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News : Dancehall/Reggae Show-June 10, 2017
7:02 pm mr. vegas “terrorist in a england”
7:07 pm congoes “open up the gate” heart of the congoes 17 north parade
7:10 pm culture “natty dread taking over” two sevens clash-40th anniversary edition 17 north parade
7:14 pm dactah chando “dread en el parliament”
7:17 pm lion heights “cut them out” lion heights
7:21 pm lp “strange remix”
7:24 pm kabaka pyramid “can't breathe”
7:30 pm wiz khalifa/akon “let it go remix”
7:34 pm alkaline “in this world remix”
7:37 pm versi “dem alone”
7:39 pm eesah “main volume”
7:42 pm echoslim/nicko rebel/mr. williamz “hi grade skanking”
7:46 pm wayne wonder “a little understanding” party time riddim-1994
7:47 pm thriller u “last time” party time riddim-1994
7:49 pm tony curtis “sailing” party time riddim-1994
7:52 pm jimmy riley “special someone” party time riddim-1994
7:52 pm sanchez “forever” party time riddim-1994
7:54 pm jigsy king “looking good” party time riddim-1994
7:55 pm president brown “mickey mouse” party time riddim-1994
7:58 pm marcia griffiths/freddie mcgregor “united we stand”
8:04 pm ayron michael “sweetness”
8:08 pm ward 21/sean paul “ben u back - bennie smalls remix”
8:10 pm pumpa “ayayay”
8:14 pm beenie man “gyal yuh bad” love bug riddim
8:15 pm dymez/da pixel “down in it” love bug riddim
8:17 pm patrice roberts “all of it” love bug riddim
8:19 pm problem child “for forever” love bug riddim
8:21 pm pternsky “dey we gone” love bug riddim
8:22 pm terron “just like that” love bug riddim
8:24 pm tj “priceless”
8:27 pm benzen “stoop dung”
8:31 pm ishawna “bad man”
8:34 pm g7 “rihanna wine”
8:37 pm deizzle “thumbs up” la vida riddim
8:38 pm i octane “level to this” la vida riddim`
8:39 pm jahmiel “big moves” la vida riddim
8:41 pm ocg “professional” la vida riddim
8:42 pm esco “photo shoot” la vida riddim
8:43 pm alkaline “red eyes” la vida riddim
8:44 pm mavado “laugh & gwan” la vida riddim
8:45 pm terri lyons “sell off” full 100 riddim
8:46 pm charly black “nah let go” full 100 riddim
8:48 pm pternsky “the greatest” full 100 riddim
8:49 pm spragga benz “a just we” a just we riddim
8:51 pm agent sasco “word sound & power” a just we riddim
8:52 pm xyclone “shoot” a just we riddim
8:53 pm hollow point “a nuh hollow dat” a just we riddim
8:54 pm cee gee “my dawgs dem” a just we riddim
8:58 pm angelo king/kalibwoy/kempi “don dada”

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