:11 PM sizzla black man in the white house
8:06 PM barrington levy/busta rhymes/kardinal offishal no war
8:03 PM michael rose this is history
7:59 PM steel pulse vote barack
7:56 PM tyrical the obama song
7:54 PM beenie man obama
7:51 PM papa michigan obama
7:48 PM mavado we need barack
7:43 PM coco tea yes we can
7:36 PM mighty sparrow barack the magnificent
7:34 PM blakk rasta barack obama
7:25 PM shaggy bad man don't cry
7:22 PM vybez cartel missing you a lot guardian angel
7:19 PM alaine rise in love guardian angel
7:16 PM jah cure to your arms of love guardian angel
7:13 PM t.o.k. guardian angel guardian angel
7:10 PM jamelody my king guardian angel riddim
7:01 PM delroy wilson place in africa / version
Dancehall/Reggae Show-February 7, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:01:02 -04008:56 PM macka b invasion
8:52 PM macka b jesus christ was black
8:49 PM macka b sex machine
8:46 PM macka b mi noh business
8:43 PM macka b tongue and nuh gun
8:40 PM sanchez/macka b god a come
8:37 PM tony rebel/macka b dj unity
8:35 PM macka b big mack
8:06 PM macka b serve you right
8:02 PM macka b false preacher
7:55 PM tanya stephens mek dem talk
7:52 PM queen ifrica in my dreams
7:48 PM lutan fyah nah mix
7:44 PM jahmali who goes there
7:40 PM eljai i know
7:34 PM bob marley iron lion zion
7:28 PM george nooks tribal war joe gibbs scorchers from the mighty two
7:25 PM freddie mcgregor rastaman camp mr. mcgregor
7:22 PM john holt hooligan channel one story ch. 2
7:17 PM nikki burt/tony rebel/queen ifrica blackman redemption
7:13 PM bob marley want more
7:08 PM bob marley is this love (dubmatix remix)
7:02 PM macka b everybody love bob marley
Dancehall/Reggae Show-April 26, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:01:02 -04008:53 PM bugle no yes man
8:51 PM vybez cartel dem nuh like we
8:47 PM vybez cartel virginity
8:45 PM never stop dem a punny paranoid
8:43 PM demarco fat punny gal dem paranoid
8:40 PM mister g/star child bakc shot paranoid
8:40 PM tony matterhorn all about you paranoid
8:38 PM mister g di cost paranoid
8:35 PM tony matterhorn hype paranoid riddim
8:32 PM konshens straight forward indiscretions
8:30 PM assassin stay like bees indiscretions
8:28 PM jah cure searching indiscretions
8:26 PM busy signal beep indiscretions
8:24 PM capleton acres indiscretions
8:22 PM lutan fyah nuh talk indiscretions
8:20 PM richie spice soothing sound indiscretions
8:18 PM peetah morgan secrets indiscretions
8:17 PM busy signal missing you indiscretions
8:15 PM cherine 20 to life indiscretions
8:13 PM voicemail love indiscretions
8:12 PM timeka hush indiscretions riddim
8:08 PM d'angel dreams
8:01 PM junior reid/c.l. smooth foreign mind remix chemistry
8:00 PM natural black use up your senses chemistry
7:57 PM tarrus riley/bugle nothing change chemistry
7:53 PM queen ifrica ethics of a good man chemistry riddim
7:49 PM turbulence/sabrina come closer
7:46 PM terry linen couldn't be the girl
7:39 PM screechy dan lonesome blues
7:35 PM nadine sutherland/buju banton wicked dickie
7:31 PM scare dem crew girls every day
7:28 PM tony curtis faith
7:22 PM earl cunningham let me have your name & number
7:19 PM satta george have you seen her
7:15 PM ken boothe a man is a man songs for reggae lovers 2 greensleeves
7:12 PM kiprich baby mama drama
7:08 PM sizzla jah love ghetto youth-ology greensleeves
7:00 PM freddie mcgregor brandy mr. mcgregor 17 north parade
Dancehall/Reggae Show-May 23, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:01:02 -04008:58 PM sean paul so fine
8:55 PM vybez cartel wine to the ground
8:53 PM vybez cartel when yu wine it
8:49 PM voicemail/busy signal dance the night away
8:46 PM rhymez unlimited ladies everywhere
8:43 PM t.o.k. all night raving
8:41 PM lady saw dem a fi later
8:38 PM esco yo amore
8:33 PM vybez cartel anything goes pleasure time
8:32 PM sniper gal u murda pleasure time
8:29 PM beenie man wine pleasure time
8:25 PM mavado dem alone clearance
8:23 PM mr. vegas we will never clearance
8:21 PM chase cross better dayz clearance
8:19 PM flexx go getter clearance
8:17 PM stein work me a look clearance
8:14 PM munga need money clearance riddim
8:10 PM elephant man bless we more
8:07 PM cham recession
8:02 PM busy signal pocket nuh fi empty
7:56 PM anthony b jah light
7:54 PM singer j bad mind a major
7:51 PM lutan fuyah good over evil a major
7:48 PM mr. perfect jah love a major riddim
7:45 PM charley black in love with you river walk
7:43 PM warrior king yesterday is gone river walk riddim
7:37 PM george nooks consider yourself lucky cold world
7:35 PM marcia griffiths cold world cold world 7:28 PM mr. perfect strong black woman
7:25 PM gyptian pretty darling
7:22 PM alaine/buju banton luv a dub
7:17 PM akon/kardinal offishal beautiful remix
7:13 PM lovindeer/mamma mia dumpling shop
7:10 PM vybez cartel/spice ramping shop
7:00 PM dubblestandart feat. david lynch chrome optimism oxygen part 4 return from the planet dub rooftop
Dancehall/Reggae Show-May 30, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:01:02 -04009:02 PM beenie man/busta rhymes jiggle
8:57 PM mr. vegas/fatta diamond sassa step
8:54 PM wayne marshall party movie star
8:51 PM vybez cartel like a movie movie star
8:49 PM mavado let me go movie star
8:47 PM stein easy movie star
8:46 PM serani give me movie star
8:45 PM raine seville curious movie star
8:44 PM ishawna i want you movie star
8:43 PM demarco how yu hot so movie star
8:42 PM esco dirty weave movie star
8:41 PM fire links street team life movie star
8:39 PM lefside/mr. evil what a way movie star
8:37 PM jahvinci/shawn storm gaza wine movie star
8:36 PM mavado dem a talk movie star
8:34 PM delly ranx/j.r. enemies movie star
8:32 PM bugle dem a fight movie star
8:30 PM flex gyallis 4 eva movie star
8:28 PM elephant man walk out movie star
8:26 PM black rhyno can i movie star riddim
8:26 PM busy signal da style deh
8:19 PM bruck up/shaggy sunglasses at night
8:17 PM bobby valentine/mavado hands on me
8:14 PM addi de teacher & de genius careful
8:10 PM edley shine come off a me name
8:05 PM g.c,. last dance dragon stout
8:04 PM d'ville never gonna cry dragon stout
8:02 PM demarco she's my baby dragon stout
7:59 PM mr. vegas working overtime dragon stout
7:56 PM stacious naw beg no bly dragon stout
7:54 PM mister g/demarco woman problem dragon stout riddim
7:50 PM super glen she no ready yet
7:47 PM tiger no come skin up
7:43 PM lady saw no long talking
7:41 PM goofy fudgie
7:37 PM papa san w/stan rick the program
7:33 PM spragga benz gimme the bible
7:28 PM michael rose give i strength
7:25 PM gappy ranks faith
7:22 PM lukie d time a run out
7:18 PM john legend/buju banton can't be my lover
7:13 PM richie stephens/maxi priest still waters
7:08 PM gramps morgan wash the tears
7:01 PM bunny wailer blackheart man (extended version)
Dancehall/Reggae Show-May 2, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:01:02 -04009:00 PM chino protected
8:55 PM queen paula war wid
8:52 PM assailant nak it
8:49 PM bugle what have i done to you
8:45 PM charley blacks rich this year
8:44 PM unicorn ghetto wukk ghetto wukk
8:40 PM wayne marshall hard ears ghetto wukk
8:39 PM tony matterhorn whine for me ghetto wukk
8:37 PM busy signal da sup'n deh ghetto wukk
8:36 PM esco if they don't like we ghetto wukk
8:34 PM shawn storm why ghetto wukk
8:32 PM eloquent husband & wife ghetto wukk
8:31 PM macka diamond best dress ghetto wukk
8:29 PM spice giddy up ghetto wukk
8:27 PM elephant man jump on it ghetto wiukk
8:25 PM einstein wine up your waist ghetto wukk riddim
8:24 PM monsta twins hill & gully whine cobba cobba
8:21 PM lil joe whine cobba cobba
8:19 PM mr. peppa walk & talk cobba cobba
8:17 PM tifa single cobba cobba
8:16 PM shane o left leg cobba cobba
8:14 PM aidonia grab har cobba cobba
8:12 PM spice badmind cobba cobba
8:10 PM italee cobba cobba cobba cobba riddim
7:59 PM pinchers o lord remember me
7:56 PM papa san all my love power
7:54 PM dirtsman roadrunner power
7:51 PM lady g still a ge bun power
7:49 PM singing melody/wickerman let the power fall power version
7:43 PM marcia griffiths/busy signal keeping it real automatic
7:41 PM richie spice jah never let us down automatic
7:41 PM spanner banner rolling stone automatic
7:38 PM mojo river nile automatic
7:36 PM peetah morgan bye bye automatic
7:35 PM snatcha love boat automatic
7:33 PM bunny rugs it's you automatic
7:32 PM konkarah rude boy love automatic
7:30 PM romain virgo love doctor autimatic
7:29 PM torch treat her like lady automatic
7:29 PM red fox my baby automatic
7:28 PM d'ville tonight is yours automatic
7:26 PM marcia griffiths love is automatic automatic riddim
7:17 PM sizzla stop it right now ghetto youth-ology greensleeves
7:14 PM augustus pablo higgy higgy
7:12 PM dillinger plantation heights channel one story ch. 2 17 north parade
7:07 PM peter tosh/winston scotland maga dog/skanky dog joe gibbs scorchers from the early years 17 north parade
7:06 PM eek a mouse virgin girl joe gibbs scorchers from the mighty two 17 north parade
Dancehall/Reggae Show-March 14, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:01:03 -0400Second and final week of WCBN fundraiser.
Be a champion. Donate to WCBN at and get yourself a DHR 2009 Mix CD with a donation of $25 or more.

9:00 PM elephant man tall up tall up energy god
8:50 PM matterhorn jump & wine stress free
8:48 PM voicemail when it reach har stress free
8:47 PM demarco she can't wait stress free
8:45 PM singing craig hammering stress free
8:44 PM mr. g work mi a work stress free
8:43 PM madd dogg fire fire stress free
8:41 PM macka diamond wibble wabble stress free riddim
8:39 PM tanto metro & devonte w/selena serrano hit the gas
8:33 PM crossovah test di foundation
8:29 PM blackxican fima
8:26 PM mavado so you move
8:22 PM anthony b ganja blaze casino
8:18 PM beenie man pum pum power casino
8:17 PM wayne marshall badness outa style casino
7:27 PM cornell campbell boxing around boxing riddim
7:20 PM carl malcolm fatty bum bum randy's 50th anniversary
7:15 PM dennis brown/bongo herman wolf & leopards/version niney the observer-roots with quality
7:09 PM tamlins sweat for you channel one story ch. 2
7:03 PM althea & donna uptown top ranking joe gibbs scorchers from the mighty two
Dancehall/Reggae Show-April 11, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:01:03 -04008:59 PM erup drop dung
8:56 PM rdx street dance
8:51 PM aidonia flying dagger (100 stab) ragga ragga ragga 2009 greensleeves
8:48 PM tony matterhorn jump & wine stress free
8:47 PM singing craig hammering stress free
8:46 PM madd dogg fire fire stress free
8:45 PM voicemail when it reach har stress free
8:43 PM mr. g work mi a work stress free
8:41 PM macka diamond wibble wabble stress free
8:39 PM demarco she can't wait stress free riddim
8:36 PM t.o.k. weekend celebration hot spankin
8:33 PM charley blacks ketchup hot spankin riddim
8:28 PM esco buss a wine riddim 47
8:26 PM charley blacks/pretty kitty turn me on riddim 47
8:21 PM bugle don't blame life mood swing
8:20 PM g whizz life mood swing
8:17 PM vybez cartel tell him a lie mood swing
8:15 PM black rhyno see you again mood swing riddim
8:12 PM listonia drilla mi
8:10 PM vybez cartel balance pan it
8:08 PM spragga benz flawless gyal
8:04 PM sizzla chalice & herbs
7:57 PM konshens let me know rock steady
7:55 PM lutan fyah girl don't cry rock steady
7:53 PM glen washington baby rock steady
7:52 PM coco tea sweeter rock steady
7:50 PM stevie face not going to wait rock steady
7:48 PM ginjah where is it rock steady
7:47 PM teflon one thing rock steady
7:44 PM duane stephenson crying out rock steady
7:43 PM fantan mojah rising rock steady
7:40 PM richie spice why should i rock steady
7:38 PM capleton save dem rock steady
7:35 PM chuck fender survivor roak steady
7:32 PM nesbeth injustice rock steady
7:29 PM etana bad mind rock steady
7:27 PM i wayne one hit wonder rock steady riddim vp
7:22 PM jimmy riley sweets for my sweet niney the observer-roots with quality 17 north parade
7:19 PM carl malcolm fattie bum bum randy's 50th anniversary 17 north parade
7:16 PM horace andy girl i love you channel one story ch. 2 17 north parade
7:14 PM jacob miller keep on knocking joe gibbs scorchers from the mighty two 17 north parade
7:09 PM dennis brown/big youth money in my pocket/a so we stay joe gibbs scorchers from the early years 17 north parade
7:05 PM heptones/u roy freedom train heptones meet the now generation 17 north parade
7:00 PM freddy mcgregor we got love mr. mcgregor 17 north parade
Rockers Jamboree-November 26, 1988Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:01:03 -0400Out of town this week, so I give to you a vintage show:
Lovindeer-Wild Gilbert
Jimmy Cliff-Gilbert
Sanchez-Wild Sanchez
Chaka Demus-Bad Bad Chaka
Echo Minott-I Am Back
Early Black-Stuck
Chaka Demus-People Dem A Bawl
Sanchez-One In A Million
Sanchez-Green Green Grass Of Home
Pinchers-Girls Girls
Mikey Melody-Miranda My Girl
Edi Fitzroy-Have You Ever Been In Love
Paul Blake & Friends For Peace
Gregory Isaacs-Mind You Dis Rude Boy
Tristan Palma-Torturing Me
Flourgon-We Run Things
Bobby Culture-Money Fi Mek
J.C. Lodge/Sugar Minott-Since You Came Into My Life
Freddy McGregor/Cynthia Schloss-Not As Happy
Barry Biggs-A Night Like This
Quench Aid-Sexy Eyes
Gregory Isaacs-Letís Give It A Try
Dancehall/Reggae Show-April 18, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:01:03 -04009:03 PM elephant man haters (souljah boy swagga refix)
8:54 PM cregis dem nuh bad like we
8:51 PM black rhyno rise the k
8:48 PM demarco dem a fool
8:45 PM konshens young black & powerful
8:43 PM capleton lighthouse top springblade
8:37 PM tony curtis/g mafia rich springblade
8:36 PM mr. lexx gallis springblade
8:34 PM esco long springblade
8:33 PM tony rebel believe you springblade
8:30 PM beenie man hardest way springblade
8:29 PM queen ifrica yad the east springblade
8:28 PM anthony b violate springblade
8:26 PM briggadistas sen out the force springblade
8:24 PM monster hemp higher stop man springblade
8:22 PM mad cobra happen springblade
8:20 PM new kidz system springblade
8:18 PM delly ranx god nah sleep springblade riddim
8:15 PM laden bad boys
8:11 PM charley blacks rich this year
8:07 PM mavado/busta rhymes so blessed remix
8:04 PM elephant man from you bless
7:56 PM wayne wonder all about you
7:52 PM beres hammond woman of my life
7:48 PM tanya stephens reminiscing
7:43 PM gramps morgan wash the tears
7:40 PM kiprich good & bad
7:36 PM sizzla world leaders in problem
7:32 PM bunny rugs/lutan fyah africa
7:29 PM culture iron sharpeneth iron
7:24 PM ce'cile waiting waiting
7:21 PM buju banton love needs waiting
7:18 PM cutty corn lucky day waiting
7:16 PM jigsy king/tony curtis i'm sorry waiting
7:14 PM pinchers seal & done waiting
7:08 PM mighty diamonds there's no me without you channel one story ch. 2 17 north parade
7:06 PM jennifer lara my man studio one women soul jazz
7:01 PM barrington levy my woman joe gibbs scorchers from the mighty two 17 north parade
Dancehall/Reggae Show-April 4, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:01:03 -04009:03 PM camar blame it remix
8:56 PM mr. g not for eating
8:52 PM elephant man from you bless
8:48 PM vybez cartel come breed me
8:45 PM mavado/busta rhymes so blessed remix
8:41 PM blackxican the solution
8:37 PM anthony b roll mi gal hot peppa
8:34 PM aisha ready to roll hot peppa
8:32 PM cappa shake yu booty hot peppa
8:30 PM atomic from u independent hot peppa
8:29 PM kiprich man weh love chat hot peppa
8:28 PM kirkledove/kevin evil we waan know hot peppa
8:26 PM ras bogle all around the world hot peppa
8:24 PM mr. lexx give thanks hot peppa
8:22 PM flippa mafia my money is mine hot peppa
8:20 PM singing craig rich already hot peppa
8:18 PM mr. vegas mi believe hot peppa riddim
8:14 PM buju banton dem sell out
8:10 PM chino from mawning
8:08 PM laden time to shine ragga ragga ragga 2009 greensleeves
8:01 PM natural black/perfect black warriah january morning
7:59 PM beenie man woman i love january morning
7:56 PM lutan fyah a mothers love january morning
7:52 PM tanya stephens bakers choice january morning riddim
7:48 PM etana bad mind rock steady riddim vp
7:45 PM anthony b survival one pop
7:41 PM culture collie weed innocent blood
7:38 PM joseph gordon friends & family
7:34 PM heptones hypocrite the heptones 17 north parade
7:28 PM nicky thomas/sir lord comic don't touch me/dr. feelgood joe gibbs scorchers-the early years 17 north parade 7:20 PM messenger afrika is burning, and the black man is doing the freak
7:16 PM shinehead good love tonight
7:13 PM sugar minott doing the dub
7:08 PM born jamericans yardcore
7:04 PM scare dem crew i need more chronic (remix)
7:01 PM wayne marshall blame it on the weed
Dancehall/Reggae Show-March 28, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:01:03 -04008:55 PM spreddy glory diggi dagga ride
8:54 PM bragga dat gal u buy u bed
8:50 PM raine seville belly wine
8:48 PM elephant man swagga
8:43 PM crossovah test di foundation
8:41 PM blackxican rastaman attack
8:38 PM fire links ina deh xcitement
8:36 PM elephant man nuh beg xcitement
8:32 PM tyrical can't stop wi xcitement
8:32 PM rdx tek set ina yu life xcitement
8:31 PM bounty killer gal dem seh xcitement
8:29 PM galaxy p sugar c xcitement
8:27 PM mr. g juk har xcitement
8:24 PM pamputae winery xcitement
8:22 PM macka diamond roll xcitement
8:21 PM lady saw inna di dark xcitement
8:19 PM future fambo around di world xcitement riddim
8:16 PM opal it clean
8:12 PM ricky w/fresh prince/junior vibes how me look ragga ragga ragga 2009 greensleeves
8:08 PM shabba ranks more pon more
8:07 PM vybez cartel pon di corner
7:58 PM lutan fyah kingston 7 to 13 happiness
7:55 PM mr. perfect the king happiness
7:52 PM norris man time shall reveal happiness
7:50 PM turbulence i know what i know happiness
7:48 PM i righteous for life happiness
7:45 PM natural black nother picture happiness
7:44 PM atomic one woman gone happiness
7:40 PM g whizz happiness happiness riddim
7:36 PM chuck fender coming home
7:32 PM bunny rugs it's you penthouse showcase vol. 3 penthouse
7:30 PM frankie paul i know the score songs for reggae lovers 2 greensleeves
7:24 PM black judah don't give up
7:21 PM sizzla youths dem a suffer
7:16 PM ziggi / gentleman a better way
7:13 PM jewels jah i niney the observer-roots with quality 17 north parade
7:09 PM leroy smart badness no pay channel one story ch. 2 17 north parade
7:06 PM dennis walks almighty i joe gibbs scorchers from the mighty two 17 north parade
7:01 PM anthony b stop fight reggae rise up vp
Dancehall/Reggae Show-March 21, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:01:03 -04008:59 PM tok give it to me ragga 2009
8:53 PM aidonia flying dagger (100 stab) ragga ragga ragga 2009
8:50 PM vybez cartel wine yuh body
8:49 PM elephant man tlc
8:49 PM stacious clap yuh hands estrogen
8:43 PM lady saw belvedere heights estrogen
8:41 PM spice a nuh me estrogen
8:40 PM queen paula cyaa diss paula estrogen
8:39 PM macka diamond new friend estrogen
8:37 PM lady g ring ring estrogen
8:35 PM aisha shake it estrogen
8:34 PM d'angel hustling ladies estrogen
8:33 PM ms. thing inna mi league estrogen
8:31 PM natalie storm gal fi get boo estrogen
8:28 PM timberlee wretchinel estrogen
8:26 PM tifa bottom of the barrel estrogen riddim
8:24 PM d'angel bedroom bully bad 2 the bone
8:20 PM tanto metro/devonte fling it on bad 2 the bone
8:18 PM dan lou gimme gimme bad 2 the bone
8:16 PM delly ranks do it bad 2 the bone
8:15 PM patchy lock up bad 2 the bone
8:12 PM anthony b mek dem talk bad 2 the bone
8:09 PM yellow watch me an dem bad 2 the bone
8:09 PM powerman badness not nice bad 2 the bone
8:05 PM monster hempire gangsta bad 2 the bone riddim
8:02 PM vybez cartel life sweet ragga ragga ragga 2009
7:55 PM jahmali who goes there
7:51 PM ky-enie be my light
7:48 PM g whizz/jr. reid it's gonna be alright
7:44 PM beenie man/heavy d long distance girlfriend remix
7:39 PM edley shine/d'angel/lexxus blame it on your style
7:35 PM anthony b nothing but the highest rise up greensleeves
7:32 PM sizzla chalice & herbs
7:28 PM cherine anderson kingston state of mind
7:24 PM sean paul hold my hand
7:22 PM kris kelli find another love
7:18 PM alaine/busy signal i love yuh
7:15 PM courtney john baby tonight
7:11 PM cherine anderson talk if you talking
7:08 PM marcia griffiths love is automatic penthouse showcase vol. 3 penthouse
7:02 PM tosh cool & deadly
Dancehall/Reggae Show-May 16, 2009Mon, 09 Aug 2010 22:01:03 -04008:57 PM busy signal the ansa
8:54 PM busy signal nah ansa
8:53 PM t.o.k. every girl (afternoon porn star)
8:48 PM vybez cartel nah street team
8:45 PM tony matterhorn/fire links defend yuh own street team
8:43 PM elephant man purify street team
8:43 PM bugle lord a yuh shepherd street team
8:40 PM ding dong street team street team
8:38 PM voicemail service street team
8:36 PM andrew/wada blood mr. ripoff street team
8:36 PM fambo/esco go hard street team
8:33 PM flippa mafia walkova street team
8:30 PM assassin sponge street team
8:28 PM mavado mockingbird street team
8:25 PM vybez cartel supm ago happen street team riddim
8:22 PM vybez cartel dem cyaa hold wi down crazy mind
8:17 PM vybez cartel dumpa truck crazy mind
8:15 PM elephant man couple up crazy mind
8:14 PM lazasteps every gyal grab a man crazy mind riddim
8:11 PM collie buddz eyez
8:05 PM jovi rockwell/rass penco i am for you
8:02 PM vybez cartel/john mayer say what you feel
7:58 PM freddy mcgregor love i believe in let me down easy
7:54 PM mikey spice let me down easy let me down easy
7:51 PM morgan heritage meant to be let me down easy riddim
7:48 PM etana who gave you the right new chapter
7:44 PM anthony b sorry new chapter
7:42 PM chino forgive me new chapter
7:39 PM shema good luck new chapter
7:36 PM wayne wonder all about you new chapter
7:34 PM freddy mcgregor/luciano night after night new chapter
7:30 PM freddy mcgregor take your time new chapter riddim
7:25 PM d wayne/prophet z she got me
7:21 PM c sharp nurse
7:17 PM alborosie mama don't like you
7:11 PM easy star all stars/michael rose a day in the life eslhcb
7:08 PM easy star all stars/mighty diamonds getting better easy star's lonely hearts dub band easy star
7:03 PM sizzla future is yours gheto youth-ology greensleeves
Welcome to the Dancehall/Reggae ShowMon, 09 Aug 2010 22:01:09 -0400Thanks for checking the Dancehall/Reggae Show website. Right now we're posting shows originally broadcast every Saturday from 7-9pm eastern time on WCBN-88.3 FM in Ann Arbor Michigan. The show has been on the air since 1979 with host Brian Tomsic, and features the best and latest in both roots & culture reggae and hot dancehall riddims mixed for maximum beat. Keep an eye out. Soon we'll be adding pages with coming musical events in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area and recommended links for reggae fans. As of July 2007 our entry of recent shows is a lot more reliable. You can count on new shows coming up in the archives within a couple of days of original broadcast. Show-August 14, 2010Sat, 14 Aug 2010 00:00:00 -0400elvis crespo, busy signal, chino, richie dan, bling dawg, vybez cartel, ryno di stinga, teflon, zj liquid, ice cold, double k, sustain, tornado, da professor, bugle, tnez, 3 star, kibaki, chase cross, stein, laden, flexx, mavado, tony matterhorn, di genius, cutty, zj wahwa, lady saw, elephant man, nazy, beenie man, d'ville, khristopher, wayne wonder, anthony cruz, honorebel, anthony b, konshens, tarrus riley, i octane, wyclef jean, barrington levy, romain virgo, courtney john, jackie robinson, sanchez, i wayne, frankie paul, black uhuru Riddims-rebellion, smokin, gully bomb, tequila, swagga swagga Show-August 21, 2010Sat, 21 Aug 2010 00:00:00 -0400vybez cartel, richie loop, t.o.k., zan, lefside, mystic, tony matterhorn, doctor bird, dolla, ounce, yokie, versatile, flexx, d'angel, beenie man, delly ranx, gappy ranks, kibaki, bugle, chucky starr, singing sweet, redd, max wayne, mavado, young buck, sizzla, zj liquid, teflon, dway, lutan fyah, lukie d, bobby hustle, norris man, warrior king, anthony b, ash i, tornado, ky-enie, peter tosh, jahvinci, annette brisset, roger robin Riddims-nine to five, tsunami, slow rush Show-August 28, 2010Sat, 28 Aug 2010 00:00:00 -0400kano, vybez cartel, beenie man, fambo, agent sasco, elephant man, charley black, wayne wonder, munga, bitta blood, skerrit boy, sizzla, nitty kutchie, cp ink, new kidz, singer j, mr. future, delly ranx, pamputae, macka diamond, fire links, erup, bastic, munga, gyptian, chi ching, bunji garlin, faye ann lyons, rihjanna, assassin, tifa, nikki burt, timberlee, lady ali, d'angel, lutan fyah, protoje, lp, fiji, toi, selena serrano, pressure, tami chynn, mighty diamonds, eljai, monsoon, christopher martin, soja, gappy ranks Show-September 4, 2010Sat, 04 Sep 2010 00:00:00 -0400busy signal, dj khaled, akon, shyne, mavado, diddy, splinter, enur, vybez cartel, richie loop, mr. vegas, teirra marie, lady saw, roach, sean paul, mr. vegas, serani, chan dizzy, denyque, elephant man, beenie man, tony matterhorn, popcaan, shawn storm, predator, war professa, bounty killer, t.o.k., tifa, nuffy, nicky b, deja vu, kiprich, agent sasco, munga, laden, i octane, mulinu, ms. triniti, ras tewelde, raina and ginko, sistah kinky, skara mucci, dr. ring ding, cecile, etana, khago, sizzla, jah cure, chuck fenda, mighty diamonds, elly ess,yami bolo, fambo, unga, andy livingston, chuck fenda, major lazer, iatana, gappy ranks, duane stephenson Show-September 11, 2010Sat, 11 Sep 2010 00:00:00 -0400ce'cile, liquid, beenie man, da professor, vybez cartel, sheba, gaza slim, merital, shawn storm, versatile, dhosa medicine, popcaan, major lazer, mr. vegas, sean paul, elephant man, di genius, chino, tony matterhorn, voicemail, ding dong, tifa, laden, lady saw, jahvinci, jah cure, i octane, avalanch, black rhyno, natural black, mary j blige, busta rhymes, gyptian, major lazer, collie buddz, lindi ortega, quain, nash, toots, mighty diamonds Show-Spetember 18, 2010Sat, 18 Sep 2010 00:00:00 -0400mavado, jay z, mr. hudson, mystique, beenie man, voicemail, ward 21, problem child, kenyatta fire, fadder moses, orlando octave, smooth, kerry john, popcaan, jah mel, versatile, chan dizzy, tanto metro, devonte, vybez cartel, future fambo, mr. g , serani, mavado, liquid, richie stephens, lukie d, g whizz, baby chris, khago, i octane, zamunda, charley black, seanizzle, ryno, tony matterhorn, pritti kitti, busy signal, ricky blaze, ron brownz, gyptian, anthony red rose, scantana, natty king, david levi, lutan fyah, jah mason, fiona, gappy ranks, redd, gregory praise, tall up, luciano, sir ford, jah mega, dawgi dawg, paris, duane stephenson Show-September 25, 2010Mon, 27 Sep 2010 00:00:00 -0400vybez cartel, seanizzle, baby chris, gotty, metis, busy signal, sean paul, kevin lloyd, mr. lexx andrew and wada blood, konshens, sunshine, tiana, terro 3000, voicemail, wasp, sheye, shane o, alozade, agent sasco, delly ranx, monster twins, lady saw, tifa, t.o.k., macka diamond, natalie storm, spice, elephant man, red rose, bling dawg, black er, flippa mafia, ricky frass, teff u deff, bramma, mr. vegas, chris brown, one third, bunji garlin, bugle, duane stephenson, lutan fyah, l.u.s.t., torch, romain virgo, daville, richie stephens, suga roy, jamelia, rihanna, bruno mars, damian marley, serani, knaan, gappy ranks Show-October 23, 2010Sat, 23 Oct 2010 00:00:00 -0400vybez cartel, shawn storm, elephant man, bounty killer, chi ching, r.d.x., swappi, beenie man, busy signal, mr. vegas, mr. lexx, captain barkey, delly ranx, knock shizzle, dem page, macka diamond, cam phattaz, da professor, iyara, teflon, natural black, mercci, marlowe skye, future fambo, gabriel, levardes, kimanda, lady saw, bad gal bambi, natalie storm, kenyatta fire, gyptian, fantan mojah, ziggi, mr. mojo, redd, slash, i octane, gappy ranks, konshens, jimmy riley, chris martin, amique, d'angel, ce'cile, d'ville, protoje, kymani marley, tarrus riley, shaggy, josey wales, courtney john, dawn penn, g starr, cornell campbell, u roy, dennis brown
Riddims-feels so good, westside, yengeh, boomerang
Dancehall/Reggae Show-October 30, 2010Sat, 30 Oct 2010 00:00:00 -0400gregory isaacs,busy signal, kiprich, chan dizzy, versatile, bounty killer, elephant man, beenie man, alozade, real life, wow, mr. vegas, tierra marie, vybez cartel, rayvon, tifa, mia tosh, bridgez, expense, savage, spragga benz, flippa mafia, biggy benz, serani, karim hype, supa hype, kibaki, keida, patexx, camar, munga, ripah, teflon, liquid, flexx, collie buddz, glen washington, natty king, spectacular, ilements, zanda, sizzla, leroy sibbles, jah cure, rick ross, mavado, zion train, easy star all stars, ini kamoze Show-November 6, 2010Sat, 06 Nov 2010 00:00:00 -0400kiprich, trevor off key, ice man, busy signal, lefside, bugle, fambo, assassin, tosh, sean paul, tony matterhorn, serani, mr. vegas, kibaki, versatile, galaxy p, twins of twins, future fambo, fire links, dexter daps, assassin, bunji, problem, umi marcano, buju banton, kenyatta fire, sena, anthony john, chizedek, perfect, lutan fyah, junior cat, saba tooth, half pint, anthony b, duane stephenson, gramps morgan, jahvinci, tarrus riley, kymani marley, easy star all stars, gregory isaacs
Riddims-peppery, take a lick, dancehall again, gyal pharm, sexy bak
Dancehall/Reggae Show-November 13, 2010Sat, 13 Nov 2010 00:00:00 -0500chan dizzy, j capri, tami chin, lisa hyper, elephant man, daminance, dotta coppa, bugle, chase cross, kibaki, stein, 3 star, versatile, tiana, tnez, caldhino, konshens, vybez cartel, d'angel, aidonia, sean paul, one third, khago, beenie man, cg, i octane, j. lance, mr. murphy, kush hunta, teflon, zj liquid, bling dawg, delly ranx, macka diamond, erup, j boog, nellie roxx, fiona, gappy ranks, peetah morgan, fiji, biggaton, slightly stoopid, capleton, easy star all stars, subatomic sound system
Riddims-tan bad, ping, the pagans, world war
Dancehall/Reggae Show-November 20, 2010Sat, 20 Nov 2010 00:00:00 -0500vybez cartel, exile di brave, shifta, bunji garlin, deh deh, bramma, faada fresh, liquid, sunshine, harry toddler, tony materhorn, elephant man, gala p, gappy ranks, gramps morgan, taranchyla, bling dawg, delly ranx, froggy, macka diamond, teflon, mr. murphy, fiona, mad one, mr. lexx, zj liquid, wayne wonder, beenie man, d'angel, fambo, deva bratt, khago, andrew and wada blood, kantana, versatile, laden, ding dong, ceegee, ce'cile, mavado, lisa hype, gyptian, chrissy, mr. g, lady saw, kris kelli, sophia squire, jah mason, lutan fyah, david levi, natty king, jah bari, perfect, vibronics, vanya o, stephen marley, damian junior gong marley, gregory isaacs, easy star all stars
Riddims- nah bow down, beenie and friends, saudi arabia, tun up
Dancehall/Reggae Show-December 11, 2010Sat, 11 Dec 2010 00:00:00 -0500mavado, elephant man, mr. vegas, sizzla, konshens, aidonia, suhverto, vybez cartel, major mackerel, burro banton, junior cat, mr. lexx, red fox, bitta blood, skerrit boy, aksess, prodiji, debbie elliott, supamodel joelee, terro 3000, rdx, macka diamond, shaggy, popcaan, cham, timberlee, pinchers, bling dawg, bounty killer, ruffi banton, t.o.k., buju banton, delly ranx, zj liquid, dway, bobby hustle, lukie d, teflon, lutan fyah, warrior king, kharuso, chezidek, hyantyah, ras myrdhak, kali blaxx, perfect, zamunda, big youth, stevie face, sadiki, george nooks, everton blender, gyptian, maikal x, k von, inner circle, g whizz, romain virgo Show-December 18, 2010Sat, 18 Dec 2010 00:00:00 -0500khago, shaggy, red fox, sean paul, ricky blaze, collie buddz, damian junior gong marley, shaka pow, natel, tami chynn, mavado, vybez cartel, stephen di genius mcgregor, ce'cile, keida, tifa, zj liquid, tony matterhorn, bugle, versatile, wasp, chedda, popcaan, flexx, aidonia, buju banton, beenie man, cham, bounty killer, michael rose, elephant man, chino, tommy lee, tanya stephens, kristopher, gyptian, foxy brown, junior reid, wada blood, ginja, perfect, malijah, raymond wright, chuck fender, jennifer washington, singing u, shocking murray, nature, sara lugo, bescenta, gentleman, barrington levy, early worm Show-December 25, 2010Sun, 26 Dec 2010 00:00:00 -0500Christmas Special!
elephant man, lady g, busy signal, t.o.k., beenie man, vybez cartel, russian, sheba, black rhyno, mavado, flexx, savage, ce'cile, delly ranx, chekkaz, eek a mouse, michael powell, sugar minott, gregory isaacs, delroy wilson, barbara jones, yami bolo, freddy mcgregor, judy mowatt, sanchez, glen ricks, junior reid, ini kamoze, home t, john mouse, yellowman, carlene davis, trinity
dancehall/Reggae Show-January 1, 2011Sun, 02 Jan 2011 00:00:00 -0500elephant man, i octane, john doe, voicemail, trawma, shaggy, mavado, unicorn, lazor steppz, vybez cartel, popcaan, teknique, einstein, spine, fada moses, keon vibes, fat, bitta blood, bumpa green, meet source, lutan fyah, jahvinci, rhymes, d'angel, g mafia, kiprich, beenie man, shawn storm, antwain, merital, bling dawg, mr. vegas, busy signal, jesse, fadda moses, jah mel, kerry john, makamillion, kess, orlando octave, skinny fabulous, machel montano, ricardo drue, trevor off key, arrow, sizzla, half pint, fantan mojah, jimmy riley, stephen marley, damian marley, buju banton, romain virgo, richie spice, courtney john, peetah morgan, fiji, red rat Show-January 8, 2011Sat, 08 Jan 2011 00:00:00 -0500vybez cartel, delus, aidonia, buju banton, konshens, dario, elephant man, mr. vegas, problem child, delly ranx, bugle, flexx, gyptian, gottyo, gappy ranks, iyara, nymron, baby chris, mr. lexx, nitty kutchie, mavado, three star, khago, kibaki, i octane, chase cross, rhyno, ce'cile, flippa mafia, t.o.k., sizwe c, laden, axygen, voicemail, charley blacks, beres hammond, marcia griffiths, assassin, i wayne, ed robinson, richie spice, etana, alpha and omega, ranking dread, gregory isaacs
Riddims-good tyme, cleara, starbucks
Dancehall/Reggae Show-January 15, 2011Sat, 15 Jan 2011 00:00:00 -0500Best of 2010
Top 50 tunes of the year counted down in a special 3 hour show.
Sat, 22 Jan 2011 00:00:00 -0500vybez cartel, opal, Cutty ranks, Kibaki, Kyaci, Rollie fresh, chronicks, Savage, Singing sweet, boom steppa, Beenie man, Kibaki, Bugle, Konshens, Aisha davis, Bounty killer ,sizzla, Mr. vegas, Rdx, Tnez, Elephant man, Mr. lexx, Munga, mr. easy, chan dizzy, mavado, aidonia, fadda fox, problem child, lil ruck, peter ram, buggy, dario, dr. evil, kenyatta fire, collie buddz, busy signal, gyptian, oneil pert, kashief lindo, beres hammond, sharon forrestier, mical rustle, courtney john, copper cat
Riddims-hammer, 90s, firendly fire, enemy lines, out cry
Dancehall/Reggae Show-January 29, 2011Sat, 29 Jan 2011 00:00:00 -0500cali p, lefside, gina savage, qp, busy signal, bunji garlin, 3 suns, beenie man, ziggi recado, zero, chedda, fambo, bugle, flexx, unga, patexx, versatile, kantana, gappy ranks, likkle devon, jah trouble, perfect, norris man, diana rutherford, junior x, sizzla, terry ganzie, taji, red eye crew, little danny, mad killah, konshens, kari jess, tanto blaxx, swag team, straika d, delus, darrio, vybez cartel, ce'cile, sophia squire, ikaya, jahvinci, da professor, vital, protoje, pressure, richie spice, kymani marley, tarrus riley, wayne marshall, jah cure, darth vader, mavado, junior kelly, copper cat, khago, junie ranks, amanda mona,
Riddims-captain,the message, g shock, electricity, epicenta, big blood
Dancehall/Reggae Show-February 5, 2011Sun, 06 Feb 2011 14:40:01 -0500collie buddz, dj smokey, gappy ranks, demarco, black rhyno, gappy ranks, russian, beenie man, charley black, liquid, demarco, mr. g, versatile, baby chris, twins of twins, seanizzle, laden, khago, i octane,zamunda, ice cold, wisli d, monsta twins, timeka marshall, t.o.k., zj liquid, ricardo drue, dr. evil, lefside, shaggy, aidonia, busy signal, barrington levy, vybez cartel, sizzla, jesse royal, turbulence, home grown, konshens, i octane, busy signal, trevor off key, spragga benz, flexx, chevaughn, king tappa, general levy, luciano, big youth, bob marley Show-February 12, 2011Sat, 12 Feb 2011 00:00:00 -0500mavado, kiprich, volcano, don yute, aisha davis, dawg e. slawta, cc, buffy, patrice roberts, ding dong, beenie man, lady saw, sizzla, tony matterhorn, mr. easy, chino, agent sasco, elephant man, bramma, singing sweet, frisco kid, laden, di genius, delago, calado, deablo, navinho, suhverto, diestro, black rhyno, amerika, mr. vegas, patrice roberts, lefside, syon, shaggy, bugle, busy signal, d'ville, shuga, copper cat, d major, torch, sanchez, sheieta, duane stephenson, marcia griffiths, queen ifrica, chevaughn, richie stephens, beres hammond, annette brissett, alpheus, protoje, kymani marley, warrior king, unzie, nicky b, courtney john, stephen marley, melonie fiona
Riddims-omg, galang bad, pepper, ram ramma
Dancehall/Reggae Show-February 19, 2011Sun, 20 Feb 2011 00:00:00 -0500barrington levy, black rhyno, vybez cartel, demarco, max element, ding dong, samboni, poor and boasy, roundhead, chi ching, bigga 1, alozade, elephant man, gyptian, lexxus, sample 6, guidance, truthfull, sizzla, buju banton, delly ranx, kiprich, simone stylez, silva cat, madd one, nockshizzle, demp page, froggy, madd squad, cam phattaz, aidonia, damian marley, nas, kess, destra, super jigga, bunji garlin, allison hinds, mr. murphy, teflon, kush hunta, bling dawg, zj liquid, macka diamond, erup, t.o.k., kimanda, ice man, voicemail, g whizz, luciano, singing melody, honorebel, busy signal, anthony cruz
riddims-higher love, tan bad, orlando mahgix, money pull up
Dancehall/reggae Show-March 5, 2011Sat, 05 Mar 2011 00:00:00 -0500vybez cartel, blaze, opal, future fambo, beenie man, busta rhymes, chedda, elephant man, smoove, voicemail, versatile, timeka marshall, stein, eklypse, ding dong, bravo, g whizz, tornado, t.o.k., gappy ranks, teflon, sustain, professor, monster twins, looga man, juss ice, colly c, munga, icecold, busy signal, erup, devon matthews, allison hinds, bunji garlin, ziggy rankin, pilot, reuben, problem child, mr. slaughter, mr. spine, buffy, dr. ring ding, cheeba, sanjin, youthman, las balkanieras, shabu, ward 21, jah mason, jr. banton, jigsy king, tony curtis, l.u.s.t., anthony cruz, shuga, delly ranx, motion, ginjah, richie stephens, gyptian, new kidz, mitch, nitty kutchie, collie buddz, sean paul, lutan fyah, luciano, konshens Show-Marsh 12, 2011Sat, 12 Mar 2011 00:00:00 -0500This is our fundraiser week, so pardon the constant reminders.
That said, if you can please show your support for the program and wcbn by going to and pledging some funds.
You can get a cool mix CD or WCBN swag for the effort.
Dancehall/Reggae Show-March 19, 2011Sat, 19 Mar 2011 00:00:00 -0400This our second and last fundraiser show for 2011.
Lots of great music still, but we are also asking for support for WCBN.
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Dancehall/Reggae Show-March 26, 2011Sat, 26 Mar 2011 00:00:00 -0400tony matterhorn, mavado, gary snypes, angelina, beenie man,pretty kitti, future fambo, richie loop, ce'cile, ajrenalin, chase cross, shawn storm, lady saw, stacious, zamunda, charly blacks, ward 21, kiprich,einstein, rikrok, mr. easy, kardinal offishal, jully black, notch, ricky blaze, shaggy, ice man, voicemail, elephant man, tobo ranx, capleton, buju banton, tanya stephens, gyptian, honorebel, etana, vybrant, sanchez, glen washington, pinchers, tony anthony, sadiki, nikesha lindo, thriller u, lukie d, anthony cruz, singing melody, tony curtis, glaxy p, junior p, ras attitude, pad anthony, kg man, michael palmer, dainjamental, turban, dubmatix, ranking joe, alton ellis, sledge, anthony b, alpheus Show-April 2, 2011Sat, 02 Apr 2011 00:00:00 -0400jahdan blackamoore, i octane, vybez cartel, munga, voicemail, demarco, zamunda, twins of twins, mavado, macka diamond, gyptian, future fambo, beenie man, elephant man, bounty killer, assassin, laden, jigsy king, lukie d, mr. lexx, mr. vegas, bugle, t.o.k., tobo ranx, kalo, kalafi, d pinto, cartio m, buzzuro, benzly hype, busy signal, wayne wonder, zj liquid, taranchyla, kevin lloyd, professor, delly ranx, froggy maddsquad, sizzla, buju banton, carol gonzales, ziggi recado, d'ville, laza morgan, collie buddz, tarrus riley, luciano, mikey general, konshens, gappy ranks, anthony b, chezidek, u roy, johnny clarke, fantan mojah, burning spear, j.o.e., homegrown Show-April 9, 2011Sat, 09 Apr 2011 00:00:00 -0400dallaz, corey gunnz, sophia squires, tarrus riley, nicky b, sean paul, bugle, ding dong, serani, future fambo, red fox, ishawna, lukie d, spoogie, shaggy, cecile, lady saw, christopher, mr. lexx, mr. vegas, gyptian, deablo, navinho, shane o, ninja kid, mystic, kryme, aidonia, cleaopatra, chino, bramma, beenie man, assassin, sizzla, chuck fenda, capleton, candy man, maverick, military man, osheen, pierce, turbulence, fantan mojah, lutan fyah, natty king, perfect, wayne wonder, chevaughn, daville, galaxy p, teflon, delly ranx, froggy maddsquad, taranchyla, gappy ranks, mikey general, etana, insintesi, abassi all stars, danny i Show-April 16, 2011Sat, 16 Apr 2011 00:00:00 -0400vybez cartel, mavado, delly ranx, aidonia, stein, serani, terro 3000, elephant man, black rhyno, ding dong, mr. perfect, flexx, ms. thing, psycho, tanbad, jahdore, alborosie, junior reid, collie buddz, bounty killer
Tribute to Collie Buddz starts the show (he appeared at the blind Pig in Ann Arbor that night).
Guest DJ Chill Will filled in for the second hour.
Dancehall/Reggae Show-April 23, 2011Sun, 24 Apr 2011 00:00:00 -0400konshens, popcaan, kiprich, demarco, elephant man, iyara, jazzwad, wayne marshall, tifa, future fambo, vybez cartel, tommy lee, blak diamon, doniko, patrice roberts, ricardo drue, jo jo, precious, nadia batson, macka diamond, ce'cile, lady saw, mad dog, charley blacks, demarco, sunshine, shabba ranks, supa hype, voicemail, assassin, jahvinci, kayjay, esco, delly ranx, wayne anthony, tarrus riley, versatile, di genius, nyrone, t.o.k., busy signal, teflon, g mack, da real bommer, raw deal, kevin bommer, karl morrison, perfect, lutan fyah, luciano, matthew mcanuff, chuck fenda, shema, tony rebel, queen ifrica, bescenta, nahswitch, i wayne, gyptian, duane stephenson, beres hammond, stevie face, bunny rugs Show-May 7, 2011Sat, 07 May 2011 00:00:00 -0400demarco, stein, assassin, vybez cartel, mavado, fresh p, tony matterhorn, flippa mafia, dejavu, blak diamon, da professa, bugle, beenie man, supamodel joelee, rodiji, taty cash, xplicit, aksess, perfect, akane, j.o.e., kemikal, shanz, stein, t.o.k., sleepy hallowtips, timberlee, spice, kiprich, rdx, mr. easy, agent sasco, chino, frisco kid, di genius, laden, elephant man, jus bus, kenne blessin, skinny fabulous, machel montano, lutan fyah, teflon, nesbeth, khago, kali blaxx, fire star, sizzla, warrior king, gal a wasp, delly ranx, jah ruby, willie lindo, nambo robinson, nanko, lil joe, ashli jade, glen washington, nikesha lindo, kashief lindo, lloyd brown, i octane, merciless, bruno mars, alaine, gyptian, dobby dobson, gappy ranks, ce'cile, tony rebel
Riddims-reggaematic, steady flow, peppa, white label, start mih up, rules and laws
Dancehall/Reggae Show-May 14, 2011Sat, 14 May 2011 00:00:00 -0400vybez cartel, demarco, mad killah, busy signal, laden, wayne marshall, tarrus riley, loogaman, sean paul, hollow point, charley black, timberlee, chino, elephant man, assassin, zj liquid, kiprich, future fambo, ce'cile, beenie man, lady saw, stacious, natalie storm, sunshine, rebell, major mackerel, red rat, mr. vegas, bounty killer, t.o.k., skinny fabulous, capleton, super cat, papa san, peetah morgan, j boog, gappy ranks, tony rebel, exco lexi, chevaughn, d major, shereita, romain virgo, queen ifrica, l.u.s.t., beres hammond, hollow point, mikeylous, ziggy marley, bob marley Show-May 21, 2011Sat, 21 May 2011 00:00:00 -0400gappy ranks, russian, major mackeral, xyle, esco, wayne wonder, delly ranx, mr. vegas, malica, liquid, trevor off key, spice, spice, wayne anthony, shaggy, ce'cile, macka diamond, the wizard, timberlee, leonardo carmichael, leontre, munga, ice cold, new kidz, fambo, kibaki, neil amos, lady saw, lisa hyper, pamputae, stacious, tifa, jordanne patrice, agent sasco, busy signal, skinny fabulous, gorg, lil rick, l.u.s.t., mad cobra, empress roberta, petrol, general degree, chucki starr, cali p, mr. williamz, franz job, askala , selassie, massicker, blackout JA, zigi, omar perry, tippa irie, macka b, tarrus riley, ziggi recado, etana, vybez cartel, sizzla, gappy ranks, crisopolis, zamunda, tesanne Show-May 28, 2011Sat, 28 May 2011 00:00:00 -0400assassin, dotta coppa, big bwoy, vybez cartel, problem child, richie loop, chris martin, wayne marshall, sean paul, j boog, toi, protoje, keida, zj liquid, alter ego, kantana, konshens, beenie man, cee gee, spice, patexx, kari jess, junior reid, elephant man, charley black, sleepy hallowtips, t.o.k., flexx, stein, tarrus riley, versatile, monster twins, erup, mavado, chase cross, einstein, spragga benz, bounty killer, busta rhymes, dean frasier, captain sinbad, alborosie, luciano, warrior king, sizzla, delly ranx, bobby hustle, teflon, gappy ranks, lutan fyah, sophia squire, nambo robinson, sharon forrestier, glen washington, jah ruby, wasp, buggy nhakente ShowJune 4, 2011Sun, 05 Jun 2011 00:00:00 -0400vybez cartel, gyptian, assassin, mr. g, chico, wayne marshall, zj liquid, sean paul, future fambo, lady saw, shabba ranks, wickerman, onton, i octane, beenie man, neil amos, mavado, twins of twins, mr. vegas, kibaki, 3 star, spragga benz, kiprich, tifa, khago, g star, flippa mafia, flexx, jah vision, assassin, lisa hyper, merital, jahvinci, eklypse, matik, lexx, khaos, jah wayne, azzie istic, conflict, ward 21, pressure, dead prez, chris ellis, gappy ranks, jah cure, tarrus riley, stephen marley, damian marley, buju banton, chino, mighty diamonds, freddy mcgregor, lloyd brown, fiona, determine, nikesha lindo, ashli jade, tinga stewart, kashief lindo, glen washington, jahvinci, keeling beckford ShowJune 11, 2011Sat, 11 Jun 2011 00:00:00 -0400vybez cartel, lady ann, prophet z, fyah dean, tony matterhorn, onton, dr. bird, harry toddler, patexx spice, macka diamond, hyah slice, beenie man, tifa, keida, shurwayne winchester, iyara, toledo, banton, t.o.k., lil rick, machel montano, skinny fabulous, chan dizzy, benzly hype, bencil, owen htl, royweed di xtasy, digga, kasri, ally wonder, gyptian, ataru, cobra, keri paige, konshens, khago, natural black, keke i, andy venture, capleton, mojo contractor, demarco, unga, hopeton, stevie face, courtney john, sly & robbie, ray darwin, mighty diamonds Show-June 18, 2011Sat, 18 Jun 2011 00:00:00 -0400busy signal, edwin yearwood, eklypse, ding dong, vybez cartel, gaza slim, sheba, munga, patexx, kibaki, popcaan, singablinga, leeny mattic, shawn storm, ce'cile, tifa, jordanne patrice, charley blacks, mr. vegas, kiprich, elephant man, assassin, tiger, shaggy, general degree, gappy ranks, buju banton, delly ranx, rihanna, wayne marshall, chino, denyque, queen ifrica, althea hewitt, i wayne, protoje, don corleon, romain virgo, gyptian, tarrus riley, kc jockey Show-June 25, 2011Mon, 27 Jun 2011 16:16:48 -0400shawn storm, vybez cartel, obie won, voicemail, reggae twinz, k'coliel, red fox, rayvon, mr. lexx, deani, dexta daps, ariel, aidonia, bling dawg, chan dizzy, hyah slice, versatile, muchino quick, black jefe, chi ching ching, natel, savage, ninja kid, sizzla, macka diamond, mr. vegas, t.o.k., monster twins, dalla sign, karl morrison, cece bond, sleepy hollowtips, trevor off key, shabba ranks, junior cat, courtney melody, ninjaman, mavado, sandman, edwin yearwood, hunter, bunji garlin, omar ferrari, delly ranx, froggy maddsquad, galaxy p, wayne wonder, lukie d, rashard, ras penco, nekorah, miriam, chuck fenda, christopher martin, mya, i octane, eljai, third world, marley brothers, d'angel Show-July 2, 2011Mon, 04 Jul 2011 00:00:00 -0400vybez cartel, shawn storm, busy signal, t.o.k., blaqk sheep, patexx, teflon, rdx, assailant, gappy rnaks, spragga benz, lil miss, sophia brown, stacious, lisa hype, queen paula, macka diamond, timeka marshall, konshens, kirkledove, baby tash, mr. slaughter, jesse, jade lopez, mr. spine, fadda moses, mr. vegas, gyptian, tierra marie, dezi boyd, ms. lady kayne, haskell, beenie man, versatile, shabba ranks, red fox, mr. williamz, million stylez, maxi priest, tippa irie, richie spice, rock city, wayne marshall, pressure, da professor, i octane, ikaya, tarrus riley, kashief lindo, duane stephenson, kenyatta fire, jahdan blackamore, jah vision, lukie d, rihanna, mad bwoy
Riddims-broken hearts, mad organ, girlzaholic, front yard, amazon, gangsta ting
Dancehall/Reggae Show-July 16, 2011Sat, 16 Jul 2011 00:00:00 -0400dancehall,reggae,radio,podcast,wcbn,brian tomsic,delly ranx, voicemail, chi ching ching, shawn storm, aidonia, tony matterhorn, sean paul, courtney john, leontre, timberlee, macka diamond, lexxus, m'lonie, merital, don skiachi, jahvinci, black rhyno, chedda, capleton, shanz, t.o.k., rdx, beenie man, peter ram, hypa dawg, skinny fabulous, allison hinds, spice, missy elliott, yankey boy, first lady, lil rick, gorg, busy signal, vybez cartel, gaza slim, jahvante campbell, di senetah, perfect, sean storm, sheba, ray darwin, luciano, konshens, mischu laika, anthony b, perfect, sizzla, notch, sizzla, mavado, chaka demus, pliers, jesse royal, gyptian, j.o.e., kymani marley, krazie bone, trevor off key Show-July 23, 2011Sat, 23 Jul 2011 00:00:00 -0400wayne wonder, vybez cartel, tony matterhorn, stein, sophia brown, dj sunshine, fambo, jah malo, elephant man, sizzla, teflon, onton, shuneal easy, ninja kid, patexx, bencil, markhize, ms. triniti, gappy ranks, rayvon, red fox, mr. diamond, trixstar, tom hype, emiliano, 3gga, daville, beniton the menace, bongo chilli, determine, edge michael, new kingston, ward 21, chino, fadda fox, aidonia, specialist, mavado, dubmatix, quido, o shen, courtney john, glen washington, tony curtis, melanie fiona, ce'cile, toya, beenie man, tre'sur, sly and robbie, perfect, jah cure, jolly boys Show-July 3-, 2011Sun, 31 Jul 2011 00:00:00 -0400vybez cartel, mr. vegas, smokie cut, demarco, ding dong, voicemail, kimmey blacks tornado, eklypse, patexx, lady saw, little hero, teflon, jah vokal, k'von, d'star, kali blaxx, food kartel, madd anju, mikeylous, bobby hustle, delly ranx, dway, gappy ranks, ice cold, ravers clavers, ding dong, tony matterhorn, tifa, beenie man, assassin, i octane, bugle, capleton, popcaan, mavado, flexx, chase cross, 3 star, sean paul, alexis jordan, wayne wonder, wayne marshall, tarrus riley, sizzla, jah cure, gramps morgan, laza morgan, azmari, escapade, jego latel, neyo, hopeton lindo, dub vision, hodge, shari, sophia brown, jahman, pressure, collie buddz, tiana, carol cool Show-August 6, 2011Sat, 06 Aug 2011 00:00:00 -0400popcaan, mr. lexx, esco, khago, voicemail, terro 3000, wayne wonder, charlie blacks, honorebel, pressure, selena serrano, k. victoria, rachel renee, lady saw, propa fade, tifa, tony matterhorn, ding dong, bugle, monsta twins, higher tone, wowski, mackeehan, zero, bugle, t.o.k., g starr, stylo g, opal, spice, missy elliott, stylysh, jahvinci, kiprich, twins of twins, luciano, sizzla, jesse jenda, stuart wilson, bug, collis duranty, sizzla, kayla bliss, jesse royal, voicemail, rasco, jahmiel, hyah slice, gyptian, erup, keida, sanchez, mo zhai, lefside, dr. evil, mavado, gappy ranks, russian, collie buddz, gaza slim, singa blinga, lenny matic Show-August 13, 2011Sat, 13 Aug 2011 00:00:00 -0400twins of twins, vybez cartel, marlon asher, future fambo, showtime damion, elly ess, bounty killer, mavado, tosh, lady saw, patexx, ward 21, mr. vegas, g whizz, jahvinci, d'angel, merital family, black rhyno, khago, aidonia, nine mill, lisa hyper, beenie man, charly blacks, tony matterhorn, mavado, shurwaine winchester, wayne marshall, kid kurrupt, supa hype, daniel beddington, devina burn, macka diamond, rdx, tanto black, serani, verseewild, hurricane, big dog, bravo, zj liquid, turbulence, chuck fender, mikey spice, richie spice, konshens, jahmiel, d'yani, eva hype, propa fade, voicemail, gentleman, gappy ranks, jodiaan pantry, rihanna, mad bwoy, wayne marshall, jahvinci, tarrus riley, glen washington, courtney john, ed robinson, ken bob
Riddims-man down, soulmate, sunshine, overproof, takeover, hypertension
Dancehall/Reggae Show-August 20, 2011Sat, 20 Aug 2011 00:00:00 -0400ward 21, dewun, vybez cartel, biggie smalls, rudy, machel montano, bridgez, sleepy hallowtips, flexx, massicka, tiana, darrio, timberlee, pamputae, posh, natalie storm, raine seville, kym hamilton, stacious, item, gia, nefatari, ishawna, bridgez, delly ranx, martina, g whizz, trevor off key, patexx, tony matterhorn, munga, hilltop family, benzly hype, gappy ranks, tall up, scotch bonnet, voicemail, mr. vegas, lady ali, ricky frass, wash belly, assassin, suku ward, twins of twins, deva bratt, kiprich, jey marc, wayne marshall, icesis bling, p dubbz, zamunda, kali blaxx, ras penco, fyakin, admiral tibbet, khago, collie buddz, propa fada, talisa, rdx, gyptian, i wayne, kayla bliss, jesse royal, sizzla, king jazzy, kc jockey, marswell, djp, toledo, sanjay, jimmy cliff Show-August 27, 2011Sat, 27 Aug 2011 00:00:00 -0400ward 21, chan dizzy, popcaan, tiana, stylysh, mia jae, beyonce, delly ranx, black diamon, g whizz, vybez cartel, tommy lee, sheba, gaza slim, shawn storm, bounty killer, chase cross, mavado, fambo, king david, wasp, richie loop, kamalu, charlie blacks, zerby, tian winter, tifa, kristopher, versatile, notch, new kingston, baby chris, gappy ranks, christopher ellis, konshens, jus 10 ward, chino, denyque, aidonia, chilando, campbell b, assassin, trevor off key, deva bratt, UG, dubmatix, prince blanco, dennis alcapone, toots Show-September 3, 2011Sat, 03 Sep 2011 00:00:00 -0400Abbreviated show this week due to a badly timed power outage.
demarco, aidonia, keely b, keida, tifa, ce'cile, christopher martin, stylo g, fantan mojah, konshens, i octane, luciano, louie culture, sizzla, coco tea, tony rebel, sanchez, chevelle franklin, lady g, ce'cile, agent sasco, trevor off key
Dancehall/Reggae Show-September 10, 2011Sat, 10 Sep 2011 00:00:00 -0400sensato, pitbull, sak noel, dj sunshine, ricky blaze, sizzla, deep freeze, shane o, chris clarke, baby chris, bounty killer, aidonia, beenie man, d'angel, macka diamond, john legend, buju banton. natural black, shaka pow, sadiki, askel, rayven, amani, baba dee, kim kartina, ce'cile, lisa mercedez, stylo g, gappy ranks, russian, collie buddz, vybez cartel, popcaan, rude boy, stockholm highgrades, jahmiel, bugle, mr. vegas, 1st lady, problem child, salt, big red, t pain, sean paul, verseewild, versatile, mad dog, chris lick shot, peter ram, donderman and gadmandubs, shurwayne winchester, lee anna, spice, elephant man, nyrone, mavado, ace hood, ceegee, sister nancy, lady lee, esco, warrior king Show-September 24, 2011Sat, 24 Sep 2011 00:00:00 -0400dancehall,reggae,radio,podcast,wcbn,brian tomsic,danielle, shabba ranks, mr. vegas, digital sham, bounty killer, beenie man, twins of twins, tony matterhorn, tiger, fire links, quick cook, d'angel, jahvinci, i octane, versatile, bugle, jahmiel, kibaki, munga, flava star, flippa mafia, assassin, konshens, onton, darrio, chozenn, agent sasco, machel montano, fantom dundeal, fadda fox, zan, super jigga, patrice roberts, swappi, lil rick, skinny fabulous, flow, wayne marshall, the spaniard, bunji garlin, aidonia, kiprich, makamillion, ecliff, lil ray, dale ryan, orlando octave, sizzla, di genius, elephant man, laden, o.c., chino, bramma, singing sweet, richie loop, singing melody, gyptian, jah ruby, jc lodge, barry biggs, ashli jade, oneil pert, sharon forrester, kashief lindo, nikesha lindo, amblique, marcia griffiths, beres hammond, junie ranks, green lion, eek a mouse Show-October 1, 2011Sat, 01 Oct 2011 00:00:00 -0400vybez cartel, aidonia, lefside, loni jones, allison hinds, orlando octave, mista spine, kerry john, lyrikal, buffy, prestan, ninja kid, zj wah wa, onton, blak rhyno, chedda, ding dong, react, shadez, tony matterhorn, louie culture, stevo star, king juli, mr. peppa, munga, assassin, redeema, future fambo, quain, esco da shocker, d.a., supa dups, flippa mafia, eyesus, jahvinci, terro 3000, beenie man, bounty killer, bencil, mr. g, bugle, khago, aidonia, konshens, i octane, lutan fyah, tnez, chris martin, tarrus riley, jah cure, voicemail, alaine, ce'cile, chino, agent sasco, fantan mojah, protoje, odel, ethiopians Show-October 15, 2011Sat, 15 Oct 2011 00:00:00 -040090s mix,i octane, denyque, konshens, natel, ce'cile, christopher martin, i octane, fantan mojah, stylo g, luciano, midnite, i wayne, chezidek, sizzla, d'angel, laden, mojo morgan, prodigal son, bounty killer, tnez, kiprich Show-October 22, 2011Sat, 22 Oct 2011 00:00:00 -0400demarco, french montana, fambo, lanmine, specialist, beenie man, shaggy, da professor, red fox, macka diamond, terro 3000, galaxy p, delly ranx, erup, mavado, bencil, spice, chris martin, zj liquid, mr. g, chase cross, future fambo, richie loop, ninja kid, wayne marshall, teetimus, bling dawg, rdx, determine, luciano, pinchers, capleton, bounty killer, chi ching ching, nesbeth, black rhyno, aidonia, charley black, bmwa, tajji, bramma, war professa, fiyah, iyara, elephant man, black rhyno, aidonia, j.o.p., stein, tnez, serani, wayne wonder, ricardo drue, bunji garlin, vybez cartel, allison hinds, busy signal, blaqk sheep, burro banton, khago, vader, armstrong, boogieman, chino, baby tash, gwalla, pamputae, mr. vegas, major mackerel, sharon forrester, kashief lindo, nikesha lindo, glen washington, jah ruby, i octane, zamunda, chris martin, ce'cile, romain virgo, damian jr. gong marley, kymani marley, protoje, queen ifrica, lutan fyah, al campbell, gyptian, gappy ranks Show-October 29, 2011Sat, 29 Oct 2011 00:00:00 -0400i octane, aidonia, aisha davis, shana s, vybez cartel, shawn storm, delly ranx, gappy ranks, lee anna, baby boom, wayne wonder, g starr, cali p, las balkanieras, gnucci banana, joey fever, tom hype, serocee, sanjin, rigo, million stylez, red fox, mr. easy, ghost, shena s, devon matthews, black rhyno, blaze, specialist, calado, busy signal, zac dutch, qq, iyara, ashanti, delus, nefatari, iyara, masta j, fire wayne, warria, mogla, patexx, lep, kym hamilton, bridgez, merital family, tiger, rm, que, kush arora, chan dizzy, deablo, harry toddler, iba mahr, denno, da professor Show-November 5, 2011Sat, 05 Nov 2011 00:00:00 -0400i wayne, sharrie, vybez cartel, m.i.a., i octane, bounty killer, kevin lyttle, lil cham, next b, wayne marshall, bugle, monster twins, syon, lefside, fambo, t.o.k., tony matterhorn, mad cobra, merciless, beenie man, bling dawg, busy signal, demarco, elephant man, notch, khago, daddy mory, mr. lexx, lee anna, million stylez, munga, gyptian, hollow point, cali p, stylo g, mr. vegas, richie loop, drastic, merital, smood face, peter hunningale, sanchez, tony anthony, sadiki, ce'cile, maxi priest, marcia griffiths, buju banton, jovi rockwell, juss ice, konshens, vital, ela dia, tessanne, alaine, voicemail, erup, mavado, jester, laza morgan, kid kut, g whizz, rebellious, dubmatix, brother culture Show-November 12, 2011Sat, 12 Nov 2011 00:00:00 -0500vybez cartel, assassin, kiprich, jahvinci, iyara, digital sham, deva bratt, cham, bounty killer, gabriel, ninjaman, fantan mojah, sugar minott, anthony b, perfect, lady saw, beenie man, qq, mr. vegas, ce'cile, i octane, bling dawg, patexx, flippa mafia, busy signal, bunji garlin, konata alleyne, konshens, rayza, jungle, superjigga tc, serani, problem child, skinny fabulous, t.o.k., shurwayne winchester, raymond dile, nadan blackstalin, nano bravo, shabu, hermano l, lasai, onton, million stylez, chevaughn, gappy ranks, future fambo, richie loop, hezron, d major, chuck fender, chris martin, jah cure, tnez, ratigan, etana, bobby hustle, ras bogle Show-November 26, 2011Sat, 26 Nov 2011 00:00:00 -0500mavado, akon, sean paul, wayne marshall, major potent, busy signal, ce'cile, wayne wonder, tami chynn, raine seville, spragga benz, bugle, demarco, laden, popcaan, surprize, taranchyla, froggy maddsquad, briggy benz, anthony b, baby boom, khago, shaggy, busy signal, deva bratt, eklypse, rolando blake, rashani, spechinal, j.o.p., sizzla, capleton, iba mahr, t.o.k., karl morrison, dolla sign, alozade, kymani marley, gaza slim, vybez cartel, protoje, da professor, ken boothe, romain virgo, tarrus riley, nikesha lindo, ashli jade, melodians, kashief lindo, amblique, beres hammond, jesse royal, tony anthony, bridgez, inner circle, i octane, bizerk, dubmatix, prince blanco, dennis alcapone Show-December 3, 2011Sat, 03 Dec 2011 00:00:00 -0500farmer nappy, anthony b, t.o.k., ishawna, agent sasco, i octane, aidonia, bounty killer, kiprich, iyara, merciless, deva bratt, tony matterhorn, busy signal, sean paul, tarrus riley, mr. vegas, lady saw, lisa hype, ishawna, bridgez, d'angel, bling dawg, camar, bugle, stein, spice, flexx, gappy ranks, vybez cartel, capleton, sizzla, wayne marshall, ding dong, beenie man, d12, enimen, david banner, akon, snoop dogg, lil wayne, whita, positive young lion, carl meeks, tarrus riley, konshens, turbulence, kananga, luciano, inika, qshan, u roy, delly ranx, froggy maddsquad, galaxy p, wayne wonder, lukie d, brando, sophia squire, shaggy, j khule, richie spice, tanya stephens, mark lyttle, lutan fyah, fambo, charly black Show-December 10, 2011Sat, 10 Dec 2011 00:00:00 -0500vybez cartel, miguel,buju banton, red rat, sean paul, lefside, ding dong, russian, popcaan, pusha t, notch, serani, di genius, chino, laden, yanique, sasha, wayne wonder, terro 3000, pressure, don yute, busy signal, kenyatta fire, million styles, norrisman, mr. vegas, tnez, rebellious, looga man, kalibwoy karlito, advance, mr. lexx, ward 21, gappy ranks, erup, cee gee, baby cham, kerwin dubois, bunji garlin, faye ann lyons, wayne marshall, fambo, charley black, tony matterhorn, elephant man, patexx, trevor off key, demarco, ce'cile, delus, denyque, nellie roxx, khago, chris martin, zamunda, ginjah, singer jah, g whizz, i octane, anthony b, fantan mojah, lutan fyah, devano, sir ford, turbulence, lymie murray, luciano, duane stephenson, beyonce, pinchers, chan dizzy, gregory isaacs, barrington levy Show-December 17, 2011Sat, 17 Dec 2011 00:00:00 -0500cham, dejavu, popcaan, vybez cartel, deva bratt, flexx, g starr, delly ranx, wayne marshall, ward 21, voicemail, camar, ricky chopz, fresh, patexx, esco, erup, ding dong, calado, navino, hyah slice, deablo, jahvinci, flames i, tony frass, baby tash, aidonia, gappy ranks, teflon, double k, redd, sustain, busy signal, mad cobra, beenie man, rasco, chan dizzy, el cudjoe, scrappy, kerwin du bois, destra garcia, rally rally ree, damian marley, ajrenalin, razz and biggy, wasp, ninja kid, raine seville, kiprich, lisa hype, laden, agent sasco, zj liquid, richie loop, hottab ball, voicemail, demarco, sean paul, zia benjamin, tanya stephens, el jai, ruth ann brown, i octane, maja flava, dajure, kc jockey, tommy lee, sugar minott Show-December 31, 2011Sat, 31 Dec 2011 00:00:00 -0500New Years Eve!
Pre-recorded show featuring new music.
Dancehall/Reggae Show-January 7, 2012Sat, 07 Jan 2012 00:00:00 -0500julius de intelligent, vijay, bounty killer, konshens, darrio, kray z, d'angel, tony matterhorn, ngel mavado, squeeze, neziah, kiprich, rockstar teetimus, demarco, propa fade, bugle, laden, rock star, popcaan, busy signal, kimanda, tajji, konshens, degree, mr. peppa, deewubnn, lambert, craigy t, mr. lexx, lambert, timberlee, gappy ranks, bramma, million stylez, mega b, red rat, ward 21, bling dawg, peter ram, busy signal, shaggy, rayvon, onton, voicemail, flixx n hooch, serengeti, emiliano, 3gga, rojah, trixstar, jaqee, natalie storm, deliman, red fox, delly ranx, kholioung, taranchyla, sean don, froggy maddsquad, calton coffee, machaco, massicker, lea anna, shola ama, maxi priest, million stylez, yami bolo, virtus, jahvinci, christopher martin, etana, t.o.k., collie buddz Show-January 14, 2012Sat, 14 Jan 2012 00:00:00 -0500elephant man, rdx, demarco, ninja kid, mavado, chi ching ching, dev, vybez cartel, serani, chan dizzy, bugle, samboni, fire links, popcaan, beenie man, cee gee, lady saw, sizzla, spragga benz, perfect, teflon, charley black, trelawny citizen, madd anju, determine, capleton, maximus dan, zan, trilla, jamesy p, skinny fabulous, destra garcia, patrice roberts, swappi, m1, tian winter, orlando octave, kerry john, nebula, bunji garlin, kerwin dubois, shaggy, kat de luna, george nooks, danny english, egg nog, natural black, anthony cruz, luciano, yami bolo, anthony b, tony rebel, conrad crystal, suga roy, sizzla, junior kelly, natty king, queen ifrica, etana, chuky, protoje, i octane, chan dizzy, eljai, richie loop Show-January 21, 2012Sat, 21 Jan 2012 00:00:00 -0500jamdoggz, michelle x, kes, gappy ranks, 3 star, tiana, seanizzle, king david, jahmalo, zagga, hotaru, mellie b, pretty kitty, pinky, stein, cubanis, hollowpoint, fambo, olatunji, jw, blaze, kimba sorazn, machel montano, shurwaine winchester, popcaan, marcel, rikki jai, derek and bless, j.o., versatile, twin sof twins, pickney, damian marley, wayne marshall, bounty killer, mavado, raine seville, natalie storm, kym hamilton, iyara, gappy ranks, capleton, fantan mojah, ginja, teflon, beres brown, lutan fyah, gentleman, rebellion, little francky, j boog, natural black, zareb, , peetah morgan, mojo morgan, nico d, d'ville, navino, cas haley, tesanne chin, taddy p, evin lake, romain virgo, flexx, karl morrison, i wayne, black rhyno, tenor saw Show-January 28, 2012Sat, 28 Jan 2012 00:00:00 -0500sean paul, elephant man, frisco kid, demarco,, patexx, rdx, general degree, stacious, andrew and wada blood, iyara, kibaki, masicka, ward 21, konshens, , flexx, bennetto, krusher, pennie irie, junior cat, devon matthews, benjai, lil bitts, umi marcano, screws, mr. lexx, sizzla, farenheit, lord kossity, zagga, navino, million stylez, richie loop, capleton, i octane, jah sun, peter morgan, serani, collie buddz, jahvinci, sinead o'connor, peter spence, janet kay, carroll thompson, adele harley, lady lex, nikesha lindo, rekha, nadine sutherland, chalice, gyptian, turbulence, warrior king, tarrus riley, busy signal, , harry toddler, versatile, agent sasco, jahmiel, jermaine michael, etana, daddy roy, ammoye Show-February 4, 2012Sat, 04 Feb 2012 00:00:00 -0500dancehall,reggae,radio,podcast,wcbn,brian tomsic, potential kid, dahlia, massicka, fambo, ricky blaze, kiprich, cutty, aidonia, anthony b, busy signal, wayne marshall, bling dawg, capleton, teflon, dj sunshine, merciless, rhyno, blacka dan, rockstar teeti, d'angel, lady saw, versatile, khago, rdx, bhehbi, tauya kuzowachisa, tapinde mu, seanizzle, ce'cile, gyptian, mr. vegas, devon matthews, , rikki jai, shaggy, tarrus riley, rayvon, j boog, yung juggz, red fox, alju, alaine, delly ranx, nikesha lindo, timmi burrell, winstrong, le prince, lutan fyah, dway, esco levi, jemere morgan, bobby hustle, gappy ranks Show-February 11, 2012Sat, 11 Feb 2012 00:00:00 -0500First week of WCBN Fundraiser. We need your support to continue bring you the finest Jamaican programming on the Detroit Area's last and only reggae radio program! Thanks.
Dancehall/Reggae Show-February 18, 2012Sat, 18 Feb 2012 00:00:00 -0500This is fundraiser week!
Please go to and support WCBN. Get yourself a cool Summer Party Mix CD for your trouble!
Dancehall/Reggae Show-February 25, 2012Sat, 25 Feb 2012 00:00:00 -0500lovindeer, gabrielle, sumerr, chi ching, chapanore, anthony b, jinyus, j yungg, tony matterhorn, mr. lexx, bunji garlin, beenie man, trevor off key, skinny fabulous, annua li, assassin, boom boom, konshens, elephant man, popcaan, exile di brave, chaos, g-loc, nuklear, determine, deva bratt, gyptian, big wayne, jenda, tripple badd, flexx, predator, ninja kid, saine, d'angel, rich kid, mzminiray, ghost, macka diamond, lady saw, kari jess, hitmaker, voicemail, darrio, chris diamond, delus, lefside, tamarley, tiana, tarrus riley, quickcook, samboni, jj staynless, stephie, mark lyttle, dynamq, delly ranx, kali blaxx, edi fitzroy, chino, kiprich, busy signal, mavado, tifa, aidonia, shurwayne winchester, khago, daville, sumerr, shani, anthony cruz Show-March 3, 2012Sun, 04 Mar 2012 00:00:00 -0500vybez cartel, spice, sheba, lefside, konshens, beenie man, boom boom, tommy lee, gyptian, tnez, timeka marshall, dalla sign, karl morrison, delus, cece bond, prince stoney, supa hype, t.o.k., monsta twins, laden, terro 3000, larous, kibaki, teflon, g starr, da professor, fatss, quain, shaka pow, sadiki, massicker, kirkledove, busy signal, bling dawg, baby tash, timeka marshall, opal, tina nunez, elephant man, popcaan, anthony cruz, junie platinum, true blazz, qq, g maffiah, anthony que, lutan fyah, luciano, voicemail, lutan fyah, anthony b, i octane, the fearless, fantan mojah, demarco, darrio, denyque, sophia brown, nellie roxx, khago, chris martin, cecile, pam hall, ras manuel, cindy bravo, glen washington, nazarenes Show-March 17, 2012Sat, 17 Mar 2012 00:00:00 -0400zagga, dane ray, prophet benjamin, popcaan, mr. vegas, black diamon, bencil, vybez cartel, specta, t jy, def j, konshens, mark hize, busy signal, redd man uk, ice cold, da professor, double k, gappy ranks, liquid, esco, fresh, camar, i candy, konshens, i octane, munga, chi ching, supa hype, fambo, chedda, chan dizzy, cham, bounty killer, ceegee, beenie man, kiprich, sophia squire, timeka, torch, richie stephens, romain virgo, stevie face, pressure, tijani, j soul, jah cure, versatile, laden, jahmiel, bugle, voicemail, tidal, mavado, jah rain, jesse royal, lutan fyah, bescenta, amy winehouse, alborosie Show-March 24, 2012Sat, 24 Mar 2012 00:00:00 -0400silver cat, nas, mx, mackamilli, javi jav, casi hype, kray z, cashy goldmic, elly ess, sol, sunshine, d'angel, beenie man, kiprich, buju banton, bramma, wayne marshall, ding dong, voicemail, black diamon, jr. daine, richie loop, sampaloo, spice, capleton, vybez cartel, dr. evil, ce'cile, lady sovereign, mr. vegas, loo ranks, future fambo, bugle, triple, grim reapa, shane o, monsta twins, bugle, konshens, baby tash, aidonia, assassin, quick cook, ed robinson, nana mclean, papa biggy, lady g, lovindeer, gappy ranks, lloyd brown, stevie face, courtney john, terry linen, screwdriver, sharon forrester, nikesha lindo, kashief lindo, jahvinci, barry biggs, amblique, beres hammond, them island boyz, jah cure, cregis, vybrant, colour quest, marlon asher, skatalites Show-March 31, 2012Sat, 31 Mar 2012 00:00:00 -0400lefside, popcaan, vybez cartel, i octane, liquid, tifa, stephen di genius mcgregor, seanizzle, liquid, mr. g, potential kid, bencil, beenie man, future fambo, aidonia, ishawna, kiprich, khago, g whizz, demarco, charley black, konshens, tifa, spice, lady saw, t.o.k., tarrus riley, elephant man, jahvinci, black rhyno, chino, versatile, chi ching ching, natalie storm, capleton, gyptian, dejavu, mr. lexx, bunji garlin, gorg, lil rick, crimeson, answar, big red, mr. vegas, truthful, zulachi, peas head, little hero, lutan fyah, aiva, whitney wright, spanner banner, richie spice, zamunda, mr. melody, laden, mavado, dimitri, singing melody, beres hammond, sophia brown, luciano, alborosie, sizzla, darrio, kymani marley Show-April 7, 2012Sat, 07 Apr 2012 00:00:00 -0400shaggy, wayne wonder, vybez cartel, i octane, konshens, popcaan, fire empress, fusion, , spice, mario c, point blankk, mystic, di sulvent, bencil, panik j, dsnjaahtai, specta, elephant man, jenda, big wayne, gyptian, , flexxx, preditor, saine, ninja kid, d'angel, gappy ranks, kantana, stylysh, , bridgez, lady saw, terro 3000, voicemail, t.o.k., rdx, ninjaman, kiprich, deva bratt, wayne marshall, delly ranx, ajrenalin, wasp, adena myrie, diastro, timeka marshall, bay c, anonimus, singing u, marlon b, ricardo clarke, g.cole, khalil, fyah lynx, vivian green, fireson, kymani marley, tessanne chin, dahlia, nina davis, mavado, dimitri, chino, aaron kedar, errol bonnick, sarjant d, peetah morgan, bushman, richie spice, randy valentine, reddman uk, bobby hustle, brakka general, don andre, busy signal Show-April 14, 2012Sat, 14 Apr 2012 00:00:00 -0400rdx, masicka, the black peter, wayne wonder, voicemail, beenie man, galaxy p, bugsy malone, anthony b, mr. lexx, bounty killer, ward 21, bling dawg, vybez cartel, chan dizzy, shawn storm, gaza slim, popcaan, tommy lee, busy signal, khago, i octane, demarco, tony matterhorn, supa hype, stein, kiprich, munga, big wayne, chi ching ching, , orthadox, lenky roy, kalcium, calado, agent sasco, mr. killa, luta, skinny fabulous, zamunda, navino, demarco, chris martin, gyptian, kali blaxx, mikeylous, x hale, lutan fyah, hero, delly ranx, george nooks, t.o.k., ras penco, sugar roy, conrad crystal, iba mahr, brown shuga, omari, etana, ninja kid, marcus myrie, charley black, sizzla, ice cold, navino, gucci flava Show-April 21, 2012Sun, 22 Apr 2012 00:00:00 -0400An interview with Bob Marley friend and confidante Neville Garrick,
vybz cartel, mr. dockery, popcaan, tommy lee, mavado, charley black, kari jess, kranium, elephant man, beenie man, malica, mystic, dre zee, notch, degree, fambo, voicemail, khago, chino, demarco, peaches, busy signal, agent sasco, quick cook, lady ali, scaacha, devina burn, baby tash, macka diamond, chuckleberry, cali p, dub nation, kayla bliss, stein, tiana, neville garrick, dean frasier, tamlins, josey wales, prince jazzbo, sizzla, anthony cruz, paul elliott, leroy mafia, lms, morgan heritage, gregory isaacs, cornell campbell
Riddims-queen of the minstrel, 231 riverside, tns, 1st quarters
Dancehall/Reggae Show-April 28, 2012Sat, 28 Apr 2012 00:00:00 -0400future fambo, lanmine, beenie man, black rhyno, lefside, tinkerball, aidonia, elephant man, lady saw, popcaan, khago, stylo g, i octane, rockstar teetimus, potential kid, lee-anna, gappy ranks, shaggy, rdx, nesbeth, chino, agent sasco, scaacha, flippa mafia, tom hype, rage, blaqk sheep, ward 21, deewun, problem child, daneel, ricardo drue, patrice roberts, bunji garlin, richie stephens, konshens, 3 star, bugle, vybrant, demarco, bounty killer, lady g, chuckleberry, anthony b, bunny general, mr. lexx, chedda, danny english, daddy lizard, cutty ranks, determine, sizzla, rory, lenn hammond, jimmy riley, ginjah, powerman, lutan fyah, adeena myrie, mojo morgan, teflon, neil amos, shaina wilson, sara logo, ice cap, hezron, drezion, peetah morgan, byngham, picture frame, dubmatix Show-May 5, 2012Sat, 05 May 2012 00:00:00 -0400popcaan, , ding dong, ravers, baby chris, aidonia, singing sweet, juvenile, jahvinci, gyptian, boom boom, keida, kibaki, sizzla, determine, chase cross, mavado, beenie man, capleton, aidonia, deablo, lutan fyah, gavodem, zamunda, , erup, munga, agent sasco, vybez cartel, indrani, holla bak, benjimenz, koolface, esco n fresh, i candy, camar, bling dawg, busy signal, lady saw, chris martin, tidal, bounty killer, ce'cile, cutty ranks, daddy lizard, max romeo, garnet silk, tyrone taylor, anthony malvo, voicemail, chuck fenda, nesbeth, kerri ann lewis, jah dore, lutan fyah, daville, richie campbell, kymani marley, tippa irie, black panther, nico d, spruddy, mark wonder, natty king, mojo morgan, charly black, rev, chris demontague, ky-enie, gramps morgan Show-May 12, 2012Sat, 12 May 2012 00:00:00 -0400flow, mr. lexx, tanya stephens, spragga benz, flexx, ms. kitty, stylysh, khago, patexx, shurwayne winchester, mr. vegas, massicka, future fambo, konshens, quick cook, samboni, spice, busy signal, sanjay, konshens, g anna, smokey, lefside, vybez cartel, bunji garlin, bounty killer, serani, sheba, kanye west, , super cat, shabba ranks, sizzla, lisa hype, , ms thing, psycho tanbad, cham, o, popcaan, elephant man, beenie man, bloodfire posse, i wayne, fiya star, etana, wayne marshall, capleton, spragga benz, lutan fyah, khago, gyptian, turbulence, duane stephenson, divine brown, angele smith, ce'cile, mavado, richie spice, lady virtue, sugar minott, matisyahu, wayne wonder, christopher martin, romain virgo, elephant man Show-May 19, 2012Sat, 19 May 2012 00:00:00 -0400,tommy lee, christopher martin, deva bratt, stacious, konshens, bounty killer, aidonia, deablo, deva bratt, vybez cartel, gaza slim, zamunda, trawma, cherine, keely, khago, munga, bugle, blak diamon, popcaan, elephant man, specialist, spice, gyptian, alaine, lukie d, beenie man, blaqk sheep, kym hamilton, cali p, richie loops, rdx, lefside, syon, ding dong, teetimus, shawn storm, kess, ricky blaze, lady saw, saine, tnez, alaine, juss ice, medena, chi ching, demarco, lutan fuyah, kerri ann lewis, nesbeth, jah dore, daville, mad cobra, anthony b, delly ranx, bobby tenna, gary snypes, collis duranty, tarrus riley, e dee, i octane, jesse royal, major laser, usher, walshy fire, ambe Show-May 26, 2012Sat, 26 May 2012 00:00:00 -0400vybez cartel, tommy lee, masicka, maestroxity, cutty, marc chin, voicemail, terro 3000, ajrenalin, black rhyno, rdx, konshens, benny b, bastic, million stylez, kg man, gioman, squaddy, richie loop, gyptian, brilliant, stein, charly black, khago, cashflow xtreme, blaqk sheep, kym hamilton, lefside, syon, machel montano, natalie storm, beenie man, first born, baby cham, swappi, patrice roberts, andrew and wada blood, juju blood, basil yard, buju banton, deva bratt, genius the king, mavado, olivia, capleton, turbulence, jordanne patrice, sizzla, lutan fyah, waunde family, peshi, man wazimu, raj, shaz p, janeson, planet b, y kid, man wazimu, shari, sophia brown, pressure, ginjah, anthony q, chuck fender, slr, saine, reosoul, anthony b Show-June 2, 2012Sat, 02 Jun 2012 00:00:00 -0400deva bratt, flexx, vybez cartel, gazawanted, ce'cile, timberlee, baby cham, nutron, shal marshall, super jigga, beenie man, cee gee, flexx, miss kitty, delly ranx, assassin, baby tash, spragga benz, stylysh, i shawna, kiprich, snowcone, trevor off key, zumjay, khago, mr. vegas, ninja kid, mavado, sean paul, fambo, bramma, agent sasco, gyptian, laden, elephant man, chino, aidonia, di genius, busy signal, tiana, j. diamondz, fambo, richie loop, brinkz, theo, ricky chaplin, junior cat, junior demus, pinchers, sanchez, richie spice, shuga, exco levi, rc, sherieta, romain virgo, aidonia, kristopher, turbulence, perfect, anthony cruz, merciless, anthony red rose, half pint, hero, jack radics, natural black, stacious, lukie d, tanya stephens, dreama, k oss, macka b, damian marley Show-June 9, 2012Sat, 09 Jun 2012 00:00:00 -0400beenie man, mario c, charlie pro, prinz charmin, kutti, sizzla, blak ryno, elly ess, vybez cartel, popcaan, navino, demarco, baby cham, ninja kid, versatile, spice, flexx, ms. thing, aidonia, tony matterhorn, versatile, shawn storm, stylysh, tanya stephens, casie hype, clumsy dappsy daps, benzly hype, masicka, spragga benz, mackmillo, gappy ranks, lil rick, big red , gorg, skinny fabulous, destra , tifa, lisa hype, lady saw, kes the band, patrice roberts, danielle, cherine, protoje, richie stephens, exco levi, wayne marshall, romain virgo, peetah morgan, froggy maddsquad, baby boom, lutan fyah, jereme morgan, nikesha lindo, adrian campbell, tarrus riley, irie love, fiji, freddy mcgregor, christopher martin, al brown, eljai, onton, konshens, cypress hill, rusko, damian marley, dontan, dubmatix, g whizz, stylo g, smood face, kunta kente Show-June 16, 2012Sun, 17 Jun 2012 00:00:00 -0400maestroxity, elly ess, vybez cartel, mr. lexx, new kidz, dugz and imij, chicken and beer, unit ravers, chad hype, baby chris, twins of twins, fambo, esco, ding dong, epic, ut ras, everton chambers, natty king, proverbs, courtney melody, robert ffrench, luciano, nazarenes, lutan fyah, taj weekes, adowa, latty guzang, marcia griffiths, hezron, glen washington, falco Show-June 23, 2012Sat, 23 Jun 2012 00:00:00 -0400tommy lee, , gappy ranks, jahmiel, flava don, blak diamon, popcaan, ninja kid, vybez cartel, stylysh, mr. vegas, assassin, burro banton, joe lickshot, carl meeks, fantan mojah, munga, mr. lexx, chi ching, bastic, laza morgan, konshens, gyptian, jupita, beenie man, fambo, tifa, aiasha, darrio, busy signal, voicemail, rdx, african, demarco, jhayee, teetimus, ding dong, hottaball, tony matterhorn, da professor, trevor off key, lea, sean paul, liquid, don choppa, masicka, nicky b, craigy t, raine seville, denyque, jahmiel, hyah slice, vybrant, bugle, steppa style, peppery, specialist, stem serious, sizzla, liquid, taranchyla, tarrus riley, wayne wonder, versatile Show-June 30, 2012Sat, 30 Jun 2012 00:00:00 -0400twins of twins, khago, foxy brown, tommy lee, popcaan, vybez cartel, lefside, demarco, markhize, singer j, darrio, konshens, mr. easy, spragga benz, gappy ranks, beenie man, esco, fresha dan, voicemail, fambo, jay dash, bugle, quick cook, unit, chicken n beer, ding dong, richie loop, attaru, i octane, nahswitch, zoo rass, teetimus, shanti force, tarrus riley, glen washington, kayla bliss, mikey general, cali p, jesse royal, perfect, mojo morgan, kabaka pyramid, iriepathie, ras muhammad, luciano, delus, anthony b, ginjah, sizzla, bonafide reggae band, damian jr. gong marley, busy signal, mad cobra, mr. vegas, bushman, spice, protoje, romain virgo Show-July 7, 2012Sat, 07 Jul 2012 00:00:00 -0400aidonia, tommy lee, vybez cartel, stylysh, tony matterhorn, red cherry, sheldon douglas, juice, shortpree, lefside, rdx, macka diamond, gyptian, alty b, 5 star, faze, lady saw, kiprich, patexxx, scotch bonnet, taranchyla, zj liquid, dj sunshine, beenie man, elephant man, konshens, chan dizzy, charly black, quick cook, aidonia, khago, bugle, shawn storm, zamunda, bunji garlin, peter ross, king der, agent sasco, kiprich, navino, lutan fyah, lukie d, red rose, yami bolo, chuck fenda, sizzla, chan dizzy, popcaan, barrington levy, khago, jordanne patrice, capleton, turbulence, lutan fyah, busy signal, shuga, sherita, timeka marshall, romain virgo, mikey spice, beres hammond, tarrus riley, bridgez, m1 dead, j boog, monsoon, humility, ryan willis, luciano, ninjaman, garnet silk Show-July 14, 2012Sat, 14 Jul 2012 00:00:00 -0400beenie man, laden, mavado, i octane, romain virgo, ryan oneil, max element, chan dizzy, agent sasco, capleton, mr. g, suga roy, conrad crystal, jah mason, silver cat, novine, lukie d, voicemail, konshens, celsius, dez i, kari jess, wendy, ce'cile, angelique, honorebel, richie campbell, pressure, chevaughn, shurwayne winchester, mdeez, swappi, ricardo dure, swallow, mack truck, drastic of them island boyz, kenne blessin, cha li x, xantone blanco, promise, lil natty, lil rick, gyptian, tarrus riley, delando, bugle, rasun, red rose, j boog, alaine, peetah morgan, man wazimu, chino, dee dre, glen washington, ah bizzy, daville, bob andy, beres hammond Show-July 21, 2012Sat, 21 Jul 2012 00:00:00 -0400dancehall,reggae,radio,podcast,wcbn,brian tomsic, wayne marshall, damian marley, aidonia, i octane, assassin, bounty killer, vybz kartel, mavado, sizzla, tommy lee, konshens, masicka, gaza slim, popcaan, elephant man, chuck fenda, bugle, ninja kid, mr. g, dreama, beenie man, alaine, chris martin, chase cross, liquid, t.o.k., laden, qq, valuable, k-oss, reddman uk, chino, busy signal, sizzla, king david, jah malo, tremma, kemmikal, camar, fambo, alison hinds, mr. dale, inches, jus10 ward, ingram charles, tessanne chin, dale ryan, makamillion, kerry john, chucky gordon, bunji garlin, waunde family, farina, emperor ceza, dj denki, python, janeson, man wazimu, voice rassy, ce'cile, tosh, shema, tnez, christopher martin, dougs, zamunda, voicemail, sizzla, esco, pressure, chuck fenda, kiprich, belinda brady, jahvinci, bunny rugs, morgan heritage, dog a log Show-July 28, 2012Sat, 28 Jul 2012 00:00:00 -0400mr. vegas, popcaan, munga, konshens, bramma, oc, stein, vybez kartel, gaza slim, likkle dainjah, macka diamond, lady g, gyptian, india shawn, latonya style, blacka, basiq, laza morgan, rdx, peter ross, lil rick, serani, black ryno, craigis, bella, kari jess, deva bratt, masicka, chico, libran, tommy lee, blak diamon, i octane, stylysh, shawn storm, busy signal, bramma, bounty killer, esco, chino, ward 21, chan dizzy, rholin x, bencil, perfect, geoffrey star, chai, daddy rings, terry ganzie, ali p, thriller u, gorilla, shaggy, di genius, daville, tarrus riley, darius talras, bonafide, damian marley, easy star all stars, barrington levy Show-August 4, 2012Sat, 04 Aug 2012 00:00:00 -0400chris ville, chi ching, bugle, vyp, ding dong, teetimus, t.o.k., future fambo, tommy lee, chase cross, mavado, chipmunk, deablo, tony matterhorn, bounty killer, simple star, richest, exco levi, stein, scotch bonnet, dilly chris, quick cook, toi, terro 3000, red fox, andre gc fennell, shaggy, wayne wonder, rayvon, tenille amor, rsny, italis, shaki, ding dong, m dot, konshens, gyptian, zayne, bunny general, charley black, lefside, lasai, la puta opepe, maikal x, kalibwoy, jah sun, kubla, charly b, onton, chi ching ching, lutan fyah, zamunda, teflon, turbulence, junior reid, chuck fenda, junior d, jrm c, harris, king siege, fya man, flexx, karl morrison, j.o.e., bay c, luciano, chuckleberry, chino, sizzla, snoop lion, ryan willis Show-August 11, 2012Sat, 11 Aug 2012 00:00:00 -0400First batch of tribute songs to the Jamaican Olympic team! Show-August 18, 2012Sat, 18 Aug 2012 00:00:00 -0400i octane, shifta, stackle ice, josey wales, 3 star, natural black, mega banton, famous twenty, mr upp, turbulence, macka diamond, beenie man, teflon, ck, kunley, mo$ion, massicka, craigy t, deewunn, timberlee, bramma, ward 21, orlando octave, gappy ranks, juvenile, lefside, dr. evil, rdx, charley black, tifa, konshens, agent sasco, stylo g, zabrick, munga, machel montano, lymie murray, ginja, anthony b, adeena myrie, lady g, lutan fyah, lenn hammond, perfect, sanchez, hya p, chris martin, cali p, jahvinci, iq, notch, ce'cile, ishawna, mandelson, mighty diamonds, burning spear, ethiopians, ice cold Show-September 1, 2012Sat, 01 Sep 2012 00:00:00 -0400tommy lee, bugle, vybz kartel, gaza slim, popcaan, konshens, black diamon, elephant man, tony matterhorn, tifa, aidonia, voicemail, sizzla, mavado, mr.g, chico, i octane, demarco, ninja kid, raine seville, delly ranx, ovamarz, quick cook, ding dong, chi ching ching, gyptian, jesse royal, jah hanief, mikey murka, richie davis, peter bouncer, kenny knots, selah collins, lady lex, turbulence, , tony anthony, ginja, khago, new kingston, easy star all stars, morgan heritage, rayvon, shaggy\, kes, major lazer, black judah, snoop lion, black uhuru, usain bolt Show-August 25, 2012Sun, 02 Sep 2012 00:00:00 -0400tommy lee, vybz kartel, wasp, mr. lexx, liquid, froggy maddsquad, bugle, delly ranx, stivie culture, tarrus riley, stein khago, ishawna, jahvinci, flexxx, charley black, demarco, i octane, spragga benz, macka diamond, kem j, shane o, dhax, donaeo, teddyson john, shurwayne winchester, gyptian, stein, buju banton, richie spice, raquel oliver, laza morgan, bunny rugs, asyl, colis duranty, prestige, neville lindo, nesbeth, lutan fyah, tanice morrison, ras brando, nazzleman, luciano, john mouse, nahswitch, wayne wonder, d'angel, beres hammond, dubmatix, jay douglas, christopher martin, bay c, wayne marshall Show-September 8, 2012Sat, 08 Sep 2012 00:00:00 -0400gappy ranks, big wayne, munga, elephant Man, ding dong, harry toddler, mo$ion, aidonia, onton, i octane, bounty killer, vybz kartel, tommy lee, lady saw, khago, zamunda, lanmine, flexxx, t.o.k., mr. pepper, lemonade, ice cold, bugle, busy signal, martin, calado, iyara, eklypse, wayne wonder, tiana, t d rankin, hyah slyce, delus, zagga, jj staynless, j capri, tessanne chin, r.c., shuga, alozade, exco levi, ernie smith, kiprich, etana, collie buddz, blukid, mr. williamz, jamesy p, busy signal, damian marley, tnez, potential kid, popcaan, sean paul Show-September 15, 2012Sat, 15 Sep 2012 00:00:00 -0400tommy lee, blak diamon, bugle, masicka, mr. g, cubanis, busy signal, t.o.k., lemonade, ice cold, mr. pepper, stylysh, beenie man, chino, kiprich, laden, timberlee, shane hoosang, munga, ninja kid, rich pimp, fambo, capleton, sizzla, savage, ut ras, lutan fyah, thrilla u, teflon, mr. murphy, erup, lady saw, denno, mr. vegas, lefside, sean paul, ninjaman, taliban, blacker, og stunna, suku, lisa hyper, ce'cile, 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-0400barrington levy, twins of twins, vybz kartel, gangnam, elephant man, cham, aidonia, di genius, frisco kid, laden, deablo, chino, sean paul, voicemail, harry toddler, macka diamond, likkle dainjah, thugsy malone, specialist, g warren, mosion, masicka, dwayno, galaxy p, konshens, striker maddsquad, textra, madd one, delly ranx, patexx, esco, bling dawg, froggy madd squad, sean don, wayne wonder, rdx, t.o.k., skarra mucci, dj hard2def, million stylez, alozade, d flame, lefside, demarco, shuga, major, timeka, dalton harris, r.c., assassin, busy signal, lutan fyah, jack radics, stevie face, red rose, richie stephens, romain virgo, coco tea, khago, toya, tempricher, ishawna, mudda squad, craig, gyptian, maja current, etana, denyque, cutty ranks Show-October 20, 2012Sun, 21 Oct 2012 00:00:00 -0400chan dizzy, yung quincy, vybz kartel, kalado, jabulani, aidonia, bounty killer, tommy lee, mavado, chino, bramma, elephant man, chino, deablo, voicemail, sean paul, munga, stein, khago, gyptian, harry toddler, pamputae, chi ching ching, charley black, laden, d'angel, fambo, i octane, mr. vegas, tony matterhorn, stein, sophia brown, tanto metro, devonte, voicemail, ninja kid, dolla bounce, yellostone, khyda, collie buddz, captain barkey, turbulence, lymie murray, spectacular, mark tenn, hyah slice, lutan fyah, ataru, jahmiel, konshens, bugle, blak diamon, g whizz, tarrus riley, junior reid, jahvinci, twins of twins, jah cure, barrington levy Show-November 3, 2012Sat, 03 Nov 2012 00:00:00 -0400baby cham, t.i., lil wayne, bencil, tommy lee, popcaan, lady saw, agent sasco, i octane, khago, zamunda, esco, beenie man, cee gee, busy signal, rdx, ryan o'neil, spice, stimulant, ninja kid, hawkeye, general degree, t.o.k., propa fade, cali p, charly black, vybz kartel, gappy ranks, kari jess, bugle, ridiculas, bunji garlin, captain barkey, voicemail, chevaughn, tony matterhorn, jayds, onton, deablo, aidonia, kush riley, pelpa, fowlie dan, juvazzi, bobo blackstar, i wayne, mr. easy, beneatto, fyah george, half pint, luciano, konshens, lutan fyah, cali p, tarrus riley, alaine, tanya stephens, lukie d, warrior king, buju banton, shuga Show-October 27, 2012Mon, 05 Nov 2012 00:00:00 -0500Aidonia, ras batch, niyorah, queen ifrica, bunny rugs, gyptian, beres hammond, trevor off key, navino, busy signal, assassin, exco levi, yami bolo, sherieta, romain virgo, morgan heritage, richie spice, taddy p, a.j. brown, future, baby cham, mavado, spice, shuneal sassy, voicemail, bencil, tiana, daville, lejah, charly black, demarco, rdx, skyaz, chico, ms. Badazz, delus, darrio, macka diamond, mr. g, chico, twins of twins, beenie man, kiprich, ninjaman, capleton, elephant man, patexx, vybz kartel, gaza slim, lisa hyper, jah malo, I octane, vyral, iyara, noah power Show-November 10, 2012Sat, 10 Nov 2012 00:00:00 -0500chase cross, mavado, chipmunk, layonson, tommy lee, masicka, demarco, munga, princz charmin, stein, eklypse, iyara, food kartel, deva bratt, elephant man, frisco, masicka, kaliba, flexx, k.i., kiprich, bounty killer, chan dizzy, ninja kid, konshens, frassman, vybz kartel, tommy lee, under pressure, mr. shammi, bunji garlin, nigel rojas, blaxx, raymond ramnarine, rocky, anthony b, twiggi, bascom, lutan fyah, teflon, berrtus, warrior king, mr.diamond, alva, khago, matik, aidonia, protoje, prezident brown, george nooks, richie spice, chino, kardinal offishal Show-November 24, 2012Sat, 24 Nov 2012 00:00:00 -0500vybz kartel, teetimus, tommy lee, cham, beenie man, aidonia, devon matthews, nisha b, masicka, charley black, j capri, collie buddz, elephant man, kalado, k queens, konshens, munga, mavado, lyndo di lyrical gaad, busy signal, tiana, gaza slim, tami chynn, sean paul, positive, delly ranx, turbulence, luciano, gregory isaacs, mykal rose, freddie mcgregor, wayne wade, screwdriver, melodians, mical rustle, gavinchi brown, barry biggs, nikesha lindo, kashief lindo, al campbell, amblique, glen washington, jah cure, tarrus riley, prezident brown, blaqk sheep, beres hammond Show-December 1, 2012Sat, 01 Dec 2012 00:00:00 -0500king bubba, machel montano, lil rick, chyme, vybz kartel, spice, lefside, tappa t, mr. vegas, sean paul, konshens, natel, jr. daine, sanjay, chico, voicemail, tifa, spice, tiana, t.o.k., red fox, richie loop, shifta, singing sweet, chris marsh, popcaan, charly black, i octane, navino, munga, iyara, elephant man, munga, ishawna, flexx, busy signal, harry toddler, blak rhyno, tarrus riley, zagga, christopher martin, romain virgo, queen ifrica, ce'cile, alaine, delly ranx, bobby hustle, winstrong, perfect, sizzla, chronixx, pressure, gyptian, maja current, rihanna, etana, beres hammond Show-December 8, 2012Sat, 08 Dec 2012 00:00:00 -0500popcaan, jahvinci, 3 star, munga, chi ching ching, munga, busy signal, vybz kartel, gaza slim, voicemail, versatile, embargo, potential kid, shane o, britt smith, queen ifrica, alaine, blacka, macka diamond, wasp, liquid, i octane, agent sasco, mr. g, chico, flexx, black rhyno, trevor off key, wowchi, bencil, badgoat billy, tony matterhorn, lady saw, sikka rymes, ochre, karamanti, mr.mazin, bramma, laden, bruno mars, major lazer, lutan fyah, norris man, nature, erup, mackeehan, d major, shuga, exco levi, iba mahr, jah mali, anuhea, tarrus riley, future fambo, matik, deep jah i, barrington levy Show-December 15, 2012Sat, 15 Dec 2012 00:00:00 -0500mavado, wowchi, rdx, lefside, busy signal, snoop lion, kyaci, doc rayne, kippo, vybz kartel, flexx, bling dawg, munga, elly ess, badda flexx, marvelous, mr. easy, aidonia, sizzla, penny irie, future fambo, benjai kernal roberts, machel montano, lil rick, benjai, kerwin dubois, michell x, wassi, skinny fabulous, d'angel, elephant man, stylo g, denyque, agent sasco, collie buddz, richie stephens, conkarah, jahvinci, j boog, richie campbell, chris martin, ce'cile, sophia squire, voicemail, major laser, amber cofman, eek a mouse, romain virgo, morgan heritage, wada blood, junior reid, dennis brown, cesco jam, di great, barrington levy Show-December 22, 2012Sat, 22 Dec 2012 00:00:00 -0500Our Annual Dancehall Reggae Christmas Spectacular! Show-December 29, 2012Sun, 30 Dec 2012 00:00:00 -05005 micZ, tommy lee, sean paul, mavado, flexx, elephant man, chino, gaza slim, macka diamond, spice, unicorn, pamputae, uncle mucks, devina , popcaan, blak diamon, versatile, mayellie, munga, sassy d, demarco, d'angel, vybz kartel, tanto metro, devonte, frankie sly, frisco kid, mr. lexx,, lefside, keida, kes, bunji garlin, kerwin dubois, konshens, shurwayne winchester, devon matthews, baron, navino, g cole, willis, sosa man, jah nyne, jah hem, jah cure, sizzla, mikey general, perfect giddimani, awadi, tibass kazematik, prince koloni, marky lyrical, lutan fyah, turbulence, i shenko, rihanna, ranco, belinda brady, jimmy reid, craig, voicemail, t.o.k., niquet, jesse royal, musical masquerade, rayvon, red fox Show-January 5, 2013Sat, 05 Jan 2013 00:00:00 -0500tony matterhorn, saine, versatile, konshens, demarco, navino, busy signal, tommy lee, blak ryno, voicemail, rdx, george nooks, calado, beenie man, gaza slim, vybz kartel, i octane, t.o.k., sahga, m1, denise belfon, cutter, charly black, lefside, chi ching, lutan yah, ken boothe, zamunda, chevaughn, wayne wonder, chino, turbulence, teflon, luciano, perfect, kg man, attila, c'daynger, trinity, sizzla, stephen di genius mcgregor, lisa hyper, adventurous, barrington levy, marcia griffiths Show-January 12, 2013Mon, 14 Jan 2013 00:00:00 -0500flexx, ninja kid, tiana, vybz kartel, charly black, iyara, ceaza, massicka, frisco kid, denyque, raine seville, jah cure, dj power, elephant man, zj liquid, beenie man, popcaan, wasp, khago, munga, aisha, mavado, alison hinds, konshens, negus, spragga benz, delly ranx, chuck fenda, dre island, ginjah, lyricson, jah nattoh, norrisman, singer jah, chezidek, anthony que, terro 3000, jesse royal, khago, saine, morgan heritage, gyptian, divine brown, bug, freddie mcgregor, major strive Show-January 19, 2013Sat, 19 Jan 2013 00:00:00 -0500kiprich, busy signal, timeka marshall, konshens, sean paul, beenie man, rdx, jim redz, froggy maddsquad, macka diamond, wayne wonder, surpriz, potential kid, popcaan, turbulence, blak ryno, versatile, jahvinci, mascika, bugle, andrew and wada blood, blak diamon, mavado, i octane, flippa moggela, agent sasco, liquid, mr.lexx, major lazer, flexican, d major, shaggy, di genius, khago, chino, chris martin, jim jones, junior kelly, jc lodge, norris man, tony anthony, jahmali, cas haley, carroll thompson, aaron silk, don campbell, gappy ranks, gyptian, stream, joe lickshot, tanya stephens, romain virgo, spragga benz, trevor off key, keida, tessanne chin, bambino, sophia squire, denyque, juss ice, etana, barry brown, tafari, big youth, ras fraser, dubmatix, sizzla, josey wales, harry belafonte Show-January 26, 2013Sun, 27 Jan 2013 00:00:00 -0500shifta, popeye, popcaan, rdx, blacker, aidonia, denyque, supa hype, bastic, timeka marshall, t.o.k., tnez, elephant man, new kidz, shaka pow, singing sweet, boom boom, kibaki, sean paul, beenie man, mavado, chase cross, uncle mucks, 7 plat, baby romie, levardes, pistal, cubanis, busy signal, mr. lexx, scotch bonnet, anthony b, capleton, chino, natural black, faze, demarco, mega banton, dane ray, cbs dancers, zoo rass, konshens, bounty killer, ward 21, sizzla, tony d, general levy, deadly hunta, perfect, scarra mucci, lion d, lutan fyah, spectacular, keith and tex, conrad crystal, suga roy, half pint, i octane, rihanna, noah powa, beniton the menace, blak ryno, serani, qq, ce'cile, marcia griffiths, formula, new kingston Show-February 2, 2013Sun, 03 Feb 2013 00:00:00 -0500bramma, cutty, willy chin, lady saw, danielle, delly ranx, sizzla, macka diamond, bling dawg, knock shizzle, esco, froggy maddsquad, teflon, captain barkey, mr. g, hawkeye, general degree, elephant man, shontelle, spice, g star, flippa moggela, flexx, ninja kid, agent sasco, i octane, mavado, buju banton, mad cobra, kerwin dubois, machel montano, ladysmith black mambazo, konshens, patrice roberts, patexx, liquid, ray ramnarine, mr. vegas, blaxx, lady g, christopher martin, nadine sutherland, gyptian, tarrus riley, courtney john, ticklah, meckado, screwdriver, renegrade, chuck fenda, busy signal, new kingston, freddie mcgregor, richie loop Show-February 9, 2013Sat, 09 Feb 2013 00:00:00 -0500This is our fundraiser week. Please go to and click Donate. mavado, bugle, aidonia, jahyanai king, qq, xyclone, first lady, da'nandi, ward 21, marcy chin, point o, mr. easy, cobra, beenie man, gyptian, patrice roberts, machel montano, mr. g, spice, sophia squire, rich ras, freddie mcgregor, zamunda, i wayne, t.o.k., duane stephenson, demarco, shuga, delly ranx, konshens, busy signal, jemere morgan, j buttah, edley shine, akshan Show-February 16, 2013Sat, 16 Feb 2013 00:00:00 -0500Our annual fundraiser part 2. Please donate to wcbn at .beenie man, chico, just chris, new kidz, elephant man, beenie man, gangoolie, ninja kid, king bubba, lil rick, machel montano, busy signal, voicemail, ninja kid, wasp, terro 3000, aidonia, rdx, t.o.k., jinyus, stamma gramma sparta, vybz kartel, mavado, laza morgan, leonardo, iba mahr, jesse royal, tarrus riley, trinity, ronnie davis, prince allah, linval thompson, dillinger, wayne fantastic, carlton livingston, jimmy riley, lady ann, chronixx, half pint, bryan art, dubtonic kru, dubmatix, michael rose, da professor, bob marley, jc lodge, shabba ranks Show-February 23, 2013Sat, 23 Feb 2013 00:00:00 -0500kickraux, mavado, karian sang, khago, stamma gramma, vybz kartel, kalado, iyara, k queens, bounty killer, deablo, popcaan, eve x, lady saw, new kidz, busy signal, kintical, ruffian, gappy ranks, elephant man, versatile, i octane, sean paul, rdx, charly black, bencil, da'ville, voicemail, spice, tiana, demarco, konshens, chris martin, dexta daps, popcaan, di great, elephant man, qq, alkaline, beenie man, morgan heritage, tessanne chin, t.o.k., duane stephenson, chronixx, exco levi, kabaka pyramid, torch, jah 9, lutan fyah, r.c., ginjah, george nooks, laza morgan, voicemail, chino, mblem, jah vinci, alaine, marcia griffiths, tony rebel, sizzla, protoje, aidonia, courtney john Show-March 2, 2013Sat, 02 Mar 2013 00:00:00 -0500zj chrome, vybz kartel, popcaan, busy signal, ding dong, ninjaman, specialist, froggy maddsquad, hawkeye, baby boom, taranchyla, delly ranx, wayne marshal, laden, propa fade, versatile, wissy was, vybrant, zamunda, tommy lee, stamma gramma, dane ray, akwiline, king asar, gaza slim, pumpa, skinny fabulous, mr. vegas, dj starr, rikroot, gappy ranks, redman uk, demarco, damian jr. gong marley, luciano, cutty ranks, turbulence, cutty ranks, macka b, chevaughn, i octane, queen ifrica, ginjah, tony rebel, pressure, christopher martin, shanz, mr. g, mitch, iba mahr, t'nez, k queens, hoszia hinds, maxi priest, julian marley, bugle, three in one, stephen marley, buju banton, akon, hitman wally, evin lake, lee perry Show-March 16, 2013Sat, 16 Mar 2013 00:00:00 -0400keisha white, kiprich, bling dawg, alkaline, o, khago, katrina, spice, tiana, elephant man, beenie man, ninja kid, mr. g, chico, shane o, jordanne patrice, blak diamon, navino, lianna, d'angel, voicemail, wizard, chedda, nyanda, tommy lee, konshens, bounty killer, esco, nitty kutchie, bling dawg, vyb kartel, richie spice, popcaan, major lazer, baauer, mr. vegas, french montana, nicki minaj, mr. lexx, naazirm jesse royal, snatcha spice, spanner banner, lutan fyah, jimmy riley, lukie d, gentleman, glen washington, gregory isaacs, maria, sizzla, mega banton, delly ranx, kristopher, mikey general, buju banton, luciano, tanto metro, devonte, rdx, ninjaman, jesse royal, kg man, mellow mood, jessie james, tafari, big youth, vital, fred locks Show-March 23, 2013Sat, 23 Mar 2013 00:00:00 -0400orezi, kmore, elephant man, agent sasco, ninjaman, mad cobra, agent sasco, wayne wonder, ward 21, chico, mr. easy, mr. chicken, bounty killer, frisco kid, red fox, lady saw, alozade, mr. baddaz, assassin, i wayne, busy signal, ricky frass, chuck fenda, voicemail, tony matterhorn, t.o.k., anthony b, patexx, chris martin, konshens, i octane, di genius, ras penco, alkaline, jahranimo, zukie joseph, atowa, nature, jah mason, ras demo, skatta, fire lion, hitman wallie, queen ifrica, dru love, gyptian, beenie man, g whizz, maxi priest, beres hammond, daville, tony curtis, sanchez, lutan fyah, sizzla, mario c Show-March 30, 2013Sat, 30 Mar 2013 00:00:00 -0400vado, mavado, ace hood, blak diamon, tommy lee, agent sasco, mad cobra, stein, spyda team, aidonia, blak ryno, qq, venomous, nefarati, tifa, ding dong, flammable, empress isis, bling dawg, deh deh, chico, suku, stylysh, eve, lady saw, new kidz, richie loop, gyptian, future fambo, stein, munga, ajrenalin, chris martin, munga, konshens, raine seville, kiprich, deva bratt, mr. vegas, penny irie, mega banton, g loc, singer j, munga, tnez, capleton, sizzla, balla g, junior reid, elephant man, delly ranx, anthony red rose, lutan fyah, spectacular, singing bird, bugle, aidonia, di genius, busy signal, dwayno, jonah, meta and the cornerstones, damian marley, eljai, natural black, kashief lindo Show-April 6, 2013Sat, 06 Apr 2013 00:00:00 -0400munga, ice cold, mad cobra, natel, lefside, nicky b, konshens, singer j, voicemail, i octane, gaza slim, tifa, jordanne patrice, blak diamon, keely, voicemail, specialist, g warren, delus, mo$ion, darrio, khago, katrina, skinny fabulous, demarco, blak ryno, melloquence, delus, deablo, versatile, aidonia, mr. renzo, prissy g, bencil, bastic, black lion, erup, dockery, negus, greg hines, collie buddz, stephen marley, capleton, ras j, rc, stein, major lazer, flux pavilion, early worm, alpha steppa, gregory isaacs, chronixx, cateyes, charly black Show-April 13, 2013Sat, 13 Apr 2013 00:00:00 -0400elephant man, shack, aidonia, spice, sheba, lawless, assailant, black lion, nyanda, mr. vegas, natel, major mackerel, konshens, romain virgo, tony curtis, burro banton, ce'cile, ms. chin, voicemail, chevaughn, rdx, blak ryno, stylo g, khago, darrio, anarchie, chino, flexxx, di genius, navino, demarco, sean paul, wayne wonder, pleasure p, t.o.k., daville, pressure, duane stephenson, esco levi, droop lion, bobby hustle, luciano, christopher martin, sizzla, richie campbell, meta and the cornerstones, damian marley, victor essiet, mandators, stylis, sanchez, dre island, dubmatix, tenor fly, skaka pow, joe lickshot, patra, mystikal revolution, tarrus riley, bunny rugs Show-April 20, 2013Sat, 20 Apr 2013 00:00:00 -0400vybz kartel, gage, munga, stacious, ding dong, masicka, chilando, richie loop, konshens, cham, mr. lexx, juss ice, mr. renzo, hollow point,chan dizzy, miss o, spragga benz, beenie man, elephant man, teflon, turbulence, determine, general b, cp, bomb a drop, andrew and wada blood, kiprich, wayne wonder, nazine, i octane, bounty killer, mr. vegas, hollow point, alozade, jahmiel, aidonia, frassman, busy signal, patexx, marlon binns, 300, g whizz, yasus afari, laza morgan, sanjay, mr. melody, erup, zamunda, zagga, dycr, buggy nhakente, marz, tabitha, miguel, tian winter, ricky blaze, ce'cile, gappy ranks, denyque, reddman uk, popcaan, taddy p, selena serrano, katchafire, sanchez, sugar minott Show-May 4, 2013Sat, 04 May 2013 00:00:00 -0400i octane, stamma gramma, versatile, vybz kartel, frassman, mavado, beenie man, chico, trevor off key, nicky b, darrio, dynasty, voicemail, fambo, alaine, t.o.k., tifa, konshens, washroom, agent sasco, lefside, kiprich, delly ranx, wayne wonder, aidonia, shurwayne winchester, shawn storm, blak diamon, rdx, mr. vegas, el boy, dj starr, dj norie, barrington levy, spice, lutan fyah, karl morrison, teflon, gappy ranks, busy signal, alborosie, chaka demus, capleton, exco levi, zamunda, christopher martin, romain virgo, sizzla, bugle, iba mahr, vybrant, droop lion, exco levi, jahmiel, chronixx, serani, deep jahi, anthony malvo, dj chris, shaggy, beres hammond, richie stephens, u roy Show-May 11, 2013Sat, 11 May 2013 00:00:00 -0400mr. vegas, jah snowcone, famous face, bugle, mad cobra, vybz kartel, gaza slim, aidonia, i octane, mavado, katrina, face, stylysh, stacious, macka diamond, spice, pamputae, konshens, stacious, kes, versatile, beenie man, darrio, eva hype, bugle, laden, vybrant, ding dong, alaine, agent sasco, bounty killer, kabaka pyramid, bawse dawg, iba mahr, esco da shocker, sizzla, skarra mucci, perfect giddimani, jessie james, melloquence, dazzla, villa dutch, peetah morgan, t.o.k., demarco, daville, ce'cile, christopher martin, jah cure, tifa, romain virgo, voicemail, alkaline, anthony b, romain virgo, gyptian Show-May 18, 2013Sat, 18 May 2013 00:00:00 -0400alozade, dilly chris, chudney j, strent ravers, ding dong, kiprich, aidonia, popcaan, general b, ghost, macka diamond, i octane, buju banton, mr. vegas, flexx, ninja kid, beenie man, d'angel, elephant man, mavado, tommy lee sparta, denise saucy belfon, farmer nappy, rdx, shack, patexx,cubanis, elephant man, terro 3000, wayne wonder, liquid, esco, xean don, taranchyla, bling dawg, froggy maddsquad, delly ranx, raine seville, timeka marshall, sophia squire, tiana, t'nez, da'ville, stephen di genius mcgregor, skarra mucci, fyakin, lutan fyah, perfect, amanda mona, musical masquerade, rayvon, red fox, bo napoleon, nela, sizzla, morgan heritage, shaggy, marcia aitken, ruddy thomas Show-May 25, 2013Sat, 25 May 2013 00:00:00 -0400cat, stylo g, alozade, mr. dockery, beniton, busy signal, chi ching ching, munga, supahype, liquid, beenie man, gyptian, singing sweet, bramma, jah vinci, chino, laden, boom boom, flexx, frisco kid, kalado, 3 star, zayne, icandy, major lazer, t.o.k., konshens, versatile, kibaki, munga, merital, fantan mojah, i octane, keene blessin, shack, rural, katrina, di genius, turbulence, sizzla, delly ranx, assassin, noah power, red fox, ce'cile, shaggy, rsny, laza morgan, honey, timeka marshall, tydal, sherieta, jimmy cozier, ikaya, exco levi, d major, shuga, rc, to isis, duane stephenson, romain virgo, perfect giddimani, jah cure, jazmine sullivan, nikesha lindo, danielle d.i., chronixx, morgan heritage, lion d Show-June 1, 2013Sat, 01 Jun 2013 00:00:00 -0400popcaan, mystic, busy signal, chi ching ching, lefside, tarrus riley, serani, chase cross, 3 star, agent sasco, christopher martin, elephant man, stein, konshens, mavado, sean paul, kalado, qq, dre island, beenie man, holla bak, g starr, ronnie homer, le jean, vybz kartel, j capri, touchless, spice, rdx, skinny fabulous, danielle d.i., shabba ranks, tony curtis, jigsy king, fragga ranks, natural black, junior x, dwayno, tommy lee sparta, t.o.k., bling dawg, capital d, chaka demus, lukie d, thrilla u, johnny p, esco, junior kelly, soja, collie buddz, wayne marshall, charly black, i queen, pressure, voicemail, bugle, aduka, blade skeemaz, protoje Show-June 8, 2013Sat, 08 Jun 2013 00:00:00 -0400macka diamond, roundhead, i octane, bounty killer, tommy lee sparta, stamma gramma, teff u deff, masicka, dwayno, deablo, esco, beenie man, liquid, versatile, bling dawg, flippa moggela, new kids, sadiki, tommy lee, vybz kartel, popcaan, spice, tifa, ceegee, i octane, mavado, liquid, ce'cile, kool face, raine seville, konshens, shurwayne winchester, alaine, lady g, sizzla, red rose, high grade, chico, lutan fyah, teflon, turbulence, jimmy riley, luciano, nitty kutchie, ginjah, little hero, andrew bees, king mellowman, cookie the herbalist, chieftain joseph, million stylez, louie culture, norris man, errol dunkley, daddy freddy, busy signal, jalena, red fox, soja, j boog, stephen marley, spragga benz, damian marley, exco levi, gentleman Show-June 15, 2013Sat, 15 Jun 2013 00:00:00 -0400kardinal offishal, bunji garlin, tommy lee, vybz kartel, rdx, villanaire, elijah prophet, gappy ranks, exco, navino, nefatari, sean paul, tiana, rutine, hitmaker, kalado, fiona, chevaughn, demarco, penti, laden, charly black, voicemail, troublesum, marzville, mr. easy, majah hype, imani, tallpree, ajamu, pupa leendi, terror kid, 4brass, morris alan, sizzla, jah mason, ikaya, teflon, suhverto, jahmor, craig jackson, gyptian, tydal, yasus afari, king mas, equiknoxx, masicka, leontre, chronixx, boom steppa, delly ranx, rocker t, chino, di genius Show-June 22, 2013Sat, 22 Jun 2013 00:00:00 -0400vybz kartel, popcaan, jimbo, blak diamon, de'vious, kray-z, busy signal, mavado, spice, t.o.k., tanya carter, rdx, mr. g, vershon, voicemail, general degree, lady g, mc duc, problem child, red eye crew, hawkeye, chico, major lazer, ding dong, lefside, dejour, khago, konshens, danga, bunji garlin, supa hype, prince stoney, turbulence, dudsymil, bugle, alaine, linval thompson, mad cobra, bounty killer, sizzla, buju banton, anthony b, ikaya, fantan mojah, mr. vegas, exco, tarrus riley, lukie d, kiprich, chronixx, delly ranx, boom steppa, richie stephens, bounty killer, suga roy, stylo g, wyre, alpha blondy Show-July 6, 2013Sat, 06 Jul 2013 00:00:00 -0400sean paul, juicy j, 2 chainz, busta rhymes, nicki minaj, lady saw, mavado, d'angel, aidonia, sanjay, voicemnail, kool face, liquid, demarco, tifa, spice, beenie man, raine seville, jah wayne, shudley and jj, general degree, pretti kitti, charly black, delly ranx, dwayno, twins of twins, elephant man, general degree, mega banton, mad cobra, konshens, tommy lee sparta, jimbo sparta, stylysh, destiny, tabeeta, starboy nathan, nicky b, blak diamon, busy signal, vybz kartel, lil rick, machel montano, skinny fabulous, indrani, erphaan , lves, lil rick, holla bak, peter ram, mical rustle, barry biggs, nikesha lindo, lloyd brown, kashief lindo, anthony cruz, ashlii jade, amblique, screwdriver, glen washington, beres hammond, bounty killer, nymron, di genius, i octane, alborosie, sizzla, vanessa lee, paul wayne, satellite sound Show-July 13, 2013Tue, 16 Jul 2013 00:00:00 -0400Show was prerecorded this week, so no playlist available Show-July 20, 2013Sun, 21 Jul 2013 00:00:00 -0400mr. easy, beenie man, blak diamon, jahmiel, elephant man, ward 21, voicemail, marcy chin, kris kelli, point o, mr. lexx, deewun, alison hinds, shurwayne winchester, zan, daville, gyptian, mekia downing, popcaan, mavado, chino, bramma, villainaire, tifa, rdx, supa hype, fambo, snoop lion, stephen marley, busy signal, bounty killer, angel doolas, yellowman, ninjaman, tiger, charly black, duane stephenson, collie buddz, sanjay, t.o.k., ginjah, daville, i wayne, christopher martin, nadine sutherland, ce'cile, alaine, sean paul, konshens, iba mahr, chevaughn, jah cure, alva, biggaton, mr. vegas, kes the band, sage, shaggy, beres hammond, tarrus riley, steel pulse Show-July 27, 2013Wed, 31 Jul 2013 00:00:00 -0400No playlist this week. Show-August 3, 2013Sat, 03 Aug 2013 00:00:00 -0400tatik, t.o.k., qq, jahmiel, tifa, t nitro, aidonia, rdx, radijah, spice, lady saw, i octane, konshens, popcaan, vybz kartel, lefside, ninja kid, mega banton, beekie bailey`, amoui, all purpose, voicemail, raine seville, g loc, ratigan, bono g, frisco kid, munga, gyptian, bling dawg, busy signal, mr. vegas, rico blinks, jah amplifire's la maquina del sonido, suena sonidero reloaded, revolution sound system, dj outcast, red eye crew, kari jess, mykal rose, tarrus riley, jah cure, bounty killer, chuck fenda, junior reid, sizzla, chronixx, musiq souchild, amp, syleena johnson, daville, agent sasco, g warren, influential, richie spice, seed organization, clinton sly, rally rally ree, bob marley, lee perry Show-August 10, 2013Sat, 10 Aug 2013 00:00:00 -0400busta rhymes, vybz kartel, konshens, lil jon, sean paul, jimmy cozier, natel, chan dizzy, beenie man, d'angel, nazzle man, gangoolie, amique, pamputae, ranco, popcaan, jahmiel, alkaline, qq, rosie, radijah, jermaine michael, lyrikal, ebiflow, olatunji, mr. renzo, dollarman, mr. g, bobi wine, bounty killer, patexx, buju banton, lutan fyah, lukie d, zareb, thrilla u, suga roy, conrad crystal, chizedek, ginjah, ky-enie, zamunda, turbulence, adena myrie, saba tooth, bryan art, shaka pow, joe lickshot, anthony b, karl morrison, busy signal, jamtech, jesse royal, monique dehaney, mr. free, gyptian, bob marley Show-August 24 2013Sat, 24 Aug 2013 00:00:00 -0400navino, jah izrell, vybz kartel, busta rhymes, busy signal, dj dain, red fox, froggy maddsquad, xean don, charly black, demarco, vybz kartel, t.o.k., macka diamond, destiny, aidonia, major laser, shelco garcia, turbulence, dudsymil, voicemail, spice, richie loop, xyclone, delly ranx, bugle, briggy benz, calado, stush, rdx, ninjaman, al campbell, nico, yami bolo, marlon asher, general grant, jimmy riley, fantan mojah, jah cure, g whizz, morgan heritage, taktiks, jr, sean paul, damian marley, chronixx, goldy, eljai, soja, richie campbell, sly and robbie, irie love, ms. paige, sharon jones and the Dap Kings Show-August 31 2013Sat, 31 Aug 2013 00:00:00 -0400quick cook, dwayno, propa fade, mavado, beniman, karamanti, bugle, stein, red dragon, johnny p, shabba ranks, queen catora, i octane, golden chyld, supa hype, qq, seya, black diamon, kurrupt, devina burn, laden, lefside, shurwayne winchester, jahmoun, dnyce, erphaan alves, agent sasco, charly black, reddman uk, delly ranx, turbulence lutan fyah, sister quanna, new kidz, singer j, jah vinci, kiprich, maxi priest, assassin, samira, red fox, jimmy cozier, tessanne chin, shaggy, beres hammond, tuffa, shanti d, hirie, black diamond, gyptian, hard dryve, konshens, muta king, prince polo, johnny osbourne, bad brains Show-September 7, 2013Sat, 07 Sep 2013 00:00:00 -0400tommy lee, kalado, konshens, i octane, lil rick, holla bak, inches, peter ram, iyara, bounty killer, beenie man, konshens, romain virgo, blak diamon, vybz kartel, luec mar, jordanne patrice, alkaline, bugle, lady saw, gaza slim, alkaline, spice, deevine, lmfao, lil jon, usher, i octane, mavado, busy signal, twins of twins, trevor off key, wowchi, patrick junior, ajamu, fojo, berbice, kc, norris man, problem child, mystic roots band, tippa irie, carter lane, mbc, sean paul, turbulence, beres hammond, gappy ranks, mighty diamonds, capleton, tanya stephens, lutan fyah, chronixx, karl morrison, all stars, busta rhymes, bob marley Show-September 14, 2013Sun, 15 Sep 2013 00:00:00 -0400konshens, tifa, sean paul, shane o, vybz kartel, rihanna, teetimus, spragga benz, mr easy, chronixx, i octane, mavado, shawn storm, vershon, twins of twins, junior reid, terro 3000, bugle, d'angel, g whizz, delus, javada, mr. lexx, moses, chino, dwayno, gappy ranks, cham, o, shaggy, beres hammond, jah bouks, fambo, ward 21, masicka, shanique marie, major laser, peaches, timberlee, bun b, rick ross, 2 chainz, serani, tommy lee sparta, busy signal, million stylez, chuck fenda, bounty killer, leroy smart, eddie murphy, snoop lion, patra, alborosie, kymani marley Show-September 21, 2013Sat, 21 Sep 2013 00:00:00 -0400i octane, mavado, chan dizzy, hollow point, munga, daville, chevaughn, kappa, da professor, voicemail, esco, delly ranx, konshens, vybz kartel, rdx, teetimus rock star, masicka, mad cobra, ninja kid, ding dong, aidonia, farmer nappy, beenie man, lord kossity, mr. vegas, konshens, delus, javada, charly black, demarco, t.o.k., eyesus, popcaan, dj gil, ninja kid, cubanis, fambo, ward 21, skarra mucci, kg man, jah sun, g mac, deliman, lion d, wayne marshall, jo mersa, frisco kid, agent sasco, collis duranty, prophet benjamin, positive, machel montano, morgan heritage, junior reid, uncle murda, lloyd brown, perfect giddimani, ras attitude, pressure, chronixx, gappy ranks Show-September 28, 2013Sat, 28 Sep 2013 00:00:00 -0400deva bratt, mad cobra, tuff krakaz, worlian, gappy ranks, delly ranx, knock shizzle, liquid, xyclone, capital d, cutty corn, froggy maddsquad, quick cook, busy signal, qq, toddla t, tnez, romain virgo, melloquence, jah vinci, bugle, deva, lil natty, thunda, slacky and hammer, terror kid, mystic, fya empress, shurwayne winchester, shane o, nyanda, kat dahlia, the wizard, navino, d'koncep, shaggy, lady saw, kulcha knox, briggy benz, silver cat, spragga benz, merciless, capleton, o.c., propa fade, laden, sizzla, chuck fenda, junior reid, johnny clarke, indubious, gentleman, tristan palma Show-October 19, 2013Sun, 20 Oct 2013 00:00:00 -0400wayne marshall, agent sasco, konshens, bounty killer, tony matterhorn, tommy lee sparta, rickman, zj liquid, vybz kartel, toney chrome, iyara, richie loop, mr. vegas, bugle, boom steppa, delly ranx, loc, ward 21, point o, marcy chin, ck, timberlee, ward 21, deewun, busy signal, beenie man, mr. g, bobbi, colton t, rdx, supa hype, gyptian, fambo, elephant man, t.o.k., andrew hinz, chino, shelley thunder, ninjaman, willow wilson, i octane, aidonia, dalton harris, navino, mavado, mr. easy, carlton livingston, cham, damian jr. gong marley, kiprich, benji, chris martin, tanya stephens, jc lodge, tessanne, nikesha lindo, shaggy, samira Show-October 26, 2013Sat, 26 Oct 2013 00:00:00 -0400demarco, bling dawg, tommy lee, mega banton, frisco kid, mavado, laden, agent sasco, deablo, di genius, chino, bramma, mr. vegas, sizzla, troy remi, lyricx, lutan, esco, bawse dawg, timberlee, beenie man, yung jr, voicemail, shaggy, rsny, t.o.k., benjai, elephant man, teetimus, pumpa, qq, sean paul, konshens, jah vinci, jegz, khago, lukie d, terry linen, mighty diamonds, k vibes, hezron, junior x, culture t, bobby crystal, everton blender, stevie face, glen washington, denyque, rdx, tony curtis, damian marley, chioma, pressure, dre island, exco levi, aidonia, young dudus Show-November 2, 2013Sat, 02 Nov 2013 00:00:00 -0400wyclef, mr. vegas, verna nova, timberlee, vybz kartel, stein, nae nae, kiprich, alozade, chico, demarco, spragga benz, bugle, liquid, taranchyla, delly ranx, xean don, malica and parctia, atiba foreigner, froggy maddsquad, quick cook, mr. peppa, sean paul, tommy lee, mavado, konshens, jory, super ray, gyptian, beenie man, ms. thing, aidonia, vybz kartel, j capri, dj kurt riley, syr, tiana, vershon, spice, barrington levy, gappy ranks, esco, wayne wonder, jah cure, mr. melody, jhamiela, alva, lutan fyah, chevaughn, chezidek, dexta daps, khago, bugle, jah vinci, chino, busy signal, exco levi, jamtech, bounty killer, sanchez, carl dawkins, wyre, mighty mystic, ratigan, johnny orbourne, lloyd brown, pressure, green lion crew, chronixx, kabaka pyramid, dre island Show-November 9, 2013Sat, 09 Nov 2013 00:00:00 -0500busy signal, chi ching ching, mr. peppa, bounty killer, mr. vegas, sean paul, wayne wonder, mad cobra, frisco kid, admiral bailey, spragga benz, ward 21, lady saw, onton, deablo, jayds, aidonia, tanso, tony matterhorn, san frass, alkaline, major laser, lefside, gta, razz and biggy, voicemail, skinny fabulous, pumpa, kashu man, mr. khool, benji hy[e, exco levi, biggaton, noah powa, sizzla, angel doolas, fearless, j cole, ishawna, jaheim, patexx, jah cure, demarco, serani, general levy, carlton livingston, david steel pulse hinds, r.c., iba mahr, torch, timeka marshall, romain virgo, obi, rhythm express, jah9, kurt riley, rdx, gladiators, droop lion, gyptian, melanie fiona, third world, tessanne chin, etana Show-November 16, 2013Sun, 17 Nov 2013 00:00:00 -0500vybz kartel, versatile, wayne wonder, i octane, gentleman, alaine, richie stephens, tanya stephens, red rat, kay partyque, mac david, josmas, dj nash, the tytan, stein, ding dong, kranium, farmer nappy, isaac blackman, patrice roberts, gbm nutron, jaiga, akeem preedy chance, machel montano, qq, konshens, anthony b, kiprich, busy signal, kerwin dubois, lil rick, mark cyrus, king bubba, chris lane, robert dallas, robert lee, gospel fish, general tk, zagga, bugle, jah vinci, ce'cile, christopher martin, t.o.k., demarco, jagarizzar, omari, alva, hezron, etzia, exco levi, loyal flames, fiji, j boog, romain virgo, rc, amanda mona, mavado, cali p, jah cure, onton, kayla bliss, tarrus riley, k vibes Show-November 23, 2013Sat, 23 Nov 2013 00:00:00 -0500sean paul, tanto metro, devonte, yellostone, aidonia, iyara, shelly belly, richie loop, jusa dementor, floss, lejah, gappy ranks, teflon, tony matterhorn, anthony b, real mckoy, stein, mr. vegas, tiana, moiika, elephant man, busy signal, rdx, bebe cool, lady saw, macka diamond, juggla, don husky, u brown, spanner banner, frankie paul, blackstones, queen omega, meeky melody, little hero, anthony que, michael rose, paul elliot, pad anthony, dennis brown, richie spice, spectacular, luciano, jah bouks, lutan fyah, everton blender, jayds, exco levi, d major, dalton harris, terry linen, bryan art Show-December 7, 2013Sat, 07 Dec 2013 00:00:00 -0500A tribute to Nelson Mandela to start, then shabba ranks, samantha j, popcaan, masicka, mavado, beenie man, kiprich, chrome steel, new kids, vocally, chase cross, 3 star, jah vinci, einstein, aidonia, saine, rdx, negus, khago, patexx, sexy trisha, collis duranty, benjai, asten isaac, bling dawg, macka diamond, blacka dan, chan dizzy, deva bratt, demarco, partysquad, lil rick, chosenfeu, alkaline, tanya carter, natural black, bridgez, jah cure, eljai, black uhuru, chronixx, richie spice, tony rebel, bounty killer, commander shad, rupie culture, carlene davis, jamaicans, barrington levy Show-December 14, 2013Sun, 15 Dec 2013 00:00:00 -0500konshens, ding dong, qq, demarco, beenie man, sizzla, preditor, singing sweet, shana s, ms. ting, kitty paw, macka diamond, ce'cile, flexx, i octane, mavado, baby cham, g starr, alkaline, elephant man, t.o.k., rhyme minister, destra garcia, rupee, jaiga, shal marshall, lyrikal, nadia batson, adrian dutchin, gappy ranks, chilando, alozade, jah wayne, kabaka pyramid, bobby hustle, queen ifrica, jah vinci, alaine, christopher martin, ce'cile, dice, lady saw, junior cat, delus, twins of twins, rat poison, d major, mellow mood, tanya stephens, anna paul, maddadan, chi ching, supa hype, khristopher, carlene davis Show-December 21, 2013Sat, 21 Dec 2013 00:00:00 -0500beenie man, mr. vegas, jah vinci, iq, busy signal, blaqk sheep, beenie man, vybrant, kim martina, dont play, bugle, ding dong, twins of twins, t.o.k., alozade, ms. thing, monsta twins, tony matterhorn, branxx, eyesus, kalado, jr. flex, merital, elephant man, red rat, konshens, chi ching, supa hype, busy signal, assassin, general bakes, dj mintek, jr. love, hitty lance, dj clues, charm b, tommy lee, bounty killer, lady saw, heavybeat crew, maddadan, rally rally ree, jacob miller, wayne marshall, sean paul, fambo, charly black, shaggy, carpenters Show-December 28, 2013Sat, 28 Dec 2013 00:00:00 -0500major laser, diplo, vybz kartel, popcaan, kym hamilton, patexx, munga,delly ranx, alkaline, jayq, laden, abby dallas, mezma, bounty killer, flexx, duh duh, major mackerel, levardes, stein, stylysh, i octane, lefside, ravi b, mr. renzo, kes, busy signal, yola moi, blak ryno, chan dizzy, bob marley, wailers, miley cyrus, jah be, rihanna, cobra, buju banton, chronixx, mr. g, bobi wine, agent sasco, sean paul, jimmy cozier, kalado, qupid, demarco, clay, gappy ranks, bugle, royal soul rockaz, blaq, sister carol, navino, damas, jessie james, jah vinci, quick cook, kiprich, dj kurt riley, rdx Show-January 4, 2014Sun, 05 Jan 2014 00:00:00 -0500vershon, delly ranx, radijah, mr. vegas, red rat, mr. g, kiprich, elephant man, t.o.k., red eye crew, exco da shocker, royston williams, kalibwoy, general degree, ce'cile, vybz kartel, gaza slim, i octane, deva bratt, merital, bugle, versatile, bookie, alkaline, kalado, demarco, qura, voicemail, boom boom, buju banton, tiana, qq, beenie man, aidonia, beatbvnga, bunji garlin, busta rhymes, sekon sta, moses, jus now, vanna vee, farmer nappy, refix kings, lorde, busy signal, dizzy dee, chino, ras myrdhak, nyze, gyptian, beres hammond Show-January 11, 2014Sun, 12 Jan 2014 00:00:00 -0500deablo, kibaki, d'angel, macka diamond, stylo g, munga, wasp, don corleon, sustain, vybz kartel, gaza slim, elephant man, tnez, gage, anarchie knickoy, keno slickaz, alkaline, kiprich, ki, nisha b, ravi b, k. rich, drupatee, daliha, devyn, lyrikal, preedy, major lazer, machel montano, bmwa, kooly chat, aidonia, mega banton, new kidz, beenie man, busta rhymes, mavado, major mackerel, zoot sims, fats, inner circle, kardinal offishal, khago, ian sweetness, romain virgo, di genius, mighty mystic, d major, bugle, chronixx, boom steppa, solution reid, house of shem, exco levi Show-January 18, 2014Sat, 18 Jan 2014 00:00:00 -0500demarco, propally, digital sham, kos bella, tommy lee, stein, popcaan, versatile, esco, hitmaker, kiprich, beenie man, stacious, kalado, frisco kid, ajrenalin, zj liquid, sizzla, delly ranx, future fambo, kapa shanti, garrison hawk, nadia batson, macka diamond, devon matthews, lyrikal, swappi, jaiga, shal, juice, olatunji, bunji garlin, yankee boy, dev, makamillion, pamputtae, ce'cile, 3 canal, vybz kartel, nicki minaj, khago, morgan heritage, tarrus riley, lutan fyah, natel, jah 9, pressure, zebi lion, chronixx, shae, terry linen, terri, gisto, lutan fyah, damian jr. gong marley, konshens, ishi dube, jah bouks, johnny clarke, dennis brown Show-January 25, 2014Sat, 25 Jan 2014 00:00:00 -0500prince pin, flexx, qq, munga, deablo, chilando, popcaan, vybz kartel, lantan, denyque, i octane, darrio, stylez, konshens, iyara, dwayno, g starr, versatile, delly ranx, blak ryno, radijah, venomous, rhyme minister, machel montano, ronnie homer, 3 canal, bunji garlin, ce'cile, mr. vegas, elephant man, spice, agent sasco, mikey spice, anthony malvo, admiral tibbet, spanner banner, bugle, g whizz, nature, ninjaman, platinum, deep jahi, propa fade, tabetha schae, daville, wayne wonder, gage, busy signal, hervin bailey jr., major lazer, tarrus riley, morgan heritage, duane stephens, mackeehan, jah vinci, jah sun, richie spice Show-February 1., 2014Sat, 01 Feb 2014 00:00:00 -0500mr. vegas, sean paul, mavado, sha quan, beenie man, cutty ranks, chi ching ching, supahype, dj kitt, richie feelings, timeka marshall, byll gates, gage, gappy ranks, frassman brilliant, prince stoney, mr. lexx, xyclone, iyara, briggy, delly ranx, t.o.k., villianare, agent sasco, merciless, shereita, kukudoo, omari, exco levi, bramma, caldhino, i octane, gentleman, richie stephens, duane stephenson, kabaka pyramid, jemere morgan, j boog, ginjah, morgan heritage, jah cure, grindsman, perfect giddimani, spectacular, mikeylous, ras attitude, anthony, iba mahr, vybz kartel, buju banton, ce'cile, alexander star, voicemail, shaka pow, deep jahi, omi, shabba ranks, sizzla, ruffi ann, tarrus riley, barrington levy, r.c. Show-February 8, 2014Sat, 08 Feb 2014 00:00:00 -0500This is our fundraiser show #1 for 2014. Tonight is an interview and tribute to Penthouse Records producer Donovan Germain in honor of the label's 25th anniversary. Please consider going to and donating to support the continuing operation of WCBN. Thanks! Show-February 15, 2014Sat, 15 Feb 2014 00:00:00 -0500This is the second and final week of wcbn fundraiser. Please go to and support freeform radio. Show-February 22, 2014Sat, 22 Feb 2014 00:00:00 -0500tommy lee, mavado, ryme minista, beenie man, xyclone, cee gee, ashanti, silver cat, dexta daps, chi ching ching, d'angel, kibaki, tifa, i octane, denyque, rdx, kalado, propally, gage, demarco, quick cook, krymist, new kidz, shac, d medz, major lazer, sean paul, moska, machel montano, christopher martin, tarrus riley, zagga, tony frass, jah cure, ms. paige, chevaughn, bramma, busy signal, darrio, lutan fyah, stacious, gramps morgan, courtney john project, gyamma, don jaheme, black ryno, deep jahi, nature Show-March 1, 2014Sat, 01 Mar 2014 00:00:00 -0500popcaan, stylo g, konshens, j capri, storm queen, munga, radijah, macka diamond, red rat, buccaneer, anthony b, sanjay, bounty killer, ward 21, vybz kartel, elephant man, lady saw, jayds, frassman brilliant, laden, rdx, galaxy p, kiprich, delly ranx, bling dawg, mega banton, bounty killer, jah vinci, stonebwoy, i octane, fantan mojah, devano, hollow point, busy signal, shabba ranks, aidonia, lefside, protoje, chronixx, gappy ranks, marlon asher, ki.n.s., etana, i zebulon, charly black, turbulence, john wayne, wayne smith Show-March 8, 2014Sat, 08 Mar 2014 00:00:00 -0500konshens, i octane, bounty killer, kalado, terminal dg, tony matterhorn, aidonia, tanso, sizeten, shokryme, deablo, jayds, masicka, mavado, spice, richie loop, sean paul, vybz kartel, j capri, rdx, mr. vegas, mr. lexx, wickerman, assassin, qq, famous face, dane ray, tifa, cashflow neil, khago, skinny fabulous, drake, bunji garlin, ce'cile, nature, ginjah, turbulence, delly ranx, nicodemus, johnny osbourne, buju banton, general echo, tenor saw, sister nancy, garnet silk, coco tea, admiral tibbet, beres hammond, paul wayne, gal x, adeeno, don't play, erup, demarco, christopher martin, big youth, busy signal Show-March 15, 2014Sat, 15 Mar 2014 00:00:00 -0400ras attitude, sizzla, mavado, spice, busta rhymes, ricky carty, shotta g, dwayno, vybz kartel, shabba ranks, hollow point, kalado, navino, sizzla, anthony b, capleton, wasp, konshens, sharrie, master bling, jigsy king, iyara, rdx, sanjay, degree, kiprich, richie loop, honey, bugle, gage, gaza maxwell, savage, invaydah, jah vinci, versatile, jayds, onton, charley black, fuze, little hero, shakespeare, zagga, kali blaxx, alva, leftside, suku, aidonia, prince alla, pinchers, ilements, burro banton, cornell campbell, major mackerel, franz capone, kanang, busy signal, anthony malvo, laza morgan, destra, peetah morgan, gappy ranks, morgan heritage, jesse royal, g cole, j will, pharell, hezron Show-March 22, 2014Sat, 22 Mar 2014 00:00:00 -0400wayne wonder, beenie man, kalado, o, qq, rdx, stylo g, ding dong, blak diamon, specialist, don husky, jawada, ynb (young neva bunny), gage, dycr, konshens, darrio, serani, chan dizzy, bugle, busy signal, agent sasco, cham, vershon, i octane, navino, vybz kartel, tony curtis, mellow man, george nooks, lukie d, bascom x, tracy mowatt, gyptian, queen omega, capleton, positive young lion, buju banton, capleton, mr. g, i wayne, nitty kutchie, pinchers, ginjah, junior x, richie spice, ghost, ce'cile, thriller u, roslyn, morgan heritage, alborosie, exco levi, shuga Show-March 29, 2014Sun, 30 Mar 2014 00:00:00 -0400munga, blak ryno, denyque, demarco, kalado, jah wayne, kiprich, kim, ck, leftside, caldhino, charley black, khago, voicemail, samboni, pamputae, darrio, firm, kanambo, dean loyal, patrice roberts, beenie man, skinny fabulous, konshens, maestro don, blak diamon, radijah, olatunji, shatta wale, jah vinci, elephant man, anthony b, sizzla, turbulence, luciano, foresta, kabaka pyramid, protoje, ms. paige, syleena johnson, sophia squire, musiq soulchild, r.c., exco levi, don zee, china b, stephen marley, capleton, maxi priest, busy signal, lionel ritchie Show-April 5, 2014Sun, 06 Apr 2014 00:00:00 -0400tnez, bling dawg, blak ryno, elephant man, bounty killer, gabriel, a.r.p., ward 21, madd anju, rdx, busy signal, navino, christopher martin, reosoul, masicka, konshens, qq, benny page, richie loop, major lazer, charley black, pamputae, vybz kartel, pg13, little vybz, little a ddi, pressure busspipe, fabian, beres hammond, franchize, gramma zone, blade skeemaz, g whizz, agent sasco, perfect giddimani, mr. brown, keida, mighty mystic, katchafire, snoop lion, collie buddz, alborosie, camilia Show-April 12, 2014Sun, 13 Apr 2014 00:00:00 -0400mavado, vybz kartel, keshan, dwayno, keron williams, dan marcus, i octane, versatile, charly black, chi ching, kalado, darrio, alkaline, stein, tifa, ricky teetz, konshens, ishawna, beenie man, gyptian, don husky, naazir, drea love, zj liquid, venomous, pencil, gage, mr. vegas, luciano, anthony b, turbulence, sugar minott, morgan heritage, sizzla, mikey spice, dennis brown, coco tea, johnny osbourne, screechy dan, rsny, agent sasco, red fox, jimmy cozier, melissa musique, popcaan, tom laing, capleton, perfect giddimani, lutan fyah, alozade, ce'cile, ja rae, bencil, mr. absolute, terry linen Show-April 19, 2014Sun, 20 Apr 2014 00:00:00 -0400prodi, patexx, jamal, omi, jahwayne, versatile, mavado, masicka, don husky, destiny, blak diamon, popcaan, tommy lee sparta, alkaline, kerwin dubois, vybz kartel, busy signal, kiprich, lady saw, chevaughn, specialist, konshens, rdx, mr. killa, richie loop, elephant man, anthony cruz, luciano, erup, mr. perfect, teflon, anthony b, nesbeth, notis, iba mahr, lenn hammond, beenie man, jah vinci, g whizz, ray sytes, reddaz, deep jahi, riko g, chronixx, honorebel Show-April 26, 2014Sat, 26 Apr 2014 00:00:00 -0400vybz kartel, charly black, point o, chi ching ching, t.o.k., munga, dolla coin, sashi, gyptian, beenie man, gage, ghandi, kantana, elephant man, delly ranx, general degree, capleton, ninja kid, agent sasco, mr. vegas, alison hinds, nymron, marlon binns, busy signal, ward 21, i octane, future fambo, g whizz, chi ching, torch, geoffrey star, lutan fyah, spectacular, leopard, jah mason, collie buddz, chevaughn, burro banton, perfect giddimani, bobby hustle, ziggi racado, angel doolas, terry linen, sanchez, ken boothe, dr. alimantado, yami bolo, jah lloyd, jacob miller, horace andy, destra, tony anthony, r.c., e dee, raging fyah Show-May 10, 2014Sat, 10 May 2014 00:00:00 -0400vybz kartel, popcaan, spragga benz, black pearl, elephant man, melloquence, ward 21, marcy chin, timberlee, deewunn, ck, beenie man, point o, rage, patexx, tiyarro, serani, g starr, kranium, ward 21, busy signal, dj karim, danielle d.i., tiana, esco, major laser, sean paul, tony matterhorn, leftside, lil addi, lil vybz, lutan fyah, spectacular, leopard, jah mason, geoffrey star, torch, alkaline, bugle, marla brown, wayne wonder, nadine sutherland, jonnah, marry, alpheus, kiprich, i octane, dalton harris, kymani marley, karl morrison, daville, i wayne Show-May 17, 2014Sat, 17 May 2014 00:00:00 -0400mr. vegas, gage, perfect giddimani, skarra mucci, teacha dee, don tippa, rdx, mavado, popcaan, cutty ranks, twins of twins, cobra, i octane, kiprich, vershon, delly ranx, deva bratt, aiodize, k queens, nicoteen nicomatic, eklypse twins, kalado, alkaline, penti, sim sim 2 bad, razor b, the general, jeffrey mykal, froggy maddsquad, apprentice, simz, jonnah, demarco, amoui, fyakin, ratigan, shaggy, agent sasco, j sean, maniac, i octane, shaki, fa real, kisko hype, fadda moses, keven blaq, busy signal, chris martin, stylo g, bryka, sizzla, collie buddz, curly lox, rodney price, bounty killer, third world, capleton Show-May 24, 2014Sun, 25 May 2014 00:00:00 -0400yung tae, beenie man, modest lycan, elephant man, sean paul, serani, mavado, frisco kid, chino, bramma, agent sasco, di genius, t.o.k., tarrus riley, chi ching ching, lady saw, assassin, shabba ranks, bounty killer, konshens, denyque, johnny roxx, melloquence, rdx, demus, busy signal, aidonia, jonnah, bugle, sagitarr, luciano, droop lion, exco levi, rc, chino, turbulence, jah mason, johnny osboune, lukie d, pressure, ishawna, harry toddler, toya, nature, khago, ce'cile, stevie face, frankie paul, warrior king, garnet silk jr., lady virtu, lutan fyah, chelsea stewart, d major Show-May 31, 2014Sat, 31 May 2014 00:00:00 -0400mr. vegas, peter ram, porgie and murda, big red the dj, unda dawg, salt, scrilla, kaskatee, sekonsta, king bubba, lil rick, ninjaman, naazir, specialist, don husky, beenie man, nature, harry toddler, ishawna, melloquence, erup, demarco, bounty killer, alkaline, young deedz, vybz kartel, buju banton, predator, delly ranx, bounty mega banton, mr. lexx, garrison, mr. pang, bling dawg, shaka pow, exco levi, michelle gordon, mark wonder, raymond wright, luciano, wayne wonder, demarco, voicemail, chevaughn, maya angelou, LKJ, red star lion, dan sylva, emrand henry, benjai, tune crew, seta majkia, gyptian, zoelah, ricky blaze, kes the band, jahmiel Show-June 7, 2014Sat, 07 Jun 2014 00:00:00 -0400vybz kartel, stylez, mavado, sizzla, popcaan, kano, blade skeemaz, rhyme minister, mr. vegas, tifa, blak diamon, g whizz, sanity, dahlia, propa fade, t.o.k., richie loop, kim kelly, chevaughn, alison hinds, bunji garlin, elephant man, melloquence, versatile, bugle, patexx, chino linkz, lutan fyah, natural black, exco levi, kananga, capleton, hezron, turbulence, busy signal, morgan heritage, bay c, antoinette, anthony b, cali p, jah bouks, chezidek, spectacular, lutan fyah, gappy ranks, fyakin, mighty mystic, sasha dias, berri, spice, zamunda Show-June 14, 2014Sat, 14 Jun 2014 00:00:00 -0400Prerecorded show this week, so no note. Trust me, it's a good one! Show-June 21, 2014Sat, 21 Jun 2014 00:00:00 -0400joyner lucas, busy signal, samantha, dj dain, greg b, syndicate of law, ce'cile, qq, mr. vegas, demarco, aidonia, vybz kartel, di genius, frisco kid, laden, beenie man, singing sweet, voicemail, agent sasco, elephant man, t.o.k., mavado, chino, pringles, dj hp, d sean, dyp, mr. vegas, ricardo drue, j.o.p., bryka, d'east, richie loop, i octane, mykal rose, ra deal, karl morrison, richie spice, sanchez, sherieta, rc, shuga, exco levi, romain virgo, trevor off key, bryan art, stick figure, collie buddz, taurus alphonso, robert minott, morgan heritage, soja, damian marley, wayne wonder, OMI, busy signal, frank sinatra Show-June 28, 2014Sat, 28 Jun 2014 00:00:00 -0400elephant man, vybz kartel, keshan, zayne, supa hype, patexx, ninjaman, chad hype, harry toddler, bencil, kama, versatile, beenie man, rdx, porgie and murda, jadel, patrice roberts, lil rick, king bubba, fucha kid, alicia, michael allan, konshens, chi ching ching, bastic, jahmiel, denyque, versatile, popcaan, mashonda, charly black, vanessa bling, qq, chan dizzy, romain virgo, louie culture, million stylez, rc, daville, beres hammond, buju banton, wayne wonder, marcia griffith, tony rebel, richie stephens, spragga benz, baby cham, famous face, savage, latty j, wickerman, mr. vegas, jah sun, chris toppa, new kidz, echo slim, ky-enie, jah cure Show-July 5, 2014Sat, 05 Jul 2014 00:00:00 -0400tha hotshot, konshens, stekaly, bramma, keshan, charly black, teflon, jah wayne, ryme minista, blak ryno, jah vinci, vybz kartel, twins of twins, randy valentine, beenie man, tiger, marcy chin, point o, ward 21, tajji, tiana, ishawna, richie loop, gage, middle finger boss, modolan, blade skeemas, chilando, dean frasier, mr. vegas, natel, tarrus riley, ras myrdhak, jahvillani, zamunda, nardo ranks, ultimate shines, darrio, mr. easy, junior reid, notch, pressure, lutan fyah, alkaline, rc, dalton harris, cherine, natural black, black uhuru, tamlins Show-July 12, 2014Sat, 12 Jul 2014 00:00:00 -0400dj kayla g, i octane, kardinal offishal, deewun, vybz kartel, gage, kalado, tiana, stylo g, hitmaker, rdx, deep jahi, tiyarro, serani, cecile, gappy ranks, don dem, agent sasco, mad cobra, charly black, kranium, alozade, wicked rajah, shane o, potential kid, rholin x, hawkeye, chico, ding dong, tarrus riley, chi ching ching, buju banton, selena gomez, chino, stephen mcgregor, monique, stacious, ras attitude, teflon, exco levi, loyal flames, christopher martin, jah cure, bitty mclean, bunny rugs, sly and robbie, major laser, jesse royal, hitmaker, natel, cherine, sophia brown, busy signal, groucho Show-July 19, 2014Wed, 23 Jul 2014 00:00:00 -0400A special show featuring the early days of dancehall music Show-July 26, 2014Sat, 26 Jul 2014 00:00:00 -0400bunji garlin, gyptian, singer j, blak ryno, beenie man, bryka, vybz kartel, i octane, lil rick, sekon sta, big red the dj, jah cure, erphaan alves, demarco, busy signal, gage, wasp, alkaline, mr. vegas, t.o.k., wiz khalifa, delly ranx, mystic revealers, sizzla, kwesi fontinelle, masicka, pg13, radijah, phillip t2k, patexx, fiona robinson, new kids, d'angel, turbulence, etana, barry biggs, bunny rugs, ashli jade, garnet silk, rc Show-August 2, 2014Sat, 02 Aug 2014 00:00:00 -0400pamputae, aidonia, patience, deablo, laden, jayds, razor b, gangoolie, bencil, patexx, raine seville, nuklear, mad cobra, popcaan, konshens, i octanei, king youth, caldinho, bunji garlin, kevin lyttle, anselm douglas, bencil, navino, alkaline, qq, richie loop, trey songz, nicki minaj, exco levi, luciano, dre island, chezidek, jesse royal, lion d, raphael, maical x, lukie d, michigan, lt. stitchie, million sylez, bushman, skarra mucci, carl malcolm, al campbell, melodians, kashief lindo, nikesha lindo, lloyd brown, stevie face, ratigan, magic, honorebel, kevin lloyd, shuga slick, trevor off key, duane stephenson Show-August 9, 2014Sat, 09 Aug 2014 00:00:00 -0400See playlist Show-August 16 2014Sat, 16 Aug 2014 00:00:00 -0400gage, nefatari, tiana, vybz kartel, ricky teetz, mavado, patexx, marlon binns, kalado, bramma, t.o.k., alkaline, assassin, ruddy thomas, busy signal, the flexican, fs green, rdx, 1st klase, remixah, kerlz, terry seales, fadda fox, tugg krakaz, jonnah, cedella, stephen, damian marley, buju banton, terry ganzie, informative history man, yami bolo, exco levi, teflon, sizzla, lutan fyah, konshens, seed organization, clinton sly, jayds, kedafire, magic, ce'cile, romain virgo, jamelody, anthony cruz, beres hammond, delly ranx, ward 21 Show-August 23, 2014Sat, 23 Aug 2014 00:00:00 -0400future, dudsymil, daniell, , demarco, elephant man, christopher martin, hyah slic, j capri, rasqo, qq, vybz kartel, gage, benny page, richie loop, konshens, ishawna, twins of twins, pumpa, ioctane, bryka, deablo, collie buddz, etzia, vershon, little twitch, natural black, turbulence, 3 starr, natty king, determine, krishane, melissa steel, beenie man, ghost, kconeil, magic, mr. vegas, honorebel, junior x, peppa, junior reid, pressure, damian marley, tarrus riley Show-August 30, 2014Sat, 30 Aug 2014 00:00:00 -0400vybz kartel, jonnah, serocee, scrilla, lead pipe, saddis, cherrish, voicemail, konshens, ding dong, new kids, d'angel, camar, toledo, beenie man, busy signal, tanto metro, devonte, kiprich, black ryno, dennis the menace, froggy, xean don, 3 star, kes the band, ce'cile, degree, louie culture, shandz, ward 21,rdx, exco levi, d major, brown shuga, kenyatta hill, lutan fyah, red rose, voicemail, konshens, chevaughn, mega banton, ratigan, iba mahr, chuck fenda, singing melody, mr. stone, shane hoosong, kashief lindo, frankie paul, gappy ranks, amblique, jah cure, perfect giddimani Show-September 6, 2014Sat, 06 Sep 2014 00:00:00 -0400gangoolie, vybz kartel, jahmiel, blade skeemaz, alkaline, twins of twins, beenie man, capleton, rhyming king, singer j, showtime damian, elephant man, nitty kutchie, ding dong, i octane, ishawna, macka diamond, spice, jah vinci, jayds, deablo, busy signal, sky, dwayno, reliq, farmer nappy, t.o.k., krucial, richie loop, demarco, hopeton lewis, christopher martin, gc, red fox, josey wales, shaggy, screechy dan, little kirk, sammy gold, pad anthony, carl meeks, d'nations, michael rose, treson, prezident brown, sylvanusm, mikey dangerous, romain virgo, exco levi, bugle, shaggy, sanchez, notis, iba mahr, tarrus riley Show-September 13, 2014Sat, 13 Sep 2014 00:00:00 -0400vybz kartel, buju banton, lil jon, tommy lee sparta, vybz kartel, demarco, ishawna, sheba, dwayno, kes the band, rdx, bunji garlin, mr. renzo, busy signal, erphaan alves, shal, denyque, butta, jah vinci, alkaline, agent sasco, qq, bugle, louie culture, lucky jobe, determine, anthony b, sizzla, macka diamond, i octane, marcia griffiths, tarrus riley, chris demontague, anuhea, christopher martin, piper street sound, mutant frogs Show-September 20, 2014Sat, 20 Sep 2014 00:00:00 -0400Buju banton, alpheus, pressure, lutan fyah, midnite, ziggi recado, rc, exco levi, shuga, don't play, stuart wilson, tydal, eljai, turbulence, sophia squire, anthony b, apple, curtis b, logon, khumbulani, dms, ras caleb, miz dee, spiderman, nutty operator, mostaff, terry mike, demarco, jah vinci, stylysh, vybz kartel, zoo ras, ravi b, k rich, patrice roberts, destra garcia, elephant man, more fire clan mercenario, deablo, baby cham, ajrenalin, chino, christopher martin, busy signal, tifa, d major, alkaline, mavado, vanessa bling, gaza slim), I octane, voicemail Show-September 27, 2014Sat, 27 Sep 2014 00:00:00 -0400danielle d.i., vybz kartel, radijah, cham, o, elephant man, quick cook, boom boom, zj liquid, krymist, t.o.k., shane o, alkaline, jimbo sparta, tommy lee sparta, demarco, jah vinci, vybz kartel, tarrus riley, beenie man, luciano, mavado, serani, rdx, i octane, chilando, destra garcia, preedy, flipo, k. rich, farmer nappy, lyrikal, nadia batson, positive, mr. vegas, jovi rockwell, sanchez, richie spice, rc, perfect giddimani, jonnah, etana, latty j, damian marley, barrington levy, gentleman, buju banton, alborosie, biga ranx, luciano, aidonia, gappy ranks Show-October 4, 2014Sat, 04 Oct 2014 00:00:00 -0400tommy lee, francisco, richie loop, rollie fresh, chico, lefside, kalado, farenizzi, rdx, sizzla, charly black, lukie d, propally, t.o.k., voicemail, macka diamond, shawn storm, vybz kartel, chan dizzy, danielle d.i., masicka, pamputtae, j capri, exco levi, reddman uk, kim kelly, gappy ranks, i octane, shifta, chenelle, mavado, christopher martin, beenie man, sedale, wildfire, smooth t, johnny osbourne, lloyd brown, jahdan blackamoore, midnight, perfect giddimani, pressure, lutan fyah, dre z, rootsGwaan, junior reid, akinsaya, bramma, luciano, capleton, duane stephenson, aidonia, tasman jude, peter spence, astronauts, busy signal Show-October 11, 2014Sat, 11 Oct 2014 00:00:00 -0400serocee, kerwin prescott, ajrenalin, gage, laden, ranco, imagyn, merciless, knock shizzle, delly ranx, demarco, munga, bling dawg, kimanda, tajji, brain damage, busy signal, blaqk sheep, konshens, beenie man, future fambo, blazin kerosene, chi ching ching, chris marsh, olatunji, flipo, sekon sta, darnella, king bubba, lead pipe, benjai, h2o phlo, f.l.o., chynaman, i octane, lion d, ward 21, steppa style, raphael, gmac, skarra mucci, king kong, josey wales, elephant man, astronauts, dycr, natural black, negus, yaga sounds, sizzla kalonji, stephen marley, nina simone, wyclef jean, teflon, michigan, loeka longakit, mojo morgan, mr. vegas Show-October 18, 2014Sat, 18 Oct 2014 00:00:00 -0400dancehall,reggae,radio,podcast,wcbn,brian tomsic, tiana, future fambo, cutty ranks, laden, black ryno, garrizon, macka diamond, azuri, rdx renegade, wasp, voicemail, busy signal, skinny fabulous, sekon sta, saga boyz, bunji garlin, cham, vybz kartel, dappa, sharene, jah wayne, konshens, ck, j capri, chudney j, alkaline, tinga stewart, tony douglas, gappy ranks, harmonie doja, angie b, garnet jr., tilibop, cali p, pressure, nomads, rr, mavado, I octane, ce'cile, anthony b Show-November 1, 2014Sat, 01 Nov 2014 00:00:00 -0400bramma, vybz kartel, mr. g, determine, quick cook, zj liquid, vershon, pamputtae, demarco, jr. daine, spice, blak saine, gage, voicemail, samantha j, konshens, benjai, ricardo drue, k.i., shurwayne winchester, rayzor, munga, jah vinci, stacious, mr. vegas, lutan fyah, mavado, nikesha lindo, rafeelya, yashema mcleod, errol bonnick, tinga stewart, askala selassie, chardel rhoden, sandra cross, patrick boothe, don campbell, romain virgo, bling dawg, busy signal, the kreech, chronixx, bryan art, christopher martin, nico d, admiral p, serocee, richie stephens Show-November 8, 2014Sat, 08 Nov 2014 00:00:00 -0500onirose, i octane, gaza slim, alkaline, chilando, mavado, gage, kabaka pyramid, vybz kartel, supa hype, junior reid, gyptian, daville, mr. lexx, busy signal, mr. vegas, sanjay, sem g, qq, gyptian, joshua, bling dawg, unycorn, ward 21, sean paul, spice, rdx, patexx, chad hype, cubanis, alkaline, g whizz, exco levi, dalton harris, ringo and loxley, r.c., d major, ikaya, shuga, teri, ashlii jade, ghost, ed robinson, dalton harris, jah 9, puraman, da plan, ini kamoze Show-November 15, 2014Sat, 15 Nov 2014 00:00:00 -0500spice, vybz kartel, qq, demarco, babylaw, ding dong, pamputae, kym hamilton, kiprich/kym, konshens, alkaline, radijah, ishawna, cham, fire linkz, i octane, bugle, versatile, beenie man, kalado, quick cook, bunji garlin, erphaan alves, benjai, rdx, blingz, mr. vegas, grim reapa, 3 star, jah vinci, bitty mclean, alaine, jah 9, protoje, milton blake, mavado, laden, tiana, anuhea, christopher martin, jr daine, deep jah, mikey dangerous, d'angel Show-November 22, 2014Sat, 22 Nov 2014 00:00:00 -0500vybz kartel, busy signal, ck, konshens, g starr, nefatari, hitmaker, kalado, charley black, latoya linger, pretti kitti, versatile, mavado, gramma zone, tony matterhorn, wasp, tommy lee sparta, i octane, blak diamon, etalian, fire links, agent sasco, shawn storm, demarco, deablo, ryme minista, mr. vegas, future fambo, masicka, chan dizzy, kreesha turner, t.o.k., quick cook, krymist, busy signal, alkaline, bencil, mavado, sharon jones, dap kings, sizzla, spectacular, perfect, skarra mucci, jr. yellam, chezidek, delly ranx, mikey general, norrisman, chukki star, luciano, mykal rose, kymani marley, brian and tony gold, braintear spookie, boom steppa, e.n. young, super cat, rage, john holt, milton blake Show-November 29, 2014Tue, 02 Dec 2014 00:00:00 -0500mavado, beenie man, sizzla, stacious, josey wales, jah vinci, 3 star, fiona, delly ranx, alkaline, gullyman, gage, shifta, chenelle, latty j, mr. vegas, chi ching, popcaan, lil vaughn, mandella, muddy, squeeze head, charley black, richie stephens, major lazer, sean paul, j capri, ding dong, bramma, super cat, jemere morgan, gappy ranks, teflon, pressure, chino, busy signal, kwssc, capital d, kananga, jah ruby, reggae liberators, richie loop, rage, ed robinson, queen ifrica, jacob miller Show-December 6, 2014Sat, 06 Dec 2014 00:00:00 -0500shabba ranks, maxi priest, kym, talee, iyara, vybz kartel, tommy lee sparta, gage, alkaline, gully bop, lady saw, sean paul, laden, ding dong, i octane, johnny roxx, leftside, fay-ann lyons, bunji garlin, rome, marcia miranda, crazy, revelation, rembunction, trisha hamilton, baron, oscar b, charly black, syleena johnson, sade serena, cecile, iq, kalado, bugle, jahvillani, jesse royal, joe gibbs, tarrus riley, whippa demus Show-December 20, 2014Sat, 20 Dec 2014 00:00:00 -0500christmas special,Macka b, Amblique, Barry biggs, Chevaughn, craigis, Christopher, Shaggy, Richie, derrick and flourgon, Beres Hammond, Angela stewart, tuffest,, Ini kamoze, Sugar minott, John holt, gregory isaacs, dennis brown, coco tea, john holt, shinehead, busy signal, kiprich, shawn storm, bugle, street, chi ching, supa hype, elephant man, konshens, mr. vegas, jah vinci, iq, twins of twins, tony matterhorn, blaqk sheep, red rat, rally rally ree, wayne marshall, fambo, charley black Show-December 13, 2014Tue, 23 Dec 2014 00:00:00 -0500gage, leftside, blade skeemaz, masicka, jahvillani, alva, dossantos, deep jahi, daville, sadiki, vershon, ricky t, quid, scady dot p, invader, nicole david, d'sean, dj cue, kalado, charly black, konshens, mavado, spice, i octane, darrio, ryme minista, alkaline, quick cook, gully bop, kiprich, 3 star, zabrick, half pint, bounty killer, capleton, sizzla, luciano, george nooks, richie stephens, sharon forrester, ashli jade, meditations, screwdriver, kashief lindo, bob andy, ambelique, nikesha lindo, pressure, lloyd brown, beres hammond, rashani, taddy p, nerry, keith and tex, jah son, rally rally ree Show-December 27, 2014Sat, 27 Dec 2014 00:00:00 -0500vybz kartel, russian, spragga benz, jayds, shokryme, ky-enie, kritikal, lady ali, currenci, bmwa, blu lyon, sean paul, gully bop, d'vercity, bugle, konshens, stadic,, bunji garlin, allison hnds, melly rose, jay cube, juelio, ricardo drue, destra, king bubba fm, ravi b, karma, babey drew, bssmnt, alkaline, ikaya, determine, anthony b, kulcha knox, josie mel, chrisinti, lasai, morodo, ganjar family, zilah, leftside, jahvante campbell, sea b, iyara, bobby tenna, kenyatta fire, steel pulse, luciano Show-January 3, 2015Sat, 03 Jan 2015 00:00:00 -0500busy signal, vybz kartel, spragga benz, briggy benz, bittah sosicka, kwalit-e, bobby schmurda, dane ray, agent sasco, alozade, don husky, ishawna, voicemail, d'angel, i octane, demarco, serani, jahazeil myrie, gyptian, d'east, daville, bryka, chris martin, ding dong, chan dizzy, gage, honorebel, sizzla, chino, versatile, ego y elocuente, terri lyons, patrice roberts, charly black, sharp, gappy ranks, exco levi, iba mahr, cali p, delly ranx, esco, luciano, jahvante campbell, singer dee, td rankin, brett di ikon, terry ganzie, action k, dotta coppa, unstoppable fyah, teflon, khago, jah mason, capleton, stein, gully bop, popcaan, vybz kartel, jah cure Show-January 10, 2015Sat, 10 Jan 2015 00:00:00 -0500vybz kartel, toian, shawn storm, 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khago, inner circle, chronixx, jacob miller Show-January 24, 2015Sat, 24 Jan 2015 00:00:00 -0500k queen, lukie d, bling dawg, d'angel, new kidz, mr. melody, bounty killer, iyara, mr. peppa, beenie man, charly black, bounty kille, gage, tommy lee sparta, vybz kartel, keshan, gully bop, stage muzik, mx prime, mr. killa, olatunji, destra garcia, qq, shaka pow, war lincoln, natel, latty j, famous face, savage, shaggy, rayvon, konshen, patexx, zamunda, kashief lindo, pressure, ambelique, meditations, melodians, heavybeat crew, carl malcolm, glen washington, beres hammond, rc, iq michael, deep jahi, carlene davis, jah son, mikey general, kafinal Show-April 12, 2014January 31, 2015Sat, 31 Jan 2015 00:00:00 -0500mr. lexx, bugle, demarco, chevaughn, tiana, empire isis, stacious, marcy chin, lisa hyper, kim kelly, vanessa bling, tifa, raine seville, tiffy malvo, j capri, ce'cile, realist, kerry john, jah mel, maloney, orlando octave, makamillion, machel montano, shaggy, gully bop, mavado, 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ranks, agent sasco, nerro, anthony malvo Show-March 7, 2015Sat, 07 Mar 2015 00:00:00 -0500akon, shabba, vybz kartel, sizzla, popcaan, demarco, versatile, quick cook, i octane, delly ranx, kalado, javado, bryka, mavado, agent sasco, alkaline, vershon, sanity, t.o.k., beenie man, d flame, tee jay, gmac, elephant man, voicemail, charly black, raytid, miss o, samantha j, olatunji, denyque, flipo, WAN, ca$h flow, osi, jagan, akoka, deux13, captain tobie, hanne p, konshens, bugle, propa fade, exco levi, jahmali, terry linen, kaisha lee, mystic roots band, jah cure, lutan fyah, turbulence, collie buddz, a thomas, lord lyta Show-March 14, 2015Sat, 14 Mar 2015 00:00:00 -0400pia mia, gully bop, beenie man, new kidz, raytid, aidonia, laza morgan, blak ryno, kym hamilton, deva brat, konshens, dubbi rough, dan peshe, alkaline, likkle dainjah, queen diamond, iya champs, i octane, vybz kartel, the kemist, rizon, timaya, destra, dj outkast, king vers, red eye crew, hitmaker, richie loop, j luga, lukie d, t.o.k., ky-enie, capleton, derrick parker, i wayne, gentleman, christopher martin, george nooks, anthony cruz, yami bolo, shurwayne lonesome, louie culture, jimmy riley, luciano, jigsy king, admiral tibbet, exco levi, toian, belinda brady, chip fu, ras slick, x-amount, burro banton, bob marley Show-March 21, 2015Sat, 21 Mar 2015 00:00:00 -0400ricky stain, t.o.k., aidonia, bounty killer, spragga benz, delly ranx, christophe, einstein, alkaline, mavado, i octane, chilando, m gee, kranium, 3 star, assassin, beenie man, furtyle brain, teflon, navino, mavado, charly black, ce'cile, fadda moses, leftside (tiger), konshens, busy signal, vybz kartel, don jah'em, mr. vegas, pitbull, gappy ranks, million stylez, pressure, nico d, exco levi, ed robinson, tanya stephens, jesse royal, daniel bambaata marley, bugle, inner circle, chronixx, jacob miller, protoje, kabaka pyramid, terry linen, lukie d, khago, ky-nie Show-March 28, 2015Sun, 29 Mar 2015 13:29:14 -0400mr. wright, ricky blaze, tnez, turbulence, fyakin, bascom x, sean paul, shabba ranks, erup, gully bop, little hero, jah wayne, spliffy sparta, rude rose, mr. absolute, charly black, chilando, j capri, stylo g, destiny, shac, desperado, tornado, chan dizzy, shawn storm, likkle dainjah, konshens, vybz kartel, iya champs, i octane, cham, laden, screechy dan, wayne anthony, shifta, chris marsh, red fox, samira, timeka marshall, laza morgan, gyptian, assassin, jemere morgan, gramps morgan, zagga, wyre, natel, konshens, alaine, jah vinci, j boog, stein, tarrus riley, morgan heritage, shuga, lone ranger, horace andy, exco levi, dalton harris, nico d, toian, mink jo, 1da Show-April 4, 2015Sat, 04 Apr 2015 00:00:00 -0400vybz kartel, raytid, toian, konshens, i octane, likkle dainjah, shawn storm, iya champs, camar, kalado, popcaan, deablo, shawn storm, gaza indu, propa fade, voicemail, gage, destiny, masicka, busy signal, bklyn south, prophet z, elephant man, ding dong, jr. reid, young jr, blah minott, luciano, richie spice, 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twins of twins Show-May 9, 2015Sat, 09 May 2015 00:00:00 -0400babey drew, bssmnt, ding dong, rdx, beenie man, starface, busy signal, lady saw, tuff krakaz, spice, leftside, voicemail, ovamarz, sizzla, red rat, foota hype, elephant man, mr. vegas, qq, hard fi deal did, likkle dainjah, charly black, kiprich, ghandi, avalanche, venjance, new kidz, dexta daps, jingo bram, konshens, bounty killer, lordcrazy, patrice roberts, biggie irie, sekon sta, ricardo drue, lil rick, king bubba, skinny fabulous, rodney small, shawn storm, mr. g, macka diamond, bridgez, furtyle brain, juggla, anthony b, tommy lee sparta, chan dizzy, jesse royal, curtis lynch project, empire isis, one chot, raytid, patexx, mikey spice, dennis brown, anthony cruz, gyptian, romain virgo, garnet silk Show-May 16, 2015Sat, 16 May 2015 00:00:00 -0400mavado, tommy lee sparta, jayds, deablo, chan dizzy, mega banton, popcaan, versatile, aidonia, vybz kartel, chi ching ching, keshan, tifa, pumpa, spice, gyptian, munga, demarco, 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keznamdi, patexx Show-May 30, 2015Sun, 31 May 2015 00:00:00 -0400sean paul, anarahk, a pass, albeezy, ishawna, i candy, agent sasco, charly black, rdx, hydal, kabal, goldy, chronixx, ultimate rejects, mx prime, mikey, fay ann, devin di dakta, likkle dainjah, jah son, chi ching ching, gage, devine, r.c., christopher martin, romain virgo, busy signal, mink jo, lutan fyah, jimmy cliff, jah9, bugle, admiral tibbet, bushman, silkkey d, sanchez, yasha, queen ifrica, nadine sutherland, busy signal, beres hammond Show-June 6, 2015Sat, 06 Jun 2015 00:00:00 -0400jamie xx, young thug, popcaan, delly ranx, stein, scissaz, future fambo, baby brown, nyanda, konshens, darrio, mavado, i octane, rhyming king, beenie man, alkaline, quick cook, kreecha, esco, teejay, vybz kartel, boosh kash, gully bop, collie buddz, singer j, sean paul, gage, devine, jah son, free speech, k c oneil, faithfull, ryme minista, melloquence, fadda fox, preedy, babey drew, bsssmnt, agent sasco, turbulence, singing sweet, gappy ranks, bobby hustler, teflon, r.c., luciano, sean kingston, ras slick, jah cure, alaine, j boog, kashief lindo, wayne wonder, richie lane, papa michigan, dan i, jr. daine, cadenza, stylo g, busy signal, exco levi, michael rose, dycr Show-June 9, 2015Sat, 13 Jun 2015 00:00:00 -0400chilando, innovator, busy signal, farruko, shaggy, nicky jam, jah wayne, karry ann, zagga, tiyarro, jafrass, versatile, vershon, voicemail, beenie man, demarco, rhougue, javada, chevaughn, raytid, collie buddz, camar, flava unit, gage, netwrk, bounty killer, j capri, benzly hype, shuga, macka diamond, mad cobra, konshens, makamillion, bryan lionheart, kerry john, jamelody, maxi priest, daddy screw, shaggy, shabba ranks, angela stewart, frankie paul, aaron jones, wayne anthony, kshoya, simpleman, shooka bam, major christy, courtney melody, sizzla, missy b, darrio, laza morgan, major lazer, chronixx Show-June 20, 2015Sat, 20 Jun 2015 00:00:00 -0400chan dizzy, fabian, we chief, ragga twins, ghosteffects, ras myrdhak, king mas, anto neosoul, eddie murphy, beenie man, jafrass, ikaya, romain virgo, I octane, joseph cotton, richie stephens, tony curtis, sanchez, collin roach, frankie paul, maxie melody, trevor levy, leroy smart, popcaan, vybz kartel., little miss, likkle dainjah, mr. badmind, ishawna, gully bop, gage, collie buddz, buju banton, innovata, rikroot, delus, qq, hard fi deal wid, mr. vegas, shawn storm, masicka, gaza tussan, runtown, wizkid, king bubba, kerwin dubois Show-June 27, 2015Sat, 27 Jun 2015 00:00:00 -0400vybz kartel, qq, cecile, patexx, rdx, future fambo, dubplates band, elephant man, deablo, de'vious, major lazer, jugglerz, king bubba, versi, beenie man, iyara, tiyarro, serani, blak ryno, blingazz, stein, pam hall, tappa zukie, chezidek, sadiki, a.j. brown, roy panton, yvonne harrison, tony anthony, twiggi, nikesha lindo, george nooks, henry buckley jr., anthony b, shawn storm, delly ranx, network, moshan, furtyle brain, kawtion, sem g, macka diamond, bridgez, ky-enie, kranium, j. august, pinchers, buju banton, assassin, kabaka pyramid, chezidek, gappy ranks Show-July 11, 2015 - part 2Sat, 11 Jul 2015 00:00:00 -0400ajrenalin, suku ward, cecile, devin di dakta, elisa polanco, mizta b, assassin, macka diamond, red rat, honorebel, mad cobra, chico, gully bop, esco, krymist, charly black, million stylez, lady saw, roundhead, bling dawg, harry toddler, beenie man, jus chris, tony curtis, singer j, new kidz, xylo, zagga, bobby hustle, turbulence, gappy ranks, leroy smart, beres hammond, kashief lindo, half pint, charlie chaplin, chaka demus, pliers, yami bolo, johnny clarke Show-July 11, 2015 - part 1Sat, 11 Jul 2015 00:00:00 -0400tommy lee sparta, gillie da kid, modern lycan, yung tae, vybz kartel, beenie man, i octane, flippa mafia, bugle, dexta daps, chi ching ching, mr. vegas, voicemail, chino, lisa hyper, j. capri, cecile, lava vein, nhtk, i octane, alison hinds, teddy rhymez, marley palmer, royal dainties, blazer dan, ziggy ranking, jesse royal, junior kelly, chilando, rahsani, destiny's eagle, ky@h, robert baptiste, tony rebel, vershon, ninjaman, dougie conscious, kat deluna, trey songz, rhythm express Show-July 18, 2015Sat, 18 Jul 2015 00:00:00 -0400gage, richy rych, g blacks, alkaline, sky, powerman, master bling, ganggoolie, tommy lee sparta, sean paul, zj liquid, rude rose, chi ching ching, bamson, mr. vegas, mavado, blak ryno, munga, fambo, beenie man, natel, azane, prohgres, kaliblaxx, i octane, nefatari, khago, ck, ding dong, johnny bravo, ikel marvlus, lilian mbabazi, a pass, j boog, ziggi recado, lukie d, chronixx, buju banton, wayne wonder, gregory isaacs, toke, chino, jah wayne, justus, snatcha, pinchers, bounty killer Show-July 25, 2015Sat, 25 Jul 2015 00:00:00 -0400harry toddler, shelly belly, vybz kartel, gage, bounty killer, leftside., syon, rdx, cecile, macka diamond, stein, king jazzy, ding dong, chris martin, mr. easy, masta jay, sky, propa fade, flipo, gangoolie, alison hinds, joaquin, alix cage, blaxx, patrice roberts, lead pipe, saddis, chezidek, exco levi, getaway crew, trixstar, kabaka pyramid, anthony cruz, natel, nkulee dube, ishi dube, bushman, chan dizzy, jah cure, beres hammond, third world Show-August 1, 2015Sat, 01 Aug 2015 00:00:00 -0400wayne wonder, surpriz, vybz kartel, maestro don, mr. vegas, natel, vershon, demarco, tiana, konshens, rdx, voicemail, elephant man, gully bop, 45 di boss, jahmiel, time travel, kibaki, kaliblaxx, mikey, toian, shuga, bobby crystal, ian sweetness, mical rustle, culture t, half pint, lil bit, hopeton lindo, ed robinson, glen washington, serani, beenie man, bounty killer, shaggy, ikaya, demarco, jovi rockwell, likkle dainjah, sly and robbie, spicy chocolate, romain virgo, jah cure, stein, laden, bugle, skip marley, i octane Show-August 8, 2015Sat, 08 Aug 2015 00:00:00 -0400deep jahi, collie buddz, khago, kalado, g whizz, dexta daps, tifa, chino, ky-mani marley, krishane, shaggy, devin di dakta, shawn storm, jahvillani, exco levi, richie stephens, papa leu, tanto metro, devonte, kashief lindo, chevaughn, mikey general, nikesha lindo, ambelique, delly ranx, donae'o, cecile, gully bop, kisko hype, sadiki snowman, sly and robbie, gyptian, j capri, vybz kartel, gage, mr. renzo, elephant man, konshens, masicka, khago, pencil lunatic, beenie man, splinta, deva bratt, gyptian, mad cobra, future fambo Show-August 15, 2015Sat, 15 Aug 2015 00:00:00 -0400orange dolla fox, i octane, kardinal offishal, assassin, melissa steel, wretch 32, tommy lee, agent sasco, mr. vegas, demarco, vybz kartel, shawn storn, vershon, mad dog, yrn, dwayno, geterra, jah wayne, elephant man, cashtastic, ratigan, spice, mega banton, konshens, j capri, future fambo, beenie man, teflon, popcaan, lutan fyah, keisha white, lil dainty, khago, ken boothe, endel, marcia ball, shauna, hopeton lindo, ambelique, keble drummond, 2 of a kind, glen washington, anthony b, junior x, mr. perfect, bascom x, i wayne, keznamdi, tyrone taylor, gappy ranks, etana, daville, singing melody, milton blake, gyptian, ed robinson Show-August 22, 2015Sat, 22 Aug 2015 00:00:00 -0400kickraux, bounty killer,. demarco, vershon, kalado, tiana, ryme minista, shawna, lady saw, mr. g, kabaka pyramid, chan dizzy, dexta daps, mr. vegas, mavado, busy signal, caldinho, bencil, d'koncep, rdx, gage, demarco, spice, collie buddz, gappy ranks, bridgez, aj brown, kenny smith, million stylez, lutan fyan, dj chefyah, andi ites, luciano, polyfamous, i octane, nico d, natty remo, shuga roy, fireball crew, gentleman, shaggy, tamika, pressure busspipe, daville, devine songz, gramps morgan, air Show-August 29, 2015Sat, 29 Aug 2015 00:00:00 -0400kalado, vybz kartel, ward 21, mr. lexx, shawn storm, road elf, red fox, screechy dan, frankie sly, tifa, marcy chin, kunley, miss chin, vybz kartel, buju banton, marco, seanizzle, bugle, sagitarr, flourgon, red dragon, clement irie, daddy lizard, michael rutherford, little john, t.o.k., delly ranx, terry ganzie, cecile, iq michael, prince malachi, ras frasier jr., chezidek, kymani marley, steel pulse, pato banton Show-September 5, 2015Sat, 05 Sep 2015 00:00:00 -0400Mr. James Rocker was kind enough to sub for me this week!
Deep Jahi, Mr. Vegas, Gappy Ranks, Charly Black, Mighty Diamonds, Versatile, Jahmiel, Ragga Lox, Raytid, Lady Ali, Hote T4, Yellowman, D Angel, Gappy Ranks, Serani, Gappy Ranks, Kerry Starr, Jahwill, Barrington Levy, Thriller U, Cornell Campbell, Buju Banton, Intrestt, I Octane, Gyptian, Chilando, Anthony B, Etana, Cold Fever
Dancehall/Reggae Show-September 12, 2015Sat, 12 Sep 2015 00:00:00 -0400dj crooks, krossfyah, dj courtesy, don andre, ding dong, chi ching ching, trixstar, perfect giddimani, vershon, stylo g, gyptian, wayne wonder, konshens, marc brunnel, busy signal, stonebwoy, stylo g, upstate cats, devin di dakta, gully bop, blak ryno, alandon, noah powa, m gee, gully bop, stein, charly black, rdx, ricardo drue, shurwayne winchester, mr. vegas, taz, amblique, ms. paige, tabeta cshae, susan cadogan, macka b, earl 16, shuga, tanto metro, devonte, abby dallas, pressure, capleton, ginjah, bugle, collie buddz, skip marley, busy signal, wiz khalifa, charlie puth Show-September 19, 2015Sat, 19 Sep 2015 00:00:00 -0400beenie man, louie culture, gage, barrington levy, shinehead, judas, bounty killer, frankie paul, pinchers, malvo, roundhead, vybz kartel, devon di dakta, tanya stephens, sanjay, deep jahi, innovata, shelly belly, zumjay, jah wayne, runtown, wizkid, walshy fire, madd ting, luciano, yasus afari, beres hammond, jah vinci, million stylez, norrisman, jus chris, versatile, nitty kutchie, bascom x, horace andy, charley black, yung jr, cali p, laden, man wazimu, barmagrande, shuga, bunji garlin, damian jr. gong marley, ashaka, sly and robby, shaggy Show-September 26, 2015Sat, 26 Sep 2015 00:00:00 -0400papa san, Junior reid, gregory isaacs, sugar minott, johnny osbourne, beres hammond, lloyd parksl, cecile, vybrant, collie buddz, jah vinci, richie stephens, gentleman, I sane, laden, navino, ky-enie, prestige, j boog, iba mahr, gappy ranks, jah vinci, Andrew tosh, charlie chaplin, tamlins, chaka demus, spanner banner, leroy smart, thriller u, snagga puss, stan rick, conroy smith, cobra, red rat, tony rebel, erup, mega banton, adventurus, spragga benz, ding dong, young flex, dane blaze, stylysh, laza morgan, devin di dakta, ward 21, abba mc, mr. lexx Show-October 3, 2015Sat, 03 Oct 2015 00:00:00 -0400mighty diamonds, macka b, bushman, beres hammond, alaine, gappy ranks, demarco, sanchez, sly and robbie, Shaggy, afro omega, ambelique, ghost, jada k, maxi priest, marcia griffiths, carroll thompson, gyptian, barrington levy, devin di dakta, teflon, noah powa, briggy benz, omi, phillip t2k, popcaan, baby tashr, red eye crew, joli rouge sound, alkaline, triga finga, beenie man, jah vinci, paradox, d'angel, chronixx, black chiney, vybz kartel, drake, willy chin, cecile, likkle dainjah, mater killa, wu tang clan Show-October 10, 2015Sat, 10 Oct 2015 00:00:00 -0400mr. vegas, richie davis, super cat, little john, ricky blaze, gyptian, lisa hyper, don husky, daville, ifidel williams, ghost, coco tea, mr. g, natel, kabaka pyramid, raymond wright, exile di brave, ward 21, jah vinci, million stylez, rebellious, stitchie, derrick parker, jigsy king, papa michigan, d'east, kiprich, artikal, d'angel, gappy ranks, mr. moore, semonita, ruben, sir skarz, devon matthews, farmer nappy, vybz kartel, bounty killer, cham, tony matterhorn, gully bop, elly ess, elephant man, i octane, lisandra Show-October 17, 2015Sat, 17 Oct 2015 00:00:00 -0400Torch, morgan heritage, jo mersa marley, roya, shaggy, mr. vegas, lukie d, stevie face, chezidek, anthony johnson, ini kamoze, johnny osbourne, sugar minott, tony tuff, junior english, leftside, laden, jah vinci, paradox, d.i., tiana, red rat, xyclone, elephant man, blak ryno, dj flip tha boss, abina, basiq, rdx, trevor off key, vershon, natel, latty j, mr. g, deablo, delly ranx, assassin, gappy ranks, kappa, red fox, aidonia, jayds, konshens, kray z, wayne wonder, bramma, krucial Show-October 24, 2015Sat, 24 Oct 2015 00:00:00 -0400michigan and smilie, trinity, jacob miller, augustus pablo, art x, anthony b, tanto metro, devonte, kranium, tony curtis, pressure, sizzla, drake, popcaan, vybz kartel, twins of twins, dan i, trixstar, fantan mojah, romain virgo, assassin, yellostone, beenie man, jordanne patrice, shokryme, jayds, point o, chi ching ching, chilando, qq, future fambo, sean paul, demarco, gaza tussan, shawn storm, pg13, spice, t.o.k., wasp, kiprich, navino, specialist, ganggoolie, smokey hype, i'shane, snoop dogg, camar Show-October 31, 2015Sat, 31 Oct 2015 00:00:00 -0400mason, queen ifrica, dexta daps, assassin, junior thomas, cory jackson, gonzo, don g, pressure busspipe, chevaughn, balaguero, sizzla, voicemail, ginjah, fantan mojah, lutan fyah, jah mason, powerman, sekon sta, nadia batson, farmer nappy, charly black, likkle dainjah, quick cook, daville, rueed, t.o.k., darrio, eyesus, gyptian, lady leshurr, elephant man, mavado, symflo, vybz kartel, ffrench, meddz, kirk thuglas, harry toddler, ishawna, chi ching ching, sean paul, mr. easy, dexta daps Show-November 7, 2015Sat, 07 Nov 2015 00:00:00 -0500tanya stephens, ed robinson, dre island, bushman, admiral tibbet, dennis brown, ameena caesar, elephant man, sizzla, agent sasco, spookie, chris martin, wayne marshall, tami chynn, beenie man, sanchez, gappy ranks, tarrus riley, exco levi, bencil, demarco, vershon, chi ching ching, esco, khago shane o, popcaan, serani, dr. love, mad cobra, i octane, gully bop, Mavado, tiana, sizzla, ninja kid, vybz kartel, gage, noah powa, jordanne patrice, velvet, rihanna, bounty killer, , dexta daps, lady ali Show-November 14, 2015Sat, 14 Nov 2015 00:00:00 -0500rhythm express, ikaya, asante amen, richie spice, chino, duane stephenson, javada, fantan mojah, mackeehan, konshens, alaine, singing melody, lady saw, jahmiel, 3 star, andre shepherd, quick cook, likkle dainjah, nigma, jae prynse, vershon, fay-ann, iba mahr, imar shephard, lutan fyah, sean paul, amara la negra mims, rdx, alison hinds, shurwayne, mr. vegas, skinny fabulous, olatunji, fay-ann lyons, mavado, suit of black, vanessa bling, gully bop, anarchie, chin, general degree, demarco, likkle dainjah, vershon, shawn storm, sikka rymez, shana bless, likkle miss, macka diamond, mr. vegas, rr, bay c, vybz kartel Show-November 21, 2015Sat, 21 Nov 2015 00:00:00 -0500dennis brown, winston francis, max romeo, mutabaruka, max romeo, congoes, admiral tibet, kranium, tony curtis, iceman, dalton harris, tarrus riley, ed sheeran, george nooks, harry toddler, determine, boom dandimite, famous face, general b, anthony b, chino, bugle, kiprich, hot up, konshens, kiko don, beenie man, gentleman, dosa medicine, lady saw, devin di dakta, erphaan alvez, mr. palmer, olatunji, flipo, vybz kartel, gully bop, ninjaman, dexta daps, propa fade Show-December 5, 2015Sat, 05 Dec 2015 00:00:00 -0500kali blaxx, cut stone, green lion crew, carlton livingston, phillip frasier, fantan mojah, morgan heritage, lady ali, cj killawno, gappy ranks, jimmy riley, jemere morgan, mr. vegas, ameera, i octane, nijah elaine, high hopes band, denyque, busy signal, bunji garlin, ding dong, sean paul, tian winter, spice, lady saw, j capri, charly black, smeegle hype, i octane, beenie man, bling dawg, qq, govana Show-December 12, 2015Sat, 12 Dec 2015 00:00:00 -0500macka b, fantan mojah, capleton, turbulence, gyptian, tarrus riley, teejay, zamunda, , freddie mcgregor, sanchez, nicholas bennett, symz, monair, lady saw, professor nuts, spragga benz, wayne wonder, mr. diamond, tiana, verse simmonds, rock city, raheem, bunji garlin, sedale, fay-ann lyons, dj-lbr, mr. vegas, rdx, i octane, stone bwoy, tanto black, cham, froggy maddsquad, wayne wonder, surprize, delly ranx, madd spider family, vybz kartel, j capri, konshens, chilando Show-December 24, 2011Sun, 13 Dec 2015 00:00:00 -0500Christmas in Jamaica. busy signal, blaqk sheep, t.o.k., alozade, ms. thing, monster twins, bugle, ding dong, vybrant, kim katrina, don't play, beenie man, j.o.p., elephant man, mavado, flexx, savage, black rhyno, tommy lee, lady saw, lady g, t.o.k., assassin, rally rally ree, tony matterhorn, michelle gordon, delly ranx, sheba, little hero, pzed, viper, jahvinci, macka b, jacob miller, ray i, sugar minott, barrington levy, michael palmer, wayne marshall, sean paul, fambo, cham, toni braxton, shaggy, judge dread Show-December 19, 2015Sun, 20 Dec 2015 00:00:00 -0500Our annual Christmas Special, count floyd, unique version, chevaughn, craig, carpenters, shinehead, shaggy, sugar minott, gregory isaacs, inner circle, mikey spice, red rat, denyqe, d'angel, busy signal, ini kamoze, junior reid, john mouse, wayne wonder, baby cham, beres hammond, tony matterhorn, shaka pow, anarchie, elephant man, mr. diamond, chi ching ching, supa hype, jr. flex, merital, twins of twins, digital sham, bounty killer, assassin, beenie man, lady saw, t.o.k., kiprich, cecile, vybz kartel Show-January 2, 2016Sat, 02 Jan 2016 00:00:00 -0500morgan heritage, jo mersa, lloyd robinson, sly and robbie, a pass, stephen marley, cham, spragga benz, kabaka pyramid, oriel, chronixx, demarco, glen washington, romain virgo, dennis brown, exco levi, tanya stephens, carroll thompson, lady saw, prince fatty, horseman, lukie d, sean paul, bynon, shaggy, popcaan, jamie xx, popcaan, assassin, konshens, mavado, vybz kartel, r city, buju banton, mr. vegas, tanto metro, vanessa bling, voicemail, road elf, razor b, benjai, cassi, ricardo drue, blaxx, zj liquid, popcaan, chi ching ching, tommy lee sparta Show-January 9, 2016Sat, 09 Jan 2016 00:00:00 -0500dre island, kiko bun, skip marley, kymani marley, samantha j, richie flo, kranium, masicka, shawn storm, sade serena, lenn hammond, lymie murray, ras bogle, kenne blessin, beres brown, jesse royal, morgan heritage, bushman, iba mahr, chevaughn, chezidek, ginjah, jemere morgan, twins of twins, busy signal, dexta daps, mr. vegas, pressure, clueless bros, esco, nikka chromazzz, ricardo drue, roy cape all stars, m.r vegas, dj cigar, dj star, wally british, flexx, serani, i octane, mr. g, qq, ameera, sashae, innovata, shawn storm, prince pin, sizzla, mavado, rdx Show-January 16, 2016Sat, 16 Jan 2016 00:00:00 -0500beres hammond, etana, capleton, warrior king, richie spice, busy signal, sailant, jahvillani, stephen marley, mos def, johnny osbourne, pinchers, ronnie thwaites, yami bolo, tony tuff, nicodemus, reggie stepper, mad cobra, general tk, gregory peck, red dragon, vybz kartel, beenie man, jahmiel, vershon, likkle dainjah, 3 star, quick cook, bencil, navino, jah vinci, runtown, wizkid, machel montano, ding dong, elephant man, gaza tussan, rico tayla, teetimus, khago, patexx, 3hundred, tanto blacks, sample king, konshens,, raytid, kalado, qq, liquid, macka diamond, spice, razor b, rdx, bunji garlin ,poirier, red fox, gappy ranks Show-January 23, 2016Sat, 23 Jan 2016 00:00:00 -0500chaka khan, beres hammond, ammoye, hezron, symz, vybz kartel, popcaan, etana, khago, christopher ellis, ataru, shuga, erphaan alves, fadda fox, faith antoine, fay-ann lyons, stonebwoy, destra garcia, jahmoun, olatunji, suit of black, bunji garlin, machel montano, tarrus riley, busy signal, supa squad, mr. vegas, snypah, prohgres, dhq sher, vincz lee, cali p, firefly, riga, sanjay, demarco, tifa, shelly belly, qq, hottarice, devin di dakta, rdx, red eye crew, moncherie, danielle d.i., spice, leftside, seanizzle, k'coneil, lady saw, beenie man, demarco, agent sasco, busy signal, i octane, ninjaman, eklypse, ding dong, bravo Show-January 30, 2016Sat, 30 Jan 2016 00:00:00 -0500chris martin, anthony b, amdiral tibbet, charly b, jahazeil, gyptian, bridgez, bugle, busy signal, sailant, jerry star, dre island, garnet sild, tony rebel, chaka demus, shaka shamba, mad cobra, powerman, george nooks, gregory isaacs, pliers, pinchers, johnny osbourne, machel montano, badjohn republic, preedy, salty, fay-ann lyons, sekon sta, shurwayne, stacious, chapter nyne, gage, t.o.k., clueless brothers, ward 21, tanto blacks, skeptical, devin di dakta, elephant man, sean kingston, vershon, kalado, ricky teetz, govana, deja, charly black, raytid, kandy k, demarco, d'koncep, beenie man, macka diamond Show-February 6, 2016Sat, 06 Feb 2016 00:00:00 -0500mikey spice, bob marley, busta rhymes, Third world, stephen and damian marley, bunny rugs, augustus pablo, bounty killer, lukie d, romain virgo, agent sasco, aidonia, govana, dexta daps, anthony que, ian sweetness, mitch, twiggi, john mouse, ed robinson, galaxy p, determine, machel montano, benjai, nadia batson, ricardo drue, navino, dj ash, busy signal, rdx, deewun, l.o.c., natalie storm, mavado, chimney, bugle, kibaki, vybz kartel, vershon, kymani marley, alkaline, masicka, mavado, i octane, exco levi, chin chin, vershon, lyrical ill Show-February 13, 2016Sat, 13 Feb 2016 00:00:00 -0500This is WCBN Fundraiser time. Great music happening, but it depends on listener donations. Please go to to help us out! Thanks. Show-February 20, 2016Sat, 20 Feb 2016 00:00:00 -0500Fundraiser week at WCBN. You can get a copy of the DHR 2016 Mix CD for your very own by calling WCBN at 734-763-3500, or go to and give at least $25. Thanks!... Show-February 27, 2016Sat, 27 Feb 2016 00:00:00 -0500mr. vegas, jah9, vitch, freddie mcgregor, protoje, chronixx, anthony cruz, jah vinci, sanchez, natural black, richie spice, anthony b, josey wales, glen washington, sophia brown, sade serena, gappy ranks, bounty killer, tommy lee, I octane, chronixx, zj liquid, chino, spice, cecile, future fambo, beenie man, sizzla, kranium, major lazer, moti, yellow claw, skinny fabulous, machel montano, twins of twins, tuff krakaz, bitta blood, black diamon, potent, devina burn, jah vinci, bca, sanity, wayne wonder, surpriz Show-March 5, 2016Sat, 05 Mar 2016 00:00:00 -0500alton ellis, the green, trevor off key, kabaka pyramid, jesse royal, protoje, chronixx, ini kamoze, lupa, bryan art, steele, kashief lindo, jah vinci, charly black, gappy ranks, vybz kartel, riri, drake, shabba ranks, sean kingston, d'angel, keznamdi, spice, sweetie irie, alkaline, nadia batson, tommy lee sparta, singer j, beenie man, propa fade, tanto metro, devonte, sean paul, froggy maddsquad, alozade, delly ranx, knock shizzle, point o, perfect giddimani, deadly hunta, exco levi, jah mali, turbulence, bobby hustle, lutan fyah, don chizel, jade, kranium, biggy smalls Show-March 12, 2016Sat, 12 Mar 2016 00:00:00 -0500ziggy marley, chino, stephen mcgregor, anthony red rose, bounty killer, raging fyah, j boog, chaka demus, ryme minista, i octane, ghost, terry linen, tessanne chin, daynea deacon, ifidel williams, mykal rose, king kong, kenny knotts, reggie stepper, cutty ranks, courtney melody, voicemail, chronixx, busy signal, konshens, tifa, bounty killer, buju banton, g7, jahvillani, lady ali, rico tayla, stacious, vybz kartel, versatile, demarco, cyanide, charly black, stonebwoy, burna bwoy, truesounds, jah mason, lutan fyah, spectacular, mavado, buck one, mr. vegas, kalado, chedda, mo'nay Show-March 19, 2016Sat, 19 Mar 2016 00:00:00 -0400taddy p, morgan heritage, tristan palma, sizzla, pacific grown, black mattic, raytid, alkaline, glen washington, adele harley, lady lex, j.c. lodge, junior kelly, marcia griffiths, queen ifrica, iceman, shuga, dalton harris, bryan art, di rebel, gully bop, eklypse, ding dong, bravo ravers, olatunji, run town, bounty killer, charly black, gyptian, i octane, chino, bugle, delly ranx, masicka, spice, point o, kunley ward, jah mel, kerry john, jahvello, makamillion, busy signal, bugle, chino, lexxus, eyesus, qraig, exco levi, wayne wonder, alkaline Show-March 26, 2016Sun, 27 Mar 2016 00:00:00 -0400tribute to jimmy riley, michael irie, j boog, chaka demus, konshens, shuga, lutan fyah, natural black, iceman, torch, duane stephenson, exco levi, shuga, serani, zagga, romain virgo, busy signal, aidonia, sean paul, bunji garlin, chin chin, vanessa bling, spice, kalado, alkaline, mr. g, mavado, d'east, jahmiel, k. more, beenie man, vybz kartel, shawn storm, gappy ranks Show-April 2, 2016Sat, 02 Apr 2016 00:00:00 -0400anthony b, luciano, wayne marshall, richie spice, d.y.c.r., seeed organization, clinton sly, jo mersa marley, yohan marley, barrington levy, vybz kartel, khago, marsha ambrosius, maxi priest, beres hammond, music souljah, truth, karen smith, red rose, bounty killer, di genius, jahmiel, konshens, major lazer, grandtheft, elephant man, fambo, i octane, zj dymond, popcaan, charly black, voicemail, d major, devin di dakta, rr, road elf, tifa, vershon, konshens, tanto blacks, blak diamon, pretti kitti, patexx, dane ray, spangy, versatile, raytid, kalado, smoodface, alkaline, t.o.k., devolve Show-April 9, 2016Sat, 09 Apr 2016 00:00:00 -0400lee scratch perry, subatomic sound system, kabaka pyramid, bassic division, raphael, tristan palma, bugle, nature, natural black, frankie paul, christopher martin, sanchez, supercat, papa san, million stylez, mr. vegas, spectacular, ward 21, macka diamond, vybz karte, charly black, agent sasco, i octane, masicka, feedo, jah vinci, ocg, mavado, jahmiel, aidonia, tommy lee sparta, eshconinco, amanda hunt, versatile, mr. vegas, menace, serocee, bay c, tifa, spice, masicka, konshens, hood celebrity, tee jay, aidonia, ding dong, voicemail, sean paul, buju banton, burro banton Show-April 16, 2016Sat, 16 Apr 2016 00:00:00 -0400tanya stephens, bob marley, big caz, anthony john, charly b, alpha blondy, tarrus riley, gappy ranks, rc, tony rebel, capleton,sizzla, al campbell, collin roach, anthony malvo, brian and tony gold, thriller u, cocoa tea, ken boothe, horace andy, sanchez, frankie paul, dean frasier, stylo g, bunji garlin, ishawna, i octane, shawn storm, likkle dainjah, quick cook, singer j, govana, jayds, aidonia, rdx, beenie man, troyton, bling dawg, mr. g, mad cobra, quick cook, shane o, future fambo, mr. vegas, voicemail, frankie dee, raytid, road elf, razor b, macka diamond, cara feral, lipstyck, gage, busy signal Show-April 23, 2016Sat, 23 Apr 2016 00:00:00 -0400chino, jimmy riley, monica, alicia keys, mavado, ras shiloh, prestige ally, trixstar, skarra mucci, macka diamond, dexta daps, perfiect giddimani, stephen dajure, capleton, l'entourloop, alborosie, dubmatix, jr. yellam, dj vadim, delly ranx,, sean paul, chi ching ching, shawn storm, tanto blacks, i octane, beenie man, black man, bugle, new kidz, admiral bailey, k queens, iyara, lady saw, gyptian, demarco, vybz kartel, vershon, alkaline, deebuzz, don andre ,konshens Show-April 30, 2016Sun, 01 May 2016 00:00:00 -0400a reggae tribute to prince, and a bunch of old 45s from the 90s,suggs, karl morrison, busy signal, citizen cope, nayrood, sinead o'connor, frank benbini, wayne wonder, ali campbel, karen schloss, patrick billings, noddy virtue, vernon maytone, nesbeth, kabaka pyramid, everton chambers, christopher martin, gappy ranks, aisha davis, marcy chin, rr, munga, vershon, jah vinci, jedani, beenie man, terror fabulous, tony rebel, lt. stitchie, red rat, chilla rinch, snagga puss, elephant man Show-May 7, 2016Sat, 07 May 2016 00:00:00 -0400natural black, just goodie, raging fyah, cedella marley, skip marley, royal blu, dubblestandart, shaka shamba, anthony b, vershon, pressure, tarrus riley, zamunda, r-tadax, nesbeth, tass, popcaan, a pass, konshens, deewunn, mr. vegas, gabby ranks, beenie man, charly black, esco, million stylez, bling dawg, delly ranx, terry ganzie, bugle, red rose, teflon, darrio, nature, rhyme minister, i wayne, twins of twins, alkaline, jah vinci, scubby, navino, teejay, raytid, likkle dainjah, teejay, qq, Show-May 14, 2016Sat, 14 May 2016 00:00:00 -0400,dirty dubsters, gisto, jahson, garnet silk, chris martin, romain virgo, gyptian, fred locks, black uhuru, junior tucker, lukie d, sizzla, lt. stitchie, natel, gappy ranks, ever-g, chelsea stewart, adi bity, richie loop, ce'cile, kalado, kalado, bounty killer, tommy lee sparta, kalibandulu, laden, flava don, bad royale, ricardo drue, king onyan, king bubba, shaggy, denyque, qq, pamputae, kiprich, vybz kartel, christopher martin, teetimus, tanto blacks Show-May 21, 2016Sat, 21 May 2016 00:00:00 -0400,big mountain, sizzla, prado, rebelution, protoje, rocker t, gappy ranks, borgore, barrington levy, conkarah, luciano, bugle, shawn storm, hezron, masicka, lutan fyah, major mackerel, bounty killer, shanill, anthony cruz, turbulence, glen ricks, anthony malvo, delly ranks, half pint, mykal rose, di genius, jahmiel, konshens, vybz kartel, erphaan, preedy, sekon sta, destra garcia, drupatee, machel montano, timaya, ricardo drue, sedale, popcaan, geno, jafrass, vershon, wasp, revla, chi ching ching, charly black, elephant man, starface, allison hinds, wayne wonder, notch, froggy maddsquad, patexx, taranchyla ,delly ranx, fire lion, kristin lasonta, gappy ranks, bencil clickstar, raytid, tru diva, baby boom, x ale, k more Show-May 28, 2016Sat, 28 May 2016 00:00:00 -0400tony rebel, iba mahr, jesse royal, keznamdi, chronixx, exco levi, kelissa, jahmiel, kabaka pyramid, rockaz elements, ziggy marley, chronixx, omari banks, duane stephenson, jahmiel, sanchez, iwacess, destra garcia, tanya stephens, ijahman levi, dennis brown, turbulence, jah mason, ras slick, lutan fyah, tim dub, bubbleman, mr. vegas, elephant man, chibwa, joli rouge sound, chico, king bubba, sekon sta, problem child, vybz kartel, chi ching ching, gabbidon, demarco, kranium, fambo, eshconinco, ishawna, alkaline, shatta wale, shane hoosong, devin di dakta, vershon, raytid, gage, laden, s carter, konshens Show-June 4, 2016Sun, 05 Jun 2016 00:00:00 -0400dennis alcapone, half pint, protoje, tarrus riley, gage, sade serena, shaggy, xana romeo, rob symeon, ras ijah, kenyatta hill, akae beka, puma ptah, leroy smart, bounty killer, anthony malvo, capleton, sizzla, delly ranx, cobra, anthony b, norris man, warrior king, ward 21, bushman, wayne wonder, anthony cruz, shinehead, ding dong, dexta daps, i octane, lisa hyper, ishawna, konshens, rdx, olatunji, mr. vegas, rupee, vybz kartel, mavado, aidonia, devin di dakta, blak ryno, popcaan, demarco, kalado, lil wayne, junior reid Show-June 11, 2016Sat, 11 Jun 2016 00:00:00 -0400stephen marley, capleton, sizzla, vybz kartel, ackboo, brother culture, esco, i octane, exco levi, ra deal, kashu man, teranchilla, clay morrison, karl morrison, desi morrison, etana, minister marion hall, sandra cross, penidean, fred locks, roger robin, tony anthony, barrington spence, marcia ball, 14k, skinny fabulous, laura lisa, fadda fox, runtown, lil rick, shanta, joaquin brewster, ricardo drue, lil rick, busy signal, axygen, laden, tanto blacks, cham, di rebel, vanessa bling, leftside, macka diamond, gappy ranks, chin chin, jah jah pickney, craigy t, 77 klash, fambo, beenie man, voicemail, razor b, darrio, road elf, anthony b, rdx Show-June 18, 2016Sat, 18 Jun 2016 00:00:00 -0400kabaka pyramid, damian marley, stephen marley, shaggy, terracotta blue, rihanna, ultimate rejects, l.i.v.e., easy star all stars, morgan heritage, micah shemiah, ky mani marley, gentleman, oriel, protoje, popcaan, rocker t, mykal rose, mr. williamz, natel, aphtanan, sielle, feluke, chris martin, gyptian, point o, don trent, fantom dundeal, skinny fabulous, shal marshall, shanta prince, tiana, vybz kartel, general degree, sean paul, navino, bencil, deevine, elephant man, alozade, seya, shane o, di artist redd, fambo, stylez, demarco Show-June15, 2016Sat, 25 Jun 2016 00:00:00 -0400general degree, gappy ranks, pressure busspipe, elan, jah9, ms. paige, isle five, nikesha lindo, prince alla, lone ranger, chronixx, king jammy, dubmatix, mykal rose, sara lugo, danakil, giark, 45 di boss, conroy smith, tippa lee, nardo ranks, ninja kid, derrick irie, glen washington, vybz kartel, devin di dakta, popcaan, busy signal, sekon sta, ricardo drue, king bubba fm, fadda fox, lil rick, boatman, masicka, king jazzy, ding dong, killa watt, faithful, turbulence, tashina mckenzie, delus, jimmy clock Show-July 2, 2016Sat, 02 Jul 2016 00:00:00 -0400macka b, jah cure, govana, richie stephens, konshens, singer j, jimmy riley, tamlins, laden, admiral tibbet, paul elliott, half pint, anthony cruz, andrew priest, sherida sharpe, derrick lara, lahmali, sugar black, sydney prince, peter spence, michelle cross, carolene thompson, vivian jones, mikey mclean, abelwell foundation, chi ching, elephant man, qq, popcaan, prohgres, masicka, anthony b, jahdan blackamore, kirk brown, jojo, nadia batson, busy signal, charly black, devin di dakta, frankie dee, khago, marcy chin, qq, razor b, spice, gage, kalado, lejah, nst, shotta g, sizzla, vybz kartel Show-JULY 9, 2016Sat, 09 Jul 2016 00:00:00 -0400gregory isaacs, gentleman, kymani marley, marcia griffiths, j boog, keznamdi, morgan heritage, lutan fyah, yasus afari, dubamine, blackout JA, protoje, eljai, warrior king, tony curtis, lia caribe, javada, keznamdi, dre island, d major, general degree, busy signal, deep jahi, xclusive, shemdon, blak ryno, kalado, joshua ali, angela hunte, jus d, i octane, vanessa bling, starsha, oozy, pg13, inkz, popcaan, grampa entatain, chris brown, wizkid, hoody baby, section boyz Show-July 16, 2016Sat, 16 Jul 2016 00:00:00 -0400machel montano, usain bolt, tessanne chin, fadda fox, ding dong, dexta daps, tanto blacks, vybz kartel, konshens, masicka, demarco, i octane, chico, alozade, shane o, quick cook, dane ray, iamstylezmusic, lincoln 3dot, tommy lee sparta, qraig, vershon, devin di dakta, olaf hd, ishawna, laza morgan, press kay, konshens, ricky teetz, masicka, flexxx, noface unknown, beenie man, busy signal, dalton harris, adazeh, loyal flames, romain virgo, richie spice, jovi rockwell, jesse royal, richie flo, ms. paige, carlton livingston, ayron michael, lutan fyah, venomous, protoje, tebby, gappy ranks, patrice roberts Show-July 23, 2016Wed, 27 Jul 2016 00:00:00 -0400This is an archive show from 1990 Show-July 30, 2016Sat, 30 Jul 2016 00:00:00 -0400anthony b, sizzla, capleton, dubmatix, sugar minott, illbilly hitec, horseman, kinetical, lone ranger, carl malcolm, radha, samu, raging fyah, j boog, busy signal, dalton harris, quick cook, sadiki, mr. moore, devin di dakta, gyptian, phantom imc, djane bklyn, loquita, major lazer, moti, buju banton, assassin, k'coneil, mitch, chi ching ching, ding dong, alozade, chico, voicemail, savage, beenie man, i octane, mavado, teejay, demarco, raytid, bravo ravers, charly black, razor b, ocg, gage, rdx, hot brain, kalado, point zero, voicemail, vybz kartel, alkaline, popcaan Show-August 6, 2016Sat, 06 Aug 2016 00:00:00 -0400mr. vegas, chino, qq, vintage reggae sound system, maoli, andrea martin, gappy ranks, gregory isaacs, luciano, queen ifrica, zamunda, anthony b, conrad crystal, christopher martin, busy signal, flameezy luxland, erphaan alves, kashuman, general degree, sean paul, sun bailante, alkaline, charly black, elephant man, wayne wonder, cecile, richie loop, charly black, afray, lady ali, demarco, shane o, g7, konshens, vybz kartel, sheba, tifa, vanessa bling, lady saw, rihanna, spice, ray sytes Show-August 13, 2016Sat, 13 Aug 2016 00:00:00 -0400damian marley, carlene davis, dubmatix, prince blanco, jah9, iron lion, i octane, n'zye, sizzla, aisha davis, mr. lexx, fabian, isiah mentor, jah teff, natural black, perfect giddimani, paul elliott, admiral tibbet, nature, lymie murray, anthony cruz, luciano, ginjah, jahmali, beenie man, andrew paul, junior kenna, ralph pico, ricky blaze, konshens, popcaan, tommy lee sparta, chan dizzy, ishawna, d'angel, blak ryno, stein, determine, teflon, noah powa, briggy benz, alovich, aidonia, eskell, ssense, rdx, chin chin, vybz kartel, savage, bunji garlin, r city, mr. vegas Show-August 20, 2016Sat, 20 Aug 2016 00:00:00 -0400general degree, tarrus riley, stephen marley, capleton, sizzla, shaggy, jah9, gappy ranks, protoje, tony rebel, katchafire, mavado, mr. vegas, vershon, gage, don andre, vybz kartel, popcaan, usain bolt, jahvillani, blackstarr, ochi queen, tory lanez, sean paul, neniita, mr. renzo, equiknoxx music, devin di dakta, elephant man, qq, sunshine and nadiva, kenyba, s. carter, hunter hd, mr. gold'n, slatta, gailsogorgeous, kiprich, pternsky, popcaan Show-August 27, 2016Sat, 27 Aug 2016 00:00:00 -0400freddie mcgregor, garnet silk, glen washington, gregory isaacs, buju banton, aswad, shabba ranks, pinchers, screwdriver, everton fray, frankie jones, frankie paul, malibu, mr. vegas, nadia rose, beenie man, anthony malvo, delly ranx, dj sultan, elephant man, craigy t, dee dre, eshconinco, kalado, devin di dakta, tiger, johnny p, goofy, madd anju, nardo ranks, commander shad, henkel irie, collin roach, wickerman Show-September 3, 2016Sat, 03 Sep 2016 00:00:00 -0400screwdriver, chuck turner, sevana siren, jesse jendah, nurish, mr. wright, gregory isaacs, garnet silk, yasus afari, pliers, sanchez, ghost, daddy lizard, anthony malvo, derrick parker, lyrical, spragga benz, baby cham, dubmatix, sizzla, bunji garlin, rdx, sean paul, chi ching ching, vybz kartel, konshens, gyptian, macka diamond, capleton, cutty ranks, dirtsman, beenie man, super cat, nadine sutherland, lady saw, buju banton, dugsy ranks, louie culture, spragga benz, daddy screw, donovan steele, shinehead Show-September 10, 2016Sat, 10 Sep 2016 00:00:00 -0400dancehall,reggae,radio,podcast,wcbn,brian tomsic,anthony johnson, lady ann, leroy gibbon, yellowman, peter metro, sophia george, general trees, chaka demus, scorcher, screwdriver, flashy b, tony rebel, general trees, general tk, skullman, papa san, demarco, shaggy, vybz kartel, jay prynse, busy signal, louie culture, pliers, delly ranks, agent sasco, capleton, wayne wonder, froggy, wickerman, tony rebel, queen ifrica, i octane, charly black, mavado, aidonia, demarco, hinzo 876, jahmiel, mr. g, marcus, kuttit, one voice, beniton ,drewzie, bryka, laden, rhythm piink, imani, esco Show-September 24, 2016Fri, 16 Sep 2016 00:00:00 -0400ras denroy morgan, rhythm express, maiko watson, slackers, akeem, rico tayla, mahkess, sanchez, beres hammond, coco tea, derrick parker, anthony malvo, collin roach, bushman, coco tea, capleton, michael rose, party ambassadors, aaron duncan, farmer nappy, shurwayne winchester, marc isaacs, ocg, i octane, jahmiel, hazard, alkaline, ding dong, busy signal, chris martin, i octane, shawn storm, sashique, mavado, charly black, chris martin, konshens, big red the dj, jagwa de champ, trey breezy, supaa, bunji garlin, revelation, kalado Show-September 17, 2016Sat, 17 Sep 2016 00:00:00 -0400dancehall,reggae,radio,podcast,wcbn,brian tomsic,dubblestandart , amanda bauman, b real, damian marley, dre island, agent sasco, i octane, hezron, mykal rose, surprize, papa san, glen washington, sanchez, errol derby, lollipop, marcia griffiths, buju banton, tony rebel, cobra, general degree, garnet silk, freddie mcgregor, ward 21, vybz kartel, rc, yuing whoa, tony matterhorn, shatta wale, shawn storm, king jazzy interview, ding dong, turbulence, demarco, alkaline, gyptian, kashuman, shemdon, tommy lee sparta, general degree, vanessa bling Show-October 1, 2016Sat, 01 Oct 2016 00:00:00 -0400trevor off key, jah cure, thriller u, o.c. roberts, tony tuff, george nooks, luciano, sanchez, singing melody, chaka demus, pliers, collin roach, lovindeer, richie stephens, glen washington, tony tuff, denzel white, kickraux, ras kwame, mavado, chi ching ching, elephant man, rdx, ding dong, ravers, lukas graham, t.o.k., spragga benz, i octane, vybz kartel, joe lazer, cecile, jigsy king, queen ifrica, anthony b, morgan heritage, don andre Show-October 8, 2016Sat, 08 Oct 2016 00:00:00 -0400johnny osbourne, hempolics, citizen sound, ammoye, lotek, deemas j, fyah blaze, anthony wayne, jimmy riley, major christy, courtney melody, dj frass, shaggy, jahmiel, mavado, judy mowatt, terry linen, singing melody, jack radics, sanchez, bounty killer, pinchers, mr. vegas, vybz kartel, demarco, keda, xclusive, mr. g, sashique, troyton, skinny fabulous, polanca, black shadow, razor b, rupee, marz ville, demarco, voicemail, abby dallas, don andre, leftside, rdx, kes, kalado, javada, busy signal, x3myst, ding dong, bravo ravers, samboni Show-October 15, 2016Sat, 15 Oct 2016 00:00:00 -0400mos dub, bob marley, steel pulse, mojo morgan, stephen and damian marley, tarrus riley, sizzla, luciano, beres hammond, romain virgo, sherieta, d major, peter morgan, chevaughn, exco levi, tony rebel, queen ifrica, l.u.s.t., busy signal, dre island, agent sasco, christopher martin, baby cham, beenie man, j, ricky blaze, sean paul, wayne marshall, m gee, shokryme, kid kurrupt, future fambo, qraig, delly ranx, jay addition, harry toddler, juss craig, xclusive, vershon, clymaxx, kranium, troy lanez, vybz kartel, rr, tommy lee sparta, 3 star, d'angel, innovata, romain virgo, mr. lawgical, rabelly, rihanna, lefside, beniton the menace Show-October 22, 2016Sat, 22 Oct 2016 00:00:00 -0400alborosie, protoje, freddie mcgregor, gappy ranks, christopher ellis, imaahki, konshens, ikaya, jahmiel, dj maars, buccaneer, jah vinci, vybz kartel, snow, mr. vegas, rdx, dj coss, macka diamond, popcaan, messiah, deewunn, qq, marvin the beast, hypasounds, shurwayne winchester, demarco, shenseea, konshens, zagga, baby tash, ajrenalin, red fox, busy signal, chris martin, craigy t, voicemail, jayds, kim kelly, dane ray, fetty wap Show-October 29, 2016Sun, 30 Oct 2016 11:40:43 -0400early b, lone ranger, clint eastwood, general saint, black uhuru, sancho, johnny and tuffy, capleton, suga roy, fireball crew, sizzla, jahmali, raging fyah, sade serena, ekolu, cale, alborosie, etana, mr. vegas, dann i, yung jr., sandy smith, christopher martin, gentleman, clay, popcaan, beenie man, alkaline, vybz kartel, demarco, i octane, charly black, vershon, mr. g, tatik, maestro don, busy signal, mr. vegas, konshens, gbm nutron, r. city, preedy, k. rich, kreesha turner, machel montano, aidonia Show-November 5, 2016Sun, 06 Nov 2016 00:00:00 -0400rula brown, honorebel, drastic, tha shya, g7, jadakiss, espi rocka, rocky wellstack, nitai charan, nature, jahmiel, pressure busspipe, don andre, freetown collective, bunji garlin, juelio nelson, olatunji, shradah, komante, signature blaze, the writer, edwin yearwood, lil rick, shanta price, flipo, joaquin, skinny fabulous, ricardo drue, kalibandulu, gage, rdx, razor b, boom boom, elephant man, ding dong, i octane, ocg, neequa, jahmiel, alkaline, mavado, 45diboss, worldfleet, jah vinci, masicka, vybz kartel, shawn storm, sivva, govana, konshens, demarco, innovata, beenie man, laden, brighta star, munga honorable Show-November 12, 2016Sat, 12 Nov 2016 00:00:00 -0500akustix, kellisa, alton ellis, 5 star, notis, vanessa bongo, hempress sativa, kashief lindo, willie lindo, beres hammond, queen ifrica, lutan fyah, mandinka warrior, rebellion the recaller, chuck fenda, mark wonder, jahdan blackamore, tony curtis, shuga, dalton harris, slashe, voicemail, javada, devin di dakta, elephant man, kashu man, konshens, alkaline, vybz kartel, sizzla, buccaneer, chris martin, teejay, k'coneil, bluecci b aka smc, kalado, jah blast, rdx, razor b, baby lawd, salty, kaadinal fyah, dc stuban, dj salty, point zero, posh morris, sol the weatherman, spice, future fambo, esco, jahmiel, bugle, shakespear, trabass, el capitan Show-November 19, 2016Wed, 16 Nov 2016 00:00:00 -0500sharon jones and the dap kings, fab 5, marcia griffiths, rapha pico, richie stephens, shy fx, kiko bun, exco levi, rebecca arscott, no maddz, o'neil peart, tarrus riley, ras muhamad, kasimba, luciano, capleton, jahman, promises no promises, blend mishkin, roots evolution, shuga, karen smith, mr. vegas, cecile, charly black, daddy yankee, vybz kartel, popcaan, chico, alozade, chino, richest, dappa, ulo, zalla b, uncle mucks, blak diamon, harry toddler, ikel marvelous, elephant man, don andre, nikki chromaz, d'angel, honorebel, konshens, kim kelly Show-November 26, 2016Thu, 01 Dec 2016 00:00:00 -0500hempolics, sticky joe, young shanty, sizzla, ras rap, semojrah nak, lambsbread, messenjah selah, jc subliminal, spiritual, charly b, dalton harris, vidagua, mortimer, pressure busspipe, pediko, joseph cotton, robo bass hifi, tarrus riley, twins of twins, vybz kartel, prado, rudeboy banks, minister marion hall, zagga, deep jahi, craigy t, tarrus riley, bunji garlin, patrice roberts, skinny fabulous, wildfire, swappi, machel montano, sekon sta, style x, gappy ranks, tory lanez, jahlovah ShowDecember 10, 2016Sat, 10 Dec 2016 00:00:00 -0500aquadrop, kg man, big fish, major lazer, protoje, keith hudson, gappy ranks, bounty killer, sanchez, jahmiel, damian marley, exile di brave, kranium, paul elliott, hezron, k-oss, alethia, exco levi, nature, khemistry, rc, kalado, bugle, d major, konshens, popcaan, noah issa, gyptian, , vybz kartel, sean paul, chi ching ching, milko, nutron, m1, denice millien, dale ryan, nadia batson, rdx, adana roberts, farmer nappy, marvay, mical teja, preedy, sekon sta, king bubba, gdonv, fire links, shaggy, alkaline, nero arcus, kickraux, busta rhymes, masicka Show-December 17, 2016Sun, 18 Dec 2016 00:00:00 -0500This is another archive show, consisting of two shows form 1993 and 1995. Show-December 3, 2016Wed, 21 Dec 2016 00:00:00 -0500This week's show is from two old programs, originally broadcast in 1987 and 1990. 24, 2016April 12, 2014Sat, 24 Dec 2016 00:00:00 -0500Annual Christmas show,carpenters, christopher martin, inner circle, mikey spice, red rat, chronixx, busy signal, tifa, konshens, tarrus riley, aquadrop, kg man, big fish, major lazer, protoje, jacob miller, delroy wilson, barbara jones, michigan and smilie, denyque, etana, d major, gappy ranks, elephant man, assassin, konshen, 45diboss, strawny, wayne wonder, professor nuts, spragga benz, lady saw, vybz kartel, elephant man, popcaan, bugle, street, chi ching ching, supa hype, eyesus, jr. flex, twins of twins, rally rally ree Show-December 31, 2016Sat, 31 Dec 2016 00:00:00 -0500kashief lindo, thriller u, bobby crystal, tony curtis, scare dem crew, skatta, richie stephens, frankie paul, wayne wonder, leroy smart, barrington levy, marcia griffithsm cutty ranks, papa san, shaggy, rayvon, deborahe, shabba ranks, ghost, roundhead, sleepy wonder, frankie sly, general degree, spragga benz, frisco kid, general b, josey wales, chaka demus, pliers, chevell franklin, jigsy king Show-January 7, 2017Sat, 07 Jan 2017 00:00:00 -0500morgan heritage, kashief lindo, 6blocc, sizzla, bugle, shaggy, turbulence, ziggy marley, ghost, gisto, roughhouse, influence, ackboo, solo banton, ralph pico, joggo, safira mono, perfect giddimani, elephant man, iamstylezmusic, craigy t, tarrus riley, devin di dakta, i octane, pternsky, 1st klase, aidonia, admiral c4c, beenie man, nyanda, timaya, macka diamond, vybz kartel, twenty-one pilots, alkaline, alfray, voicemail, rdx, raine seville, quick cook, marvin di beast, bling dawg, aji, esco Show-January 14, 2017Sat, 14 Jan 2017 00:00:00 -0500tarrus riley, daville, turii maysun, delly ranx, conkarah, raging fyah, busy signal, stephanie, gappy ranks, protoje, colah colah, i octane, alovich, chino, kconeil, baby tash, tallpree, benjai, ki, 3veni, blaxx, destra garcia, kes, tifa, fay ann, razor b, charly black, demarco, ding dong, aidonia, g starr, voicemail, vybz kartel, alkaline, gage, ward 21, frisco kid, mad cobra, bounty killer, wayne marshall, galaxy p, tony curtis, lms, lady saw, vanessa bling, masicka, shenseea, popcaan, sizzla, rl grime Show-January 21, 2017Sat, 21 Jan 2017 00:00:00 -0500blakk rasta, ras boumba, perfect giddimani , stephen dajure, rula brown, alkaline, elephant man, nattali rize, mellow mark, queen ifrica, damian marley, anthony b, kalado, sizzla, agent sasco, queen ifrica, natel, dax lion, black am i, j star, ranking joe, shawn antoine, konshens, macka diamond, charly black, machel montano, iyara, qq, mr. lexx, rdx, spice, raytid, point zero, hot brain, prado, kalado, i octane, mr. vegas, major lazer, collie buddz, delly ranx, demarco, popcaan, jafrass, quada, lukie d, general degree Show-January 28, 2017Sat, 28 Jan 2017 00:00:00 -0500tanya stephens, edley shine, xean don norie, damian jr. gong marley, azizzi romeo, fyah george, eek a mouse, ras slick, spiritual, iba mahr, vershon, lady ali, conkarah, christopher martin, gappy ranks, i octane, bounty killer, bunji garlin, ultimate rejects, destra garcia, terri lyons, skinny fabulous, julene john, ranjeev, vybz kartel, aidonia, danielle di, cecile, chi ching ching, vershon, popcaan, teflon, prado, versi, jafrass, wasp, dosa medicine, mr. easy, rdx, demarco, devin di dakta, d'angel, elephant man, spookie, double x aka flexx, raytid, konshens, delly ranx, bosslady shack-kay, mikeylous, rre, wayne wonder, froggy, edley shine, carlos blake, dj flava, masicka Show-February 4, 2017Sat, 04 Feb 2017 00:00:00 -0500morgan heritage, dre zion, skip marley, talisman, protoje, raging fyah, dennis brown, nesbeth, busy signal, nc dread, nkulee dube, susan cadogan, sophia squire, jah mason, shaka pow, kev anthony, treesha, skarra mucci, iba mahr, jahcoustix, dub inc, pressure, chezidek, naptali, lia live, chisa, jah vinci ,beenie man, craigy t, skinny fabulous, machel montano, statement, neeqah, vybz kartel, sean kingston, mr. vegas, kalado, devin di dakta, macka diamond, razor b, charly black, chris rokk, raine seville, jahmiel, qq, lisa hype, g-loc, busy signal Show-February 11, 2017Sat, 11 Feb 2017 00:00:00 -0500WCBN annual fundraiser starts here,shuga, dennis brown, tarrus riley, eljai, bryan art, sanchez, ken boothe, iq michael, collin roach, anthony cruz, shuga, romain virgo, wayne wonder, elephant man, frankie paul, d'angel, ricky t, vybz kartel, julien believe, ishawna, chronixx, tony curtis, beenie man, general degree, wayne wonder, frisco kid, alias, baby cham, stranger, buju banton, r re, spragga benz, sukuward, busy signal, million stylez, qraig, leftside, taranchyla, beenie man, tony curtis, a.r.p., mr. vegas, vybz kartel, thriller u Show-March 4, 2014Sat, 04 Mar 2017 00:00:00 -0500chronixx, jah9, mad professor, queen ifrica. ikaya. richie stephens. beenie man, vybz kartel, mystic davis , spice, savage, jayds, devin di dakta, charly black, busy signal, cardi b, konshens, epixode, gyptian, elephant man, kiprich, albeezy, cecile, zj liquid, dj karim Show-March 11, 2017Sat, 11 Mar 2017 00:00:00 -0500gappy ranks, rhythm express, alika and nueva alianza, ed robinson, ayron michael, christopher martin, lutan fyah, supreme solyd, jackie mittoo, david lion, eyesus, nelson serieux, echo slim, jesse royal, richie spice, j boog, iba mahr, i octane, jemere morgan, tarrus riley, ginja, chris martin, cecile, chronixx, sizzla, vybz kartel, burna boy, kalado, equiknoxx ,alozade, gavsborg, cham , chilando, ultimate rejects, x-change, gbm nutron, orlando octave, rudy love, spice, bunji garlin, gappy ranks, thornato, shenseea, ding dong, razor b, charly black, konshens, razor b, mr. g, sashique, shane hoosong, shaggy, skinny fabulous, black shadow, rupee, kconeil, kreesha turner, tifa, mr. vegas, tanto metro, devonte Show-March 18, 2017Sat, 18 Mar 2017 00:00:00 -0400daville, exco levi, garnet silk, katchafire, alaine, kabaka pyramid, symz, jozet, taz vegas, irie love, notch, lutan fyah, edi fitzroy, papa san, mr. vegas, shankle dip, busy signal, qq, salty, q-pedd, empire jason, m1, vybz kartel, savage, rtadax, road elf, razor b, navino, gregg, enestee, raine seville, i octane, spice, tifa, chris martin, lia caribe, charly black, mavado, vybz kartel, teflon, machel montano, aluna george, popcaan, beenie man, stylo g, seyi shay, don andre, squeeze terela, razor b, dj spinal, stylo g, peter tosh Show-March 25, 2017Sat, 25 Mar 2017 00:00:00 -0400morgan heritage, stylo g, dre zion, nelson serieux, echo slim, richie spice, range, vershon, barrington levy, perfect giddimani, talisman, micah shemiah, rassi hardknocks, xana romeo eesah, mikey general, mkrumah, marvay, daville, turii maysun, capital d, delly ranx, civilian soldier, ward 21, singer jah, linky first, dj spinking, a boogie, sean paul, machel montano, tian winter, konshens, chris brown, mr. g, aidonia, razor b, shenseea, vybz kartel, kim kelly, alkaline, mr. vegas, mitch, marvin binns, ocg, i octane, kranium, wasp, liquid, vershon, jahmiel, popcaan, runkus Show-April 1, 2017Sat, 01 Apr 2017 00:00:00 -0400sister nancy, linval thompson, hugh mundell, humble, range, 2pac, dr. dre, tian winter, kat deluna, diana king, silento, adena myrie,. king bubba fm, leftside, dexta daps, kaffi blak, sean kingston, vybz kartel, spice, kim kelly, gyptian, ice cold, turbulence, rdx, kalado, stone bwoy, sol weather man, shatta wale, jay 5 flow, tommy lee sparta, mintzman, qq, inkz, jaycrazie, alkaline, blak ryno, sewell, mavado, honorebel, major lazer, partynextdoor, nicki minaj Show-April 8, 2017Sat, 08 Apr 2017 00:00:00 -0400leftside, lloyd parks, rumble, blackout ja, gappy ranks, baptiste, deadly hunta, parly b, bugle, reality chant, cornell campbell, ras teo, adena myrie, bryan art, zamunda, jah cure, richie spice, ginjah, lutan fyah, sizzla, humble, kamakani asegua, alicia keys, beenie man, elephant man, macka diamond, natty paco, dj lbr, busy signal, dr. evil, popcaan, vybz kartel, katy perry, skip marley, alozade, diesel high, teflon, chico, garizon, g mac, demarco, esco, i octane, kalado, pamputae, quick cook, sean paul, jahmiel, cutty ranks, chris brown, tyga, schoolboy q Show-April 15, 2017Sat, 15 Apr 2017 00:00:00 -0400vybz kartel, busy signal, droop lion, aaron duncan, etana, christopher martin, prodigy, e.n. young, sizzla, tarrus riley, chino mcgregor, kabaka pyramid, rockaz elements, romain virgo, bugle, perfect giddimani, da real storm, keene blessin, redwan, mykal rose, chuck fenda, deep jahi, melloquence, lady g, junior x, wiz khalifa, charlie puth, ed sheeran, alison hinds, fucha kid, joshua ali, king james, glaze, mason, civilian soldier, benzen, bryka, king kosa, konshens, shenseea, bobdabuilda, v'ghn, devin di dakta, pternsky, mavado, ke$ha, ty dolla sign, charli xcx, tinashe Show-April 22, 2017Sat, 22 Apr 2017 00:00:00 -0400wayne wonder, suga roy, morgan heritage, kabaka pyramid, dre island, million stylez, randy valentine, wayne j, bl4ck h3ro, tomawok, skarra mucci, sr. wilson, turbulence, mystic revealers, chronixx, queen ifrica, alborosie, sugus, kingston all stars, xtra girlz, edge michael, lutan fyah, lymie murray, ginjah, sean paul, alexis jordan, alkaline, gc, shaggy, ocg, jahmiel, mavado, shenseea, charly black, rage, lady saw, mr. vegas, konshens, mad dog, chi ching ching, tanto blacks, mavado, masicka, alozade, gappy ranks, darrio, jigsy king, bay c, ward 21, bounty killer, beenie man, ninjaman, gyptian Show-April 29, 2017Sat, 29 Apr 2017 00:00:00 -0400dancehall,reggae,radio,podcast,wcbn,brian tomsic Show-May 6, 2017Sun, 07 May 2017 00:00:00 -0400queen ifrica, damian marley, gyptian, b rae, raging fyah, cidade negra, hempolics, jah9, chronixx, marcia griffiths, big youth, teddy garcia, sanchez, luciano, emetarians, gappy ranks, loyal flames, polyfamous, shaggy, million stylez, rayvon, delly ranx, bryan gold, luciano, mr. vegas, bryka, eesah, kiprich, trabass, alovich, chi ching ching, qq, vybz kartel, tony matterhorn, chuck fender, hitman walle, dondeman, dydy, shenseea, devin di dakta, d'koncep, garrison curtis, razor b, road elf, posh morris, orlando octave, skinny banton, lil vaughn, mr. gold'n, dash, blaka dan, ding dong Show-May 13, 2017Sat, 13 May 2017 00:00:00 -0400esskell, cedella marley, savi, bankay, kelissa, jesse royal, prohgres, samu, don zee, susan cadogan, taylor swift, richie stephens, bounty killer, perfect giddimani, singing melody, sycure, strainjah milla, jah vinci, zamunda, turbulence, nature , sean paul, sharon jones, deep jahi, kiprich, dhq nickeisha, nc dread, seyi shay, vybz kartel, bulby york, popcaan, beenie man, dexta daps, ssense, vershon, jutah rhyme, raine seville, blakk man, jahshawn, don 1, tali o, gully bop, fadda moses, trinidad ghost, bass aka trilo g, king david, squad d, pamputae, ding dong Show-May 20, 2017Sat, 20 May 2017 00:00:00 -0400A tribute to the music of the late Frankie Paul, who passed away this week. Show-May 27, 2017Sat, 27 May 2017 00:00:00 -0400havana meets kingston, randy valentine, solis, richie spice, torch, teflon, sanchez, ammoye, collie buddz, freddie macgregor, chronixx, conkarah, ward 21, agent sasco, mr. vegas, anthony b, bryan art, red rose, lenn hammond, hezron, sanjay, ratigan, demarco, romain virgo, pressure busspipe, alkaline, elephant man, leftside, rdx, vybz kartel, diztroy, versi, eesah, popcaan, davido, nailah blackman, preedy, statement, ricardo drue, kirton aka alma boy, farruko, sean paul