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7:02 pm havana meets kingston ?vibracion positive? havana meets kingston
7:10 pm romain virgo ?trouble? strictly the best 56 vp 2017
7:13 pm shuga/gentleman ?let me ease your pain? strictly the best 56 vp 2017
7:16 pm jah cure ?set me free? the cure vp 2017
7:19 pmj ah cure ?that girl? the cure vp 2017
7:23 pm christopher martin ?cheaters prayer? big deal vp 2017
7:26 pm christopher martin ?better than the stars? big deal vp 2017
7:31 pm soja ?more? poetry in motion ato 2017
7:35 pm soja ?bad news? poetry in motion ato 2017
7:41 pm freddie mcgregor ?reggae boom?
7:46 pm richie stephens ?sound boy you dead?
7:50 pm eesah ?kingston town?
7:54 pm champion/ward 21 ?rukus - dubmatix remix?
7:57 pm afrika bambaataa/dr. evil ?more pu punany remix?
8:01 pm culan ?easy to love you? strictly the best 57 vp 2017
8:04 pm alkaline ?money man? strictly the best 57 vp 2017
8:08 pm aidonia ?fire?
8:10 pm aidonia ?set fi di backshot remix?
8:13 pm tosh alexander ?light it up - soca remix?
8:16 pm ultimate rejects/willy chin ?inside the festival remix?
8:19 pm skinny fabulous ?light go down?
8:22 pm r.e.c. ?good good?
8:25 pm black ryno ?champion body?
8:28 pm alkaline ?golden hold?
8:29 pm 45diboss/ice kydd ?guh deh gyal?
8:31 pm gyptian/tommy lee sparta ?come over?
8:36 pm wayne j ?tom?
8:39 pm stonebwoy ?bawasaaba?
8:43 pm ding dong ?ball game? ball game riddim
8:44 pm jahmiel ?dutty heart (dat nah nuh weh)? ball game riddim
8:45 pm sean paul ?swell up? ball game riddim
8:47 pm i octane ?anuh just now? ball game riddim
8:48 pm voicemail/monsta squad ?traffic? ball game riddim
8:49 pm flexx/chase cross ?party buck? ball game riddim
8:51 pm deizzle ?party tek off? ball game riddim
8:53 pm dj spooky ?hot gal?
8:59 pm mr. vegas ?love to my haters?

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